Sky editorial standards. Transfer rules have not changed


Football in Scotland returns in front of full crowds on Monday.  The one wildcard thrown in by the First Minister yesterday is that instead of having to check the vaccine passport status of at least 20% of attendees, they will now be obliged to check at least 50%.  That’s a minimum of 30,000 vaccine checks at Celtic Park on Monday evening.

As we both know, politicians cannot backpedal in a way that looks like they are conceding, so the inevitable delays to fans of all those checks is a small price to pay to get back to following scientific advice.  It will also makes Monday’s game at Celtic Park a new worldwide record since the crisis began.  No event anywhere on the planet has required 30,000 vaccine checks.

One point for Sky Sports to consider.  10 of the 12 Scottish Premiership clubs voted to bring forward the winter break by a week to give fans a chance of attending instead of forcing two rounds of fixtures to be played before only 500 fans.  It was an overwhelmingly popular move that has proven to be wise.

Sky’s match summariser mocked the decision, explaining that the Scottish Government restrictions were likely to be extended, forcing the rearranged fixtures to be played before the same 500 crowd limit.  No one was convinced of his sincerity.  If Sky want to be taken seriously they require higher editorial standards.  Do not take your public for fools.

Our flush and easy January transfer window, which has so far delivered three Japanese players and a teenage Irish striker, hit turbulence yesterday when Middlesbrough attempted to sign Australian international, Riley McGree.

Despite all we have read on our new players from Japan, the only comment on their transfer fees has been surprise at how low they are.  There has been no confirmation they were subject to buy-out clauses, which would explain both the modest prices and the fact that they were all sold at the start of the window, not on the last day.

McGree clearly has no such clause.  Notions that we could get an in-demand player early in the window are fanciful, why would Charlotte sell before they squeezed the last juice from the fruit?  Whatever circumstances lay behind our three Japanese signings last week, they were exceptional.

You buy players early in a window when they have buy-out clauses, are when they are not valued by the selling club or when you patently pay over the odds.  Even the latter is no guarantee you will move the dial early in the window.  Transfer rules have not changed.


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  1. It is often said that Scots like to bring people who have done well for themselves down a peg or two. Perhaps Kris Boyd is the other side of that equation – we like to big up our thickos (?)

  2. glendalystonsils on




    Correct . If you want to take the Sky or BBC pound , you are not allowed to bring your own hymn sheet .

  3. Delighted the fans will get back for this one.



    We had tickets for it on Dec 29 during our trip home, so I’ll be there in spirit (and on CTV), on Monday!



    Mon the hoops.

  4. Sky and BBC are Huns spare yourself the bother.


    If this Aussie guy doesn’t want to come here then I don’t want him.


    There is so much more to life than money.

  5. Boyd can’t be employed by Sky for his intelligence or insight. A hun or not, he’s an idiot. It sums up their approach to Scottish football that this sponge is employed to give an insight to viewers.

  6. Was our deal for Riley McGree busted flat in Baton Rouge or elsewhere?



    (may as well get in the puns now in case he disappears completely from our radar)

  7. 30,000 vaccine checks. Wow. No wonder agencies were reportedly advertising for staff.



    Loads of people trying to bring up the app at the same time. Phones not responding. Frustration with pesky phone.


    I’ve been there.



    One solution I inadvertently came across :-



    Turn up a wee bit late. No traffic and no vaccine checkers.


    Disclaimer: Only persons with three vaccinations should even contemplate this.



    HH to all, the journey resumes.

  8. All the epl league games require a vaccine passport or negative lft test these days, Spurs have checked everyone coming in for a while.



    It’s obviously an extra cost and an inconvenience for the fans but it’s not seemed like a big deal when I’ve been to white hart lane. A much easier ground to get into these days than Celtic Park, though

  9. (3) Celtic FC do not ‘buy’ or ‘sign’ players they ‘finally complete’ deals. The hugely dull nature of this event should be emphasised at all times by using at least one of the following terms – ‘protracted’ ‘long-running’ ‘drawn out affair’ and ‘dithering’

  10. at the LC final , in my approach to hampden the south main stand side there was a cordon checking covid status, took me 10 seconds to comply, hardly a game changer.

  11. Agree its strange Boro have upped the fee and wages by so much.One thing it does show is how highly Mc Gree is thought of.A lot of money for Boro.Everybody who has seen the boy play can’t be wrong.I would go back in again.


    If he is what they say,I would have no qualms about him taking Turnbull’s position.He needs a kick up the jacksie.Became a bit too easy ozy.IMO,of course.




    Ange building his backroom team . Hope this guy knows something about hamstrings too!






    As a poster who has bumped his gums about backroom setups this is a great development. Well done Celtic.



    Let’s build on it…we need to squeeze every advantage science can provide for us.




  13. One question:



    If the fundamental reason for 500 fans max at an outdoor event was to safeguard against fans travelling together to the game.



    What will 50% vaccination checks at the ground do to alleviate the transport situation?

  14. As we have seen,we can’t have too many good players.Great for Ange to rotate without dropping standards.We have a gruelling schedule coming up.Shaping up to be the best team we have had in a long time.Fasten your seat belts.Maybe even Europe if they click.

  15. Pingback: Sky editorial standards. Transfer rules have not changed | Celtic FC News Now

  16. TURKEYBHOY on 12TH JANUARY 2022 1:11 PM



    Agree its strange Boro have upped the fee and wages by so much…



    I’m sure I read somewhere that the increase isn’t in the up-front fee but in the add-ons.

  17. If the difference in fee for Riley was from add ons then


    surely Celtic can match them as surely if we had to eventually


    pay the add ons this would mean Riley has been a success

  18. Greenpinta,


    Don’t know what you mean by “Alleviate”.Most fans going on Monday will be double dosed,many triple.Makes a helluva difference.Don’t know why its such a thing.Just get jabbed,People looking for an excuse to have a go at our Parliament for the least thing.They are trying things for peoples safety.Some work,some don’t.


    Its either try,or have no fans at the game.



    Not a go at yourself.

  19. Gp


    What will 50% vaccination checks at the ground do to alleviate the transport situation?



    The 2 are not linked


    Individuals oversee their own transport to and from cp


    Individuals oversee their own vaccine paperwork.



    I guess measure could be made


    People if they wish could log their results with Celtic


    People could arrive at varying times



    I suspect Celtic will employ enough staff to oversee policing of the 60.000.nothing to do with Gov.apart from following their rules and comply.



    Its a pain in mid pandemic to show results.i comply if it means getting to see Celtic




  20. I don’t think the wages quoted are too high.If its the add one as Celtic Forever has said,how would that be a problem?.If we are offering anything like 10 grand a week,I could see the attraction at Boro.There has to be one,surely.



  21. TB and AT.



    Just glad we are allowed back to the football. Football without fans is nothing.



    However, we were told that travelling to the game was the problem. Fans all congregating on trains, cars, buses etc.



    Now, what has changed. Fans will still travel to the games in the same manner. Vaccination at the stadium will not change that.



    Cheers and HH.



    PS : I am fully vaccinated and I fully encourage everyone to get the three jabs.

  22. Then somewhere near Salinas Lord we let him slip away


    Lookin’ for the home I hope he’s found


    He didn’t want to play for glory


    preferring to chase the English pound

  23. The car park barriers could make a return…….might take a while to process 30k…….BTW it’s only worthwhile if your status is checked against the name on your Season Card

  24. St Tams,


    A bit difficult for me this one as I have never seen the boy play.Those who have,really rate him,but does not seem a lot of money.I would go back in again.

  25. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Nice one Pablo.



    Really looking forward to Monday night.



    I hope (and expect) Celtic Park will rock !



    As for the other stuff?



    Sly Sports is a circus.



    Circuses employ clowns.



    In the old days circuses rolled into town, took money off chumps, left a mess behind.



    If enough chumps ponied up everywhere?


    – Barnum’s business model vindicated


    – Clowns kept their jobs

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