Sky editorial standards. Transfer rules have not changed


Football in Scotland returns in front of full crowds on Monday.  The one wildcard thrown in by the First Minister yesterday is that instead of having to check the vaccine passport status of at least 20% of attendees, they will now be obliged to check at least 50%.  That’s a minimum of 30,000 vaccine checks at Celtic Park on Monday evening.

As we both know, politicians cannot backpedal in a way that looks like they are conceding, so the inevitable delays to fans of all those checks is a small price to pay to get back to following scientific advice.  It will also makes Monday’s game at Celtic Park a new worldwide record since the crisis began.  No event anywhere on the planet has required 30,000 vaccine checks.

One point for Sky Sports to consider.  10 of the 12 Scottish Premiership clubs voted to bring forward the winter break by a week to give fans a chance of attending instead of forcing two rounds of fixtures to be played before only 500 fans.  It was an overwhelmingly popular move that has proven to be wise.

Sky’s match summariser mocked the decision, explaining that the Scottish Government restrictions were likely to be extended, forcing the rearranged fixtures to be played before the same 500 crowd limit.  No one was convinced of his sincerity.  If Sky want to be taken seriously they require higher editorial standards.  Do not take your public for fools.

Our flush and easy January transfer window, which has so far delivered three Japanese players and a teenage Irish striker, hit turbulence yesterday when Middlesbrough attempted to sign Australian international, Riley McGree.

Despite all we have read on our new players from Japan, the only comment on their transfer fees has been surprise at how low they are.  There has been no confirmation they were subject to buy-out clauses, which would explain both the modest prices and the fact that they were all sold at the start of the window, not on the last day.

McGree clearly has no such clause.  Notions that we could get an in-demand player early in the window are fanciful, why would Charlotte sell before they squeezed the last juice from the fruit?  Whatever circumstances lay behind our three Japanese signings last week, they were exceptional.

You buy players early in a window when they have buy-out clauses, are when they are not valued by the selling club or when you patently pay over the odds.  Even the latter is no guarantee you will move the dial early in the window.  Transfer rules have not changed.


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  1. Caitlin Moran






    1 Std.


    Poor fucking Sue Grey. With Johnson still refusing to admit that he knew it was a party, her job is, essentially, to look in Boris’s pants, and work out if he knows he’s shat himself – or if he genuinely thinks his own trousers are a toilet



    smiley but does his breeks stink enough for him to be asked to leave the party thing




  2. Garngad to Croy on

    ‘Do not take your public for fools’



    Paying for Sky seems pretty foolish to me!

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    CELTIC MAC @ 2:40 PM



    Newcastle in for £25 million Chris Wood…..



    Nope, me neither….




    Celtic Mac,



    Agree with you in principle, the crazinomics of the EPL does my head in ….



    … but I think this is an astute move.



    A punt at Newcastle’s thinking?



    – we’ll finish ahead of Norwich


    – Wood strengthens us / weakens Burnley


    – so better chance of finishing ahead of them


    – buy a couple more players


    – finish ahead of just one more club



    Outcome? Premiership survival




    Many years ago, I drove to Celtic Park after work with 2 mates. It was the first time I had done that, as I usually walked, took the bus, or if in company, a cab. As I locked the old 1966 Renault 6, we were approached by 3 grubby urchins. The largest one, who looked a wee tough nut, gave me the usual spiel, “Watch yer motor, Mister?” I looked at him, and said, “And what do ye think would happen if ye didnae watch it?” Slyly, he said, “Don’t know Mister, but there’s some awfy bad boys around here.”



    “And whit would they do, if ye didnae watch it?”



    “Ah don’t know. They might burst yer tyres, scratch yer motor, or pan in yer windaes.”



    I got the message, slipped him 5 bob, and the trio moved off to confront the next mark. I often wonder whether he became a successful entrepreneur, or ended up in the Bar L. Then again, maybe he’s on the blog! SAINT STIVS is about the right age.😊

  5. Tom McLaughlin on

    Several times I have had my covid status checked, both at Celtic Park and Hampden, and it has taken the time it takes for the checker to look at my phone.



    Also, the passport is never checked against your season ticket. Some supporters don’t have season tickets and some have season tickets belonging to friends and family.



    Finally, coming from the bus park behind the Jock Stein stand, as I walked across the Madmitch Fantasy Stadium, everyone had to pass through a barrier where checkers took all of 2 seconds to look at my phone screen. There weren’t even any queues and nobody asked for my season card.



    Too many people who have no experience of it trying to throw obstacles in the way of this.



    Neverfeckinhappy CSC

  6. What happened to the maxim that Celtic need two players for every position, we’re getting there. Players that won’t trouble a first team spot are loaned out, if only it was so easy to offload players who definitely won’t feature. Some players can’t be shifted mainly due to the wage they are on, I can think of at least three or four in that category.

  7. Sky own scottish football.


    Think back to the cheating huns death


    What they say goes.



    If kwis bwoyd upsets you use the mute button or channel hop.if he annoys you his job is done




  8. Since the implementation of the checking if covid passport. I have had mine checked at every home game. Then again I’m at stadium about 2hrs before kick-off to ensure that I get into the Kerrydale bar.



    On Sky. My deal runs out on 15th January. Gave them notice at end of Nov . Was asked the reason why I was cancelling , I then went into a rant about, bias , Walker and Boyd . The guy who was a Hearts fan , was laughing and understood my reasons.

  9. INIQUITOUSIV on 12TH JANUARY 2022 3:16 PM




    Many years ago, I drove to Celtic Park after work with 2 mates. It was the first time I had done that, as I usually walked, took the bus, or if in company, a cab. As I locked the old 1966 Renault 6, we were approached by 3 grubby urchins.




    My dad always used to pay a pound in the 80s but said he’d pay after the game. The kids always turned up and the car was fine.



    one time (before Ghent in 84 I think ) a guy with a Merc and big expensive camel coat parked beside us (basically waste ground off London Rd). He got all snooty and told the lads to clear off and wouldn’t get any cash from him.



    We paid our pound after the game but noticed a massive scratch right down the side of the Merc. For the sake of a pound.



    Reminds me of the joke/urban myth


    ”watch yer car mister?”


    “no, i’m fine, my dog is in the back to guard it”


    “can it put out fires?”

  10. CONEYBHOY on 12TH JANUARY 2022 3:42 PM



    That reads as though you almost admire those `kids` and `lads`.

  11. Dexter P. Bampot on

    If Riley McGree has chosen Middlesboro over Celtic, a couple of things strike me-



    1. Good luck to the fella. Hope he does well.


    2. If he genuinely thinks that Middlesboro are a better option than Celtic (OTHER than for mere selfish financial reasons), I do not believe he is the type of individual we need at the club.


    3. If it is just for mere selfish financial reasons, I do not believe he is the type of individual we need at the club.


    4. Nonetheless, I would be concerned that we cannot compete with Middlesboro financially if it is a player the Manager really wants.

  12. Checking Covid status is totally pointless, unless it’s against ID of some description, how easy is it to take a screenshot and send it to someone? It’s all token politics anyway….

  13. I would think Ange and Celtic would have made him a good offer,if Boro.want to break the bank it’s their money.We will move on.The lad went for the $$ nothing wrong with that.

  14. prestonpans bhoys on

    Been to all home games, Hampden too. Never once been asked to show proof of vaccination😱😵

  15. Cathac’s brother has just informed me that Celtic beat St Mirren 1-0 in a bounce game this afternoon. Julien played (and seemingly played very well) in the 1st half. Our goal was scored by young Moffat. Very happy to hear of the return of Julien in particular.

  16. Eff Riley McGree I say.



    Enjoy Middlesborough fella. An absolute toilet of a place.



    Bring home the Wolf.







    Would love to believe that fella but the medical, body language and linguistic ‘experts’ on here have already diagnosed big Chris as a wantaway shyster who’ll never play for us again.



    So there :)




  18. Scottish football is not really rated by those outside Scotland, that is why European football is so vital.



    To eager ambitious youngsters ( And not so young ) we can offer gametime on the high profile European stage with the opportunity to progress and move on.



    That is why keeping players against their will is a flawed strategy.



    Strange decision to pick Middlesbrough at this current time. I wonder if the agents fee comes into the equation.




  19. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    “If Sky want to be taken seriously they require higher editorial standards. Do not take your public for fools’.



    I’m fond of adapting the Gettysburg Address and believe in Scotland, particularly when it comes to coverage of football, we have media of the Huns, for the Huns, by the Huns.



    The Huns are the SMSM’s public.



    Simply taking them for fools is being kind.

  20. Greenpinata,



    Wilder’s done well since he arrived and given them some hope that they can get a playoff place. Their board are backing him based on that. I suspect that’s the sell to any prospects.



    “This time next year son, you’ll be in the premiership”.




  21. Tom McLaughlin on




    A bit harsh on Middlesbrough.



    A few of us went to the Tony Mowbray testimonial and stayed in a hotel in neighbouring Redcar.



    I’ve since been all over the world and Redcar is positively the biggest shithole I have ever had the misfortune to set foot in.



    Even worse than Aberdeen, Washington.

  22. DEXTER P. BAMPOT on 12TH JANUARY 2022 3:56 PM



    ‘Selfish financial reasons’??????



    He’s a professional footballer. He’ll go where the money is. It may be a misjudgement on his (or his agent’s) part, but It’s not a moral failing or a reflection on his character.

  23. DEXTER P. BAMPOT on 12TH JANUARY 2022 3:56 PM




    He likely sees the championship as higher profile than the SPL, do well there and you have a chance of getting an EPL move, much harder to get noticed up here. Plus they can offer the same or better wages

  24. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Was sent a link to BBC “What SPFL clubs need” article.


    (upon inspection, clearly a windup by the sender !)



    Sevco have “at least two options in most positions”



    Celtic have “a bloated squad”



    Says it all.

  25. Tom,



    I had the pleasure of living there for a week back in my transient younger days. It scarred me. Awful bloody people too.



    I appreciate my sample is small but see no redeeming features for Master McGree to grab hold of.




  26. 10 games in AFCON so far, and 9 of them have finished 0-0 or 1-0. No score in the one playing right now. Temperatures of 30+C and humidity over 70% do not help.

  27. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    I’m sure we’re all on the same page here, we don’t want players at Celtic Park who would rather be somewhere else, thats was a big factor in the 10IAR shambles,



    re the vaccine passport checking, are they actually checking or just looking at a phone screen before saying next?

  28. Good evening CQN from a rather mild Garngad.



    A bit late to the party here.



    Why not give boosters on the night/day of games for fans who do not qualify but want to see the game.



    On the day it might mean some that would not normally have taken the booster would then get it.



    If you have not had your 2 vaccines then yer fecked.



    D :)

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