Sky editorial standards. Transfer rules have not changed


Football in Scotland returns in front of full crowds on Monday.  The one wildcard thrown in by the First Minister yesterday is that instead of having to check the vaccine passport status of at least 20% of attendees, they will now be obliged to check at least 50%.  That’s a minimum of 30,000 vaccine checks at Celtic Park on Monday evening.

As we both know, politicians cannot backpedal in a way that looks like they are conceding, so the inevitable delays to fans of all those checks is a small price to pay to get back to following scientific advice.  It will also makes Monday’s game at Celtic Park a new worldwide record since the crisis began.  No event anywhere on the planet has required 30,000 vaccine checks.

One point for Sky Sports to consider.  10 of the 12 Scottish Premiership clubs voted to bring forward the winter break by a week to give fans a chance of attending instead of forcing two rounds of fixtures to be played before only 500 fans.  It was an overwhelmingly popular move that has proven to be wise.

Sky’s match summariser mocked the decision, explaining that the Scottish Government restrictions were likely to be extended, forcing the rearranged fixtures to be played before the same 500 crowd limit.  No one was convinced of his sincerity.  If Sky want to be taken seriously they require higher editorial standards.  Do not take your public for fools.

Our flush and easy January transfer window, which has so far delivered three Japanese players and a teenage Irish striker, hit turbulence yesterday when Middlesbrough attempted to sign Australian international, Riley McGree.

Despite all we have read on our new players from Japan, the only comment on their transfer fees has been surprise at how low they are.  There has been no confirmation they were subject to buy-out clauses, which would explain both the modest prices and the fact that they were all sold at the start of the window, not on the last day.

McGree clearly has no such clause.  Notions that we could get an in-demand player early in the window are fanciful, why would Charlotte sell before they squeezed the last juice from the fruit?  Whatever circumstances lay behind our three Japanese signings last week, they were exceptional.

You buy players early in a window when they have buy-out clauses, are when they are not valued by the selling club or when you patently pay over the odds.  Even the latter is no guarantee you will move the dial early in the window.  Transfer rules have not changed.


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  1. Remember as a wean my cousins in Ireland asking me to pick an English team.i picked Hartlepool as they were bottom of the 4th division at the time and there would be no chance of them playing us as Leeds was previous year.always clocked the result.well until a few years ago I found out they played in shade o bloo.think they have been out league since.shame





  2. Easy Pete :-)


    Play a chooon to calm you doon.😁


    No civil,religious or human right was impinged on my friend.if I as an individual consent to that transfer of data(they already have all else).In my haver to Gp I was about enhancing/speeding up the entry to our ground.


    Was listening to some fluke from 1994.will keep Atom bomb for another time,😊

  《《 oh yeah




  3. martin o'seville on

    Sonia Poulton (@SoniaPoulton) Tweeted:


    It’s taken over a year for Boris Johnson and his partying colleagues to be exposed because both journalists and police were in on it.



    These people are all complicit in a massive fraud.




    The truth will only come from journalist’s who are hated by MSM.


    When will wee torn faces trip to Portugal be reported?

  4. Stayed in Seaton Carew while working at Hartlepool nuclear power station.


    Loved it.


    Great pubs, clubs people and Hartlepool was only along the road ,but my vivid memory was the size of the Rabbits / Hares bounding about the grounds of the power station. I was not hallucinating ( lol ) but they were truly the size of mountain lions.

  5. Its awe a conspiracy ah tells ye.Naebody deid,naebody infected,naebody Layin in any Hospital oan any Respirators ,Doctors,Nurses awe in oan the big con,17,000 in Hospital,awe lies.153,000 deid,mare lies,ur yese awe stupit.Waken up.Huv ye counted the number of chips in her Fish Supper lately,well doon.Thur using thum in the Vaccines,so they know wit Chippy ye use.Kev J felt me that.

  6. Greenpinata,



    I Loved Working in Barrow in Furness and indeed there is a Celtic possee still going to each game and I witnessed them having a penelope P on the A590 Bach hame frae a game. Briefly may I add as I was going @ 60MPH or maybe a mile or 2 above that limit.



    Incredible Supporters.

  7. Michael o galloway, Your a fake hun



    Who are these journalist?



    Is it that right wing shite wipe Gb news?



    Is wee torn face people like you who come on a Celtic site to vomit your shite.

  8. An Tearmann on 12th January 2022 9:37 pm



    Brother in Rhthym,



    I’m chilled……. The Chilling jibber jabber was you have to have All 3. When does it Stop?





    Aidan has now seen through it. He is double vaccinated.



    I expect Labour to carry on like this utterly Failed Government. They know.



    So when you’ve had (remember talking a 21 year old) 6+ Vaccinations to get access to a Club?



    CHINA is owning this.



    China is a Template.

  9. Bada


    I think Robbie Keane was alleged to be on £65k pw, although funded directly by DD.



  10. Starting with a home movie kind of montage, set in the lower east side of early 1960s Manhattan, the director introduces us to ‘Charlie’, played by the real star of the film, Harvey Keitel, Martin Scorcese accompanies this footage with one of the greatest pop songs ever recorded…..Be My Baby……



    RIP Ronnie Spector

  11. 442 Stein simplicity on

    Ramalama ding dong!


    I can’t remember what the rules were like in November?


    Nothing tae dae wi ye Timmy, move along.



    troobloo (@troobloo7) Tweeted:


    @hoddles10 @Tyndale7 @Jamie_Blackett @ScotTories First Munter 3rd from the left 🤡



    Why are party political broadcasts on in January when elections are not until May?



  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    FRED COLON @ 10:58 PM


    Jacob Rees-Smug calls red card red card a political lightweight






    Indeed Fred.



    The nest of vipers turning on each other more and more.



    Ever decreasing circles stuff.



    Never ends well.

  13. Fred Colon- the Tories must be down to last liar standing, when that prk is getting wheeled out

  14. sceptical citizen on

    Hiding in Portugal from big bad omnihingy.


    Blacked oot studio as you do.


    There’ll be no socialism until the parochial parliaments are shredded, Sinn Fein will turbocharge this.


    Sinn Fein, like The Workers Party GB, disagree 100% with those types who seek to implant imperialist style partition borders on small islands.



    Linda (@Lindy_Loo15) Tweeted:


    @Jamie_Blackett @Douglas4Moray Yes. The Scottish electorate is entitled to know if this TV studio is in the UK or not.

  15. sceptical citizen on

    Big bad Boris didn’t bite the omni guffery and shut everything doon at Christmas and New Year, like wee nippy face did, like the corrupt to the core EU did, and the neoliberal, anti-Brexit MSM swamp of fake fkrs all demanded and didn’t get, then all of a sudden the swamp found evidence of alleged parties, a year ago, SKY news journos were all caught a year ago having parties, are we to believe it was just SKY journos who were partying? Are the rest of the MSM too fly to get caught? Point is, the politicians, MSM, etc, have all known from the start that the biggest hoax ever carried out in history had just been pulled off, they weren’t ever scared, why was that? What did the swamp all know, that they thought Joe blogs didn’t know? Did the swamp think 100% of Joe blogs is as daft as the swamp wants them to be? Did the worldwide swamp think everybody was like the dim Timmy’s? If there’s a terrifying health scare why would sacking health workers even be under consideration? Have they forgotten the Nuremberg code of human rights?


    Look at who has raked in the £’s on the back of this. Then if your honest, look at the folk who own the MSM, global politicians, the big tech companies, the pharmaceutical companies, Hollywood, the military industrial complex, NASA, the grocery chains, they also control the weather do some research, also the banking industry, etc, etc, if your still honest then you’ll see that “ALL” of these CONglomerates, who next want to screw us with CC climate change hoax 33° baloney, then ask yourself if all of these major events now, in the near future, and the not too distant past, are all in lockstep? If you think yes, it all clicks, there really is something going on, and those folk you dismissed as tinfoil hat wearing unhinged eejits, maybe they actually aren’t any of these things that you’ve called them, and that its actually worse than they were warning, and might get far more worse unless the whole world turns the tables on the global swamp, puts the tools down and initiates a general strike till all of these corrupt entities are stopped. If you say what you usually do in your dismissive style, and repeat nah you are all eejits etc, then don’t say you wurny felt, and may God have mercy on your soul. 🙏

  16. So only 12% of the British public think BJ is truthful.



    Seemingly that is less than those who believe the ” Moon Landing” fable.


    I despair, how gullible some are. The ” Moon Landings” . Really?



    I look up at the dark night sky.


    And see an object flying by.


    Is it a bird or is it a plane.


    I’m not sure so I look again.


    It’s a blo@dy pig.

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