Sky line up Celtic’s title party


Sky announced three consecutive Celtic games will be broadcast live across March and April, one of which is almost certain to be a league-winning occasion. Although Aberdeen could go second by a point if they win their game in hand over Newco, I’m not convinced they have the staying power. McInnes has struggled to replicate the form of last season, perhaps as a consequence of so many of his first team squad out of contract in the summer and looking around for deals.

The first Sky game on the schedule released this morning is the visit of Newco to Celtic Park on Sunday 12 March. Newco have 10 games after this, so should Aberdeen’s challenge drop off, Celtic’s lead would need to be 28 points heading into that game to setup a title decider (loose sense of the word).

We currently have a 19 point lead with a game in hand (against St Johnstone later this month). Win all seven of our league games before 12 March, and we would need Newco to drop six points to allow two Glasgow teams to come together to celebrate the champions on what would be a memorable day for everyone in the city.

Newco have visits to Motherwell, Hearts, Dundee and Inverness before then, as well as home games against Ross County, Hamilton and St Johnstone. Earlier this season they won at Dundee and Inverness, lost at Hearts and drew each of their homes games against Ross County, Hamilton and St Johnstone. They have yet to visit Fir Park on league duty this season.

Although they capitulated last time out against Celtic, Newco played better in December than earlier in the season, so there’s a chance they’ll pick up more at home to Accies, Inverness and County. Their cup and league double-header against Motherwell this month will either take some pressure off, or set them up for a Celtic Park party.

If we don’t win the title that day the roadshow rolls onto Dens Park and then Tynecastle. Newco play a day before us on both occasions, so there’s a chance the title will be won/lost at Ibrox before Celtic play.


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  1. Paul67:



    I used to hate it when the huns gloated in mirth.



    Carpe diem and love thy neighbour lest they shower hate down on your hate and drown your hate with hate.



    Nothing lasts forever… nothing.



    No demographic owns the rights to class and dignity.

  2. Kitalba



    I think we should celebrate our title win right now.



    It’s already game set and match.



    Here we go 67 in a row.


    Here we go -o 67 in a row.






    Only joking on last bit. I think after 11 or 12 they will disbandon the league and ban football in Scotland.




  3. Why are you not writing about Celtic’s endorsement of the 5 Way Agreement and their refusal to support the basic moral principles addressed by the Res 12 guys, instead of puerile projections of when Celtic will win the league?



    Lazy journalism? Soft new age journalism ‘hands that do dishes’ journalism.



    And that is really going to counter the craft of the SMSM… my arse.



    Ten souls a bowl of soup… roll up, roll up.

  4. Walters Myth doesn’t do irony…



    Gers ultimately crashed out of the Champions League in that same season, however they did manage to reach the UEFA Cup Final, by adopting the same tactics.



    Smith said: “We did what we had to do and got to a European final by hook or by crook”



    By crook indeed.

  5. Sorry not moral as opposed ethical.



    No moral.



    No ethical.



    No moral.



    No ethical.



    Ah! who gives a toss, it is academic, we’re winning (at the moment) eh Paul?

  6. On the possibility of when we’ll win the league – far to early and too many variables to start booking parties at the moment. Especially for me who doesn’t do forecasts!



    On the matter of the forthcoming Supreme Court appeal in mid March, won’t it be strange to be able to return to regularly using the word Rangers rather than Sevco (or the many other variables). Given that this appeal is all about the arrangements used by that former club.





    What’s this nonsense wi Sky moving that game to the Sunday?



    I fair fancied a wee trip to see my pal and his missus in Maldon-middle of nowhere,Essex-for a genteel little knees-up that weekend.



    Throw in a title party and a hunskelping,round it off wi an ACGR special,and Fanny’s yer aunt.



    Now? Sunday is no use for that,I’ve got nightshift.



    Phone Peter,mate. Tell him the situation and get it sorted.



    Thanks in advance.

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “Newco have 10 games after this, so should Aberdeen’s challenge drop off, Celtic’s lead would need to be 28 points heading into that game to setup a title decider (loose sense of the word).”




    Didn’t the SPL stop title deciders between Celtic and Rangers after ’99?


    They obviously don’t recognise Sevco as Rangers then!

  9. Skintco put O’Halloran up for loan…..or not paid instalments to St Johnstone more likely…

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    So what’s Sir Walter of Spendsville been saying today? Still believing in money trees?

  11. BAMBOO on 11TH JANUARY 2017 11:17 AM


    Red Bull – Austrias own IronBru. A bit more potent and a lot more successful.



    Surely they wouldnt risk sullying their reputation by getting involved with such a toxic brand ?




    By all accounts Red Bull Leipzig are the most hated team in Germany due to buying their way o the top…so thems will be in good/bad company on both counts (sic)

  12. Paul 67



    Got to disagree


    Sky line up nothing


    Celtic work towards a title



    As Terje Vigen points out


    One game at a time



    We work for our right to be champions


    The fact its televised by a company who dont reveal their scottish contribution as it would show scottish money transferring and supporting the bestest ,most marketed but soulless league on the pkanet instead of being ring fenced for our own game


    Shysters, owned by a phone tapper of murder victims and the slanderer of hillsborough.makes me vomit



  13. !!BADA BING!!



    Some armchair fans pay as much as 5,000 pounds just to see one single game, Have you ever paid 5,000 pounds to see a Celtic game?



    If you haven’t… then you are not a dedicated armchair supporter,

  14. Sky? well that’s the title party ruined! With Tanner and McCann in attendance it will be amateur hour; hopefully they’ll have more than one camcorder and microphone with them this time, unlike at Hamilton.


    Although as a terrific fundraiser the Celtic Foundation should not have a bucket collection but instead run a sweep for how many times Tanner says’ Old firm’ and ‘Rangers’ break all records I’d imagine, I’m not talking about about the coverage of the Sevco game any game will do, they always get a mention when Dumber and Dumber are in town!


    The trophy presentation will need to be quick too; last time against Sevco there was the grand total of 10 minutes after game coverage or is that more to do with the scoreline that day?!





    The Money Tree?



    His followfollowers still believe,and that’s the important thing.



    Their initiation ceremony is quite interesting. Fall off and hit every branch on the way down.

  16. Aye yir right


    I dont have skyguff


    I go to see my football


    Not having a cheat ex player of an old club telling me bout football.


    To much reliance put on meejah and their selective memory as to what is good or bad in our game.


    All bout opinyinz


    Nowt to do with facts.




  17. 19 points ahead with a game in hand at this stage is frankly ridiculous.



    Next year we’ll be getting premium half season tickets for the first half.



    Sack the Board.





    That’s why I get mildly annoyed by people who reckon our continued focus on previous wrongdoing and on the continuing cover-up is obsessional behaviour,that we should let it go.



    There are myriad previous examples of why you should never let it go.



    Indeed,to do so may be termed an appalling vista.



    MSM had no intentions of publishing a damn thing about the tax case-mysteriously held in private. Then,even though it was all over social media-and beyond-still ignored it.



    Faced with reality-liquidation-they turned UK Company Law on its head by using the same branding and history,and turned imperfect registration into a byword in the ludj.



    And called the rest of us BA pots anaw.



    If we stop commenting on it,they’ve won. And tbh,they’ve not won much bar two fingers.


    That wasn’t a spellcheck problem,I just thought the mods might have bampots down as a proscribed word.




  20. Kitalba wee bit puzzled by your”armchair fans paying £5000 per game” can you expand? H H Hebcelt

  21. BMCUW



    ‘Fall off and hit every branch on the way down’





    That made me think of the cayote in roadrunner cartoon


    It personifies them






  22. Partizan Belgrade have been banned from the Champions League and Europa League for the next three seasons because of unpaid debts, says Uefa.



    European football’s governing body said the 2015 Serbian SuperLiga champions had broken rules on unpaid debts three times in the past five years.



    Uefa added that the club owed 2.5m euros (£2.17m) in unpaid debts as of September 2016.



    Most of the club’s debts were owed to social and tax authorities in Serbia.



    Uefa’s Club Financial Control Body said the ban is appropriate, given a “remarkably similar set of circumstances” to Partizan’s last debt case in 2013, when the club were given a suspended one-year ban from European competitions.

  23. HEBCELT:




    Easy mate, some Celtic Supporters don’t live too close to Parkhead, but they want to see a game. So they get on a plane and they go. And they see a game, maybe the only game they will see live that year, And when the cost of going to see that one game is added up,,, it far exceeds 5000 pounds, There are some stupid Celtic Supporters who do do that.

  24. Kitalba you obviously move in a different social class than I and I suspect most Celtic supporters do – £5000!! You must be thinking of the GASL and he probably in certainly gets his trips paid for. H H Hebcelt

  25. glendalystonsils on

    !!BADA BING!! on 11TH JANUARY 2017 1:27 PM


    Skintco put O’Halloran up for loan…..or not paid instalments to St Johnstone more likely…



    Mind boggling why the boy went there in the first place.