Sky line up Celtic’s title party


Sky announced three consecutive Celtic games will be broadcast live across March and April, one of which is almost certain to be a league-winning occasion. Although Aberdeen could go second by a point if they win their game in hand over Newco, I’m not convinced they have the staying power. McInnes has struggled to replicate the form of last season, perhaps as a consequence of so many of his first team squad out of contract in the summer and looking around for deals.

The first Sky game on the schedule released this morning is the visit of Newco to Celtic Park on Sunday 12 March. Newco have 10 games after this, so should Aberdeen’s challenge drop off, Celtic’s lead would need to be 28 points heading into that game to setup a title decider (loose sense of the word).

We currently have a 19 point lead with a game in hand (against St Johnstone later this month). Win all seven of our league games before 12 March, and we would need Newco to drop six points to allow two Glasgow teams to come together to celebrate the champions on what would be a memorable day for everyone in the city.

Newco have visits to Motherwell, Hearts, Dundee and Inverness before then, as well as home games against Ross County, Hamilton and St Johnstone. Earlier this season they won at Dundee and Inverness, lost at Hearts and drew each of their homes games against Ross County, Hamilton and St Johnstone. They have yet to visit Fir Park on league duty this season.

Although they capitulated last time out against Celtic, Newco played better in December than earlier in the season, so there’s a chance they’ll pick up more at home to Accies, Inverness and County. Their cup and league double-header against Motherwell this month will either take some pressure off, or set them up for a Celtic Park party.

If we don’t win the title that day the roadshow rolls onto Dens Park and then Tynecastle. Newco play a day before us on both occasions, so there’s a chance the title will be won/lost at Ibrox before Celtic play.



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  1. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I know, and from previous intercourse I expect no more from you.


    You can trumpet bush and Clinton regime extolling its virtues.


    I’d rather let the trumpet hang himself than you and supporters of the fake news companies hang him for me before he makes a mistake. As far as I’m concerned his abdication of presidential immunity from conflict of interest for him and his team, is a bit more than you and extremist demands to rule the world might comprehend. An American president that put the electorate before his employment organisation might be beyond your comprehension but it used to be quite a common concep, well before the corporate allegiance became the norm.


    I mean, we slag the Hun because they think they are somehow part of the Royal inheritance yet we have a far more dangerous and stupid faction that seem to think corporate freedom compliance is less dangerous than loyalist patriotism. Well except macjay who simply believes it’s the cream and no the shite scum that floats to the the surface/top.


    Education means you know what your talking about, corruption promotes uneducated agenda, you strike me as one with an agenda without education, a bit like macjay and MrZ, reared in bigotry.

  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    WHAT IS THE STARS on 11TH JANUARY 2017 7:09 PM


    A trump love in on CQN.











    Just a refusal to be indoctrinated by anti – Trump propaganda from the pro – Hillary lovies who control the vast majority of the Western media.



    A healthy state of affairs imho.

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    Seems that we all love a fraud after all






    I have no love for Hillary ;

  4. I would go as far as to venture Sky have been installed to dumb down, dilute and generally spout mince about our title celebrations.



    Essentially thought control as well as emotion management to boot.



    Expect comments that’s “it’s been a one horse race” and “Celtic pay wages exponentially higher than the rest” etc. etc.



    I wish we could keep that corporate slime away from our club.

  5. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    What about the instrument that causes the most upset to the establishment, I don’t remember the Christ being a candidate, so unless you can provide a better more acceptable candidate then you just sound like An Teirnan, a gobshite with the convictions of your morals but not the morals of your convictions, it’s the easiest thing in the world to criticise, bring something constructive to the table and like An Teirnan or what every, copulating silence, no ideas, and that just doesn’t work for forward thinking people. Aye it might be some bodies fault but once we’ve crucified them, then what ?


    Crucify everyone that takes their place ? That’s An Teirnan’s drivel, nothing but condemnation makes everyone afraid to try. And as far as I’m concerned copulate him, agreed politicians tend to be self serving, including Tony Benn but I’d rather tony Benn in charge than 99% of what followed him.

  6. ‘Don’t like this Adolf guy but he’s a right good poke in the eye to yon von Hindenburg and his cronies in the traditional elite…..’



    CQN 1933



    Hun-believable. Literally.


    Aff oot. To build a bomb shelter. Non perma-tanned, white supremacist buffoons all welcome.



    HH jamesgang

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on






    i was thinking of the huns :)





    I prefer not to. :-)

  8. I see CQN now sinking to new lows by praising trump.



    Ah we sink further to the right………

  9. Trump versus Clinton?



    The Clinton’s had dinner with the Trump and his family just a few weeks before the final election.



    The two daughters have been close friends since they were bairns. Both family camp out in each other’s sitting rooms as members of the New York elite socialite crowd.









    It’s called Oligarchy Rigging, or Opposed Opposition.



    The thin veil we eejits take for democracy that has intelligent, decent folk arguing over their petty, entrenched opinions.



    It’s time we wised up Tims.

  10. SIN CITY BHOY on 11TH JANUARY 2017 8:02 PM



    You mean we should just all take more drugs and ignore them?

  11. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    If I may, Donald Trump, like all national politicians, scares the complete shite out of me!

  12. Quite funny thread on angers media.



    That fixture on 12th march.



    They better no win it with a massacre or there will be riots.

  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    JAMESGANG on 11TH JANUARY 2017 7:53 PM


    ‘Don’t like this Adolf guy but he’s a right good poke in the eye to yon von Hindenburg and his cronies in the traditional elite…..’






    Retrospective assessment compared to prospective assessment.






    Condemned after trial by media.

  14. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    So trump closing the free market to the corporate authorities is further right than left, hmm


    Restricting corporate trading freedom is a right I find less abusive than corporate slave trade is an improvement on obama and Clinton regimes.

  15. If there is a 1% chance that there less chance of a third world war under Trump, and I believe there is, than the certainty of a war that a Clinton presidency would have brought, I will take the chance on Trump.


    That is my sole reason for preferring him to her.

  16. I haven’t read back, just checking in waiting to collect my precious grand daughter from school.




    NEGANON2 on 11TH JANUARY 2017 8:00 PM


    I would rather have Trump than someone committed to to provide funding for last day abortions.


    And is in favour of partial birth abortions.


    I’d rather have Trump than someone who tells me I must change my faith and morals.


    Deplorable CSC.

  17. ERNIE LYNCH on 11TH JANUARY 2017 8:04 PM



    I noted you are around today. My comment was specifically phrased to get you to bite, and hey presto! :-)



    By drugs I assume you mean the domain and control of various covert government agencies?



    It’s time we the people installed our own chieftains, and stripped your heroes like the Saxe Goethe Coburgs of their wealth that could end global poverty a dozen times.

  18. You ever get that feeling that cqn is just about to descend into no games demented set adrift on a dafty boat Mentalist’s.



    Am oot.

  19. Macjay



    Sir if I even have to begin to tell you why Trump is unfit to hold any office of consequence then I’m afraid I don’t know where to begin.



    Off to watch Rebellion on Netflix in the hope of finding evidence of beliefs and values that I can identify with.



    HH jamesgang

  20. I can’t remember who said it in the first place, but it rings truer more today than it ever did.


    “Anyone who has ambitions of being a politician, should automatically be barred from being one”

  21. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    We have a right to deal with the hand we are dealt, we can only judge on the choices available else we refuse to engage. And that not an option, no for me.


    Here is a question to


    Maggie McGill









    Did any of you watch the whole press interview ?



    A few bits surprised me, the biggest surprise and not reported


    “The American drug industry has got away with murder”


    You’ll no hear any politician say that ever again or before, aye gobshite but if repeated makes a bigger impact than you or me saying it. Baby Jesus stuff for me.


    I could not give a funkeys muck about American society but if they are being forced by their own president to question the current intelegence and meeja agenda, well then that can’t be anything but helpfulness far as I’m concerned, might even bring the yanks back into the human race ffs.


    Or we could enjoy the conflict and destruction of polarisation that Obama has currently set up all across Europe, him the Brits, arms traders and Hilary all planned before the trumpet and his socialist agenda got in the road, protectionism bears corporatism every time, it’s back feudalism cause globalisation is a few years off yet.

  22. BRTH many thanks for your response last night re Lisbon. Will have a look and be in touch if interested.



    Hail! Hail!

  23. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    JAMESGANG on 11TH JANUARY 2017 8:22 PM






    Sir if I even have to begin to tell you why Trump is unfit to hold any office of consequence then I’m afraid I don’t know where to begin.




    Off to watch Rebellion on Netflix in the hope of finding evidence of beliefs and values that I can identify with.




    HH jamesgang






    Well , you see.


    I feel exactly the same about Hillary.


    The difference ?


    With Trump you know what you`re getting.



    As Sin City implies , the whole pretence that the American election is in some way democratic is utterly blown.


    When you need millions of dollars to run , then the whole edifice is corrupt.


    At least Trump largely paid for his own and is beholden only to himself.


    Hillary . A fraud …………. a corporate chattel who would have danced to their tune while Bill lavished favours on his mates ( of whom Trump could have been one ) , through his ” charity ” which , believe it or not , employs Julia Gillard , former Australian prime minister and devout ” socialist.”



    You might not fancy May , but the more you look at the alternative the more acceptable she seems.

  24. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ‘GG on 11TH JANUARY 2017 8:13 PM



    Excellent point .


    Hardly mentioned .