Sky missed the target, Guidetti mojo


A place at the top of the league is the prize no offer for Celtic tonight, as well as the chance to atone for a couple of ropey performances earlier in the season.  The penalty-aided draw at Celtic Park against Motherwell was perhaps our worst display of the season, while a late collapse at Fir Park against 10 men uncovered serious vulnerabilities.

The Fir Park game is most memorable as the day John Guidetti lost his mojo.  He could have had a hat-trick that afternoon but misfired and hasn’t recovered.  He’s no longer an automatic starting choice, but if he gets on, he’ll have the perfect opportunity to bury his demons.

Do you think that despite his emotional state, Charles Green knew he Sky Sports’ Jim White would allow him to answer questions about money by talking about his wages, not the onerous contracts which are proving to be a convenient earn-out for those who were in at the start?

As an interview, it was compelling, but Sky missed the target.

Get in early for the minute’s applause in memory of our friend Kano.  It will be a chance to reflect on his inimitable style.

CQN11 St Patrick’s Day Dinner Dance is on Friday 13 March, at the Kerrydale Suite, Celtic Park. The focus of an excellent night’s entertainment will be funding the construction of a kitchen at Chibwata Primary School in Malawi, for Mary’s Meals.

Email me if you would like to reserve a ticket, celticquicknews@gmail.com or book directly via the links at the bottom of this page.

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  1. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar / Neil Lennon.. Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    jonny the tim



    12:06 on 21 January, 2015


    ….and 2nd?






    Stope dane that ….


    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    12:10 on 21 January, 2015





    We all know Rangers were liquidated. We all know-and so do they,btw-that it’s not the same club we are playing in ten days time that we played ten years or three years ago.



    But as I said,the great lie has been allowed to develop as a panacea to the hun hordes.



    So what?



    Incarnation one-deid.



    Incarnation two-dead,on its knees



    Incarnation three-being planned,doomed to failure.



    Incarnation four-sharing a ground wi Benburb,juniors league,an irrelevance and barely a memory.



    Don’t get hung up about it,bud. Honest,it’s better having a larf like the rest of us. Check the Sevco crest below,for instance.



    67heaven .. challenging the lie ..i am wee oscar / neil lennon.. ipox belongs to the creditors



    03:30 on 21 January, 2015



  3. The Green Man


    12:09 on


    21 January, 2015



    I said it’s a new club. Twice. It’s a new club called The Rangers Football Club.

  4. C,mon the bhoys….could be the top of the league tonight…..and nae Rangers, because they were LIQUIDATED,…ya beauty.






    kevjungle – walk-on in the jungle is magic, just magic



    12:06 on 21 January, 2015




    Sweetie wifes-cliques-sooky erses-hand bags etc


    …..Off oot.






    Nae offence,Kev-but do you use those expressions in real-life?

  6. prestonpans


    Just about to… had family round last night but I TiVo’d it.


    Popcorn at the ready, here goes…





    Green,White and Gold?



    Gotcha,a must watch.

  8. turkeybhoy



    10:55 on 21 January, 2015





    Didnt really suggest dropping him but to alternate between him and lustig to see who is on best form for the inter game



    Lustig is the better right back when fit in my opinion.



    I would however if both fit and in form like to see lustig right back and matthews right wing v inter. And if 100% fit have forrest on the left wing.



    Next few team selections will be interesting.

  9. Tis a fine day to return to the top indeed.



    As said above, “Incarnation two-dead, on its knees” and White chatting to Green about the ever vanishing money as we return to the top of the pops.



    Kentucky is still green and white and not a bit of bluegrass in sight from my window.



    Tis a fine day to return to the top indeed.



    HH all.

  10. Unusually


    I’ll be there to give the bhoys a cheer when we move to top the SPHell.


    It’s been a long time.


    I’ll be the one tearing up for Kano.


    God bless your family laddie.

  11. Just caught the end of Nadal in Oz. Bit of a fight back from him.



    Heck of an engine that kid, wonder if he is good with a ball at his feet.

  12. I’m a wee bit out of touch due to my travels.




    Who is managing the tribute act?


    What seed catalogue is Ally studying?


    Has big Mike walked away?


    Has the king been crowned?


    Is Ashley attending his meeting with the beaks?


    Where’s ra deeds?


    All questions purely rhetorical.


    I have a date with family.


    Hail hail this Celt is home.

  13. Yip that chuckles interview truly has to be seen to be believed!


    Just when you think the zombs situation can’t get any more bizarre up pops The Simple Yorkshireman to add a whole new level of crazy.


    I’ve missed you Charles.

  14. And of course, it never occurred to Jim White to ask about why Sally was on such a generous wage in the first place?



    That interview had all the authenticity of a Danoz Direct ad showing the housewife stunned at how wonderful the product on sale was.



    The teary bit was the biggest laugh of all.



    And as for the faux “I don’t like Mike Ashley” statements…. What a joke.



    Keep it up Chuckles. Geez we’ve missed you.

  15. CQNers


    Can I ask for some help please?


    I have heard,and read, that there will be a minutes applause for my friend KANO tonight at the game,


    unfortunately we will not get to see this as the coverage here is basically the game and not much else


    Can I please ask if anyone is in a position to maybe record this great event and post on youtube.


    Carolyn , KANOs wife, asked me if I could help her get to see this ….and the only avenue I knew for this was the CQN family


    If anyone can help with this it would be great to show Carolyn and family tomorrow or at a later date


    The CSC here in Perth has also organised to have a one minutes applause for my great friend at a certain game against a new team from the championship in a couple of weeks….if they last that long…the new team…not the CSC….the CSC have been around since 1988…!!!


    anyway…thanks in advance if someone can help…this will put some smiles on some faces down here in Perth after a difficult start to the year


    hail hail



  16. Once again,we have posters wanting to see Lustig back.Why?.Adam Mathews looks back to the superb player he was when he joined.As soon as the boy says he feels great,injury free,we should drop him,for a guy just returning from long term injury,not for the first time.


    Nonsense.Lustig is an excellent right back when fit,as is Mathews.Lustig should be nursed back to full fitness,not like the last time.There is no need for the rush.Right back is our strongest position.

  17. Semi tickets must be out.



    Trip to post office called for.



    Bliddy signed for….grrr



    Published on the


    14 January







    Published 14/01/2015 04:26



    CASH-STRAPPED Rangers have not been asked to pay in advance for the 21,000 tickets they have been given for their League Cup semi-final against Celtic – because such a request would be against SPFL rules.




    The Hampden showdown on 1 February will be the first meeting between the Glasgow giants since Celtic won 3-0 at Parkhead on April 29, 2012 and is a guaranteed sell-out.



    Priority tickets were made available at Ibrox yesterday for season-ticket holders but, although the tickets will raise over £500,000, Rangers won’t need to part with that money until the middle of next month. That’s in spite of the fact that the club has been forced to ask for emergency loans in recent months simply to keep the lights on. Ironically, when Craig Whyte’s Rangers were heading for administration and liquidation, Celtic insisted on cash up front before providing them with tickets for a league game at Parkhead on 28 December.



    However, they won’t be forced to post a bond for the cup tickets – revenue generated will be shared between the four semi-finalists and the league – according to the ruling body.



    “Our company regulations state that participating clubs don’t have to provide the money raised from ticket sales for the League Cup semi-finals or final to the SPFL until ten days after the ties have been played,” said SPFL secretary Ian Blair. “While we obviously monitor the reality of the situation it’s important that all of our member clubs are treated fairly and equally.”

  19. What’s everyone reckon to this Oshaniwa fella that the BBC are linking us with? International team mate of Efe’s. Seemed nae bad at the WC as I remember.


    Or is it all agent/players talk. The MSM seem to have lost their knack of knowing who Celtic are trying to sign.


    Seem to remember that this happened around the time the best young assistant gardener in Scotland jumped ship to the huns.


    Wish I cold make the game tonight but getting a new kitchen measured up at 1600 and a dash to CP is not plausable in the time left.












    I think the SFA are taking the correct approach on this.



    As a socialist,I don’t believe the poor and underprivileged should be victimised because of their unfortunate state.

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