Sky refuse to cooperate with subtitle issue


Sky Television have refused to explain the circumstances that led them to broadcast incorrect subtitles accusing Celtic fans of racism.  Consequently, Celtic refused the broadcaster permission to attend the press conference previewing tonight’s SPFL game against Hearts.

Celtic reported the matter to Ofcom, who confirmed they are assessing the issue.  Sky apologised for their broadcast, but appear intent on bunkering down to protect those responsible.

Before you attempt a cover-up, you should first check if everyone knows you are attempting a cover-up.  Sky are busted, they behaved atrociously.  This is a cover-up, which is also atrocious, and will only hold if Ofcom take no action.

Who authored the tampered subtitles and who authorised the hooky material for broadbcast?  If Sky were genuinely concerned, they would answer accordingly.

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  1. Cadizzy -great to hear from you and you are correct about the EPL thing that was also going on that late afternoon.


    That was back in the days where I was still trying to put blog names to real faces. I seem to remember that there was a separate group in the pub, possibly the Celtic Graves Society.I think I remember introducing “Cartuja” (whom I’ve known since school) to some of the CQNrs.


    Good to see that you still lurk. This dear ole place would be greatly improved if you and many others that I could mention, returned to posting. And voting ;-)

  2. Jobo – I’m sure it was a trophy day at the end of the season , rather than the start.


    I walked to Babbity that day – reopening soon – may be a bit different 😀

  3. Good Luck Jim on The Emerald Express. Haven’t seen On Iron Horse for some time, I know we had a lot of away games, Hopefully I see it before game time.

  4. Just read the previous page! Didn’t realise my movements that day had already been catalogued😀


    Nice to see the souther exile returning – cheers mate’

  5. Don’t really follow lower league English football but only just noticed that Bolton Wanderers are rock bottom and adrift in League One.






    Neil Lennon performed a miracle when he saved the club from relegation in the championship. They sacked him next season after he had to repeat that feat with a slashed budget. All his signings were free agents.



    How have they fared since?



    There were a few on here who referred to him as a failed Bolton and Hibs manager. I think those clubs would love him back eh?

  6. Timbhoy2………… I notice all the happy gang pundits BT regulars were voicing their views on last Sunday’s coverage of the Celtic-Clyde match on Premier Sport. Maybe Premier Sports will share coverage of the SPFL with Sky in future. Hopefully we will still see Darren, Chris and the rest of the BT crew move to Premier Sports.

  7. cancelled Sky after the infamous rant about the Griff from the monster munch. This has appeared in my mail box,


    Dear henke,


    We’re sorry that you’ve decided to leave your Sky services. When someone leaves we always like to know if there’s something that we could have done to prevent it. So, we’d be grateful if you could let us know your reasons by answering these quick questions.


    It will only take a few minutes, and your comments will help us to understand where we can improve and how we can tailor any communications we may send you in the future.


    The answers you give will be linked back to our database to identify any patterns or trends and may be used by different departments across Sky in presentations, reports or internal meetings. Your answers will remain completely confidential and when reporting any findings these will be combined with other responses and you will not be personally identifiable.


    By clicking here, you agree to participate in the survey.


    Many thanks,


    Dan Delieu


    Head of Insight, Sky UK


    Any of you excellent wordsmiths help out with a suitable response. Many ta;s

  8. Jinkyredstar – it was indeed the end of the season. That’s what I meant when I mentioned ‘flag day’, forgetting that we actually get a trophy then unfurl the flag a couple of months later;-)


    Anyway, there’s been a patern to our 2020 league matches so a bet on the correct score tonight should be easy money! 3-1, 3-0, 3-0……4-1, 4-0, ?-?……… And we should then beat Aberdeen 5-1 on Sunday!

  9. Paul67 et al



    When I first heard of a Celtic supporter being accused of punching three horses two names came immediately to mind…Twist’n’Turns and WITS…..In fact i would have put good money on it


    Turns out it was somebody else!

  10. Birthday or not, I can’t do links but if you click on rte news & go to Sports Section, there is a heart warming story of a Refugee from Sierra Leone trying to get a start as a Football player in Ireland. Lovely story,

  11. With WITS tips you would feel like punching somebody, Either the Jockey, The Horse or Ol’ WITS himself.

  12. Henke35



    Dear Fascist bully boy



    Give us some money, you bastard









    Go home ya Huns

  13. TURKEYBHOY on 12TH FEBRUARY 2020 1:52 PM



    This”Two supporters”thing,to my mind is very suspicious.I know we have some very good principled, Church going ,fans on here,that rightly would condemn anything Racist.Would anyone,report a 12 year old to the Police? Honestly.





    What would be the point? Where would it get you? Absolutely NO, punishing a 12 year old will solve NOTHING.



    I’ve been told that sometimes when the Billy Boys chant starts up at Ibrox on match days the polis join in, singing and whistling along, so why would you want to go and report a Celtic supporter to them…

  14. Methinks Glib and Shameless Liar might be trying a wee insurance scam there.



    Yes sir I definitely had the contents of my wine cellar stolen, and its worth £30 millions pounds.

  15. I was with Token Tim and Lennybhoy and Twists and Turns on friday night,



    really excellent company,.



    as we were leaving TnT said to me, remember and wish Corkcelt a happy birthday for me.

  16. Coincidence or no Ofcom will take over as Internet regulator, social media, utube, facebook et al.


    Before it does all that though, can it thoroughly investigate a broadcast company like Sky, you know one that it already regulates. Hopefully we will know soon enough.

  17. Cadizzy


    Or it may be the older one gets the wiser one gets – of course I’d not include myself in that saying .

  18. glendalystonsils on




    canny be! Jamesie got brand new titanium hamstrings from NASA just a wee while ago there.

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