Sky refuse to cooperate with subtitle issue


Sky Television have refused to explain the circumstances that led them to broadcast incorrect subtitles accusing Celtic fans of racism.  Consequently, Celtic refused the broadcaster permission to attend the press conference previewing tonight’s SPFL game against Hearts.

Celtic reported the matter to Ofcom, who confirmed they are assessing the issue.  Sky apologised for their broadcast, but appear intent on bunkering down to protect those responsible.

Before you attempt a cover-up, you should first check if everyone knows you are attempting a cover-up.  Sky are busted, they behaved atrociously.  This is a cover-up, which is also atrocious, and will only hold if Ofcom take no action.

Who authored the tampered subtitles and who authorised the hooky material for broadbcast?  If Sky were genuinely concerned, they would answer accordingly.

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  1. Forster; Simunovic, Jullien, Ajer, Forrest, Taylor; Brown, Ntcham, McGregor; Griffiths, Edouard.


    Subs: Bain, Bauer, Hayes, Elyounoussi, Rogic, Christie, Bayo

  2. We have a welcome problem, our squad is so big & talented it is hard for any new ghuy to get a game.


    Huns buy the wonderkid & Hibs trouble maker & they can come straight on the team, That can sometimes work for you, they are fresh, confident & motivated,


    Our lads are kept hanging around for weeks then might get a couple of 10 minute cameos, very hard to settle, when they get a chance they try too hard & confidence suffers,

  3. Shortbread – ‘four games tonight’ ….proceed to report on only one!


    Guess which one? Rankers


    Guess who have banned them? Rankers


    Do they have the TV rights?………No!



    Sad, sad people.

  4. lets all do the huddle on

    christie seriously unlucky not to be playing



    im sure he will come on for forrest after 65 minutes

  5. Gordon, Elhamed, Frimpong, Boli, Bitton, Arzani, Shved, Mikey Johnston, Polish Paddy, Soro, Welsh, Henderson can’t make panel, God Help Young Dembele, Luca, Oko Flex, Coffy et al/

  6. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… Well it was either the 1985, or 1988 Scottish Cup Final against the Arabs, and a few of us were approaching The Den of Hamp along Aikenhead road. At the corner of the Celtic end and the North Terrace, we ended up in a bit of a crush. It started to get a bit hairy, I’m sure my contemporaries will be familiar with the sensation of your head and shoulders being two steps ahead of your feet as you head towards a ten foot high brick wall. So as the melee grew into a scrum, and in an effort to escape, I could see that I was near the edge of the crowd, but there were about eight or ten plod on horseback, who formed an impassable barrier to freedom. In another few minutes I was right back in it again and near the wall. A dude behind me pushed me against the wall, and as I tried to turn around to remonstrate with him, I realised that he was being pushed by an idiot plod on a horse who somehow was trapped within the crush. I thought I was gonna get trampled by the horse. Then suddenly there was a big open space as the guy who had been hurled into me, and who in turn had propelled me into the wall, punched the plod horse a good one right on its throat, the horse went mental and was doing a mad backwards dressage routine to escape the horror. Me and the Bhoy who stiffened the horse, used the corridor the horse had created to escape.


    This whole horror had only lasted about ten minutes, but I genuinely feared for my life on a few occasions, in that time.


    After another few minutes, my two mates that I was with escaped the scrum together. Looking at the scene the outside, looking in, none of the horror and fear was apparent. There were about 400 Tim’s in the crowd, and they were being herded into a brick wall, with empty turnstiles only a few yards away either side, by about ten horsed police and six or so on foot.


    Why? Effed if I know, but I was always glad that the bloke near me punched the horse, and I have never forgotten him. Older me has some sympathy for the poor horse, but at the time, I was so glad the bhoy stiffened it.


    About fifteen minutes after that we passes the scene again, and there were two ambulances in attendance, and a stricken Celt still being attended to on the ground.


    I don’t know the situation with the guy who was sentenced today, but depending on circumstance, I may have some sympathy for his “crime”



  7. Hunderbirds



    I was in a very frightening gate crush at that Final too. I got myself out to the wide areas as I thought I was going to get crushed but, as all my mates stayed in the middle to get a quick entry (we had tickets but were late and drunk and we did not want to queue) I joined the crush again and took the risk for the 2nd time.



    Stupid Stupid Stupid- but I survived

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