Sky Sports ex-Newco man plows into Celtic


Sky Sports followed the news that they captured SPFL TV rights with one of their media team having a go at Celtic and Peter Lawwell.  Andrew Dickson (not that one) was previously part of Newco’s media team but is now a producer with Sky.

Following Peter Lawwell’s response to a question on needing assurance for the safety of Celtic fans at Ibrox, Dickson tweeted:

“Only place there has been a safety issue in recent times was at Celtic Park – involving Celtic fans. No track record of the problems Lawwell fears at Ibrox so why chuck that one into the conversation? To make your opponents look like big bad Rangers?”

I have been going to Ibrox for 35 years.  During that time, and for decades before, Celtic fans had exclusive access to the stadium via Broomload Road.  On 29 December, 800 Celtic fans will have to make their way through Broomload Road, which will also be the only access area 7,000 Newo fans have to the stadium.

There is a bit of a pantomime goes on at these games, with fans shouting at each other from the safety of a police cordon.  Due to police planning, fans do not intermingle in the vicinity of the stadium.

Police permit fans of other clubs to walk through Newco fans to attend Ibrox (and Celtic Park), but they have yet to decide if cordons is unnecessary for next month’s fixture, or if segregation it to happen, how 800 Celtic fans can safely enter the stadium.

Celtic have been in regular dialogue with the police and League since Newco’s statement on the subject in the summer and await a decision.  Sky Sports staff seem to have picked up the baton to support Newco’s position, despite safety concerns.

At least there should be no trouble after the match, that lot are usually well home by full time.

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  1. The extreme deficiency that maligns the Celtic PLC is never more evident than when Celtic Football Club is being treated differently. Differently, when a policeman expects, anticipates but fails to act on trouble merely when Celtic win again.



    When Artur Boruc made the sign of the cross it was fine in Scotland to anticipate that ‘he’ could ‘have caused a riot’, the 2018 stabbings, coin throwing. and other general drawing of blood, is always someone else fault when bears get restless.



    There was Hibs over celebrating for winning a cup for the first time in fifty years but Focus has clearly had enough at seven in a row, and double trouble trebles, where something has to be done, anything to stop these joyous fenians running amok, and winning in their country.



    Oh for a Bob Kelly, its high time Celtic football club learned to speak in public, during our latest generation of domination, too often this great club remains silent and insular, we had bigger hills to die on than Focus, and didn’t, but Celtic need to take on a new route in communicating our position and status in modern day Scotland.



    The AGM last week was surely the final straw in how not to treat the lifeblood of the club.



    Fergus McCann CSC

  2. Sorry about the source, but the extract below has very refreshing comments from Dedryk Boyata. He does, of course, have the opportunity to put his money where his mouth is, by signing a new contract with us.



    …Boyata, in an interview with Belgian newspaper de Zondag, revealed he’s uncomfortable with the huge wages he earns.



    He pointed out: “I have that Congolese culture in me. I do not only play football for myself. I want to give something back to my parents. Despite everything, I received a good education.



    “They can now also lead a better life. My father has his own transport company. I am grateful to be in this position.



    Football players enjoy a status that is actually unjustified. I know what my mother has to do for her wages.



    “In comparison, footballers earn too much money. But I stay away from that fake stuff. That is because of my background. I was not a big star when I was 18 and I’m not now.”

  3. From previous article



    Let’s have a look at the polis report and what are identified as its findings;





    A crackdown on Celtic and Rangers players doing a lap of honour after Old Firm games- is this only while Celtic keep winning those games?







    Staggered cordons at Janefield Street, where fans were crushed, for Old Firm games- does this mean that no forward planning took place projecting how to manage a situation known about months in advance?







    A review of away support numbers and segregation arrangements for future games- does this mean the polis want a return to previous away support numbers, and is this only for games at Celtic Park?







    A review of holdback, as Rangers fans being held back after the match was identified as an issue at the September game- didnt the police connect the fact that Celtics players and manager walk to fans after games to applaud them, with the fact that we regularly spank the new club? Is considering 2 things at once a special branch issue?

  4. Ibrox



    I am a veteran of in excess of 150 Rangers(Sevco) games. I feel we should take the tickets and bus our fans from Celtic Park to Ibrox together. The effect of this is a cohort of well motivated Tims in a large group which will afford them protection. In my experience, the cayotes in their support are only brave enough when they pick on small groups of innocent fans isolated in numbers in quite areas.



    When they throw things at our buses then when the bus stops and angry Tims disembark then they take to their heels. Not so brave Bears.



    The grown men chasing youngsters was also typical of the Huns.



    If our 800 Tims are kept together then we wont need to rely on Police to protect them.



    It will be Griffs fault anyway for tying a celtic scarf to a post

  5. All things considered, for the next game @ Grayskul,l I feel Celtic should refuse to handle tickets.



    As for any game @ our home ground our team should do as they see fit.



    For such a significant contributor to the Scottish economy we do not get the political recognition we deserve. I am also acutely aware that Police Scotland are a manufactured concept of the Scottish government.



    When the huns announced they were cutting our ticket allocation to 800 we replicated this. We should have taken the initiative and gave them f@ck all. Think of all the problems that could have been resolved at a stroke.




  6. Another article and still no mention of the AGM.



    I wonder why.



    After all it was notable for the chairman now calling us sectarian (last year it was criminal racists) and for the disgusting attempt to take credence from the res12 guys whilst trying to bury it.



    Whats wrong Paul? Cat got your tongue?



    Or are you just used to invites and prawn sandwiches?

  7. Never had sky . However due to having a full on virgin media contract I get their sports news show. It’s unbearable, especially when they mention Scottish football, it’s been pro sevco since they were born and also in their previous incarnation. I won’t get s subscription in 2020 as I can’t see them changing their agenda.


    I’m guessing, but I think most people on here have Sky and although I would never tell anyone what to do , you have an opportunity to tell them what you think when your contract renewal comes up.

  8. Hun scoddland would prefer a riot and some kind of trouble. It’s easier for them to handle. There’s a narrative already in place. The villains have been id’d already…………..



    It’s them inconvenient Tims wot dun it. A n outrage of somekind where we can reasonably be pigeon-holed with the Huns is fabulous………..You see the huns will always be supported, facilitated and sleekitly forgiven……..


    ……..the crafty huns have that sleekit Tory mason thing going on at whatever level.



    My wish would be for us to blank thum, don’t attend their midden and deny thum access to Paradise.



    If the rest of the world can be bothered ( which I doubt, sadly) let them ask questions why.



    We’ve got plenty of time to tell them.



    the rainjurz aint Celtic’s problem, the rainjurz are Scotland’s problem.




  9. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Breaking news.


    The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), has announced that the winners of the Men’s Singles titles in the four Grand Slam tournaments (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open) next year, will be presented with their Trophies and Winners Cheques in the Players & Officials toilets, out of sight of Fans and Television Crews.


    The move comes as Police expressed concerns over potential crowd trouble at the showpiece finals. It was feared that family and supporters of the beaten finalists would be unable to control their behaviour if they were “taunted” by the competition winner “holding the trophy aloft” or “applauding their own supporters”


    The revolutionary idea, to present the trophy inside the bowels of the various Grand Slam Stadia, follows a historically successful trial of the idea at a Football game held during the height of the dark days of crowd trouble at games in the seventies and eighties. A major escalation of already serious crowd trouble that occurred during and after, the European Cup Winners’ Cup Final of 1972, was prevented, when the trophy was presented to the winners, Glasgow Rangers, in the toilet area after the game.



    *Footnote: The “European Cup Winners’ Cup” was a now defunct European Trophy, organised by UEFA, European Football’s governing body. The tournament was held annually from the 1960-61 season, until the 1998-99 season, when it was disbanded, due to being considered the most “Diddy” of the European football tournaments.

  10. …oh, and any of this, let’s go mob-handed, in convoy, to the dilapidated toilet block, imo plays straight into the hands of the gleeful sleekit meeja……………primed and ready to furnish imagery of us as some alien force, to be caged or met with violence….



    Frustrate thum, scunner thum, put it up to thum by all means , but don’t play their game.



    UseTheHeid CSC

  11. Andrew Dickson, the latest in a long line of silver- tongued journos who defend the indefensible . Although Archie MacPherson was more subtle about it, trying to use big words to bamboozle us you could always tell which team he supported too. Its a class thing not religion. I prefer the deplorables in all teams and the aspiring middle class can stick to rugby, golf, cricket or whatever.

  12. Stick the tickets up their jacksys.Maybe get in safely,but we know what the Aberdeen,Hibs fans are subjected to in that rat hole.Missiles raining in on them,never reported.They are salivating on their blogs about what will happen.The players will not be allowed anywhere near the 800 to celebrate.


    Sick of those mindless knuckledraggers calling the shots.Are we to believe that all “Laps of the stadium”are banned,or is it just against them?


    I want a response from our Board on this.Wont get one,but I still want.

  13. Nope. Nyada. Nilt. Nuffin.



    PLC blowhards keep pushing Res12 into the Tynecastle grass and still no comment from CQN.



    Is there an agenda.



    I hope my use of the “blowhard” phrase doesn’t offend anyone’s sensibilities. If so then you can go duck your selves in ?.




  14. Paul67 et al



    Is today’s article a nod to a decision already made by the Celtic Board? That we will sanction 800 supporters attending Ayebrokes, only question being whether cordons are needed or not. Think about that for a moment; Whether cordons are needed or not. Even a mention of the word should render taking any allocation for said match untenable. But not for our Board it seems. No sign yet of Celtic’s “Independent” review of the chaos back in September. And in this supporter’s view no need for one, decisions by PoliceScotland, Celtic FC and a little help from GCC created the conditions which put thousand of Celtic supporters at risk. At their own ground. Of course, refusing tickets would deny Sky Sports the “spectacle” they crave, and the Celtic Board seek to provide. Buses to Govan! Back seat available.

  15. In the last few years, plenty of SPFL teams have gone to Ibrox and got a result without a big travelling support. Leave them to roll around in their own midden. Refuse the allocation.

  16. Sitting here in a dreich Monday where it’s bucketin doon outside, more like a summers day, or any day, in Helensburgh or Ayr.



    Last night Calgary beat Ottawa to win the annual Grey Cup, the Canadian equivalent of the Super Bowl but that’s been overshadowed by the news that GM are closing their Oshawa plant which has been there since the early 50s, in fact a car manufacturer has been in the “blue collar”city for over 100 years




    Down south the US military are firing tear gas on migrants who are escaping terrorists in their native countries.



    And yet the big story this morning is on the Today show is Kate and Megan have fell out.

  17. Never, ever thought Archie was a hun……….



    Establishment media type certainly, so he would have been savvy enough to know the score at that time, but his admiration for Jock and his acheivements rule him out as a hun, imo.




  18. Zombies ‘played’ since Sevco joined the SPL



    1. Wes Foderingham


    2. James Tavernier


    3. Clint Hill


    4. Rob Kiernan


    5. Lee Wallace


    6. Danny Wilson


    7. Joe Garner


    8. Joey Barton


    9. Jon Toral


    10. Kenny Miller


    11. Barrie McKay


    12. Josh Windass


    13. Joe Dodoo


    14. Harry Forrester


    15. Andy Halliday


    16. Lee Hodson


    17. Jordan Rossiter


    18. Niko Kranjčar


    19. Emerson Hyndman


    20. Matt Crooks


    21. Jason Holt


    22. Philippe Senderos


    23. Matt Gilks


    24. Jak Alnwick


    25. David Bates


    26. Michael O’Halloran


    27. Jordan Thompson


    28. Martyn Waghorn


    29. Jamie Barjonas


    30. Myles Beerman


    31. Liam Burt


    32. Kyle Bradley


    33. Aidan Wilson


    34. Declan John


    35. Fábio Cardoso


    36. Dálcio


    37. Carlos Peña


    38. Ryan Jack


    39. Graham Dorrans


    40. Eduardo Herrera


    41. Alfredo Morelos


    42. Daniel Candeias


    43. Bruno Alves


    44. Jason Cummings


    45. Sean Goss


    46. Jamie Murphy


    47. Liam Kelly


    48. Russell Martin


    49. Ross McCrorie


    50. Serge Atakayi


    51. Greg Docherty


    52. Aaron Nemane


    53. Ryan Hardie


    54. Allan McGregor


    55. Joe Worrall


    56. Connor Goldson


    57. Jon Flanagan


    58. Nikola Katić


    59. Borna Barišić


    60. Gareth McAuley


    61. Ovie Ejaria


    62. Ryan Kent


    63. Lassana Coulibaly


    64. Stephen Kelly


    65. Eros Grezda


    66. Scott Arfield


    67. Glenn Middleton


    68. Umar Sadiq


    69. Kyle Lafferty



    via Peelmaster

  19. Nothing will change until…..


    Celtic supporters empty the park, and get a board with balls, a board who would have cited health and safety reason’s as a cast iron reason for not entering into ‘any’ fixture between, Celtic FC vs ‘any’ constructed team from Ibrox, and their savage supporters.


    Ah mean, will the ersing aboot from the PLC, be the policy of the PLC until, a Celtic supporter is murdered, because of Celtic FC’s participation in these games ?


    Look’s like it to me.


    What a risk to take, so that Tory £billionaires on the PLC can tann 000’s of £49 Quid’s.


    If the PLC don’t have the balls to grab the Old Firm game by the balls, and don’t put the lives of, Celtic supporters at risk, then the supporters don’t have a choice, other than, to install a board with balls who ‘will’ deal with the existence of this fixture.


    If none of the above happens, well, the only conclusion that can be arrived at, is, sadly that, Celtic supporters, and their PLC board, deserve each other!


    Who’s fault is that ?




    Weebawbabbity. √




  20. 12 passes CSC



























    Forrest…………………………………………………… GOAL

  21. Jackbooted stormtroopers in the best wee country blame Celtic players for sevco fans attempted riot.


    The fact that they can do such without condemnation and repercussions for the biased idiot who wrote the ludicrous report suggests that the best wee country agree’s with the narrative.


    A sleekit wee country indeed.



    A shameful time in history.


    Politicians willing to incite and inflict injury to score political points.


    Corporations aided by media and government to maximize profit with no social conscience .

  23. Archie McPherson is a hun.



    He always was, and always will be.



    He wrote a book about Jock Stein?



    So what?



    Did he write it for nothing and did he know what Jock was thinking when he wrote “Jock thought”?



    A bigger bawbag I’ll never meet!

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