Slavia coach and players delighted at prospect of facing Celtic


Slavia Prague manager and players were delighted with yesterday’s Champions League qualifier draw.  Boss Jindrich Trpisovsky, said:

“If Celtic advance [against Cluj], which I hope they do, I will be very satisfied.

“Of the four likely teams we could face, I really wanted Celtic.  From a sporting perspective, Copenhagen was the most acceptable draw, but I had Celtic in first place, because it is Scotland, a great atmosphere.”

Captain, Milan Skoda, added: “I am happy with the lottery for the first time in my life.  I’m glad to get Celtic or Cluj.  I know these will be tough matches, whether we get one or the other, but in the third qualifier double header, I believe in Celtic.

“I don’t know if it is better for the first leg to be away from home but it paid off to start at home a few times in the past.”

Right back, Vladimir Coufal, said: “The draw was fantastic for me, a lot of us wanted Celtic.

“We would play in the UK again.  Unfortunately, I missed the game against Chelsea [last season].  If Celtic progress, it would be fantastic.

“There will be something unbelievable in Celtic Park, one of the best atmosphere in the world.  That would be a holiday for all.  So we will definitely be cheering for Celtic. I believe in them more than Cluj, even though I don’t know what to expect from Cluj.”

“We will try to get good result in the away leg and afterwards we will have a full stadium at home. If we advance to the Champions League, it will be something fantastic to celebrate with our fans. I think we definitely have a chance to advance, like Ajax.”

This is all very respectful, but you can be sure that having disposed of Sevilla, Bordeaux and Belgian league winners, Genk, Slavia will fancy their chances.  There is work to do.


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  1. Neustadt-Braw on

    ignore the shite TravellerBhoy …just another an old never see the horizon drop oot…take not a bit of notice and enjoy your time with Sav….make her proud …



    smiley you know what that entails my friend thing




  2. Melbourne Mick on




    You bhoys are on late this morning.


    Got a wee pressie today, a bottle of Highland Green blended malt.


    Never heard of it before but it’s got a lovely green and gold label, so


    i’ll have a wee hauf to you both, and Traveller one for your lovely


    wee daughter and wish you and her a special day.


    H.H Mick

  3. Neustadt-Braw on

    Mick you are everything that shines goodness to fellow travellers .



    a braw braw loon …



    smiley smiley thing ….




  4. Neustadt-Braw on

    oh and Slainte my friend…



    smiley braw coloured label thing ..



    I have enough Coke to mellow this last Jack Daniels and then off to ma scratcher as the Carmylie loon wid say ..




  5. Congratulations to wee BGFC and all young scholars.


    I note 3 draws and two one goal victories in the CL qualifiers last night.


    Cluj will be difficult.


    I’d take a scoring draw tonight.




  6. Wee BGFC



    Hail Hail young Mhan and congratulations on your fantastic exam results 👨‍🎓✔️



    Great result for the colts last night too



    Hail Hail 💚🍀

  7. TRAVELLERBHOY on 7TH AUGUST 2019 12:20 AM



    My heart bleeds for what you went through. That poem is lovely (because you can put into words) and absolutely sickening in equal measure.



    Is there nothing you can do to make those b*st*rds pay for what they put you through?



    All the best for your angels wedding.



    Hail Hail mhan…. Stay strong 💪🏼




  8. Anyone else read this article in The Herald? Better late than never “news”.






    “Oh look, a squirrel!” springs to mind. No source other than a unamed Daily Record source. No name attached to Newco source other than a “Rangers spokesperson”. For those that can’t access the story it claims the Green Brigade subjected Newco women to sectarian abuse at the weekend. The story has just surfaced some 48 hrs later after said event. It’s not hard to figure out why.



    Apparently when printing a story truth doesn’t matter these days, just tell them what they want to hear. After a Sunday of Newco fans riotous behaviour outside the stadium, wanton destruction inside, along with the usual sectarian singing directed against Catholics and the leader of the Catholic faith (God only knows what any Newco Catholic players or Newco Catholic management think of it) the Daily Record and The Herald have their eyes shut, their mouths closed but their ears cupped for anything Newco whisper and who can blame them? With falling circulation and revenue to boot, needs must.



    The Herald and Daily Record need the Newco support to believe in something this season no matter how desperate. Anything Celtic negative to counteract a growing sense of frustration, winning nothing tangible on the park and lack of WATP off it. It’s only going to get worse. Newco are impoverished in comparison to the non people, Celtic, and the gap is plain to see. The Herald and Daily Record will chase the blue pound in typical fashion as it becomes obvious nothing on the park will change for Newco this season.



    Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. However, The Herald have sunk to a new low using the Daily Record as their source for a deliberate falsehood regarding the Green Brigade, a left wing Irish Scots political grouping. Like them or loath them, they are neither sectarian or misogynistic, and as a local Church of Scotland will testify, despite the GB’s misplaced references to the United Irishmen (Fenians) and IRA freedom fighters of the past, they are at the forefront of charity fundraising events such as raising money for the homeless and Food Bank collections.



    It’s a sad day when The Herald goes to print on a story using an unnamed source from the Daily Record and Newco as de facto. Almost as desperate as Newco fans will become on and off the park this season? Only time will tell. However, there’s one thing we can now be certain off, The Herald and Daily Record will be feeding off each other to print as many comforting lies as possible to ease the pain of the Newco fans as Celtic stride to Nine in a Row.

  9. Good morning CQN from a dry at the moment but overcast Garngad



    Come on the Tic. 1-1 or 1-2, I just hope we score and I think we will. Then bring the tie home and get the win needed.



    D. :)

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Henry .



    Classy summing up of the desperate scrambling for relevance of the Scottish newsprint minions .


    They are no longer serious about their standards.


    We shouldn`t treat them seriously.



    Would prefer, however , to see us responding more with hilarity than angst.

  11. quadrophenian on



    Re your Elhamed analysis when comparing his possessions/completions etc to Boli’s…does this factor in the element, say, that the game simply might have been played more on the other side of the pitch? Wouldn’t that skew otherwise informative stats? HH

  12. Well done the Green Brigade Bhoys & Ghirls in supporting our Ghirls team 👍👍👍



    Now go Sue those 2 rags


    And whilst we’re at it


    Celtic, remove their press priveleges

  13. From janefieldstreet



    Aug 6 Jim Traynor: Deflectors on full!


    Fans, Rangers


    In the aftermath of Sunday’s shameful and pathetic scenes at Rugby Park, Rangers have ramped up their PR deflection campaign with Jim Traynor at the forefront of finger pointing – assisted by the throngs of delusional Rangers fans and poodles in the press.



    Scottish football watched on as celebrating Rangers fans invaded the Rugby Park pitch to celebrate a 2-1 victory against Kilmarnock in their first league game of the season, after Rangers players left the field of play with some even leaping over the advertising hoardings – with no single booking being dished out.



    If that wasn’t pathetic enough, we then saw the safety of disabled Rangers fans put at jeopardy by their fellow Rangers fans as a number of them climbed on top of the roof to the disabled section only for it to collapse seriously hurting one fan housed below.



    And this was all after security gates to the away end were forced open by Rangers fans – physically assaulting several stewards – to let hundreds of Rangers fans in bypassing the security checks that were put in place after incidents last season. This also saw a number of ticketless fans and others using fake tickets to gain access when they would have been refused entry. This resulted in hundreds of fans blocking the stair wells and entrances/exits to the terracing throughout the match – again putting the lives of their fellow Rangers fans at risk.



    Aye but….



    But rather than condemning the Rangers fans who brought shame upon the club and the Scottish game once again, Rangers issued a statement that was tantamount to blaming everyone but their fans for what happened on Sunday.



    We had claims that they had reported their concerns about the disabled section in the away end at Rugby Park, as a means of deflecting away from the fact that Rangers fans openly climbed on top of the roof – which was not built to entertain Rangers fans looking to get a jolly jumping up and down above vulnerable disabled fans.



    And despite these claims coming from Rangers, Rangers still sold tickets to their disabled fans despite their concerns and without confirming if the issues they are now making public were ever resolved. Surely Rangers didn’t put a few quid before the lives of their own supporters?



    Not like a team playing out of Ibrox to put money before the safety of their own fans now is it?



    Changing the tune to toe the party line



    In the aftermath of the roof collapse, Rangers Disabled Supporters Club chairman Billy Paterson blasted what he called ‘ignorant’ Rangers fans.



    Paterson, who was within the disabled section at the time of the collapse, stated that he was mere inches away from having his neck broken.



    He said: “I was inside and underneath when it was going on. It was extremely fortunate that no-one got seriously injured. There was a young 16-year old severely disabled boy in there.”



    “I got hit in the shoulder by the roof. It grazed me. A few inches away and it would have hit my head. It was the same with the others.



    “If the roof had landed on our heads someone could have broken their neck. Those fans are completely ignorant. It is sheer ignorance by those who did this, but the fault here is the lack of stewarding that lets them do that game after game.



    “You can’t behave like that at a football match on top of a shelter for disabled fans. Common decency tells you that. They should show a bit of respect. We are only there to watch the football the same as everybody else. It is extremely fortunate that nobody was seriously injured. It is pure luck.”



    Billy went further to claim that Rangers fans had been warned about their conduct previously towards the disabled section – which was ignored.



    He added: “The only thing to prevent it is to deny access behind the wheelchair area. This isn’t the first time it has happened but there are problems every game with people battering and jumping on the roof.”



    So Billy was firmly in the camp – as Scottish Football is – that it was Rangers fans at fault over the collapse of the roof. They had been warned before, they ignored those warnings and carried on regardless putting the safety of the most vulnerable at risk.



    BUT just a day later the tune had been changed. As the poodles in the media and Club 1872 ramped up the pressure to blame Kilmarnock for what happened and paint Rangers fans as the poor innocent victims, the Rangers Disabled Supporters Club issued a statement in clear conflict to that of their chairman’s earlier broadside.



    They claimed that they have warned clubs of the dangers of such disabled shelters and poor facilities for years with little action being undertaken. Yet councils up and down the country grant stadium safety certificates even with these facilities – surely they are up to code and meet the health and safety requirements then? Or are the councils in breach of health and safety regulations? You then have to question these concerns from disabled fans and yet they still go to said games knowing fine well that they have serious concerns with the facilities. I’m sorry but if I had serious concerns about the facilities, I wouldn’t be using it and I certainly wouldn’t be taking my kids to such a place in the off chance that something happens to put their safety at risk.



    Yet we still have Rangers selling tickets and disabled fans buying them despite their serious concerns. Why is that?



    But despite the Rangers PR machine trying to forceably change the Disabled Fan Group’s comments to target Kilmarnock rather than their fellow Rangers fans – they balls’d up.



    They said: “Of course, if people didn’t jump on the roof in the first place, it wouldn’t collapse, it is as simple as that.”



    And there we have it – if people didn’t jump on the roof in the first place, it wouldn’t have collapsed. Simple. Simple enough for Rangers fans to understand and yet they refuse to accept the blame.



    How many shelters are built to withstand people jumping up and down on it? Would a bus shelter survive the weight of four or five Rangers fans jumping up and down on the roof? Would the roof at Ibrox withstand Rangers fans jumping up and down on it? Would the Wee Rangers Club’s roof withstand it? Maybe they could test it out at the next home game.



    Killie Director targeted by the horde



    Kilmarnock Director Phyliss McLeish hit out at the events that took place on Sunday and was ‘horrified’ as Rangers fans invaded the pitch and destroyed the roof of the Disabled section following Connor Goldson’s last minute winner.



    She said: “It’s just not to be tolerated. We will definitely be taking steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again. We have reached out to Rangers to say we’d like to speak to you, how do we prevent this and to work together, because I’m sure the vast majority of Rangers fans don’t want to see anything like that happen either.



    “We need to make it safe for both sets of fans. It’s a total disregard for people’s safety. I’m horrified and it’s not acceptable behaviour. The feeling is shock and dismay.



    “We as a club and lots of other clubs see this kind of behaviour as increasing again. We want to encourage families to come here – that’s our big target and this isn’t helpful.



    “We haven’t had the first two rows netted off for some time and by and large it’s been OK. Yesterday just teaches you you have to go back to the bad old days where you can’t rely on anyone not coming on to the pitch.



    “We will deal with it and learn our lesson, but the football authorities also have to look at that. The whole of the Rangers team came up to the front – it’s almost like encouraging the fans. That’s not something that we can fix.



    “This just doesn’t happen at Rugby Park; we saw it all over last season. I would just like all member clubs and the SPFL to really put their heads together to work to improve the situation.”



    McLeish then turned her attention to Rangers fans breaching a security gate after delays to fans getting into the game due to security searches – searches put in place due to the behaviour of the same fans last season with continued use of pyrotechnics within Rugby Park.



    She added: “We are not going to apologise for making searches. Unfortunately, that’s what we have to do now. I don’t think we can be blamed for away fans forcing a turnstile.”



    But her comments enraged the horde and they personally attacked her bringing a drink drive conviction into the conversation to discredit her and to belittle her comments. That is the way of the horde nowadays – if they can’t silence you through abuse or threats they target you personally even if they have to concoct lies. As I can testify too.



    And while McLeish did indeed have a drink drive conviction, we have to remember that the same fan base – that is using it against her after her justified and quite frankly correct comments about Rangers fans on Sunday – are also the same fan base that lauds raging alcoholic, junkie, sex pest and wife beater Paul Gascoigne.



    But even more pathetic than the Rangers fans targeting Kilmarnock and their officials to pass the buck, a spokesman for the Ibrox side went as far as trying to justify their fans forcing open a security gate – despite clear video footage showing no serious congestion or crushing.



    The spokesperson said: “Rightly or wrongly a gate was forced but the real cause of the serious congestion and crushing which occurred outside the stadium before and after kick off cannot be disguised. The failure of Kilmarnock’s ticketing system caused the problem and this has to be addressed.



    “After all, it had become apparent long before kick off that there was a problem with their entry system which resulted in a safety issue with people fearing they were in danger of being crushed. This is not the first time Kilmarnock’s system has failed.”



    Rightly or wrongly? Seriously? The gates were forced open by gloating zombies hell bent on getting their ticketless mates into the ground at the expense of fan safety and the same health and safety regulations they try to use against Kilmarnock over their disabled section to pass the blame over the roof collapse.



    Some have even tried to compare the scenes to the Hillsborough disaster – showing quite clearly how sick in the head these Rangers fans truly are.



    While Billy Paterson knows who is truly at fault for Sunday’s events – no one else is truly accepting responsibility be it Rangers, their fan groups of the individual fans. At every opportunity they deflect, they pass the buck, they point the fingers at others or they create fictitious lies about sectarianism and misogyny at a women’s football game with the help of their go-to-poodle at the Daily Record in an exclusive story hand fed to Ralston like the good little poodle he is.



    It took two full days for these claims to be made public. There was no mention of incidents during the game within Rangers’ or Celtic’s coverage on social media. No players have publicly stated their disgust at comments allegedly made – but its clearly seen by many as further deflection tactics by the Rangers PR department to turn headlines about their own fans misconduct into ones highlight fake news about the Green Brigade.



    They will do anything and use anything in their arsenal to pass the buck and point the finger at others. That is Rangers 2012’s modus operandi – one created by the former hack Jim Traynor.



    As I said in an earlier piece, if the SPFL, Police Scotland and the Scottish FA continue to act like impotent defenders of our game – then it won’t be long before a fan or fans lose their lives again to the actions of these neanderthals. But then again, Rangers and their fans will only try to pass the buck and blame someone else if that happens.



    It is their way after all. It started when they were founded in 2012, blaming everyone else for the demise of Rangers 1872 rather than anyone connected to the club taking responsibility and a share of the blame. Their bile, their hatred was not missed when Rangers 1872 died, but Rangers 2012 has brought an even more intensified and hate-filled bile to our doorsteps as their victim mentality and hard done by story supersedes fact – with sectarian and disgusting child abuse comments thrown into the mix.



    Rangers will continue to deflect blame way from them in the coming days and weeks, and anyone believing that the SPFL, Scottish FA and even the Police taking action against the club should go get examined by the doctor as you are delusional.



    The only thing that will end Rangers’ bile and hooliganism is for the club to go the same way as Rangers 1872. Six feet under.

  14. Thanks for the poems Travellerbhoy.



    And you said it more succinctly than I ever could.



    Fek Brexit.

  15. Jabba’s just doin’ a guid job.



    Fix Fitba’. Fix scoddland.



    Scotland’s Shame is Scotland’s Responsibility.

  16. Traveller Bhoy


    Powerful as always.


    Take care.


    Many congratulations to your daughter Savannah, I’m sure you will have a braw day.



  17. Just an interesting tactical point. This season see’s a rule change that will effect all levels in all leagues. A goalkeeper will now be able to pass the ball out at a goal kick. The player he passes to no longer needs to be outside the box.


    Manchester City have already shown a willingness to adapt to this in the Community Shield. Certainly, we’d be doing the same under Brendan Rodgers.



    It’s certainly worth considering in game where we start Griff up front. What sort of success rate do we have kicking it up to the wee man.

  18. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Would anyone put it past sevco to be forging away tickets to raise a bit more cash?

  19. When we see the blatant lies and disinformation re Sevco, and Scottish football generally, what kind of BS are they putting out re Brexit, the economy, climate change etc etc??


    The sad facts are that most Celtic fans do not know, and don’t much care, about the chicanery in 2012, Res 12; and the general public are even less aware, and don’t care much about climate change etc.


    This knowledge vacuum is then filled by the MSMs lies and spin. If folk are prepared to accept this garbage, our MSM will deliver. I think it was Henry Ford that said, I’m paraphrasing, you’ll never get skint by underestimating peoples’ intelligence.


    Anyhoo, the team seems to be in good fettle for tonight. If we play well, we can get a result here.



  20. Gym Trainer was at Rugby Park on Sunday.



    Does the zombie club actually pay that fat demagogue a wage?



    It must be highly embarrassing, even for those shameless wretches.



    If Celtic did ban the rag it would be akin to winning the lottery.



    HH. 🍀

  21. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Excerpt from a Daily Express article today. Usual guff trying to belittle the 9iar achievement if we do it, but encouraging reference to the L word, and the “Relegation” lie…



    “…Celtic’s run of dominance has in part been down to Rangers’ liquidation and reformation, the latter of which meant they had to start at the bottom tier of the Scottish football pyramid.”


    Allihaveisaredguitar3chordsandthetruth CSC



  22. Looking forward to the game and pleased that Neil has the Bhoys in good shape.


    We’ll know that bit more later.



    It’s Good To Be A Tim.






    When I first read that this morning,I honestly thought it read,”Down to Rangers liquidation,and the Reformation”.I thought,they’re going back a bit there.

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