Small investors in football clubs cannot overpay


Really delighted at the flow of sentiment towards Billy McNeill and the launch of the new frontage of Celtic Park tomorrow.  The place is beginning to look like a 21st Century venue, now we need the shops, restaurants and bars to bring the match-day experience alive.

Were you one of the fans who put £620 (or more) into Celtic shares in 1994?  Around 10,000 did, raising an initial total of around £10m from small investors alone.  It wasn’t an investment, none of us wanted or expected the money back, it was our contribution to Celtic at a time of critical need.

Many small investor-Rangers fans did the same when Newco went to market in December 2012, although one high-profile investor, who coughed up £500k, has asked Dave King to buy him out.

The stark reality facing these shareholders is that if King’s path is followed to a logical conclusion the club will be run into the ground, destroying their investments along with everything else.  I have some sympathy for their position.

King is not interested in buying control of the club, even at the discounted price shares are now available at.  He emailed the £500k investor “Why should any new investor bail out existing investors because they made mistakes in overpaying for their shares. The club needs money not complaining shareholders”.

The price paid by small investors was perhaps the most irrelevant figure to them, they paid the gross figure they could afford, irrespective of price.  The value of the share was irrelevant so to accuse them of making a mistake by overpaying is like criticising the month of March for being too purple.

How the small shareholders feel about this behaviour will not determine what actions the Newco board takes, that will be come down to how easily manipulated people like the Easdales, Mike Ashley and Laxey Partners are.  My information is they are not easily manipulated in the slightest.

Seville – The Celtic Movement:

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  1. maestro-number8 on

    Winning Captains, got my 2 signed Yogi books today, thanks very much



    Hail Hail

  2. coatbridge paper bhoy on

    bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts



    12:21 on 2 May, 2014





    coatbridge paper bhoy


    I only do one delivery a day…..usually .



  3. There’s a difference between investors who want a return and those who donate through sentimentality and don’t expert to make money. If the former have too much power in a football club then it is in trouble.

  4. Could be exciting today if the season book sales at Ibrox are as reported, will they take a 15 or 25 point hit?



    Should get relegated NOT promoted for cheating by playing players you cannot afford to win leagues.



    Only in Scotland.

  5. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on




    Plenty teams all over Europe playing players they can’t afford.




  6. maestro-number8 on

    charliebhoy….surely not !



    One for my Dad for Fathers Day with a personalised message from Yogi….quality

  7. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I see Everton are supposed to be trying to buy James Forrest for 7million now James no doubt can play a bit he it seems to me he is a little injury prone.So I would take the 7 million and move on what would you do keep or sell ? H.H.

  8. FourGreenFields on




    Spot on mate , it’s cheating .


    No other name for it and if they get away with going into admin before season ends then you would be as well pulling down the shutters on Scottish football.

  9. whitedoghunch on

    Cail Bruich



    Loyalty scheme available via our phone app as 20% off – available on iOS and Android – download today by searching for “Cail Bruich”.



    remember to mention CQN

  10. Joe Filippis Haircut


    12:30 on


    2 May, 2014


    I see Everton are supposed to be trying to buy James Forrest for 7million now James no doubt can play a bit he it seems to me he is a little injury prone.So I would take the 7 million and move on what would you do keep or sell ? H.H.




    Keep till january and re appraise then

  11. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    We have a cracking player on our hands. Probably the first to come through from Lennoxtown and most punters can’t wait to sell him and then probably complain at the lack of players from our own ranks in the first team!


    You couldn’t make this up




  12. My boss is Peter Principle on

    Yesterday it was don’t buy, stop contact with the daily record….today what the record say’s is gospel

  13. Paul67



    Big difference in 1994 – a very specific share syllabus and a plan for our future was fully explained to our Support by those we could trust – hence we bought in with confidence.



    ThinkPadCSC! :-)

  14. Mountblow tim supporting wee oscar on

    Good afternoon CQN



    Had wee trip up to Celtic Park today


    And renewed my SB for next year



    Hail Hail the Celts are here



    Keep the faith



    H H

  15. Delaneys Dunky on




    Totally agree.


    An injury free James, is our number 10 playmaker.

  16. Clashcitybhoy on



    I learn everyday at CQN



    Previously you advised us about hedge funds, when supper Sally had to get the ball out the hedge at Forfar



    After today, I now know what these financial types mean when they refer to a bear’s market

  17. TBJ Praying for Oscar Knox on




    If Everton need to carry out a fitness test on wee James he might pull a hamstering during it ;)



    He’s got quality but definitely little quantity .. Used to say about Michael Owen ” doesn’t matter how good you are you can’t score goals from the treatment”

  18. 7M for James Forrest?



    James can be very good at times and when he first burst on to the scene was leaving players for dead. Seems to have lost that a bit perhaps as players get older they think too much about it as opposed to just doing it. For example given the same circumstances today against Barca would Tony Watt be more worried about missing instead of just hitting it.



    James is a good player but not consistent enough. Bit injury prone so I would take the £7m.



    For James himself might be a good move to work with Martinez

  19. Paul, thanks for jogging the memory.



    Drove through a blizzard from Ottawa to Montreal and back one night – so I could pay my 620 pounds. How far we have come. On our own……



    Livi boy….can’t make it up? Really? That Celtic supporters have differing opinions about the abilities and value of some of our players? I guess the more time people spend on here, the more seriously they take themselves…..

  20. Paul67 et al



    I think the description “glib and shameless” might be applicable here.

  21. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    TBJ Praying for Oscar Knox



    IF Everton are interested and IF they do make a bid do you not think there is good reason for that?


    It’s because James Forrest at the young age he is at is a very fine footballer with European and international experience. We should concentrate on getting him fully fit and back in the side. If he is worth £7m injured he is worth a lot more when fit and certainly a lot more once he matures a bit. The Bhoy is a goalscorer and a very good winger. He will get better and better. I’m not surprised Martinez is interested. He likes good footballers and can see Forrest as a snip compared to what he would pay for a player with similar talents and experience down south.




  22. LiviBhoy,



    James Forrest is an exceptional young player, it would be madness to sell one of our own, especially when he is such a dangerous player, his performance AWAY against Udinese was incredible for one so young.



    Whilst we are playing in Scotland, we are always going to be on the back foot against the better European teams, this is where wee Jamesie will really excel, in the Futures market.



    I’d have him sign a long term deal now, I think he has perhaps 3 years to go on his current deal, not sure.

  23. Looking forward to the opening of Celtic way tomorrow, another step forward on the way up. It also give’s the smaller team’s something to aspire to…!!!!


    But Iam sure Ronnie and Reggie’s plans for Newco will be unvailed soon. (new bus depot perhaps…???)

  24. shady - 'mon the wee Oscar on

    Hamilton Tim



    All good hear. Sorry for delay in responding. Off train, dinner, kids into PJs etc. Ya know how it goes.



    Just packed off a couple of Worcester folk back home on Monday. You down there recently.



    Anyways, wind blowing, rain bouncing off the windows, perfect cure for homesickness.



    Hope you’re well and winding down to your big summer break.




  25. johann murdoch on

    “get me out of pork bellys and into zinc!!!”







  26. LiviBhoy



    I stopped going to the football for a while due to financial doping.



    I had just spent a wedge attending Old Trafford to witness us being put to the sword in the CL.



    We were having an injury crisis at the time and we fielded a couple of teenagers in Cillian Sherridan and Ben Hutchison………but we were solvent



    Man Utd at the time were £900 Million in debt, on their subs bench was IRO £100 Million of talent…………I was sickened by this financial doping and packed the game in for a spell.

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