Smell of blood on the brown brogues


Read this morning that the Tynecastle pitch is 19-years-old.  Celtic’s is less than three-years-old.  Hearts have responded quickly to criticisms of their surface and will have a new pitch laid before the end of the month.  Having a top quality football pitch in Scotland isn’t a cheap business.  Celtic pay £500k per year in running, maintenance and depreciation costs for the sunlamp system which keeps the grass as alive as it is.  On top of that there’s costs for ground staff, under-soil heating and various other equipment.

And more at Lennoxtown, of course.  You wouldn’t believe the costs involved in running a football operation at a club with facilities the size of Celtic Park and Lennoxtown.  Modern football in massive stadiums isn’t something you can carry out on a shoestring.

On the Newco debacle at Dundee yesterday; this wouldn’t have happened under Mike Ashely’s watch, whether you regard that particular scenario as malevolent or benevolent. With an active link to Ashley, Newco would benefit from professionalism in the boardroom and better players in the dressing room.  What we’re now enjoying is 100% the work of Dave King, who during his electioneering phase promised so much.

Instead of an Ashley appointed CEO, manager and selection of players from Newcastle’s secondary squad, they’ve sacked their manager and given the guy who put the cones out for the youth team responsibility to finish above Aberdeen. The upshot of this is that the players they need to dig them out of this mess – like Kenny Miller who is not being offered a new contract – know that the decks will be cleared for the new manager.  This is a perfect way to demotivate a squad.

If Celtic (or Aberdeen) win the Scottish Cup, the top four Premiership places qualify for Europe, which would be reassuring for Newco, were it not for St Johnstone, who sit six points adrift from them. But unlike Newco, St Johnstone only have to play Celtic one more time this season.  Saints manager Tommy Wright will smell blood on the brown brogues.  Don’t bet against him.

The message below is from Vmham, who is one of the brave souls cycling from Celtic Park to Lisbon in May.  Please get involved with this magnificent project if you can, there is more information on the MyDonate page linked below:

“CQN’ers, as you may know I’ve been training most of last year for an epic cycle from Celtic park  to Estadio Nacional in Lisbon 25th May 2017.  We wanted to mark the 50th anniversary of the “first British team” to win the European cup, Celtic done it in style with a team whose 11 players were born within a 30ml radius of Celtic park.  As a CQN’er I was involved in the bringing home Kano campaign way back and have contributed financially to support CQN’s website and still do. If anyone would like to sponsor me you can by clicking here on MyDonate page, thanks folks and see you at the party in Lisbon :>)


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  1. In my younger days I was fortunate to go out with a set of twins…it was very easy to tell them apart..one had a moustache..

  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    Don’t shoot the messenger….








    Celtic F.C. Ltd (the “Club”)




    Celtic Park Ground Regulations (the “Ground Regulations”)




    23. The Club operates CCTV cameras around and in the Stadium, which are monitored and recorded for the purposes of public safety and crime prevention.




    24. In accordance with the Data Protection Act, the Club may provide information regarding persons to the authorities where it is necessary for the purposes of prevention or detection of crime and the capture or prosecution of offenders.






    Thank you , sir.



    Nothing quite like information.

  3. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Macjay1 for Neil Lennon on 21st February 2017 9:47 am



    Any or all of what you mention is classified as data under the Data Protection Act.



    I wouldn’t assume legal advice has been sought.



    thetimreaper on 21st February 2017 9:59 am



    My point is that under clause 24 it must (IMHO) be proved that the data is required to do this; my feeling is that it hasn’t



    The Board could easily come out and clarify this by stating whether or not they are acting upon solid legal advice!





  4. BMCUW



    Drat, wrang month. Lol. I’m fine, just a reminder to charge yer bliddy phone. :-))) HH






    How you doing “P” great to meet up again on Saturday. HH

  5. I think the concern here is that the Police are using the CCTV cameras at Celtic Park, and the data that Celtic hold on season book holders, to identify individuals in relation to alleged offences committed elsewhere.



    That’s an abuse of power, it’s not the reason there is CCTV at Celtic Park, and Celtic should not be involved.

  6. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    VFR800 IS NOW A MONSTER 821 on 21ST FEBRUARY 2017 10:15 AM



    I assume nothing.


    Particularly that the Board deserves criticism over these matters.


    OR that it doesn`t.

  7. channelislandcelt on

    To all Jersey Bhoys and Ghirls ( and to all from further afield).


    The Jersey Tommy Burns CSC is staging a Dinner /Dance to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of our glorious triumph in Lisbon .


    3 Lions , Bertie Auld , John Clark and Bobby Lennox have very kindly accepted our invitation for them to be our Guests of Honour for the evening .



    The Dance is taking place on Friday 24th March at The Radisson blu Hotel in St Helier .



    There are still a limited number of spaces available for what promises to be a very special night .



    Tickets for the event are very aptly priced at £67pp, Included in your ticket is a 3 course meal with complimentary wine . Live Music will also feature.



    If anyone is interested in joining our celebrations , please contact


    Pat Brennan , Graham Coyle or Gerry McCafferty .



  8. re coincidences


    I have a brother and sister born on the same date but 5 years apart – they were both home births and on both days other tenements in the street was visited by fire engines – one a chimney fire the other a chip pan fire. I have an alibi for both :)

  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 21ST FEBRUARY 2017 10:20 AM


    I think the concern here is that the Police are using the CCTV cameras at Celtic Park, and the data that Celtic hold on season book holders, to identify individuals in relation to alleged offences committed elsewhere.




    That’s an abuse of power, it’s not the reason there is CCTV at Celtic Park, and Celtic should not be involved.






    Hypothesis stated.


    Then hypothesis assumed to be factual.



    Glasgow Celtic F.C. ” should not be involved ”


    Who said they were , apart from your goodself ?



    Celtic FC


    Guilty as charged of an abuse of power due to Ernie`s hypothetical ” concern “.






    So you don’t think that is the concern then.




  11. The whole Media,are feart,to criticize,sevco,but if it’s another club, especially Celtic,the media know that there will be no repercussions,ok ban Jackson, Keevins,for a season,I and many have said over the years,to ban the lot of them,we certainly don’t need there advertising money,

  12. Well, really, I think anyone expecting the Board to make a statement clarifying the situation is showing a modicum of naïveté.

  13. With regards Data a Protection and Police Scotland requests.



    Every company under law will have a data protection policy. This policy will set out the conditions that are required to be met every time Police Scotland make a request for information on any single individual.



    24. In accordance with the Data Protection Act, the Club may provide information regarding persons to the authorities where it is necessary for the purposes of prevention or detection of crime and the capture or prosecution of offenders.



    The above does not cover Celtic’s responsibility with regards the Data Protection Act currently written into law. This document will be at least 2 or 3 more pages detailing exactly all conditions that must be met. The only exemption to the Data Protection Act and following the Act to it’s detail is in the situation of an Emergency. To give an example of an emergency we’d be looking at terrorist acts or potential terrorist acts by individuals under investigation.



    I am sure if any one was of a mind this information will readily available if requested from Celtic.



    A little paragraph staying ‘MAY’ provide details does not constitute the clubs legal position with regards this act.




  14. johann murdoch on 21st February 2017 10:13 am




    In my younger days I was fortunate to go out with a set of twins…it was very easy to tell them apart..one had a moustache



    Was the other one clean shaven ;o)




  15. OOOPS



    I see VFR has already had a lol at the full document.



    Might be an idea for others to do so before commenting on a little clause when they have not read the full thing.




  16. On the subject of songs, went to see trainspotting 2 last night, oh ra people will not be happy about that wan.


    No more…


    No more…


    If you’ve seen iit you will know what I mean. :-)




    This is actually true:



    Back in the 80s I was a young man, not long out of school, working in an Antenatal laboratory in Edinburgh.


    A sample came into the lab for maternal screen testing, the patient/mother happened to be my twin sister.


    My colleague actually asked me, “Your twin!? Are you identical?”


    “Erm…. she’s having a baby,” I said and let her figure it out.

  18. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    BEATBHOY on 21st February 2017 10:47 am



    Very good!



    As it happens, I do not expect a clarification statement on this as it suits them to obfuscate this issue.



    MoonbeamsWD on 21st February 2017 11:03 am



    I’ve not read the Celtic Policy on this, but will ask for a copy.





  19. jc2 on 21st February 2017 10:19 am






    Your first names Not DOM ?














    Your first names Not DOM ?









  20. Better batten down the hatches, the major investment is just around the corner, we are effed bhoys, well and truly effed so we are.



    “Meanwhile, a former major player at Ibrox told me an intriguing scenario.


    “There is considerable interest in the United Arab Emirates re Rangers,” said my source.


    “Why? A couple of hundred million would almost certainly guarantee Euro involvement and that would be a very cheap way in to the Euro scene.”


    Here is the full piece



  21. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Mea Culpa on 21st February 2017 11:08 am



    Every rule has an exception. Male and female twins can be classed as identical though it’s very rare; the female twin would have Turner Syndrome so would be unlikely to be sending a sample for maternal screening.




  22. Found this on the Information Commissioners website,



    Refers to Section 29 of the DPA which covers exemptions for crime.






    The crime and taxation exemptions are based on the purpose for which the personal data is being processed, not on the type of organisation doing the processing. The purposes relevant to this exemption are the prevention and detection of crime, the apprehension or prosecution of offenders, and the assessment or collection of tax. 



    Data controllers do not have to fulfil their obligations to tell individuals how their data is being processed or respond to a subject access request (SAR), if doing so would prejudice the crime prevention and taxation purposes. 



    Data controllers can disclose personal data without applying the usual data protection principles, if the disclosure is necessary for the crime prevention and taxation purposes. 



    It is the data controller making the disclosure who is responsible for deciding whether the exemption applies in each case. 



    The exemptions must be applied on a case by case basis, and should be used only when it is necessary to do so.



    Disclosure of personal data, or of the information held in the data, is a type of data processing. This means that any disclosure should usually comply with the data protection principles. Section 29(3) allows a data controller to disclose personal data to a third party where the disclosure is made for any of the crime prevention or taxation purposes listed in 29(1) if applying specific provisions in the DPA would be likely to prejudice the purposes by preventing the disclosure.



    34. The definition of “disclosure” under DPA s1(2)(b) includes disclosing the information contained in the data. This means that providing copies of data is not the only way to make a disclosure. For example, verbally disclosing or confirming personal data or allowing someone to view CCTV footage is still ‘processing’ under the DPA.


    35. This exemption also applies on a case by case basis. This means that each time a request for disclosure is received, a data controller needs to decide whether or not to comply with the request based on the circumstances of the particular case. Responsibility for applying the exemption lies with the data controller making the disclosure, not the person requesting the information. The disclosing party needs to be satisfied that the disclosure is for the crime prevention or taxation purposes and that the prejudice test is met in each case.


    36. Application of the exemption is discretionary – it allows disclosure in specific circumstances but does not require it.


    37. The exemption should only be applied to the extent that it is necessary to do so to avoid prejudicing the crime and taxation purposes. This means that the data controller making the disclosure must do as much as it can to comply with the usual requirements of the DPA. A data controller should only disclose the information that is necessary for the purposes, and should not assume that all the data they hold is exempt. Speculative requests for personal data, especially about large numbers of people, are unlikely to meet the tests of necessity and prejudice.

  23. As someone with zero legal training I read the paragraph which states information “may” be disclosed in connection with alleged crime, as it is allowable under the act to divulge information in this circumstance. I don’t think “may” means you have a choice as to whether you comply or not



    Could be, and frequently am, completely wrong.

  24. So it’s pretty clear that Celtic as the Data Controller has to decide whether to pass on information on a case by case basis. it does nor appear that the Authorities can compel Celtic to do that. At least legally with regards to the DPA although there may be separate Legislation that would apply with regards to preventing an act of terrorism.

  25. Please note



    At no point do I say that Celtic are right or wrong in providing information to Police Scotland.



    Not being in possession of all the facts I cannot make that call.

  26. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    THETIMREAPER on 21st February 2017 11:34 am



    I went through this in a significant amount of detail last year and after reading several sections of the DPA and accompanying legislation I spoke to a fiend of mine who is a lawyer. He remains, as I do, unconvinced that there was any compulsion to provide the data but as he wasn’t a specialist he advised I contact someone else and gave me a name. Unfortunately the individual I spoke to has a conflict of interest (which I cannot go into on a public forum) so couldn’t get involved in providing advice, though he didn’t think I was barking up the wrong tree!



    I’m not one who is instinctively anti-board or anti-Peter Lawwell but I have concerns about the way they are approaching this one!









    I don’t really have too much of a problem with the police asking for video access. That way,they can investigate if a crime has been committed,and ascertain those responsible.



    It is then down to old-fashioned police work to identify and trace those responsible-who will also have access to that video evidence for their defence.



    It cannot be held to be Celtic’s responsibility to replace that old-fashioned police work.



    As an aside,my company offices are in a flashpoint area at weekends due to the nightlife nearby. We point-blank refuse access to our cameras except in cases of serious injury. Even then,it is only viewing which is permitted. Our tapes are never removed or copied.



    (Aye,we still use tapes!)

  28. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    THETIMREAPER on 21st February 2017 11:34 am



    I would also add that I studied Constitutional and Administrative Law at university (hello TD67) and have some understanding of the legal process so wasn’t researching this in a vacuum.