Smell of blood on the brown brogues


Read this morning that the Tynecastle pitch is 19-years-old.  Celtic’s is less than three-years-old.  Hearts have responded quickly to criticisms of their surface and will have a new pitch laid before the end of the month.  Having a top quality football pitch in Scotland isn’t a cheap business.  Celtic pay £500k per year in running, maintenance and depreciation costs for the sunlamp system which keeps the grass as alive as it is.  On top of that there’s costs for ground staff, under-soil heating and various other equipment.

And more at Lennoxtown, of course.  You wouldn’t believe the costs involved in running a football operation at a club with facilities the size of Celtic Park and Lennoxtown.  Modern football in massive stadiums isn’t something you can carry out on a shoestring.

On the Newco debacle at Dundee yesterday; this wouldn’t have happened under Mike Ashely’s watch, whether you regard that particular scenario as malevolent or benevolent. With an active link to Ashley, Newco would benefit from professionalism in the boardroom and better players in the dressing room.  What we’re now enjoying is 100% the work of Dave King, who during his electioneering phase promised so much.

Instead of an Ashley appointed CEO, manager and selection of players from Newcastle’s secondary squad, they’ve sacked their manager and given the guy who put the cones out for the youth team responsibility to finish above Aberdeen. The upshot of this is that the players they need to dig them out of this mess – like Kenny Miller who is not being offered a new contract – know that the decks will be cleared for the new manager.  This is a perfect way to demotivate a squad.

If Celtic (or Aberdeen) win the Scottish Cup, the top four Premiership places qualify for Europe, which would be reassuring for Newco, were it not for St Johnstone, who sit six points adrift from them. But unlike Newco, St Johnstone only have to play Celtic one more time this season.  Saints manager Tommy Wright will smell blood on the brown brogues.  Don’t bet against him.

The message below is from Vmham, who is one of the brave souls cycling from Celtic Park to Lisbon in May.  Please get involved with this magnificent project if you can, there is more information on the MyDonate page linked below:

“CQN’ers, as you may know I’ve been training most of last year for an epic cycle from Celtic park  to Estadio Nacional in Lisbon 25th May 2017.  We wanted to mark the 50th anniversary of the “first British team” to win the European cup, Celtic done it in style with a team whose 11 players were born within a 30ml radius of Celtic park.  As a CQN’er I was involved in the bringing home Kano campaign way back and have contributed financially to support CQN’s website and still do. If anyone would like to sponsor me you can by clicking here on MyDonate page, thanks folks and see you at the party in Lisbon :>)


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  1. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Celtic Mac,


    Being a concientious objector to driving and cars, I hope they do impose a tarrif on anyone driving into the city.



    I never heard the end of my poluting the air with my filthy smoking, its now banned from most public places menwhile sanctimonous non smoking driver do more harm and damm]age then I ever could. If cars were bnnned you can bet your bottom dollat the public trnsport system would be much better.



    In al honesty I couldnt give a monkeys if they impos parking restriction and tarrifs the more the better I say.


    Keep the air clean, they cme for me and you ignored it, its your turn now :)

  2. Time to impose a drinking ban in pubs and homes I think, but only if you go by an AKA Canamalar. If that works, and it will (I read it in the free Russian pan American Middle Eastern Asian Antartic press) we will then leave it there and carry on.




  3. Does anyone know when the Gavel actually comes down on Sevco’s Liquidation and what will happen to them when it does………..??………..HH




    I see from that Twitter that Hugh Keevins actually remembered to be a journalist and checked the story. It seems (not for the 1st time) that JJ has been found wanting. If you believe HK, that is.

  5. In other news is there some tie-up between TRFC and Brentford at board level? Apparently the guy they’re speaking to about DoF is currently there.

  6. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Standing outside a house on Hyndland Road after a visit last month just after the big yellow signs had gone up advising re parking restrictions.


    A west end worthy comes over and starts ranting at me about GCC


    He is of the opinion that the are turning the West End into a ghetto..




    As TD said earlier those poor folk from Govanhill know what that feels like…

  7. Mibbies we’ll see an appearance of Izzy for our next game. KT’s knee is bound to be swollen and very sore this morning. No need to risk further damage, with the gap widening into a chasm.



    I see ole Ernie Lynch was on the blog researching his next article, extracting information from Tims in the know. Lazy journalism right enough :-)

  8. All depends on who Spew checked with!



    Did he call Dim Tadger?


    Did he call the one day director?


    Did he call Dave King?


    Did he call Robertson?


    Did he call SFA?



    or importantly



    did he call someone at Morton?





  9. Greenock MortonVerified account









    We would like to clarify that contrary to rumours circulating, all monies due from Rangers from our Scottish Cup tie have been received.

  10. BT



    I had a flat in Govanhill in the 90’s and the locals were turning it into a slum long before any of TD’s immigrants turned up.



    My dad was brought up on Langlands Road at bus Depot end and my gran stayed their till she died in mid 80’s. Reason I moved their a I always remembered it being ok from my youth. I soon realised it was hell and got out thankfully. The amount of people who really don’t care for one another and their surroundings amazes me. Nightmare of a place. Great pubs on Vicky Road mind.




  11. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on




    FFS you’re letting facts get in the way of a good story!





  12. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Evening Celts



    What kind of scum would sing vile songs like that about TB


    Breaks my heart to hear that kind of stuff.


    Celtic should ban them from CP, seriously, its criminal.




    Hurts me to think they get away with this.


    Cowardly scum




  13. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    You know me well enough to know I wasn’t getting at immigration and immigrants


    I was getting st the la de da West end snob

  14. If John James has got the Morton story wrong, it makes one wonder how many more stories he has wrong!




  15. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Anybody got any details about that scum signing that poison?


    Glesga Huns?





  16. Yogi


    JJ and the Zombies



    Big Net to stop bits falling off the roof – No


    Unpaid VAT – No


    Nicking water – No


    Can’t pay (insert months) wages – No



    I have said this before they are floating on money from somewhere – the visible sums don’t work but the click bait on some Forums doesn’t help – Joe Public just think we’re ranting

  17. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    Evening Celts



    What kind of scum would sing vile songs like that about TB





    Haven’t looked, but I can imagine well enough from the comments on here – heard them sing about TB before.



    Ultimately, they are only harming themselves – reducing their own humanity and self-worth.



    In the deep, dark night, when they are alone with their thoughts and fears, without the bluster of their brethren to bolster their bravado, they will have to face their own inner demons – they will see what they truly are, and they will live their lives trying to shut off and strangle their own inner conscience.



    In the end, though it may be on their death-bed, they will surely see themselves for what they are, and that will be terrifying.



    They are to be pitied.






  18. So the next question is did Morton leak that payment was overdue in order to force the hand of TRFC, so was it never as much of an issue as was made out? If indeed it was an issue.

  19. On Hun media that are balancing the TB song against us signing an Ibrox Disaster song – I have never heard this and I was 12 when it happened!

  20. Yogihughes



    The waterworks


    The roofs


    The roof nettings


    Moving to Hampden



    Anything else?



    But then oor Phil was also on them 4 and I don’t think any of the 4 have been knocked down.



    Were they may be some truth I think Ersatz FC and media just ignore but were there is a blunder then it’s a straight KO.



    Who will ever know what is true until the fat administrator sings.






    I hope that wasn’t yon BRT&H that came doon moaning. :@-)))




  21. It’s entirely up to yourselves. But If JJ is a friend of mcmurdo ,then he,s no friend of Celtic,s .

  22. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Sickened by them.


    Well used to them of course, but they really are pond life.


    Im at a loss for words to describe how much i hate them.


    They are the very lowest of the low.


    Hurts me that they can get away with this vile s***



    Say hello to WeeBGFC for me:)


    Good bhoy that he is.










    Ive never heard it sung in a stadium home or away but have heard it twice on the streets sung by teenagers.

  24. Bamboo


    How depressing- they can bawl obscenities in the thousands but a couple of idiots allow the ‘one’s as bad as the other’ defence!

  25. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    They are the worst you get can.


    We, me, you…..are nothing like that scum in any way, shape, or form.


    They should be banned from football, and definitely banned from CP.




  26. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on








    I know mate, I agree with your opinion, but please don’t torture yourself.



    TB, as you know, held his faith very close – this weekend past the sermons were all about “…love your enemy…” as there is no credit gained in loving your pals.



    However, when you see the sort of vile things that can come out of Hun mouths, you can appreciate that turning the other cheek is not an easy thing to ask! I don’t see me hugging a Hun anytime soon.



    I suppose that’s why there are so few saints among us :-)



    I will certainly pass on your message to WeeBGFC – he’s downstairs doing his homework as we speak.






  27. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    I get you bud.


    My heart is sore today.


    I wont forget.



    HH My Friend:)

  28. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Just a wee good news story



    My nephew whom many in here have read about has got himself a start at Glasgow airport with Jet2


    He has cerebral palsy and has had many operations with more to come I’m sure



    His single minded approach ensured he got what he wanted..


    Well done kiddo