Smell of blood on the brown brogues


Read this morning that the Tynecastle pitch is 19-years-old.  Celtic’s is less than three-years-old.  Hearts have responded quickly to criticisms of their surface and will have a new pitch laid before the end of the month.  Having a top quality football pitch in Scotland isn’t a cheap business.  Celtic pay £500k per year in running, maintenance and depreciation costs for the sunlamp system which keeps the grass as alive as it is.  On top of that there’s costs for ground staff, under-soil heating and various other equipment.

And more at Lennoxtown, of course.  You wouldn’t believe the costs involved in running a football operation at a club with facilities the size of Celtic Park and Lennoxtown.  Modern football in massive stadiums isn’t something you can carry out on a shoestring.

On the Newco debacle at Dundee yesterday; this wouldn’t have happened under Mike Ashely’s watch, whether you regard that particular scenario as malevolent or benevolent. With an active link to Ashley, Newco would benefit from professionalism in the boardroom and better players in the dressing room.  What we’re now enjoying is 100% the work of Dave King, who during his electioneering phase promised so much.

Instead of an Ashley appointed CEO, manager and selection of players from Newcastle’s secondary squad, they’ve sacked their manager and given the guy who put the cones out for the youth team responsibility to finish above Aberdeen. The upshot of this is that the players they need to dig them out of this mess – like Kenny Miller who is not being offered a new contract – know that the decks will be cleared for the new manager.  This is a perfect way to demotivate a squad.

If Celtic (or Aberdeen) win the Scottish Cup, the top four Premiership places qualify for Europe, which would be reassuring for Newco, were it not for St Johnstone, who sit six points adrift from them. But unlike Newco, St Johnstone only have to play Celtic one more time this season.  Saints manager Tommy Wright will smell blood on the brown brogues.  Don’t bet against him.

The message below is from Vmham, who is one of the brave souls cycling from Celtic Park to Lisbon in May.  Please get involved with this magnificent project if you can, there is more information on the MyDonate page linked below:

“CQN’ers, as you may know I’ve been training most of last year for an epic cycle from Celtic park  to Estadio Nacional in Lisbon 25th May 2017.  We wanted to mark the 50th anniversary of the “first British team” to win the European cup, Celtic done it in style with a team whose 11 players were born within a 30ml radius of Celtic park.  As a CQN’er I was involved in the bringing home Kano campaign way back and have contributed financially to support CQN’s website and still do. If anyone would like to sponsor me you can by clicking here on MyDonate page, thanks folks and see you at the party in Lisbon :>)


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    I know you’ve been busy, but check your email.

  2. saltires en sevilla on




    Great news on that result, type of good news story that brightens my day :-)



    Also, fair play to Jet2, I have a bee in my bonnet about big companies not doing enough to support the whole community ( when they are happy to take anyone’s dosh!)



    Credit where it is due!!




  3. I for one have no qualms with Phil or JJ spreading rumours,proved or unproven about the scum.These stories only add more bad publucity onto their shoulders.They take wings and spread.More power to the rumour spreaders,keeps them constantly on the back foot.

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Rob Holding playing for Arsenal tonight. Sevco looking to sign him for a new centre-back pairing with Vincent Kompany…..




    It is in his autobiography mhate,fair enjoyed it.



    I of course made up the ‘UPTHERA’ bit :O)hh

  6. Robert Rowan is an interesting character. Sent his scouting reports to every club in Scotland and we invited him for an interview. He did scout for us for a while and worked with the SFA. Scott Booth took him to be the DOF at Stenhousemuir. He was there under a month. He went down to Brentford to do a presentation on what he wanted to do with Stenhousemuir and they offered him a job there and then.



    We interviewed him again a few seasons ago when Deila was in charge. Unsure the role but it was a senior development role.



    He’s scrapped Brentfords youth academies. They have a development squad made up of rejects from the elite academy in England. They don’t play in a league but play friendlies all over Europe.



    Know a couple of guys who were at a presentation by him a few weeks ago. Very impressed they were.

  7. Johnathon Burns, Tommy’s son, displaying the same class as his dad on Twitter today in response to that vile video.



    Go to @twistsandturns_J




    I thought the owner scrapped the academy for financial rather than strategic reasons

  9. I just read the club statement about it, no mention of RR but seems to be down to some good thinking

  10. BT



    Great news for nephew,best of luck to him.






    Sorry to hear of your friend Locky,God bless him.hh

  11. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on




    Replied. All done but I will get back to re details– rushing out for the life saving Monday pint!!

  12. Celtic40me



    Think both were major factors in the thinking. Was the academy value for money and producing the players that they needed. Answer seemed to be no.



    What they maybe miss is an academy can be a link to a community in an area that has other more glamorous distractions close by.

  13. Glasgow Ghirl


    Don’t know if you have had any luck re Canon Geerty. I have found out a little from a couple of ancestry sites. No luck so far on the key.



    If you have an anonymous email addy I can forward what I have found.



    If not, I am sure somebody here will offer their address for us to swap details.




  14. Cellic are getting kicked off the pitch coz, the establishment know that Cellic as a club are rudderless, a PLC afraid to jump into the ring and fight the battles….IMHO.


    Wait till the Res:12 stuff passes by without as much as a whimper,then yeez will all see that toothless Brendan has been a squirrel all along.


    Paid 45,000 a week for shooting-fish-in-a-barrel and ,filling the 30,000 empty seats that where brought about by ‘apathy’ which was brought to Cellic Park by a scant regard style of PLC management which had, the product on the pitch as a poor last base of priorities along with that of fighting the club’s corner.


    KT has now been viciously assaulted twice, once at Tynecastle and now on Saturday and still not a peep from Brendan ?


    Not Good Enough!


    Missiles being flung oan fae the Jungle – CSC


    BT – Brilliant news pal – YNWA


    Michael Gilhooley – RIP



  15. KEVING



    Being 5 miles from Chelsea can’t help, although I know Chelsea’s academy isn’t near

  16. Great post there by Soulbhoy talking about their attitude toward us when we where up against it. To hell with them!



    Anyway, we are going great and I’m loving every second of it. I honestly think for us things will get better still and for them … Much worse. Good!



    Roll on Saturday. Get the new boy in the team asap. Hail hail.

  17. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Alfie Allen’s Brief History of Football on the History Channel this Thursday at 10:00PM.



    There’s a feature on Celtic in it.





  18. Kevjungle,


    i didnt hear your beloved Mark McGhee come out and condemn the tackle,


    but of course have should have got the keys to Celtic Park,


    do you not get bored writing the same pish day after day

  19. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Well i’m back in da house after our wee jaunt round Tazzie


    a beautiful part of the world and so much like the Scottish


    highlands, but no hoops tops spotted although we did get


    a couple of hail hails in Hobart but it must be the first time


    in my travels i’ve not come across a Celtic shirt but never


    mind they seen plenty of mine :-))


    Have i missed much? how many red cards dished out by


    our moderators? apparently not many being dished out by


    the mibs during our games against the agricultural teams


    according to the game reports so i’ve plenty of catch up on


    Celtic tv to do.


    H.H Mick