Snout in trough required, Champions League frustrations


The frustration at the news Derk Boerrigter is injured, again, and will miss another important Champions League game, is enormous.  Derk was a big part of our summer signing strategy but he came with a caveat concerning his propensity to suffer injury.

We have seen only flashes of him since he joined from Ajax in the summer.  His opportunities to exploit his undoubted speed in SPFL games will be limited by opponents tendency to defend deep, denying him space to run into, making Champions League games all the more important to his season.

Our other pace player, James Forrest, will surely come into sharp focus for the visit of Ajax on Tuesday.

I see Alasdair Johnston is expressing concern that Our Hero is still pulling the strings at Ibrox!  I never thought of that!

Let’s see…. He is a director of Sevco 5088 Ltd, the firm which had an irrevocable right to buy the assets of liquidated Rangers, he issued a pre-action letter to exercise those rights, there was in independent ‘inquiry’ which completely failed to investigate control of Sevco 5088 Ltd, then he went quiet. Why are we always a day behind the news?

Does that mean he got bored and went away, or is he conducting his business in private?  I am sure it’s the latter but Craig Whyte is the least of Johnston’s concerns when it comes to who is able to pull strings at Ibrox.  All the action is offstage.

Speaking about what is happening offstage, whenever Rangers International’s advisers confirm how the company can appoint sufficient executives to be compliant with AIM requirements, they will need a new chief executive.

Going by recent (and not so recent) trends they will need someone with their snout constantly in the trough, with impeccable Rangers credentials, with their snout constantly in the trough, who is currently available for work, with their snout constantly in the trough, who has previously worked in the game and with their snout constantly in the trough.

If only they could find another genuine fan who would be prepared to do whatever necessary in return for a remarkable contract.  Can’t think of anyone.

Wait a minute………

Thanks to everyone who participated in Show Your Hand yesterday.

Sean Fallon: Celtic’s Iron Man:

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  1. northbhoy … \o/



    08:59 on 17 October, 2013






    Just can’t believe their inability to think things through.Looks like every possibility next phase could include AIM suspending any dealings in PLC to help stabilise the situation.



    Big Nan signed up , good initiative.







    Thank you northbhoy and all who have signed.



    It is on a bit of a run this morning as the Celtic Trust have tweeted it.



    If we don’t complain they will think that we are happy with the way things are.



  2. Alasdair MacLean on

    FourGreenFields supports Wee Oscar,



    Haha – he’s too busy pointing to the spot to have his finger on the pulse!

  3. leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts on

    The funny or sad thing is their is that many trough snouters that Paul could be talking about :))



    Lets see






    Wiggy smith




    Sain etc etc


    ps sorry for starting a list :))

  4. The irony is, based on Paul’s description of the next saviour CEO, that there is a candidate at all. The fact that there are multiple candidates who fit that description says a lot about the feeding frenzy culture at Ibrox in recent decades

  5. Jungle Jim, I won’t make the meal itself but I will call in to restaurant to meet ye all and have a drink. We are running tight on time, we are flying Dublin to Edinburgh and getting the new Inter City Bus to Glasgow. By the time we drop our bags into Hotel ye will be well into y’ere meal. l’ll have to get there before ye finish though as kikinthenakas will have my tickets.

  6. leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts on

    Start of a twitter conversation earlier:))



    Alex Rae‏@alexrae19694h


    Rangers owe me money, says Imran Ahmad – The Scotsman:


    Send this chancer back to the rock he crawled out of !!





    @****** So says the guy with an EBT for £569,000 who played 34 times, takes one to know one.

  7. Alasdair MacLean on

    leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts,



    No need for apologies…….wonder if this could go anywhere?


    (Not court I hope.)










    Wiggy Smith












  8. I thought it was the myth that Paul meant.



    Anyhow, no Dirk, no worries, wouldn’t have him in my squad, never mind the team.


    He would be like ole Mo with Elfsborg, having a point to prove against his former team, which he did! – we were right to get shot of him. He, Mo, did nothing to prove otherwise.


    I fear Dirk will prove the same.



    I met a fully paid up Pars fan over here. We had a nice chat over a few beers and his views, and the views among his contingent of Pars fans who are actively working to save their own club, was one of utter disgust and contempt for the deid club. They are also of the view that they are deid. However they also believe that rules are being abused and dismantled to allow the Newco to exist, even in it’ s current state. They also reckon that that is how most fans throughout Scotland feel. It is not only us.


    When is someone in authority going to apply the rules?







  9. A little bit of Corkcelt is better than no Corkcelt at all .


    See you around sticky toffee pudding (or jelly and ice cream for the traditionalists or creme brulee for the singers) time 0:-)




  10. Paul67 etal.





    The talk this morning is all about Derk being injured again, My concern would be why is it happening so often.



    We’ve had nothing but problems since Lennoxtown opened. Questions need to be asked, is there a problem with the playing surface at the training camp, or is there another problem there?.



    When I was a young guy I could run for miles without gasping for air, at most games we watch, within ten minutes the players seem out of breath after 15 minutes on the park, before a game starts the players are out there for 30 minutes doing all sorts of exercises, stretching , flexing their muscles, does that really do any good.



    How many of use when we were school kids would have a game of football, we picked our teams then the game started , we didn’t spend 30 minutes before the game started, flexing, and stretching, there would be very few of use who would go off the park injured with a pulled muscle, we would have been laughed off the park, we got fit for games by our every day exercises, walking or running to wherever we were heading for, Now football players jump into a car and go down to the paper shop to get the news they all long for, how they were rated at their game yesterday.



    Are our coaches competent people, they will have certificates coming out of every orifice, but are they competent to do their job, the amount of players that are getting injured before and during each game, my answer is, I doubt it.



    There are at least 25 coaches at Lennoxtown, is there a promotion system in place to grade these coaches upwards, and maybe coach the players in the Premier League team, players they have brought through from when they were coaching them as 8 or10 year olds, It makes me wonder.



    Bring back Barrowfield, there were less injuries inflicted on the players when trained there.




    And as Kev Jungle said in an earlier post, are our coaches competent in their job, I’m beginning to wonder, I think he may have been having a dig at the manager, but there is a problem with the coaching at Celtic Park.


    I would love this problem to get solved, there are too many injuries that seem to be self inflicted, Derk, did he trip over a blade of grass, or did he trip over his own feet when going for his first goal as a Celtic Player, he certainly wasn’t injured by the opposition players.

  11. Anyone who thinks someone will dip their toe in the water to see if they can stick their snout in the trough or get their hands stuck in the till, must have their head in the sand!



    And they’ll need eyes in the back of their head and their finger on the pulse.



    They will need to step up to the plate and bring something to the table…

  12. Dontb.. @ 12:19,



    “Sadly it’s not just Derk- our other signing with a poor injury record [Moyokolo] is off oot as well.



    Doc, in your professional opinion, do you think that is coincidence or maybe some causation at work??



    Hail Hail

  13. northbhoy … \o/



    08:59 on 17 October, 2013






    Just can’t believe their inability to think things through.Looks like every possibility next phase could include AIM suspending any dealings in PLC to help stabilise the situation.’






    The question is this ‘how does the next shyster wring more money out of this scenario?’



    The only way I can see is a sale and lease back.



    The problem is that ra bears won’t stand for that.



    Unless things are really desperate and it’s either sale and lease back or administration.



    So perhaps the train wreck is orchestrated.



    Suspension of trading,? SFA knocking back the Lying King?



    Maybe just part of the plan.

  14. Kitalba said: “How does one crawl out of a rock?”


    I never noticed that until I read your post. The dead pan tone you used made me laugh.






  15. I see it was Challs who promised Ahmed 500k,another cosy wee carve up for the stupid huns to eat.

  16. From the blog of Bill McMurdo (which I strongly recommend to anyone wondering what else could possibly go wrong):



    Former Rangers favourite Gordon Smith and myself will be taking part in a special Football Q&A Night in the War Office in Motherwell on Friday 15th November.



    I presume the War Office is some kind of drinking establishment and not an actual office where they plan wars.

  17. vp ko’d by fearless oscar knox



    12:14 on 17 October, 2013If ever a support deserved all this turmoil…..it is that mob.


    Post of The Day amigo :)

  18. Canny be long before ra bold bomber gies a rousin speech fae the steps, before getting huckled, but still manages tae shout, “wheres ra deeds” just before the back doors slam shut :)




  19. DeniaBhoy in awe of wee Oscar's Courage on

    Is Paul referring to Bain? That was the rumours on here last night (based on what Sevco rumour mill was discussing).

  20. ACGR Supporting Big Nan's Reveal the Masonic Judge Petition on

    Congratulations to Canamalar. News of the resolution has landed on hun media and you’re their new poster boy.



    The sixth person to respond asks “Who are the undersigned”. These deid heids are obsessed with find out names.




    Thanks to all who wished me well yesterday re the break in to my house.




    HH Canamalar

  21. Alasdair MacLean on

    Anyone who thinks someone will dip their toe in the water to see if they can stick their snout in the trough or get their hands stuck in the till, must have their head in the sand!



    And they’ll need eyes in the back of their head and their finger on the pulse.



    They will need to step up to the plate and bring something to the table…



    And somehow keep their nose clean….

  22. The Honest Mistake loves being first on





    Wiggy Smith
























    Brown ra deeds


    Custard the clown


    Chris graham


    Dark mingwall





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