Snout in trough required, Champions League frustrations


The frustration at the news Derk Boerrigter is injured, again, and will miss another important Champions League game, is enormous.  Derk was a big part of our summer signing strategy but he came with a caveat concerning his propensity to suffer injury.

We have seen only flashes of him since he joined from Ajax in the summer.  His opportunities to exploit his undoubted speed in SPFL games will be limited by opponents tendency to defend deep, denying him space to run into, making Champions League games all the more important to his season.

Our other pace player, James Forrest, will surely come into sharp focus for the visit of Ajax on Tuesday.

I see Alasdair Johnston is expressing concern that Our Hero is still pulling the strings at Ibrox!  I never thought of that!

Let’s see…. He is a director of Sevco 5088 Ltd, the firm which had an irrevocable right to buy the assets of liquidated Rangers, he issued a pre-action letter to exercise those rights, there was in independent ‘inquiry’ which completely failed to investigate control of Sevco 5088 Ltd, then he went quiet. Why are we always a day behind the news?

Does that mean he got bored and went away, or is he conducting his business in private?  I am sure it’s the latter but Craig Whyte is the least of Johnston’s concerns when it comes to who is able to pull strings at Ibrox.  All the action is offstage.

Speaking about what is happening offstage, whenever Rangers International’s advisers confirm how the company can appoint sufficient executives to be compliant with AIM requirements, they will need a new chief executive.

Going by recent (and not so recent) trends they will need someone with their snout constantly in the trough, with impeccable Rangers credentials, with their snout constantly in the trough, who is currently available for work, with their snout constantly in the trough, who has previously worked in the game and with their snout constantly in the trough.

If only they could find another genuine fan who would be prepared to do whatever necessary in return for a remarkable contract.  Can’t think of anyone.

Wait a minute………

Thanks to everyone who participated in Show Your Hand yesterday.

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