So-called spivs only ones to cough up again


It appears that the so-called spivs are once again the only people likely to put their hands in their pockets to fund the coming season’s shortfall at Newco Rangers.  There has been a campaign for much of this year to drive the club into the gutter, although on this occasion no one has accused Celtic fans, the SFA, HMRC or various imaginary enemies of acting in an underhand manner.  These moves were all the work of formerly loyal Rangers men, who wanted ownership of Newco on the cheap, or some kind of influence thereafter.

The ‘spivs’ have not been intimidated or been blackmailed into handing over the club to hostile forces.  Instead they are prepared to invest again, stay the course and see a return on their money.

‘Spivs’ is an unnecessarily pejorative term but if money comes in from the variety of hedge funds and offshore entities it will not be a gift.  Neither was the initial investment of £5.5m, or the subsequent monies raised at the IPO.

It’s too late to complain about who owns the club, or that a collection on wealthy fans could have bought the assets of Rangers on the cheap when Charles Green stepped in.  Campaigns to undermine the club will not bring about a dramatic change, they will only weaken an already painfully weak entity.

Two years ago someone inside the game told me ‘the Rangers you know are dead, whether they phoenix or not.’  The outfit which exists now will forever be a bit-part player, which even Dave King recognises is an untenable commercial proposition.

Remember, Tommy Gemmell, Bertie Auld and John Hughes will be signing copies of their books at the Celtic Store in Argyle St from 1pm until 4pm on Saturday. Take a camera.
And before that, Bertie Auld will be live on CQN from 1pm this Friday. Expect anecdote overload.

Visit the CQN Bookstore to get Tommy Gemmell to sign your personal copy of his tome, All the Best.

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    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    12:37 on 11 June, 2014





    While I agree with you by and large on that,money from individuals with no corporate affiliation-therefore not trying to buy influence-should be private if requested.



    I was very unhappy that the Weirs were taken to task for something which they did as a matter of conscience,and not of influence.



    It was deeply unfair that their gesture left them open to personal attack.

  2. AH @ 11.21



    The Credit Crunch has woken up various countries across the globe to the worrying fact that we have banks that are too big to fail.



    The ongoing TFOD / Sevco / TFOD2 saga suggests that we have gone better in that we now have a football club that is too big to fail.



    Where is the local media scrutiny of TFOD2 and all the bottom feeders it has attracted?


    Where is the media scrutiny of the Wee Eck Project and all his Neo Con economic fairytales?



    We now have a hierarchy based on people’s knowledge of Burns.


    We are being sold a progressive nirvana when the most dynamic media outlet is the Forger’s Gazette and the small minded, small town East Coast mindset is now the norm.



    We are not being offered independence.


    We are being sold the independence of the Granny Flat.


    We have two political tiddlers looking for a puddle to call their own.



    Wee Eck — What would be his four horsemen of the Apocalypse?



    RM — NI you will go to the Sky ball


    DT — Two peas in a pod.


    BS — Bought and sold with a busman’s gold.


    KO’B — Very quickly airbrushed out of the picture.

  3. whitedoghunch on




    I am unable to commenmt on FF as I have never seen him play in the flesh, Artur was so gifted I think Buffon is the only keeper I have seen who compares with him.


    Re Seville I was in the Southeren general with a hole in my heid so that is a hard one for me to call also- I had a ticket for the game though !



    12:38 on


    11 June, 2014



    I agree in principle but it’s too easy for people of influence to hide behind ‘private donations’. However, people should be able to donate without fear of criticism unless some ‘sleaze’ aspect comes to light.

  5. WDH



    It was a fine video of Artur’s best work. I hope Fraser can continue to kick on and reach those heights though I suspect he is more of a Joe Corrigan type keeper than a Shilton or a Southall or a Jennings.



    Keepers need to be a bit mental. There’s one on CQN here that keeps telling me I’ve got a Union Flag duvet cover :-)





    How you keeping,bud?



    And Jr and Jr jr?



    You been hiding lately,or just lurking,waiting for the moment?



    Nice one…

  7. For the record Wee Eck must have been a bundle of laughs when he was nickin’ aboot at the dancin’ …



    No matter how many times you say no — I’m just not listening.


    You and I know we will need to negotiate when slow stuff starts.



    He must have more knock-backs than Quasimodo at the Playboy Mansion.


    No wonder he ended up with a mother substitute.



    His current offer on Sterling is the equivalent of financial stalking / economic rape.


    No matter how many times he is told no he will just keep trying it on.




    Today’s Bobby (Murdoch) Dazzler is one for the old rear-guard.



    Name the three teams which Celtic have scored more than 10 goals against IN TOTAL in European competition (not 10 in the one game).



    Note: There are five teams against whom the Hoops have scored exactly 10 goals in all games against each team.



    ***The rules of the game are always same.


    No search engines please, you’re only cheating yourself***.

  9. Paul67:



    Two years ago someone inside the game told me ‘the Rangers you know are dead, whether they phoenix or not.’ The outfit which exists now will forever be a bit-part player, which even Dave King recognises is an untenable commercial proposition.



    Do you really believe that? With Gretna and ICT and Ross County (I know) as the template, surely, with time, a hybrid of the wingless Phoenix could rise?



    That’s a question not a criticism.

  10. Saw the new away strip in the Glasgow Airport shop yesterday.



    Up close and personal it looks really nice.



    Ordered two today for this household.



    Mon the Hoops and the Tartan Hoops!

  11. Artur for me. FF is a good goalkeeper. But Artur in his short-lived prime was exceptional.





    Gonnae no dae that?



    IMO,it’s the worst yet-though each to their own. I’ve seen some superb examples,seen some that leave me cold.



    This looks like it was designed on a Friday afternoon.



    After a long lunch.

  13. For any hoops around Mayo;


    Packie Bonner is doing a Question & Answer session on Celtic & Ireland in Gielty’s, Dooagh, Achill tomorrow, Thursday,at 10pm.



    Hail! Hail!




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