So many lessons played out against St Johnstone


There was much to love in yesterday’s win at St Johnstone, so many lessons played out, it was a clear opportunity to learn a bit about the game.

On Tuesday last week, before Leigh Griffiths had kicked a competitive ball this season, I wrote, “Leigh is one of the most natural goal scorers we have seen at Celtic this century.  He has natural pace, confidence and an attitude that will not easily be subverted”, and that his campaign “could start as early as Thursday, if we need a goal late in the game.”

In July, after he was left at home while the squad travelled to France, I wrote, “My money is on him scoring the goal that seals the 10.”  He is that good a striker you can hang yourself out there and know he will perform.

The header was a dream; watch how he arced his back before thundering the ball inches inside the post.  It was an exceptional finish, from an exceptional goal scorer.  If you think he is the only player in the squad with baggage, you were not watching carefully enough yesterday, but he has the talent that could be the difference between first and second in the league, and he wants to be here.

I don’t think I have seen a player play on after being scythed in two, as Patryk Klimala was yesterday.  Mark him up as another with talent, who wants to be here.  Tom Rogic did his part too, but how consequential was Scott Brown’s arrival?

Without Brown on the field, Kristopher Ajer would not have been advanced enough to do a jink on the edge of the St Johnstone area, making space for Hatem Elhamed’s cross.  Nor would Shane Duffy be as high up the field to play a short pass to Klimala on the edge of the area.

After the game, Neil Lennon spoke about those throwing stats at his captain, you can see he’s been affected.  Suggestions that the manager does not see what tens of thousands of fans see is ludicrous. Stats are a great tool, but they need to be interpreted correctly; some of the best defenders hardly ever touch the ball or tackle, but they can still control a game, while some captains impose a gameplan.  Neither attribute shows up well on the stats.

Maybe see you later.

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  1. It’ll be good to get today out of the way and I’m less bothered than usual about the international break. Just hope we don’t pick up any injuries. There’ll be little time between the last international game and playing the huns. I’m sure they have a few on international duty also.

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  3. Huns ask themselves why they turned down £18m for Alfredo in the summer.



    Huns continue to win the prize for the most deluded fans in the world competition.




  4. onenightinlisbon on

    Scott Brown, without doubt, made an immediate impact yesterday. The manager did really well with his subs. A very poor performance but the way the points were won may springboard us into the Glasgow derby in a more positive mood.

  5. In true BSR fashion, who would win in a fight between a player who has been up front this season, ploughing it on his own and scoring important goals versus a guy who has let himself and us down and only just started to contribute to the team with 12/13 games gone?



    One rule for the Scots, another for the pesky Jonny Foreigners with their strange, sullen ways….




  6. 67 European Cup Winners on

    If you think he is the only player in the squad with baggage, you were not watching carefully enough yesterday



    Interesting comment Paul67 – i was watching but obviously not close enough !!!!!



    What did I miss ??




  7. Big Wavy…av read some strange shit on here…but your last pist wins it ;-))







  8. I see, from The Herald this morning, that Sevco claim to have sold SPFL TV rights in India.



    Does anyone know who sanctioned them as an agent to do so and why? What commission are they on and why did all the clubs to whom Rangers owe money and titles, approve of this?



    Answers on the back of a Masonic tea towel please!

  9. Not sure the first 8 words there relate to my experience of yesterday.



    Wonder if we have lowered our standards



    Hoping for no big name sales today. Anything else is a bonus

  10. Delaneys Dunky on

    Two absolutely brilliant goals yesterday. Thought that Klimala’s was best I have seen us score this season. The way he bounced back up, after being halved and regaining composure to bury it, was reminiscent of his fellow countryman Robert Lewandowski. Maybe Boniek was correct when he compared Patryk to a young Lewandowski. Here’s hoping 🤞

  11. Onenightinlisbon,



    We finished the game with 2 strikers, a number 10 and frankly the kitchen sink to get the points.



    We seemed to have missed the obvious conclusion that maybe starting the game that way could have reaped some reward.



    Very pleased to have won it, very pleased to have that talent at our disposal, very pleased to see Scott being used as he should but frustrated to see Neil not playing with a better system from the off.







  12. PS


    Very H888py Birthday


    Mrs Gene


    Mrs PapaJoe




    PapaJoe 🎂🎉



    Don’t try to blow out the candles 🤔🤣🤣🤣

  13. Delaneys Dunky on

    Hope we get Diego Laxalt in today. Exactly what we need to offer balance, and give us pace and strength on left.

  14. Ahh I think I may be in the minority here, but if you are deep into injury time and winning 1-0 in a scrappy game with few chances, and you get scythed down, you really should lie down and let the clock run down



    We talked about game management on Thursday



    Not that I was thinkin that when I was jumping up and down my living room yesterday afternoon 😂








    67 ECW




    I think you could make a case for all the players carrying baggage yesterday.




    Some of them moved like they had Himalayan rucksacks on their back






    with a sherpa inside

  16. Hopefully the baggage is dropped after the transfer window closes and players can refocus their attention to do the job they get handsomely paid to do.



    I think the new 5 sub rule might be a league winner for us this season.





    Absolutely. Think about an opportunity to play all 4 forwards in one game and still have enough over for attacking midfielders and wingers. Delicious.

  18. Majestic Hartson at 12:33



    That is a brilliantly excellent point.



    Perhaps worthy of an article in due course

  19. Agreed Big Wavy,



    Let’s be making a decision on Eddie when he is playing with another striker alongside him.



    I’m desperate for us to start with 2 centre forwards (not midfielders) up front

  20. I think it’s been obvious for anyone watching us the past couple of seasons to see who has ‘baggage’



    I just hope Edouard isn’t now acting the same way.



    If he is, sell him

  21. Four terrific (and very different) forwards on our books. Left foot, right foot, inside the box, in from the left, pace and power…..



    Let’s play them and let’s start blowing teams away.

  22. Rather interested to learn that the “I don’t give red cards for violent fouls against Celtic players” Walsh went to a “nice school” and is, according to a poster, a Partick Thistle fan. Some years ago a relative of referee Clancy informed me that his “do not give Celtic an easy time” nephew was a Partick Thistle fan and went to a “nice school”.


    Are there more Partick Thistle fans out there amongst the referees? And what did we do to Thistle to make when “appear” to be anti-Celtic?

  23. Bhoylo83



    Is it Leigh Griffiths?



    Sure’s hell ain’t obvious to me beyond him.




  24. I watched and enjoyed Leeds’s game on Saturday. As you’ll know, they play fast, attacking football, they move the ball forward at every opportunity and they take risks. It may all come unstuck as the EPL season develops. But their risk taking came to mind as I watched our game yesterday. We can afford to take risks in playing the ball forward, taking men on and generally playing with flair. Sometimes we do but not often enough. Is this down to the players we have or the brief they’re playing to?

  25. Paul.


    I would suggest Christie, Nitcham and Odsonne are the baggage carriers. Christie did not even celebrate a last minute goal. Broony first over to congratulate both scorers.

  26. Rubicon,



    I’d summise we are pretty risk averse this season – 3 central defenders and a holding CM agauinst parked teams suggest so. Our possession football is leading to long periods of aimless balls between players too far from goals.



    A belief that a moment of exceptional talent will be suffice when shutting up shop perhaps?



    No idea what happened to mny theory against Ferencvaros though….

  27. Ref was shocking. According to him we committed more fouls than St Johnstone who adopted they shall not pass. Crashing into our players off the ball and then ensuring that a player beat them then they were going down. Turnball booked for first foul. Murray Davidson kicked us up and down the park, especially Frimpong



    Nick Walsh has form for this.



    When Klimala scored, why was there not a booking? In fact it should have been a red. I don’t think he consider it as a foul at all