So stressed Juninho & film productions get an airing


Interesting angle in today’s Telegraph: “Celtic are the only club in Scotland, apart from Rangers, who are known to have used an EBT contract”. Why are we part of this conversation?  Despite the millions of words written on the subject of EBTs over the last six years, there appears to be a curious misunderstanding about them.

Juninho arrived at Celtic with an EBT from earlier in his career. Celtic funded this Trust around the time the player left the club, informed HMRC about the transaction, and paid the tax due. No side letters (contracts) were issued with regard to this Trust. No information was hidden from HMRC or football authorities.

The conversation went a bit like this:

Celtic: Hi HMRC, Celtic here.  We’ve paid Mr Juninho’s EBT £Xk.  What is our tax position?
HMRC: £Yk tax is due on that payment.
Celtic: Thanks.  Will pay today.

EBTs are in themselves not illegal, nor even immoral. They were introduced to allow employers a framework to give loans to employees.  Many employers, formally or informally, give loans to employees to cover everything from crises to Christmas expenses.  Or migration expenses, which is occasionally the case in football.  That some use EBTs to attempt to put income beyond the reach of taxation is a reflection on those clubs, not others who openly declare EBT payments to HMRC and pay any corresponding tax.

The newspaper goes on to offer a defence against HMRC, almost as though it was dictated from David Murray himself: “it is believed that one argument against the supposition that Rangers secured players by means of EVTs (sic.) is that a range of variable inducements were in operation at that time and not only at Ibrox.

“Other avoidance schemes involved investment in such vehicles as film production companies and forestry development.”

Yes, a range of other inducements were available – legal ones.  Other people legally used other schemes.  It’s clarity of thought like this being a defence of Rangers that which put them into such a mess to begin with.

Delighted to read Rangers Tax Case back with such insight last night.  Catch up with him here if you missed it.


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  1. Winning Captains


    Really Really sad, what is taking place on the blog at the minute


    I took a few days out at end of last week, fed up with it


    My own view, now, reinvigorated after a great wee Green night ooot


    We and Me,


    shall never be defeated,


    So the fight goes on :-))



    Hail Hail and I did see you posted your own and CQN support to Auldheid very quickly


    So come all you young ( and Auld ) Rebels

  2. Winning Captains: Afore I go up the wooden hill, great post, couldn’t agree more.



    HT is pure Celtic gold and I’ll support any endeavour towards a judicial review.

  3. Can’t believe the legend Chris Eubank is kicked out the jungle before these nonentities and c list characters.

  4. Almore



    I will try all in my power to get you 2 tickets for Stranraer.


    Good night God bless fellow Tims. Thanks for your company.

  5. West End of East End on

    Right fitba finished, good display from Everton tonight, now to watch I’m a celeb….ah bugger….

  6. TBJ


    Aye very good :-)))



    Dallas, I do agree with that, ( his discipline appears a bit better) he has done ok, but still think Armstrong would be better in the middle- a few posted a preferred team with McGregor in there


    Now left fitters, I’ll come back to you


    Lubo for 2 footed though :-)



    Hail Hail

  7. sipsini on 1st December 2015 10:08 pm




    I realise their board (ex board) have cheated many, their support don’t deserve to be put in danger.



    *why, look at the crap ours and other clubs supporters have had to put up with from that scabby mob.

  8. All roads lead to Damascus.



    And the Country itself, is being Bombed from Everywhere. Those Islamists, extremists.



    The Sabbatean Jews will definitely be manipulating things at a Deeper Level.



    Why Syria?



    Sunni Eschatology?



    Climate Change nonsense…..



    Ahh feck it.



    Will the evil Erdogan be thrown under the Bus? to cover it all up?



    And not the CC nonsense.



    Vladimir is fighting hard against these Anti Christian Globalist powers. There is no way Vladimir is a Christian in the sense of Christ himself but he is exposing the Western agenda against Christianity.



    Really looking forward to seeing more of Scott, he is the type of player our Norwegian Manager wants in our team, if you get the chance, watch domestic Norwegian fitba and give it the respect it deserves, the upward spiral is happening.

  9. mike in toronto on

    I have a policy of not celebrating Christmas until December …. unlike the stores, I dont belivee the holiday season starts just after labour day ….



    but since it is December, and advent has started…. and since the blog could do with something pleasant today to bring us together …



    how about …



    Nat King Cole singing the Christmas Song




  10. Winning Captains



    You say plans are in place, we need all CQN to stand together ?



    Could you elaborate a bit on this ?



    We as a support should have been ‘mobilised’ long before now.


    The cheating really has gone on long enough, and has went unchallenged long enough, not just by us the fans, but more importantly by our board and the boards of all other clubs in Scotland.



    Enough is enough, the cheats must be stripped off their tainted trophies and punished accordingly.

  11. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    Did I misread your post . The zombies don’t deserve to be put in danger



    Your a better man than me mate as I wish them ALL the worst

  12. TET



    I know..the mere thought that skulduggery would occur is…well…unthinkable



    But at the risk of inflaming some…and for what it’s worth…



    From John James






    “I have been informed by an impeccable source that 10.4% of the Easdale proxy was allegedly stripped of their voting rights at the AGM. If this allegation is true, will this underfunded, discredited board explain to shareholders their rationale for excluding 8.5m votes from all resolutions?



    This 10.4% was compliant with Section 793 of the 2006 Companies Act. There was no legal impediment to their inclusion.



    Did Dave King, as is alleged, put pressure on RIFC solicitors to remove 8.5m votes that opposed him in a vain attempt to force through resolution 10 and to re-elect the board with more comfortable majorities than was actually the case?



    I have no reason whatsoever to doubt the veracity of my source. When it comes to share manipulation Mr King has been indicted on numerous offences in South Africa.



    If the legal and compliant votes were not deemed inadmissible at the eleventh hour behest of King, the result of resolution ten would have been.



    For – 41,532,646 (64.1%)


    Against – 23,219,907 (35.9%)



    Total votes cast on the Resolution was 64,752,553. This represents 79.5% of the Company’s issued share capital.



    Since the resolution was not passed even with King’s alleged artifice in the past few days, the repercussions might be of no consequence, unless one of the disadvantaged parties chooses to contact the FCA or petition the Court of Session.”

  13. Repeating what Embramike said on page one of this thread..



    For Judicial Review costs…my wallet is already out..



    BTW Auldheid…hold your nerve and stay the course…




  14. Tontine Tim…



    Agree they are a scabby lot, what I don’t agree with is glorifying people in danger.



    Nearly spelt people as peeple there: )you know what I mean.HH

  15. Mahe the Madman on

    WC,,maybe yellow cards for personal insults might help imo. Keep up the good work. Hail Hail

  16. Mahe


    A couple or more years ago I posted a link to something, it was from my e mail, being a computer illetirate, just like my spelling, I had no idea that when someone clicked on it, it would take them to their e mail addy, someone complained to Paul, obviously thot I was hacking into their e mails, and I was given a yellow card for being stupid.


    Now, cos I am thick when it comes to tekky stuff and get a yellow card, posters who break the blog rules shirly should be getting them, shirly.



  17. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    Mahe the Madman on 1st December 2015 10:41 pm



    Paul67 has already used the yellow card warning below



    I remember the Singing Detective being warned online with a yellow for personal insults and goading.



    Good idea







  18. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Cowiebhoy, sorry for my late reply.



    I agree Stuart Armstrong would be my preference also I would like to see Scott Allan getting more game time. His pass to Leigh last Thursday shows what he is capable of.



    Next season , If Hibs get promoted I would like to see Liam Henderson stay with them to help him gain more experience. In my opinion he will be an important player for us in the future. He has a good football brain and a bit of dig about him.



    I would like to see Joe Thompson get a loan move next season, the twice I have saw him, he has shown good potential and attitude on the pitch.





    Posted what needs done with a troll.



    You don’t like someone’s behaviour ignore them.



    Alternatively you can spend all day getting your knickers in a twist, whilst your antagonist wins AND enjoys his punt.

  20. TET



    Your welcome….



    Remember when we laughed at the convicted Easdale…



    now he seems like a petty crook…




  21. Bada


    I agree.


    But what will be done, nothing imo.


    He even posted tonight about ” them are the rules ” his rules, like he rules the blog.


    As I said before, civility costs nothing, and when you can’t be civil when it’s for free, that tells you something.



  22. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on 1st December 2015 10:55 pm




    Cowiebhoy, sorry for my late reply.



    I would like to see Joe Thompson get a loan move next season, the twice I have saw him, he has shown good potential and attitude on the pitch.



    *I believe he was slated for a move this year but Ronny held it back as he wanted him tae work with the first team squad.

  23. WC



    Very sad that you need to post that.



    Unfortunately I think that the Celtic support is being ripped apart by the SMSM. The Huns are on the same page. It’s the wrong page as we know but the PR machine keeps it together where’s as too many Celtic supporters allow them to pull us apart with their gutter produce.



    That being said, does not excuse personal insults.

  24. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    Evening BCW



    Hope you are well and your beer fridge has not been raided tonight :-)



    Whilst I do agree with the scroll by method, sometimes action needs to be taken when things are wrong before it is too late. Losing too many good people for the sake, ignorance and arrogance of 1, IMO. There I said it!



    Perhaps a yellow card might work ( as Mahe suggests) and reduce the bile of the personal insults which appears a common theme in many of the posts. It is a shame for when the posts are focused on football they are not too bad.







  25. Dallas


    I would play Armstrong with Biton, the 2 in front of the defence


    I would also give Allan is chance playing middle of next group of 3


    Have to say in most games in Scotland, we could play a 3, 4 , 2, 1 ? as we are mostly facing a team with only 1 up front


    The 2 wide men in the 4 need to drop in to cover defence wide areas as required



    Now who’s my favourite left footed Celt ?


    TB was very good, as was Naka, and even Collins, are any of them the best I’ve seen ???



    Hail Hail and Nytol