So stressed Juninho & film productions get an airing


Interesting angle in today’s Telegraph: “Celtic are the only club in Scotland, apart from Rangers, who are known to have used an EBT contract”. Why are we part of this conversation?  Despite the millions of words written on the subject of EBTs over the last six years, there appears to be a curious misunderstanding about them.

Juninho arrived at Celtic with an EBT from earlier in his career. Celtic funded this Trust around the time the player left the club, informed HMRC about the transaction, and paid the tax due. No side letters (contracts) were issued with regard to this Trust. No information was hidden from HMRC or football authorities.

The conversation went a bit like this:

Celtic: Hi HMRC, Celtic here.  We’ve paid Mr Juninho’s EBT £Xk.  What is our tax position?
HMRC: £Yk tax is due on that payment.
Celtic: Thanks.  Will pay today.

EBTs are in themselves not illegal, nor even immoral. They were introduced to allow employers a framework to give loans to employees.  Many employers, formally or informally, give loans to employees to cover everything from crises to Christmas expenses.  Or migration expenses, which is occasionally the case in football.  That some use EBTs to attempt to put income beyond the reach of taxation is a reflection on those clubs, not others who openly declare EBT payments to HMRC and pay any corresponding tax.

The newspaper goes on to offer a defence against HMRC, almost as though it was dictated from David Murray himself: “it is believed that one argument against the supposition that Rangers secured players by means of EVTs (sic.) is that a range of variable inducements were in operation at that time and not only at Ibrox.

“Other avoidance schemes involved investment in such vehicles as film production companies and forestry development.”

Yes, a range of other inducements were available – legal ones.  Other people legally used other schemes.  It’s clarity of thought like this being a defence of Rangers that which put them into such a mess to begin with.

Delighted to read Rangers Tax Case back with such insight last night.  Catch up with him here if you missed it.


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  1. Dallas and Tontime Tim



    Was it Joe Thomson who got a wee run oot in 2 games earlier in the season ?


    He did look very comfortable when played if so

  2. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Safety checks now need to be urgently carried out before any more crowds are allowed into ibrox. This safety risk now needs to be addressed, before any accidents occur….

  3. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Tontine Tim, thank you for your reply.



    Hopefully, Ronny taking that action will help Joe. I have high hopes for him.



    I read a profile of Joe on the club website. He said he was not interested in any other sports , only football and he watched as much of it as possible in order to learn and improve.

  4. Alan Thomson had a very decent left fit :-)


    Making all the comebacks for those who have dropped oot :-)))

  5. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Looking forward to the developing Big Tacks Case – they can use them to fix crumbling Ibrokes , courtesy of HMRC – HM Roofing Contractors

  6. I cant believe that game continued at Ibrox with part of structure loose!



    If it detatched it could’ve landed anywhere. Why did they assume it would only land in a small area????




  7. Not so frequent poster these days but have noted the trend to criticise the posts over recent days and certain poster(s).



    A lot of folks jumping on a bandwagon, in addition to genuine concerns from some posters. Almost Couvade symptoms, but that should be expected :)



    For me, having lived through TSD, Robert Tressell and others of that ilk the current postings are no better/ worse than what we have experienced over the years. Good will out.



    With regard name calling, I have been the subject of name calling in the recent past by some who are now playing the righteous card, so let’s not get carried away with a holier than thou attitude to bloggers and fellow Celts.



    Hail! Hail!

  8. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Cowiebhoy …..how the devil are you ………

  9. Just logged on. See reports that there are loose screws at AyeBrokes.



    This is news??!




  10. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    The Exiled Tim



    I know ….. Ridiculous situation

  11. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Night all …. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 67heaven


    I am definately off oot after this post


    Will drop you an email, to see if interested



    Hail Hail

  13. Sleep well Timland.


    Things to do soon enough and no much time to do them.


    Car will have Spanish plates by the end of the week, feckin tax is a joke, but so, so much cheaper than buying a Spanish car, I would be cheaper buying another wee cave than a second hand car here.



  14. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Cowiebhoy, young Thompson came on against Rennes and I think he came on asa sub in league game.



    I was impressed with the way he showed for the ball along with his energy getting about the park.



    If Stuart plays beside Bitton, unless Broonie plays less,where will our captain fit in. A way round that might be playing Scott in our bigger games next season and keep him on the bench in so called less awkward games , to reduce the threat of injuries and possibly extending his career with us.



    Next season we need to do what we have rarely done in our history, strengthen from our sort of position of strength. I would love an experienced central defender plus a midfielder of similar experience ,for Europe. Guys around 29 or 30 , with european football experience . I live in hope

  15. Evening bhoys. WC I am in for any action taken against the cheats and sfa.


    Mahe the Madman I think in the previous blog around the new article Paul issued a yellow card.










  16. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    PAUL67 on 1ST DECEMBER 2015 12:56 PM



    Philbhoy, yes, thank you for the alert.



    Tony Donnelly, yellow card.



    Personal abuse is not allowed on CQN. I have followed your recent debate, which has edged ever-close to the line.



    If you cannot make a point courteously, do not make it on CQN.



    I cannot allow this type of comment on the blog.



    TO ALL



    Please email me a link to any comment containing personal abuse: celticquicknews@gmail.com



    I deal with every issue emailed (which is not that many)

  17. Margaret McGill on

    I support Donny Toadily in the spirit of free speech to say whatever ignorant arrogant green hun pish he espouses. Isnt that what distinguishes Tims from huns?


    Isnt that why we are all here?

  18. http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/one-for-the-zonal-detesters-playing-ashley/comment-page-13/#comment-2729739






    As the post above involves a response to me… I feel not only obliged to respond, I feel it’s my duty.



    There was no overstating of the mark here and the ‘yellow card’ should be rescinded. … to prevent others from making their opinion heard is going down the road of the ‘herronvolk’ (sp)… ask Phil about censorship and I’m sure he would agree.



    TD”s post was a reply to me…. although I don’t agree with what he said or typed. .. that is a matter between us… to suggest anything less is entering the realms of the OBAF & ONLINE communications ACT…. as we… well most people disagree with.



    In fact. .. some, like myself… actually find abhorrent.



    If that is TD67’s opinion. .. fine. I disagree with him. But… let me do that in my own way. Without the unnecessary need of blog police. That only ingrains believes and indoctrinates others.



    In terms of getting involved…. I will give you an example of Kojo…. ?



    Again… he did not share mine… or many others believes… he was still entitled his opinion and not once did I see a yellow card. Despite the blatant support of capitalism, genocide and misogynistic tone to his posts. I didn’t complain to you…. if I thought that strongly about anything he posted… I would have fronted him myself. I did often, as I’m sure TD and a mhan of his ilk would. I chose to ignore him and scroll past. The flip side is… I have one long time fhriend, Celtic compatriot and in my eyes a legend who liked him?? Go figure?



    Only just catching up so doubtful I’ll respond til later as I haven’t even read your leader on this thread yet, which isn’t like me.



    I trust you and yours are well. .. HH



    not the CT one ffs TD67…. ha ha :-)






    Hail Hail




  19. Mags



    It’s a CQN zeitgeist thing…



    It’s also the paradox or tolerance…



    “Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.”




  20. An addendum…



    Is it not ironic that the crossover between censorship and free speech lies inot the crossover between TD67 and Hamiltontim?



    Both Celtic to the core… yet one speaks and acts his words… the other downcries ‘lefties’?



    Go figure??



    Many others TET… Canamhan etc class TD as a troll. .. I can assure you… he is not…. like us all… he lives, breathes and encapsulates Celtic….



    Go figure. … and we wonder why there is so much angst in the world?



    HH pyfird

  21. I wouldn’t even allow that derk imposter play with the young bhoys



    He will stunt their development .



    Good to see left back spot is being shared by izzy and the brilliant young Tierney.



    Now time to share the playmaker role between commons and Allen .

  22. Margaret McGill on

    Donny Toadily is a failed Scottish ROSLA sociopath with no cognitive ability with an English comprehension ability of a 5 year old commensurate with daily record diatribe. Why is this a threat to the bastion against lazy journalism? and awe youze clever clog eggheads??

  23. And as a final… PPS….



    Paul67… winnincaptains… Andrew from Belfast. …



    Can one of you PLEASE…. PLEASE add a…. ;





    Dislike. .. and





    Facility to the blog?



    In this modern day wonder of being told about 236 stone babies, how to make millions in a nano second and the best yet…. “I felt my 16 unborn children kick inside of me!!!!”



    .. being feasted upon my mind and eyes… I’m sure some tech ghuy could come up with that in a not too costly manner that prevents what is now a major turn off to CQN?

  24. See the bread man is being linked to Fulham…



    What’s gone wrong with the SMSM pact on placing only positive “floating casino” stories about the Kingdome?

  25. Margaret McGill on




    Just think of it along the lines of compromising to survive.


    CQN needs advertising money to survive.


    Maybe not the adverts that CQN would like but heh its all mass produced genetically modified adverts for all.


    Those adverts that are economical and have statistically proven themselves to advertising executives.


    Like the Celtic executives trashing the Celtic support, clandestinely signing the 5 way agreement, giving the police GB members addresses and phone numbers, making packs with the devil on ladbrokes/betdaq and trashing the living wage for their own executive bonuses and bringing the magnificent Glasgow Celtic to its knees on the football park. heh who cares we’re making a lot of money. Unfortunately none of it is for you!


    Keep clicking. Numbers count!

  26. Mags



    I don’t click on any of that pish. . Thankfully. And if that is what keeps this blog alive then I advocate subscription.



    I believe what keeps this blog alive is.. as always… the people. Not to be confused with ‘peepul’



    Tesla had the answers. .. they were kept from teachings… I agree with you on lots… thanks for the response and in seeing / reading what was intended.



    I’ll catch up with this blog from page 2 onwards tomorrow.



    Hail Hail

  27. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    larssonse7en on 2nd December 2015 12:50 am





    Although for me it`s the fairness aspect that rankles.


    Some outrageous things have been written by others,but obviously not reported.


    Ergo.no caution.




    Level playing field.

  28. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on







    I don’t click on any of that pish. . Thankfully. And if that is what keeps this blog alive then I advocate subscription.




    Subscription would presumably complicate the right of the blogmeister to caution or ban.


    Consumer rights.



    “A`ve paid ma money.”



    Perhaps a “voluntary” contribution .