So stressed Juninho & film productions get an airing


Interesting angle in today’s Telegraph: “Celtic are the only club in Scotland, apart from Rangers, who are known to have used an EBT contract”. Why are we part of this conversation?  Despite the millions of words written on the subject of EBTs over the last six years, there appears to be a curious misunderstanding about them.

Juninho arrived at Celtic with an EBT from earlier in his career. Celtic funded this Trust around the time the player left the club, informed HMRC about the transaction, and paid the tax due. No side letters (contracts) were issued with regard to this Trust. No information was hidden from HMRC or football authorities.

The conversation went a bit like this:

Celtic: Hi HMRC, Celtic here.  We’ve paid Mr Juninho’s EBT £Xk.  What is our tax position?
HMRC: £Yk tax is due on that payment.
Celtic: Thanks.  Will pay today.

EBTs are in themselves not illegal, nor even immoral. They were introduced to allow employers a framework to give loans to employees.  Many employers, formally or informally, give loans to employees to cover everything from crises to Christmas expenses.  Or migration expenses, which is occasionally the case in football.  That some use EBTs to attempt to put income beyond the reach of taxation is a reflection on those clubs, not others who openly declare EBT payments to HMRC and pay any corresponding tax.

The newspaper goes on to offer a defence against HMRC, almost as though it was dictated from David Murray himself: “it is believed that one argument against the supposition that Rangers secured players by means of EVTs (sic.) is that a range of variable inducements were in operation at that time and not only at Ibrox.

“Other avoidance schemes involved investment in such vehicles as film production companies and forestry development.”

Yes, a range of other inducements were available – legal ones.  Other people legally used other schemes.  It’s clarity of thought like this being a defence of Rangers that which put them into such a mess to begin with.

Delighted to read Rangers Tax Case back with such insight last night.  Catch up with him here if you missed it.


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  1. How long has this war of words being going on? How much longer will it be allowed to continue?


    Days, weeks, months? The longer it’s dragging on the more ridiculous it’s getting, yet, it’s a simple fix so why not fix it Paul 67?


    Posters can offer any opinion they like on any subject. Readers can either agree, disagree for whatever reasons they like.


    Simple. Even simpler is the part that’s not working. Personal attacks. Play the man instead of the ball? yellow card. Repeated offences, red card.


    If you disagree with me, fine, tell me why. Don’t however tell me you disagree with me and I’m a f******* ars****e as well .


    It’s neither the Celtic way or the way your mother would like you to behave I’m sure. ( if any of your mothers would approve, then that probably explains the root cause of the problem)


    Cmon bhoys, give us our blog back. Decency above all else.

  2. BH


    I would gladly talk about Celtic all day, and it would all be positive, but distractions hinder that, but there’s a move on here and it’s only going to end in one way.

  3. TD67 gie it a rest. Not been on since yesterday lunch cause you were banging on, log in this morning and you’re STILL banging on fighting wi everybody.


    Scunnered CSC

  4. GivehimthemoneyPeterCSC on




    Has he played since the elvis impersonator incident?




  5. Tony donnelly 67,



    why not email Paul and ask him, as Lion roars 67 suggested?



    Then you will know the truth of the matter.



    I’ve been thinking along the same lines as PJBhoyNYC (Page 12, I think) for a while now.

  6. Tony, page 13 of last article 3rd from the bottom.



    PAUL67 on 1ST DECEMBER 2015 12:56 PM


    Philbhoy, yes, thank you for the alert.







    Tony Donnelly, yellow card.







    Personal abuse is not allowed on CQN. I have followed your recent debate, which has edged ever-close to the line. If you cannot make a point courteously, do not make it on CQN. I cannot allow this type of comment on the blog.







    TO ALL







    Please email me a link to any comment containing personal abuse: celticquicknews@gmail.com







    I deal with every issue emailed (which is not that many).

  7. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Bada Bing


    Spotify offering 3 months premium for 99p . saw it on martins money tips…








    it was posted at end of previous article after Paul 67 posted the new article…


    like you when I checked back it wasn’t on this article so I went into the previous one

  8. TD67 you don’t need to be on the wind up all day. It’s boring . Get wit the play. Just enjoy the blog mate , different strokes.

  9. Off oot, its like dealing with an attention seeking wean



    need a break enjoy your day CQN

  10. Jeezo….This place has been a Bundle a laughs last couple of days…Fighting over ” Yellow Cards”on a Blog…Lmfao…

  11. A very good morning to one and all including our temporary absent bloggers if you are lurking.



    Good news is I’m working from home today (I’ve got a cold) so I’m likely to be looking in all day.



    Be good now!

  12. This is clownish behaviour.



    CQN is getting lower down my last of priorities, thanks to the ads, the bickering and posters like TonyDonnelly67.



    Tony, your post at 9.39 is just about the final straw. I’m sure you think it’s funny however I think you’ll be in a minority.



    In an empty blog, you’ll have no one to wind up.

  13. Tony, don’t star doing what the board do when, Celtic fans are dumped on…by, looking the other way:)


    Hail Hail ya eejit:)


    I’d rather be an eejit than a hun – CSC

  14. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    just email P67 if you have any objections or questions .

  15. Right I’m going a 3, 4, 1, 2, now remember this is for SPFL games only, as most play against us on the break ( players in brackets is options for back up)





    Lustig, Boyata, Simonuvic


    ( Janko, Efe, Mulgrew)


    Brown, Armstrong, Biton, Christie ( happy with Tieney until Christie gets here)


    ( Forrest, Johansen, Rogic, Mulgrew, Tierney, Izzy & GMS) ( Henderson when back)




    ( Commons, Mcgregor, Johansen, Rogic)


    Griffiths, Cole ( when fit) / Ciftci until then


    (Stokes, Forrest, Ciftci and who ?)



    Not a bad squad either,



    Right affoooot whilst you all debate this 11 :-))))) ( or 23 mhan squad )

  16. Just popping my head roon the door to see what’s occurring…..sheez :(



    Anyway, regarding the cheatdome falling apart, how on earth was that stand not closed? Someone was playing with fire re H&S.Hunbelievable.



    Celtic had a Scottish cup tie against ICT (aye, that one) POSTPONED because of one piece of loose guttering.



    Here’s hoping it’s just the start of that den of cheating,bigotry,thieving and imbecility crumbling to dust.




  17. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Morning Bhoys I hope you are all well. I suppose all the argie bargie between posters was never going to end well I think this blog is a great place to air your views on many subjects and ask for advice from time to time.I think when it gets personal no matter who it is that is wrong and it detracts from a fine blog. However,I dont like the idea of some one running to Paul say you must sort this out for me that is childish it is always better in my opinion if it can be sorted out on line by bloggers themselves. H.H.

  18. Im Amazed at How Serious people Take This place…Its A Blog, You Know, On the Internet, Its Not The Real World…Lighten Up.. Get a Hobby, Get a Woman Get a Grip…Jeezo….

  19. JFH



    I didn’t run to Paul. I intimated a complaint in accordance with Blog rules.



    His posts were getting more and more outrageous and to post about a very fine man the way he did was for me the final straw.



    You really should try and keep up.

  20. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Well it looks as though Stokes is even nearer the exit door this morning having now been given a two week suspension its a pity as he is far from the worst player at Celtic.However he is being well paid at Celtic and should not be kicking off at going to Inverness and being in the stand.H.H.

  21. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    PHILBHOY. Fella do you feel guilty ? I did not mention you and I did not know who went to Paul67 but I think you just outed yourself . I was talking about the principal of any of us running to Paul we are all adults on the blog so should be able to sort out problems on line ourselves.I have no doubt some of you enjoyed goading a fellow blogger knowing he would bite back if you and your cronies had stopped goading he would have had nothing to snap back about.So dont give me this keep up rubbish I wasnt born yesterday. H.H.

  22. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Yesterday’s peace and goodwill to all men seemed to last a matter of minutes.




    My thoughts on who’s to blame don’t matter but as many have commented – we have lost very good celts over the bickering on here with many more visiting the site less frequently.



    Such a pity really as it WAS a great site



    Paul has stated he will deal with every issue highlighted to him – he isn’t Willie Collum with eyes in the back of his head and he has a busy life with family and work .



    Wasn’t a fan of the moderators but I don’t have any issues with anyone reporting me to paul if they think I havery stepped over the line ( which I step on often )

  23. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    tonydonnelly67 on 2nd December 2015 10:03 am



    Paul67 you deserted E in my time off need.






    Tony, I doubt very much if Paul has deserted his E’s.



    The way the blog is going it’s prob the only thing keeping him sane.

  24. Think Stokes deserved his 2 week suspension.



    Not sure he deserved his 3 month exile though.



    I wasn’t a fan off his – probably still not – due to his decisions when we tried to get him first time round. Leaving the ground in tears because the money wasn’t right stuck in my throat. If you make a decision, man up.



    Now, having said all that, he has done well for us in his time here. I will remember him for the Killie 3-3 and his top scorer race with Hooper. It’s fair to say there is no way back for him but he isn’t the worst player we have in the squad right now.



    His twitter outburst was stupid. I did many stupid things in my 20’s so I won’t sit in judgement (lest I be judged myself, wouldn’t like that :-)).



    Tell you what though, he should close that twitter account. Some people should be n social media, for their own good.

  25. JFH



    Outed myself?



    I posted my complaint on here 2 articles ago and pasted it on page one of yesterday’s article, both under the name of “PHILBHOY”.



    Seriously, you really should keep up.



    My last word on the subject.



    Work to do.

  26. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    TD67. Great video fella and if you deserved a yellow card yesterday there were at least another four who deserved one with you. I think you need to keep blogging your point of view but try and turn the other cheek with the personal stuff. We are not all against you on this blog some of us believe in the freedom of speach. H.H.

  27. JFH,



    Paul67s’ post at 12.56 yesterday stated:



    “TO ALL



    Please email me a link to any comment containing personal abuse: celticquicknews@gmail.com



    I deal with every issue emailed (which is not that many).”



    I think PhilBhoy was doing nothing more than what Paul67, the creator and owner of CQN, has invited us to do.