So which journos were secretly being paid by Oldco?


How many people working as ‘journalists’ in Scottish football were secretly on the payroll of Oldco Rangers (or Rangers International, for that matter)?  Is this common practice in newspapers, did the Daily Record know about it? Wonder how they will play the news story…

Any suggestions as to who else might’ve been on the oldco/Sevco payroll?  Any ex-Celtic players?

Most of us have spent the last season trying to value Victor Wanyama.  If he goes, it’s important we achieve as high a price as possible, not for the money itself, but Victor’s value will be reflected in the value of the rest of the squad – and it’s important we move our player trading up the food chain.

SPL football doesn’t count towards a valuation but the Champions League does, and Victor’s five group games (less so the Juventus games) are the basis of whatever figures will be offered.

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Delighted Celtic are hosting a charity match in September for Stiliyan Petrov’s new charity foundation. The player has undertaken a remarkable fight over the last year or so and is an example to many.

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  1. gherrybhoy57



    09:44 on 24 June, 2013




    Yeah – hear, hear M8


    I’ve always wondered – do the GB not use their own phones to – film the cops – filming them and show the watching world just how laughable this carry-on has become ?


    1984 – CSC

  2. Parkheadcumsalford



    Still lurking but just not as frequent as incredibly busy at work at the mo and then evenings are spent with the wee man who is now trying to walk and needs a constant eye kept on him as finding more and more things around the house that he wants to play with.




  3. gherrybhoy57 on

    If its true that one or more journalists on one or more national newspapers were/are being secretly paid not insubstantial sums by oldco/newco, surely the NUJ must have serious concerns. Surely the owners of these papers can’t afford to ignore the matter. Looks like something “Despatches” on Ch4 could get its teeth into. No?

  4. Michael Grant Herald doing a PR job on behalf of the office bearers of the SFA, now who at the SFA would Mr Grant have consulted before this article was given the go ahead



    IF there actually was such a thing as a “fit and proper person test” conducted by the Scottish Football Association, Vladimir Romanov would fail. He would fail on the grounds of attendance, let alone anything else. The state of Romanov’s current credibility is best illustrated by the fact Lithuanian prosecutors have threatened to issue a European arrest warrant in order to get their hands on him. He’s gone AWOL. Craig Whyte’s nowhere to be seen, either.



    This is how things end when football clubs go bad: on one side administration, liquidation and usually redundancies and tears, and on the other side disappearing acts, talk of arrest warrants, police investigations, sometimes convictions and even jail terms. And, inevitably, heads turning towards the football authorities and fingers being pointed: how exactly did they let it get to this? Where was the SFA and its laughable “test”?



    Mark Hateley, the former Rangers striker, mocked the “fit and proper” criteria the other day. “The SFA are culpable for the shambolic state of some of our top clubs,” he wrote. “It’s the SFA’s duty to vet these owners.”



    All very neat and tidy, but of course he didn’t explain how they should go about it. If no company law is being broken, the SFA have no grounds to interfere with who owns, or takes a share of, a public limited company. If it did attempt to block a takeover or obstruct a club’s subsequent spending it would be taken to court, and it would lose.



    Imagine the reaction from Romanov if the SFA had blocked his takeover of Hearts in 2005 or stepped in to investigate how he was spending money at Tynecastle. Imagine his howls of “corruption” and “conspiracy” and the cry of “look what happens when Hearts challenge the Old Firm: they find ways to stop me.”



    Whyte was cheered the first time he turned up for a match as the owner of Rangers. What if the SFA involved itself then, when Lloyds Bank were pushing for a sale and Whyte was the only character on the scene? Thousands would have been out in the Hampden car park, banging down the doors to blame the SFA for obstructing the one guy seen to be rescuing Rangers. Would Hateley have confronted that crowd and told them the SFA were quite right to block the apparent saviour?



    Hearing vague rumours that Whyte was dodgy, or there was something fishy about Romanov, isn’t the same as launching into long and expensive investigations to prove it. Chancers and conmen tend to be pretty good at covering their tracks, at least for a few months. What if the SFA decided to probe a suspicious owner and ran up thousands of pounds in fees to private investigators, only to come up with nothing? Would that be accepted as an occupational hazard, or vilified as a grotesque waste of money and a sacking offence?



    The SFA has neither the expertise nor the manpower to launch into endless investigations into anyone who buys a club or operates it at an unhealthy wages-to-turnover ratio. Even more important, it doesn’t have the authority. Clubs take their own risks and they have to take the responsibility. It would make more sense to blame the Stock Exchange or the Alternative Investment Market when companies go bust: what did they do to help?



    The SFA’s “fit and proper” measures will always invite ridicule because they are feeble to the point of being meaningless. All clubs have to do is provide an official return, ie: a list, of directors and office-bearers who can be held accountable to some degree. All anyone has to do to avoid investigation or the risk of censure is keep their name off that list. Some clubs have football club boards and PLC boards and the SFA has no jurisdiction over the latter.



    And here’s the thing: it’s that way because that is all the clubs themselves allow. The SFA’s rules can only be as punitive as its members – the clubs – permit. Which is not very punitive, at all.



    Earlier this month clubs got cold feet about introducing a strict liability rule which would have exposed them to mandatory punishment for offensive behaviour – including racism or sectarianism – by their supporters. They didn’t back the resolution because they knew it could leave them all vulnerable to subsequent punishment. The same goes for club licensing. That’s so half-hearted clubs can still play in the Scottish Premier League even if they haven’t reached the standards necessary to gain an SFA licence.



    The SFA cannot police who owns clubs because it has never been empowered to, and never will be. The shambolic state of some top clubs? Blame Whyte and Romanov, and blame the men who sold to them.

  5. Doc is Neil Lennon



    09:58 on 24 June, 2013




    I hope you and yer family are enjoying yer hols M8


    Hail Hail

  6. First European draw – and June isn’t finished yet? Just shows the length of the journey we have ahead of us. No fears with this one, we will be seeded and should see off any opponent they can throw at us. I’m sure many will fancy an Irish side.

  7. The ole BBC claiming that Gus Poyet’s sacking was a live exclusive was pretty low…….even by their standards.



    Just about draws a line under their dreadful coverage and abysmal punditory during the


    Confederation Cup.



    Maybe they’ll film his appeal live?

  8. KevJungle


    09:52 on


    24 June, 2013



    Unfortunately for them doing so is a breach of the Ts & Cs of entry to the ground and could legitimately (if the rules are strictly applied) see the filmer removed.



    This is my issue (and I mean inside the ground actions only – not visits at work etc). On a case by case basis the individual is seems to be ejected for a clear breach of the rules, which may be extremely petty, but that’s not the point. My issue is those rules are not applied in the same way anywhere else in the ground, that would be unworkable. So one for all and all that, I want them to just treat the GB as they would any other fan

  9. gherrybhoy57


    As far as I can see, the only “journalist” mentioned is Mark Hateley . If he is the only one, then it is hardly sensational news.




  10. Rumour is that Hateley was being paid by Celtic also.


    His work has made so many Celtic fans laugh.



    Looking forward to his next article.


    “It will be like a new signing”

  11. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Well according to the MSM we accepted an offer of 12.5 million from Southampton for big Victor.The player spoke to the club but was not happy with the deal offered so said no deal ( now another paper says Victor is on holiday and said he knew nothing of the offer ).However,some how Victor told them he fancies a move to Cardiff why ? today the media are saying Cardiff have offerred10 million for the player why offer 2.5 million less than a supposed accepted offer as it is unlikely to be accepted.My take on all this is the MSM are making up the story as they go along and of course trying to unsettle the player and the supporters until Celtic make an announcement I will treat the MSM with a large pinch of salt.H.H.

  12. It akes me smile the way so many on here regularly exclaim their dismissal of the MSSM (rightly so ) but still talk of that same media`s pronouncements. The Victor Wanyama ” transfer” at the moment is the present case in point. Have Celtic FC actually said anything about Victor going?




  13. weeminger



    10:03 on 24 June, 2013




    First – I must say that I love the Green Brigade.


    There have been times – on occasion’s when I visit CP


    that, the GB have been the only attraction inside the


    stadium. imo



    Having said that…the GB are an entirely different type of


    Cellic fan from – the ‘Jungle’ Cellic fans. I mean – do you


    think that the cops would have ‘kettled’ the Jungle ?



    They tried to stampede the ‘Jungle’ patrons on one midweek


    game v’s the huns as the ‘Jungle’ emptied onto Janefield Street.



    Cops on horses charged into pensioners on wheel-chairs and other


    invalid types of fans before entering the mainstream of the ‘Jungle’


    fans and, where hooked by flying fists – off their horses. i think one of


    the walls on Janefield Street was crushed to the ground in the stampede.



    Sorry for opening-up old wounds – CSC

  14. lionsroar67,



    Much of what that article says adds up.



    If they were seen to block a club’s ownership plan’s, they would be castigated.



    Perhaps they would desreve to be.



    I think that they changed the F&P regs to put the onus on clubs in that respect.




    For me, the SFA’s crime is in not applying the existing rules when clubs fall foul of them.

  15. Just logged on for first time since sat morning. Due to work and stuff



    EDB thought and prayers to you and yours

  16. I’d be genuinely surprised if any of these MSM muppets were on the payroll of any of the ‘Rangers’ clubs. It’s in their make up to support the huns and I’m sure that most would have done it for nothing more than a seat at Murray’s dining table.

  17. Mbia in last year of QPR contract.



    Wanyama replacement. He was a quality player in France, just make the wrong move.



    Wages permitting of course. Granero another one that was wated at QPR.

  18. I’m sure we all remember the infamous hun “rally” at Hampden when Sandy Jardine addressed the mob and spoke of remembering “who our enemies are” etc etc. Had the songs which were sung that day (including FTP etc) been sung during a match, the cops could/should have arrested several people. I didn’t notice Scotzine complaining then. To be fair, I think Speirs made some comments about it.

  19. thomthethim


    10:16 on


    24 June, 2013



    The failure of the SFA in applying all its rules regarding a certain clubs accounts has been exposed here and elsewhere, further to that the SFA’s & their expected compliance and implementation of UEFA rules regarding the license issue has been exposed to the bone by the internet bambots (Auldheid), attacking Hately was easy and provided cover, it was a cynical PR job and lazy journalism of a type the internet has destroyed in recent years

  20. gherrybhoy57



    10:31 on 24 June, 2013



    They might be drawn together in the Ramsdens Cup.




    Ha :)


    Hail Hail


    Off oot