So which journos were secretly being paid by Oldco?


How many people working as ‘journalists’ in Scottish football were secretly on the payroll of Oldco Rangers (or Rangers International, for that matter)?  Is this common practice in newspapers, did the Daily Record know about it? Wonder how they will play the news story…

Any suggestions as to who else might’ve been on the oldco/Sevco payroll?  Any ex-Celtic players?

Most of us have spent the last season trying to value Victor Wanyama.  If he goes, it’s important we achieve as high a price as possible, not for the money itself, but Victor’s value will be reflected in the value of the rest of the squad – and it’s important we move our player trading up the food chain.

SPL football doesn’t count towards a valuation but the Champions League does, and Victor’s five group games (less so the Juventus games) are the basis of whatever figures will be offered.

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Delighted Celtic are hosting a charity match in September for Stiliyan Petrov’s new charity foundation. The player has undertaken a remarkable fight over the last year or so and is an example to many.

Heart of a Lion:

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  1. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    Sorry for your loss. Met you briefly at the Oscar collection. The outcome of that lets you know you are part of the loving and caring Celtic family. YNWA

  2. the bould bhoys on

    Id imagine the future comment was meant in respect to that moment in time — before the Trust was implemented — rather than being for speculative employees.



    Im sure theres plenty more tangible info to hang him within those docs.

  3. lilys grandpa on



    Thoughts and prayers with you and the girls,on this sad, sad day.


    May your faith keep you stong.

  4. the bould bhoys on

    Of course…..Thats not to say that the Trust wasnt used for speculative employees however.

  5. Sir Paul




    Ah am Unsurprised.



    It is an old ,old ..Ploy.



    A good friendly Press, is always essential.



    Although, Ah am UTTERLY .. Surprised.. that this type of information has bin leaked



    tae the Peneral Gublick!



    THAT… is NOT Supposed tae Happen!!!





    Still.. Laughin’

  6. Kevin Kyle in the media recently advertising Sevco new book



    ” Rangers We don’t do walking away ”



    Kevin Kyle signed a one year contract with sevco which was terminated by mutual consent in March 2013. He made 13 appearances scoring a stunning 3 goals for the 3rd division outfit



    Journo question ” Haw Kev , you actually walked away “( did anyone ask )



    Laugh, Thought my pants would never dry

  7. There are occasions like this where this site moves me to tears.



    The outflow of condolences and genuine emotion for a fellow CQNer and his family on his loss is immense.



    God Bless EDB and his family.


    God Bless all you genuine Bhoys and Ghirls in here.

  8. sipsini



    If it was the one at Overtoun park,the ole Tims from the vogue infiltrated


    it a few years ago,they even wore blazers (first time from school) and


    only time they’ve looked smart since Ruglen Sherrif court shut doon.

  9. sixoclockatthechapel on




    Just logged on there now for my daily read and very saddened to learn of your loss.


    Sometimes words can seem hollow and trite-but if you say that the messages of condolence and support you have received on here from your fellow friends and posters have been a help and comfort to you at this time then I’m very pleased to be able to add my own.


    Prayers for your wife and wishing you and your 2 daughters all the strength and comfort at this sad time.


    Take good care.

  10. Bt .



    It was the one at stonelaw rd, or thereabouts.


    I nearly choked when i was out for a puff and a bloke bowled and shouted


    hail hail as it landed next to the jack.



    My nephew from Aberdour commented on the winning board…no Tim names…a sheltered life.

  11. maestro-number8 on

    ElDiegoBhoy, sorry to hear of your loss, God Bless you and your family at this time.

  12. sipsini



    Naw no that one in the shadows of Stonelaw Church,don’t believe I’ve met anyone


    from there unless I was in front of them at aforementioned Ruglen Sherriff coort HH :O)

  13. The Boy Jinky on




    Give big efe a break . Every defender on earth struggles against the Spanish Armada






    Was in asda and stopped at yours on way home. . About 4; 30.



    Mrs bts jalopy wasnt in the drive but I chapped your door and gave you a shout.



    Just gonna have to eat by the luxury carrot cake on my own :(

  14. English commentator lavishing praise on Fabergas for Spain goal despite the fact Iniesta set it up.


    Follows up by telling us how brilliant Obi Mikel is and how he is Nigerias best.

  15. Down club for dinner you should have textd me and I would have stood you your dinner..


    Lovely south asian curry..


    And a diet coke..

  16. celticrollercoaster on





    How’s the recovery? Saw yer old man at the Lions Roar night on Friday. He was one of 4 Lions on the stage. Stars the lot of them. Bertie was of course on form as always







  17. Btw.


    I wad onoy stating that he would be badly exposed by the way nigeria set up.

  18. Spain 1 up. Good goal but Nigeria’s Chelsea centre half didn’t cover himself in glory. No criticism of a potential solution to their problems in defense. Now he’s off. Nigeria miss a great chance to equalise and Spain should have had a penalty. What a start.

  19. The Boy Jinky on




    I missed a free dinner.!!!!!!






    Was thinking of getting you a wee snifter in asda. .. but as your abstaining thought the cake was a better idea.



    If I get fat … im blaming you and mrs bt .. lmfao

  20. The big guy at the back....of Neil Lennon on




    Sorry to hear of your dreadful loss.



    God bless all of you.




  21. I’ll try again…a few posts have ended up in cyberland…prob me though…you know how christenings go.






    I couldn’t express in words how you must feel, my prayers are with yourself and your family.




  22. Commentator waxing eloquent about the Spaniards passing game. No mention of how we coped so magnificently with their greatest exponents of the art. Now if it were an English team…..Hmmmm

  23. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    The English commentators always talk up guys that played in the premiership — Balotelli is a case in point.



    They couldn’t stand him at Man City but now he is a product of, and a symbol of, their brilliant league.



    As for Efe…… hey…. he will be telling his colleagues that he has played in a team that has already beaten most of this lot none too long ago…… ;-0)

  24. celticrollercoaster on




    You and Mickey getting together tomorrow? Excited yet?







  25. could we change ‘celtic quick news : not lazy journalism’ to


    ‘celtic quick news: not sponsored journalism’

  26. The Boy Jinky on




    I saw minis pics with AM … leaving her old man in his hour of need ; (



    Mrs BT has praised the kosc food before. .. need to take you all down for a meal when I win the lotto ;)))))

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