So you want a move to England? Prove your worth.


Photo: Vagelis Georgariou biglens.co.uk

Georgios, “I’ll have two goals in the first half”.

No matter what Celtic’s objectives for tonight are, to keep things decent, or to overcome an enormous deficit, priority no. 1 will be to protect Fraser Forster’s goal as much as possible.  Juventus scored three goals at Celtic Park while making sure Celtic players were denied daylight in front of goal.

We also have to keep 11 men on the park.  Manchester United went out of Europe last night in part because they went down to 10 men, but also because Sir Alex Ferguson didn’t produce an effective way to protect his lead with 1 men until it was too late.  If anyone is red carded, let’s make sure he is wearing black and white.  Indiscipline from the home team offers our only opportunity of making a contest of the tie.

Charlie Mulgew is lacking match fitness and would be an enormous risk, no matter how key to our European game-plan he is.  Georgios Samaras is the player European scouts all go home talking about after watching Celtic.  He is the archetypal European player and could extend his already-record-breaking scoring run away from home in Europe tonight.  Don’t bet against him.

Our full backs will be key.  Emilio Izaguirre played his best game for Celtic in the first leg but has been far less convincing since.  It is time for the Honduran to demonstrate his full potential on the big stage.  Adam Matthews has impressed since arriving at the club and I fully expect he will mature before your eyes tonight.

One or two Celtic players have declined new contracts in the hope of attracting some of the silly money available elsewhere.  Producing at the Juventus Stadium might convince some they are worth the trouble. This is no reference to Photogenic Georgio, b.t.w., he’s here for keeps!

The Twists & Turns Celtic Supporters Club is holding a charity night at the Supporters’ Association Club on London Road, this Friday, 8 March, at 7.30pm.  There will be Question and Answer session with me, John Fallon, Dixie Deans, Archie MacPherson, compared by Phil Agnew.  Afterwards you can enjoy music from Foggy Dew.

Tickets are £10 and you can get them from Phil by calling 07811 178764, or email me your numer and I’ll pass it on (celticquicknews@gmail.com).  Profits are going to the Tommy Burns charity.

I’ve been to a few nights with John, Dixie, Archie and Phil and they are always fantastic Celtic occasions, so get yourself a ticket.  See you there.

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    Are you another Old Mungovian?



    This place is blinkin’ full of them……..

  2. Folks ,



    We’ve been quiet this year , just getting on with what we do which is taking kids to the football . Now is the time for the begging bowl to come out but we do it with a twist – you get a great night out with , hopefully , a recently won title to celebrate -we’d better have won it by this time or I’ll be a basket-case !



    The 3rd Annual Kano Foundation Dance



    will be held in The Kerrydale Suite, Celtic Park on Saturday 27th April 2013 @19.30-01.00



    Tickets are £25 each for a live band , disco , 3 course meal and raffle .



    If you have Facebook , you can buy tickets here , http://apps.facebook.com/bueglestores/thekanofoundation or email us at contactus@thekanofoundation.com



    Remember to quote ‘sannabhoy’ when booking cos we’re all trying to get the most tickets sold – purely for bragging rights , of course.






    Thanks and Hail Hail




  3. SPL Board


    Board members are elected annually by representatives of the 12 SPL clubs and meet monthly to discuss strategic issues. The Board’s main responsibility is for corporate governance, strategic development, the delivery of the SPL objectives and the application of the SPL Rules.



    The current SPL Board is made up of Ralph Topping (SPL Chairman), Neil Doncaster (SPL Chief Executive), Eric Riley (Celtic FC), Stephen Thompson (Dundee United FC), Duncan Fraser (Aberdeen FC) and Michael Johnston (Kilmarnock FC).



    The objectives of the Scottish Premier League are to:


    Build a league competition with standing and recognition throughout Europe;


    Represent and safeguard the interests of its members;









  4. ProphetOfRegret on

    why do the SPL highlights have that “YOU WOULDNT STEAL A CAR” music in the background? scares the shite out me every time.

  5. Hi Paul67,



    We did play well at CP for long periods during the first leg, but we looked niave in defence and impotent in attack.



    I believe our overall game plan and performance will be much better tonight, just hope it’s good enuff for a win.



    Juve 0-3 Celtic

  6. Auldheid



    An excellent post and your thoughts not only mirror mine but many others also.



    SB renewal for many SPL clubs will soon be upon us. Action + leadership from all the clubs is a must before those forms drop through people’s letterboxes.



    A silence will be met by many of those envelopes remaining unopened.



    Crunch time approaches.

  7. Auldheid



    Great post. It does reflect my thinking, as JJ said, but it is still a great post, despite that handicap.



    Mort & others



    Rangers ARE on that IFFHS list you posted.



    They are there at position 331 but they seem to have relocated to Chile.



    Well, Charles did promise them a new league.



    P.S. Just checked on wiki- That Rangers were founded by a “Scotsman” with the name Juan Greenstret and have red and black socks like their dead brothers.



    Wiki has them sharing a few other characteristics with Sevco:-



    “Rangers was relegated in 2009 after being assessed a three-point penalty for using too many non-Chilean players in a November 8 match. The club filed a lawsuit in a Chilean court, leading to a threat from FIFA to throw the Chilean national team out of the 2010 World Cup if the case continued.[1] Under pressure from creditors, Rangers dropped the lawsuit on November 27, shortly after FIFA’s demand. The case delayed the start of the league’s playoffs.[2]



    In 2010, the club was auctioned and purchased by a business group called “Piduco SADP”.[3]”

  8. From last thread.







    Good post, which sums up the shocking situation we are in.



    Many of us harp back to Fergus and further back to Kelly and what they would have done.



    We don’t need to go so far back.



    In 2008, Celtic spoke up for sporting integrity re Extensiongate and carried the day.



    For me, the present situation is far and away more serious than that time.



    In the absence of a reaction from Celtic, they are implicitly condoning corruption.



    Worse still, is the position the support will be in.



    Do they become complicit by continuing to support or do they hold on to their innate sense of fair play and justice, of which we are renowned and say, ” enough, not in my name”.



    The fans of all clubs are being placed in this position and it would serve this site better if that was the issue we concentrated on, not in a finger pointing way, than which shower of imposters and facillitators carry sway in a proposed Referendum.

  9. Auldheid


    12:34 on


    6 March, 2013


    The Honest Mistake loves being first


    10:51 on


    6 March, 2013




    They need to play European football to survive. Imagine the mess when they return to the top flight.


    For that reason, Celtic have two seasons to extract themselves from the mess that is Scottish football.




    I have a wee calculation that is being checked that suggests without Share income they would be bust this season and even with it will run out of cash next.



    Its pretty detailed, based on past and recent accounts data but with one or two assumptions that need to be checked although two seasons at most before the share income is used up if they do not start to balance the books.



    It also depends on achieving the SPL in a straight run (hard luck all SFL clubs) and even then they are losing money. It allows for a return to investors but if the bottom line is negative where is that return to come from? An investor worry.



    They are only cash stable by having share income to draw on, after that they have to cut the wage bill and increase ticket prices. It is one thing paying half price to save your team for a while, it is quite another paying double to watch pish.



    They could of course just be allowed back into the top tier without the climbing divisions charade but as things stand the future aint bright and it aint orange, hence the mutterings of a leg up so that they can screw up the game again.

  10. squire danaher on

    BMCW 12:25



    Ian jack may be a respected journalist but not in my house



    He could not and would not have written such an article about ANY OTHER minority grouping in 2013 Scotland



    He demonstrates a staggering degree of wilful anti-Carholic ignorance bordering on downright anti-Irish raciam








    Had he held such views about any other minority,he would have been ridden out of town,and rightly so.



    But,strangely,they appear not to have held him back……

  12. If any of you folks reading accept the self respect argument for not moving on and feel self assured enough to do it, can someone put the issue to Clyde (and ask them to stop insulting our intelligence and questionning our motioves as they are not as bright as they think they are and have even more questionable motives.



    Maybe on Friday.

  13. That Puma photoshopped image has certainly upset the pack of Zombies – they have infected the CQN Facebook page and their collective thickness is a source of some amusement. If you can stand their stench pop over and marvel at their attempts to spell. Are they all this stupid?

  14. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    I’m not too worried about how bright the future is for them. It’s how gloomy it looks for us. Scottish football is openly corrupt. Only last week, more than a decades worth of financial doping and deception was deemed to offer no sporting advantage. This seems to be accepted by our club, supporters group and majority of supporters.


    So now the fraudsters know that there are no repercussions to their actions, the belief that they are untouchable has been confirmed and that they don’t have to operate behind closed doors in a veil of secrecy, I would say that we have more to worry about than the hoards.

  15. Am I the only one who hears the Quiet Man tune in their head when reading SQUIRE DANAHER on the blog?




  16. Auldheid


    Excellent post on last thread.


    Should be reposted.


    Has there been any offical or unoffical comment from the SPL


    other than that one attributted to Thompson.


    Does Thompson have the authority to speak on behalf of the SPL before any meetings have taken place.


    The SPL statement on its website only says that it NOTES the judgement. Nothing else.


    Is it possible although unlikely


    that they may yet do the right thing

  17. squire danaher on




    My associates including several CQN lurkers will tell you that it is generally bad news to mention the Quiet Man in my company as I generally launch into Squire mode



    You have been warned….



    Well now – we’ll begin at the beginnin……

  18. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    NTASSOOLLA from the previous thread.



    You may have a point there. That’s probably why my latin is still pash. I’m trying to rectify this by watching endless re-runs of Rome and Spartacus. My latin’s not improving but i can bring doon a rampaging war horse from 60 yards wi a twa pun javelin.



    A bog standard wee primary followed by an equally standard comprehensive secondary, both in spateston for me. None of this high rollin and blazers with gold trim when I were a lad.



    BTW, I upgraded young acgr’s ticket and took cloggybhoy to the DUFC game. We met up with Jaggy and a couple of others for beer etc after the game. Cloggs was asking after you. I told him you were over here causing no end of trouble:-)




    Enjoy the game tonight. Off to do some work.









    That is superb,really clever stuff.

  20. This farce has gone on too long.


    Yeah, we’ll turn up, season in, seson out, beat the bams in violent twisted games overseen by straw men and masons in black, laugh at the psychosevcovians, get our ticket to the half-decent Champion’s League. We may win, one day. We may not.


    The point is : we are hated in our own country, but loved, lauded and respected worldwide.


    ( true for many clubs, but with a unique resonance for Glasgow and Celtic)


    We live in a racist, sectarian, and officially bigoted nation.


    Anti-Irish immigrant racism unto generations, like a mafiosi vendetta.


    To hell with it all.


    Adopt The Tricolour in full. Fly it permanently and hugely.


    Adopt Ireland formally as our cultural and ideological home, officially.


    Rebuff Scotland and its meaningless joke-fest HumpDump games.


    Leave the racists to it.


    The klan never changes. It is rooted in its own ineptitude.


    Let them rot in their own putridity.

  21. tomtheleedstim on

    BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS – can’t take the credit my friend.


    Prestonpans1745 on KDS with the original gag and Cartuja with the pic.



    I was howling when I read the original – genius.




    excellent …self respect is the key …






    rankings..Chelsea at then top …a team who couldnt reach the last 16 of the CL and who have a fight on to qualify for next years CL…..utter nonsense

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