Soft capitulation adds to stress


A good number of us managed to avoid a panicked reaction after the defeat to Midtjylland on Wednesday.  That position can under stress on Saturday evening.  Despite making Hearts look every inch a promoted side who were unable to pass the ball, Celtic again lost to a team with a fraction of their resources.  It was a soft capitulation.

Carl Starfelt endured a nightmare debut.  Skinned by Ginnelly in the build up to the first goal, he tried to make amends but only succeeded in surrendering his position goal-side of Liam Boyce.  Boyce continued to torment the central defender for the rest of the game.

Hearts winner was a textbook copy of Midtjylland’s opener on Wednesday.  An angled free kick into the box should have been met by a Celtic defender before it dropped enough for an attacker to make contact but John Souttar had freedom of the Celtic area to choose his spot.

Anthony Ralston earlier looked to have set Celtic straight with a sublime goal that, like Callum McGregor’s on Wednesday, deserved a better result.

Bobby Madden should have red carded Andy Halliday for an uncontrolled lunge that ended with his studs in Callum McGregor’s ankle, but the referee chose to caution the player instead.  Liel Abada made another perfectly timed run into the box to score but Greg Taylor was adjudged offside.  The decision was generous to the home side.

It hardly needs saying that Starfelt will get better.  Christopher Jullien took weeks to settle into Celtic in less stressful times.  Kyogo Furuhashi was given the closing 11 minutes but was unable to make an impact.

Ange Postecoglou has two days on the training field with the players to practice attacking the ball when defending set pieces before they fly to Jablonec.  If he is to effect a remarkable recovery this season, it has to start soon.

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  1. Scaniel my friend, i was hoping to bring the grand weans down to see the donkeys on Thursday.



    Will the farm be open?

  2. As far as I am aware,Huns have drawn Olympiakos,or Ludogorets ,if the beat Malmo.


    Would not be counting that CL MONEY YET.

  3. Three points worse off than this time last season, releasing / selling players doesn’t seem affected by Covid, Brexit, or plain red tape, with the Champions League gone, since the last window,



    out of the revolving door





    El Hamed
















    Laxalt. loan


    Duffy. loan


    Kenny loan


    MOI loan



    In the revolving door



    Edouard, Christie, Bolingoli next for the revolving door



    Players in ( including development players )
















    Season tickets sold there’s a massive void in the wage bill, never mind the team, despite the ever diminishing values of the players still in the revolving door. Most Celtic supporters have an opinion on what we need but there’s never been such unanimity about the enormity of the job.



    Celtic have the money and the minimum requirements a first choice goalkeeper, first choice right back, first choice left back, new defensive midfielder, a first choice striker that scores.



    Very quiet Dominic?

  4. Fred Colon on 2nd August 2021 12:52 pm



    Scaniel my friend, i was hoping to bring the grand weans down to see the donkeys on Thursday.







    Will the farm be open?



    We’re away from home on Thursday mate…

  5. Peterlatchfordsbelly……don’t mention luck….doesn’t come into it according to Geebee….that draw is fine example of outrageous luck !!!!!

  6. I hope Ange has learned to ignore advice from John Kennedy and Gavin Strachan, The Hearts performance showed a likeness to last season, overwhelming possession, passing sideways and backwards, poor defending of set pieces, lack of 90 fitness, late and poor subs, I could go on. Bitton cramp at 70 mins, tablet instructions to sub.



    I hope we discover the balls to drop Eduoard as his form is so poor that anyone would be an improvement. I feel we will not get any offers for this non trier and we will even fail to get our money back

  7. onenightinlisbon on

    Season books sold – pressure off…they need to hear us loud and clear at the weekend.

  8. Go tell the Spartim on

    I think the suggestion that Ange has two days to sort the defence highlights the ineffectiveness of our retained coaches, I have no idea if they’re good or not, you’d think they’d have sorted this by now ?



    I agree with Jimdom, that a lot of our players, the captain included revert to type with slow tippy tappy sideways and backwards, our better players (a pool that’s diminishing at a rate of knots) manufacture openings when we play at a higher tempo,



    OE didn’t fancy Brighton apparently so that’s why he’s still with us, but for the last time he’s not a number 9, hopefully with Kyogo starting soon we’ll either see a better version of OE (giving him the benefit still) either to get a move to a team he likes or to reignite his Celtic career, or if he still struggles we could play, Abada, Forrest either side of Furuhashi. My worry is, with him going (soon) we’re now into august and four weeks isn’t enough time for our recruitment team to find and sign his replacement.

  9. SFTB @ 4:02 on 1 August




    Thank you for your reply. I was most surprised to get it, however when I read the content, suddenly I wasn’t.



    There is no author bias. The agenda I posted is drawn from over 400 posts from three different blogs since Ange was appointed.



    So no leading questions informed by bias, or indeed, any other kind, have been asked.



    I hope to put something together by the end of the year – by then I will also have a ‘handle’ on how this season is shaping under Ange.



    Once again thank you for your interest – I hope your charity fundraising is going well.

  10. 3 players………. in addition.



    Names we might recognise ( for the right reasons) who can start the morra.












  11. 67 European Cup Winners on

    P67 – I thought Starfelt was ok possibly good now and again


    I also think he will be a first pick regularly – i also think he will/does make us stronger



    Abada i think looks OK – but just OK certainly no better than Christie or Forrest (when he is match fit)


    No better than Elanyousi



    Furuhashi looks enthusiastic (having seen him for all of 11 minutes) but very weak i expect him to get knocked about a bit He will be a squad player



    The 2 young lads from Sheffield are work in progress – squad players



    We are no further forward with player quality than last season



    And more importantly – and i cannot believe you do not write about the subject – we do not seem to have someone responsible for buying footballers (good ones if possible)



    We are a long way from being competitive – i see no threat to the HUN at this stage


    Work needed urgently




  12. Garngad to Croy on

    I did not notice Andy Hunaday getting booked for the challenge therefore one the ref has missed and can easily be looked at retrospectively. I hear it was not covered on trial by sportscence ( I did not watch it) which means we are at the mercy of Ann Budge’s friends at the BBC ( BBC Scotland’s Hearts documentary)

  13. 67 European Cup Winners on

    And by the way………… if we are waiting on someone buying OE to give us the money we need for a rebuild – don’t hold your breath


    I cannot imagine anyone paying £20m for a passenger


    His performances in our 3 meaningful games this season have been shocking






  14. Fred Colon on 2nd August 2021 12:52 pm


    Scaniel my friend, i was hoping to bring the grand weans down to see the donkeys on Thursday.


    Will the farm be open?


    We’re away from home on Thursday mate…





    Bada that made me laugh.



    D :)

  15. 67 European Cup Winners on



    We paid £5m for a “flapping” goalkeeper and another £5m for a striker who cannot get a game in front of a non trying nearly out of contract passenger






    PS Apologies about the spelling

  16. BANKIEBHOY1 on 2ND AUGUST 2021 1:05 PM


    3 players………. in addition.


    Names we might recognise ( for the right reasons) who can start the morra.










    Bankiebhoy – exactly we are all getting caught up in names etc.



    PS how you feeling after your recent op and subsequent rehab start.



    D :)

  17. Ah Vinnie with his belief in fairies, divine intervention and star signs.



    In the last few years we’ve lost to Maribor, AEK, Cluj, Ferencvaros and Midtjylland.



    For Sevco to qualify they’ll probably have to beat Olympiakos.



    Now Olympiakos are beatable but how you can call that “outrageous luck” is beyond me.



    I’d take the teams listed above before Olympiakos any day of any week.

  18. FRED COLON at 12:52


    Thursday afternoon would be grand. Would be great to meet up again. If you can get my email address from Paul, or my phone number it might make things easier. Otherwise, I’ll just keep an eye out on here.


    BADA at 12:56. Very good. There’s a few down here with a good left foot and a helluva kick in them.

  19. starlet more like bawsfelt as somebody said during the game and how do you propose we will correct our defensive frailties inside two days with J Kennedy when it hasn’t worked for years under his defensive coaching.

  20. AZ finished 12 points in front of Feyenoord who rangers beat and everyone was lauding them for it !!!…..we will here the usual nonsense that we should be beating them easily

  21. Rolling_Stone on

    @ VINNIETHEDOG on 2ND AUGUST 2021 1:45 PM



    Has anyone said that we should be beating them easily?

  22. Geebee I was responding to an earlier post who got the teams wrong.. ..I still maintain they get..lucky draws regularly……once again….I never mentioned celtic….

  23. Does anyone know the extent of Julienns injury?



    is he not out until nov with bigfeertyitus

  24. squire danaher on

    Europa Conference draw



    Jablonec (CZE) / Celtic (SCO) vs Tobol Kostanay (KAZ) / MŠK Žilina (SVK)



    As I understand it if we lose to Jablonec we play the loser of this other pair

  25. Lack of news today regarding new signings?



    Are we taking the Auld Reekie holiday?


    Or do we need OE to leave before anyone else can come in?



    Interesting tumour from yesterday was the youngish SR CB — LS — who was mentioned in passing.


    Big unit who has made a name for himself in the LoI and the Eu qualifiers.



    If he comes in it would take the pressure of DM.


    Might be a good idea to loan him to SR to oil the wheels of any deal.


    Like for like replacement.

  26. !!Bada Bing!! on

    SD- we will be down to Shettleston/ Benburb soon….can we just not withdraw from Europe this year?

  27. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    There are many interesting books written about Celtic; the field of Celtic literature is one of the richest in World football.



    I expect there is a very interesting book to be written about events at the Club, on and off the field, over the past 12 months.

  28. VINNIETHEDOG on 2ND AUGUST 2021 1:48 PM



    “I was responding to an earlier post who got the teams wrong” – There’s a lesson to be learned there somewhere 🙂



    “I still maintain they get..lucky draws regularly” – Last year they had to beat Galatasaray to get into the Europa League while we scraped past an outfit from Bosnia.



    This year they’ll probably have to beat Olympiakos to get into the Champions League – probably the toughest draw a Scottish side has faced in years.



    We might have to agree to disagree on this one but I’d never call Galatasaray and Olympiakos “outrageous luck”. Beatable? Certainly. “Outrageous luck”? Not by most people’s definition.