Soft capitulation adds to stress


A good number of us managed to avoid a panicked reaction after the defeat to Midtjylland on Wednesday.  That position can under stress on Saturday evening.  Despite making Hearts look every inch a promoted side who were unable to pass the ball, Celtic again lost to a team with a fraction of their resources.  It was a soft capitulation.

Carl Starfelt endured a nightmare debut.  Skinned by Ginnelly in the build up to the first goal, he tried to make amends but only succeeded in surrendering his position goal-side of Liam Boyce.  Boyce continued to torment the central defender for the rest of the game.

Hearts winner was a textbook copy of Midtjylland’s opener on Wednesday.  An angled free kick into the box should have been met by a Celtic defender before it dropped enough for an attacker to make contact but John Souttar had freedom of the Celtic area to choose his spot.

Anthony Ralston earlier looked to have set Celtic straight with a sublime goal that, like Callum McGregor’s on Wednesday, deserved a better result.

Bobby Madden should have red carded Andy Halliday for an uncontrolled lunge that ended with his studs in Callum McGregor’s ankle, but the referee chose to caution the player instead.  Liel Abada made another perfectly timed run into the box to score but Greg Taylor was adjudged offside.  The decision was generous to the home side.

It hardly needs saying that Starfelt will get better.  Christopher Jullien took weeks to settle into Celtic in less stressful times.  Kyogo Furuhashi was given the closing 11 minutes but was unable to make an impact.

Ange Postecoglou has two days on the training field with the players to practice attacking the ball when defending set pieces before they fly to Jablonec.  If he is to effect a remarkable recovery this season, it has to start soon.

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  1. MADMITCH on 2ND AUGUST 2021 1:55 PM


    “If he comes in it would take the pressure of DM.”



    Why would we take the pressure off David Murray? por cierto

  2. When’s the deadline for players to feature on Thursday – or has that been and gone?

  3. SFTB @ Yesterday,



    Results just in from Round 1 of the Superbru Predictors and we have a top six of



    18 yard Man- 11 pts


    Chairbhoy- 10.5


    BRTH- 9.00


    J McCormick- 9.00


    Bateen Bhoy 8.5


    & Marspapa- 8.5



    Our wooden spoon holder is Park Road 67 with 1 point- onwards and upwards



    Nobody predicted the Celtic result though I had declined a late entry from a Robert Madhun who had Hearts down for a 2:1 win



    Remember to make your next pick before 12.30 pm on the 7th August and don’t lock your picks- they will lock themselves once a match starts but while they are unlocked you can still change them



    Well could I say how much I was delighted to see my monika’ light up the leader board…






    Turns out I didn’t get any points for the Celtic game. I predicted a 2-3 scoreline.



    Spot on in my book. May I remind you Celtic scored a perfectly good goal which was ruled off side and Haliday should have got a straight red card – we would most definitely have scored another goal if Hearts were down to ten men.






    Could I have my points please!?



    Maybe Celtic are fine about getting cheated out of points but I’m most certainly not;)



    Hail Hail

  4. DBIA @ 2.19



    There is a book to written regarding the Irish Raj and his attempts to get us into the EPL.


    22 years of hurt as the prize has slipped from his grasp on 2 or 3 occasions.



    That is the backdrop to our lack of ambition in the boardroom.



    Football success generates nothing for DD.


    Only the golden ticket of the EPL guarantees that.



    DD wouldn’t know a growth agenda if it came up and bit him in the erse.


    If it beat him in a matchplay then that would be a different matter.



    Imposter of an investor.

  5. We’re playing conference football this season. The lack of signings has done for us this season. I can only hope we keep some semblance of a title challenge going because Europa conference will be played to a closed top tier imo.

  6. PC @ 2.23



    You are showing yourself up to be a TFOD / TFOD2.1 hater …


    Not a lover of the club who is watching the progress of our gangly / wishbone 2nd row young CB.



    Anyway it would be SDM not plain DM for Scotland’s thickest ever tycoon.

  7. MADMITCH on 2ND AUGUST 2021 2:25 PM


    “Imposter of an investor.”



    I think you’ll find that DD used his own money though, unlike 100’s of other football clubs “Investors” around the world and Dave King. por cierto



    “Celtic weighing up a move for Scales”



    No another lightweight! por cierto

  9. ‘Celtic weighing up a move for Scales’



    If you don’t know him, you can read up on him in the libra-ry

  10. GEEBEE1978


    I haven’t checked back, but the poster who referred to outrageous luck may have been alluding to Sevco’s path to the Europa rather than the Champions League. If they are eliminated in the CL qualifiers, they will play Kairat Almaty of Khazakhstan or previous opponents of ours Alaskert of Armenia.

  11. I’ve said this before, I’ll take not being in Europe this year, which will focus the eyes on the main prize, the SPFL Championship, with the riches that automatically follow, por cierto.

  12. I note that various billionaires have recently been fired into space. Maybe we can nominate one?

  13. Just a second thought on the playing in Europe this year. If that’s the case then it lessens the co-efficient points on offer. We’d have to rely on you know who to amass them instead. Don’t know how the situation is for qualifying the season after next though, por cierto.



    The way things are going, I fear that focusing our eyes on the main prize this season may only consist of watching it gradually disappearing into the distance.

  15. Geebee….again I never mentioned celtic ….I was speaking about the huns ….vbut seeing as you keep mentioning it….the last two europa league section draws were night and day……celtic in pot 1 got a far harder draw than the huns in pot 3 !!!…..


    All equals itself out

  16. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    ‘’The Rangers are run to win football matches. Celtic are run to make money for already rich shareholders. One way to achieve that is by building a successful team. Another is by slashing costs. Our PLC has chosen the latter route. Any further investment in the team will be contingent on the sale of Edouard. The size of that investment will be determined by a) whether we make it to the EL group stage b) whether the huns make the ECL group stage. If they do the PLC will further slash costs in anticipation of The Rangers progressively pulling away with teams of millions of ECL.



    The only way to turn a profit in those circumstances is through high enough season book and merchandise sales. That requires the sale of false hope – world class, modernisation, rebuild yada, yada.



    Judge them by their actions, not their sales patter. P67 knows the score. You can read into it in the increasingly downbeat articles. He’s managing your expectations, just like he did last autumn. He was right then and he’s right now. The PLC believe the fans are mugs. If you renewed your SB and bought the new strips congratulations, you are supporting the PLC to achieve their principal strategic aims (pssss… it’s not a successful team).

  17. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    I see we’re now buying from the League of Ireland. Good preparation for the euro Vauxhall conference – if we even get there. More signs the absentee landlord is taking time away from the greens and paddocks to manage our transfer business. He’ll be driving a hard bargain with himself as part owner of Shamrock Rovers I’m sure.

  18. Paul



    Ref the similarity between goals conceded in Denmark & Edinburgh…


    A vocal, strong, commanding goalkeeper is badly needed.


    He doesn’t have to be the best shot stopper for us .


    He needs to be competent at coming for crosses & willing to make himself hoarse shouting at those in front of him. I cant get over Nicky Hammond who was himself a goalkeeper, originating or approving the signing of Barkas. The lad doesn’t have the height, confidence, courage or vocals to be a keeper at any SPFL side. Quite how we paid money for him might need a cold case team investigation.



    The guys in front of our chosen keeper need to be experienced & competent in playing in those positions.


    Not converted mid fielders helping out, especially when his partner is the new guy who’s had one training session with the team.



    Starfelt is rightfooted, yet played on the left & you could see the consequences of that combined with his nerves as he tried to tackle Ginnelly unconvincingly with his right for their first goal. He also decided not to compete for a header earlier in the game when Soutar (I think) latched on to a clearance on the edge of our box. Not fair to judge him on this game, but a blood & snotters atmosphere is not uncommon in our domestic games so he’d better get used to it.


    Hertz also left the grass extra long which made all our normally zippy passes slow down and so make our makeshift backline even more vulnerable trying to pass out to Soro or Calmac. In the early stages we lost easy possession because of that but I fail to understand why. We trained and warmed up on the surface yet no one seemed to brief our guys of the impact the longer grass would have on their passes.



    A suggestion that we lack fitness is a puzzler too. Is it fitness or confidence or tactical naivety?



    Ange seems determined to use Rogic, at least as a sub for now – but he never touched the ball after coming on by my reckoning anyway. Kyogo did touch it but lost possession and then gave away a free kick (Madden’s rules) trying to win it back. Frankly, the substitutions looked desperate & didn’t add to the team. Christie should have been on from the start, regardless of his status. Ralston, Soro & Calmac held the line for me.



    Too many faint hearts against a team like Hertz means we’ll always struggle.




  19. INIQUITOUSIV on 2ND AUGUST 2021 2:36 PM



    No, he meant Champions League and had to backtrack.



    Sure, their EL play-off would be easy but then so was ours when we were champions.

  20. Back in the day , I always watched for the underhand sleekit advantage given to The Devils Spawn over ourselves.



    This was often apparent in the fixture list. Giving us away games after European fixtures, Rankers getting home ties.



    Using the normal reputation/ finishing position of the other teams in the league, ( no matter how well we were playing) we always had a little air of caution when we travelled away to Hearts, Aberdeen, Hibs, Motherwell and recenly Livi ( because of their plastic pitch)



    We also looked on these fixtures as opportunities for the Hun to perhaps stumble.



    This season the “Random” fixture generator had given us the following ( I have excluded the other teams for the purpose of this comparison)



    In our first cycle of games against the 11 other clubs in the league..




    Celtic play each and every one of the 5 clubs ( plus Rankers) AWAY from Home.



    The Zombies play all 6 of those teams ( including us) at home in that 11 game cycle.



    If I was a cynic, ( and I am) I would also note that The FoD even have ensured that the more difficult of these Home ties are at the end of their first cycle.



    Hibs game 8


    Hearts game 9


    Aberdeen game 11.



    If this was discussed on a phone in, it would be dismissed as Celtic Paranoia , someone like Uncle Tom English would probably also say ” it doesn’t matter as you have to play them all anyway.”



    Utter Bullsh*t



    We saw last season what happened when we had 2 games suspended because of Bolingoli… playing catchup is demoralising, being in a lead builds confidence.



    This year by the time we get a settled team ( if we get one) , the league will most likely be done and dusted.


    It’s unlikely that the SPFL fix would have been necessary…. but it’s interesting to note that they still put the fix in anyway.




    The Huns play their first ‘tricky’ away game on 30th October at Aberdeen .






    Livi committed 14 fouls and received 5 bookings.


    The Tribute act committed 8 fouls and received Zero bookings



    Every little helps.



    The Onlooker

  21. VINNIETHEDOG on 2ND AUGUST 2021 2:49 PM



    Honest question – do you honestly think we would’ve beaten Galatasaray to get to the EL last season? Would you have called that a “lucky” draw if it was us?



    Do you think we would’ve qualified from their “outrageously lucky” groups the last two seasons? From losing to Progres Niederkorn to drawing home and away with Villareal, beating Porto and Galatasaray you’d have to be in absolute denial to say that there hasn’t been a massive improvement in Europe and that’s not all down to this arbitrary thing called “luck”.



    Look, I dislike “them” as much as the next person but calling them “lucky” every time they win a game is not only inaccurate but it’s unhelpful.



    I just hope our board doesn’t have the same mentality and sit back waiting for their “luck” to run out like some of the posters here otherwise we have some bleak years to come.

  22. Go tell the Spartim on

    We’ve learned nothing ……..


    Same shitshow every transfer window


    Lots of promising titbits of potential incomers, only to be dashed by them being snapped up by clubs with considerable less income, then we get the regurgitated links, then let’s throw in an Irish link.



    It’s likely to get worse though at least we have 5 home games coming up shortly after Thursday

  23. VINNIETHEDOG on 2ND AUGUST 2021 2:49 PM



    Yes, our group last year was very tough for a Pot one team…doesn’t make them “lucky” though. Their draw was easier but not easy for a Scottish club.

  24. How goes the recruitment drive? Two Latest News articles in past weeks about upping the intensity, urgency, all the buzz words. Then there was the one about the Irish Raj getting involved on the Hart possible transfer. How many days ago? Ten? Still nothing.



    We need oven ready, fit and physically imposing men to step into the team now, and it’s not happening. Starfelt is a bandaid. He’s not a bad player, but his inability in the air is going to bite us all season.



    Furuhashi is a good player who plays on the shoulder of the defence and can effectively shoot with both feet. He will incorrectly be called offside a zillion times, just like Bobby Lennox. He needs two things, a physically imposing center to play off, and midfield players to instantly spot his runs. McGregor and Turnbull will hopefully do the latter, but without the former, Furuhashi will struggle. Give him support, and he will score a bunch of goals for us. Whether it will be enough to overcome those we will leak, time will tell.

  25. Rolling_Stone on

    So the new CB from ireland that we are linked with is 23 this week, the same age as Ajer.



    He is said to play left wing back but also can fill in at CB. We continue to buy people who play multiple positions, none of them well.



    He has no caps for Ireland, unlike O’connor who can’t get anywhere near our team.



    Tom Petty’s free fallin’ would be an appropriate pre match song for our first home game of the season.



    Hi Saint!


    I may have passed you on the stairs! In my dating days, I used to meet the lucky girl beside the World War II shell ( I think that’s what it was ) just to the right at the top of the stairs in your pic.


    The last time I was in Central, I looked for it, and was surprised to see that they had moved it nearer the Gordon St. entrance. Don’t know why.

  27. DAVID66 on 2ND AUGUST 2021 12:47 PM


    Does anyone know how many ST’s were sold?




    D :)





    I couldn’t tell you to be honest. I’ve read a couple of posters say 46k and another saying 53k. I renewed my season ticket on the Monday of the final week for doing so. I asked one of the stewards how renewals had been going. He said that during the previous week it was very slow but steady. I was about 10th in a queue of 20. When I came out of the ticket office there was a similar queue. The steward said it had been nothing like previous seasons when hundreds were queued around the block. Maybe a lot of fans left it to the last minute or renewed online or by post.

  28. What is the Stars on

    Scales would be a vast improvement on any defender Celtic currently have. That said I would prefer he stays with Rovers..

  29. INIQUITOUSIV on 2ND AUGUST 2021 3:54 PM







    Hi Saint!





    I may have passed you on the stairs! In my dating days, I used to meet the lucky girl beside the World War II shell ( I think that’s what it was ) just to the right at the top of the stairs in your pic.





    The last time I was in Central, I looked for it, and was surprised to see that they had moved it nearer the Gordon St. entrance. Don’t know why.






    alrighty, if you ever get the chance do the CENTRAL STATION TOUR.


    Paul Lyons tells the stories of the dead brought back from the front and the shell and the gates.


    Hugely interesting and he is a big tim.



  30. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    ‘Celtic weighing up a move for Scales’



    Promising – could tip the balance in our favour

  31. Does anyone on here who watches Irish football know if Scales is first-team ready?



    More worryingly, does anyone really believe he’s an Ange signing?

  32. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    ROLLING_STONE @ 3:39pm



    “So the new CB from ireland that we are linked with …. is said to play left wing back but also can fill in at CB. We continue to buy people who play multiple positions, none of them well”





    “He is said to play” – RS, I take it you’ve never seen him play?



    Bit harsh maybe?




    Put it this way ….



    IF Aarhus finished 4th and Midyjjtland were second



    AND Larne FC finished 4th in league ranked 42nd



    AND Shamrock Rovers finished first in a league ranked 37th



    AND Larne beat Aarhus while we lost to Midyjjtland



    AND Scales played for Shamrock Rovers



    Isn’t there a chance he might add something to our thin squad?



    (Oh and take away the number you first thought of ! 🤔)