Soft capitulation adds to stress


A good number of us managed to avoid a panicked reaction after the defeat to Midtjylland on Wednesday.  That position can under stress on Saturday evening.  Despite making Hearts look every inch a promoted side who were unable to pass the ball, Celtic again lost to a team with a fraction of their resources.  It was a soft capitulation.

Carl Starfelt endured a nightmare debut.  Skinned by Ginnelly in the build up to the first goal, he tried to make amends but only succeeded in surrendering his position goal-side of Liam Boyce.  Boyce continued to torment the central defender for the rest of the game.

Hearts winner was a textbook copy of Midtjylland’s opener on Wednesday.  An angled free kick into the box should have been met by a Celtic defender before it dropped enough for an attacker to make contact but John Souttar had freedom of the Celtic area to choose his spot.

Anthony Ralston earlier looked to have set Celtic straight with a sublime goal that, like Callum McGregor’s on Wednesday, deserved a better result.

Bobby Madden should have red carded Andy Halliday for an uncontrolled lunge that ended with his studs in Callum McGregor’s ankle, but the referee chose to caution the player instead.  Liel Abada made another perfectly timed run into the box to score but Greg Taylor was adjudged offside.  The decision was generous to the home side.

It hardly needs saying that Starfelt will get better.  Christopher Jullien took weeks to settle into Celtic in less stressful times.  Kyogo Furuhashi was given the closing 11 minutes but was unable to make an impact.

Ange Postecoglou has two days on the training field with the players to practice attacking the ball when defending set pieces before they fly to Jablonec.  If he is to effect a remarkable recovery this season, it has to start soon.

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  1. My friends in Celtic,



    We need players who can fit in immediately. Not prospects.



    So much for our academy. Should we now follow Brentfords example and close the academy and restructure?



    PS : Brentford had one of the best academies in the business.



    HH to all. Even pot bellied, swivel eyed multi monikered trolls.




    agree with what you posted , would also add who the hell told the manager that JF could play left wing , heaven help us.

  3. onenightinlisbon on

    The fact that Kennedy and Strachan are still there says it all.



    I would have hoped that Ange would have brought in his own men.

  4. prestonpans bhoys on

    RC on 2ND AUGUST 2021 4:52 PM



    100% correct, indeed was that not one of the Lenny failed tactics of previous season

  5. Only one critique relevant.



    He must be able to fit in and play immediately. Anything else is an irrelevance at this time.

  6. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    I would be all for us withdrawing from European football this year if we could, its a competition too many whilst we are trying to rebuild an entire team, Ange needs lots of time to fix the utter shambles of a squad he has been left with, it will be at the earliest December before we have anything like a settled first team,



    All our efforts should be focussed domestically, playing in Europe should we qualify – and I don’t think its possible this time around – will only help out the rangers, especially if we end up playing catch up league games on a Sunday, Europe this season will only be a handicap for us, in much the same way that Ange has been handicapped by having to work with last seasons proven failures.

  7. Bigbhoy mibbees just mibbees our coach was instructing our sub was because English wisnae his first language

  8. Go tell the Spartim on

    Re : player recruitment,



    It seems that when we choose really cheap deals we’re world class already

  9. Rock Tree Bhoy on 2nd August 2021 5:10 pm



    If your timings are correct we’ll be in the market for a new manager and the covers will be over the huns end again.

  10. SS I believe Paul Lyons hail hails fae the Peoples Republic of the Renton, where our first captain and goalscorer both honed their trade, was going tae say craft there lol.

  11. As far as I can see, and it’s been the case for a number of seasons, without a bustling centre forward who’s also capable of heading a ball, there is no point on our wingers hitting the bye line and throwing in a cross. The opposition team defenders will always win. Our only tactic therefore is to go through the middle. For that reason alone it makes sense for a right sided winger to play left, and vice versa, allowing the wingers to cut inside on to their favoured foot.


    It is also the reason teams playing against us use the wings and cross to their bustling centre forwards as we don’t have defenders who can head the ball.


    This means, by and large, get defenders who can head the ball, and get a bustling centre forward who can head the ball giving our wingers more than the cut inside only option.

  12. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    TIMMY7_NOTED on 2ND AUGUST 2021 5:16 PM




    Just being realistic – its certainly not an overnight fix – judge for yourself our recruitment efforts to date, impressed? Even supposing we get the right players in – and thats still uncertain – he will need the rest of the year to fix things properly,



    We haven’t even got to the stage where we are acknowledging we need a new goalie – let alone actually going out and getting one – persevering with what we have at present will keep us on the back foot indefinitely.

  13. JHB @ 1:04 pm




    “There is no author bias. The agenda I posted is drawn from over 400 posts from three different blogs since Ange was appointed.


    So no leading questions informed by bias, or indeed, any other kind, have been asked.”





    In making this assertion, you carefully removed the questions you posed initially, from your reply. To my recollection they were all questions asking what faults or mistakes Celtic had or had made. There was no neurality in the questions and you did not consider that they may have done anything well.



    So, I have to ask again, are you at all familiar with the precepts of Research and how it should be carried out? Normally, a hypothesis would be considered and evidence gathered to see whether it is proven or disproven. When you start with 3 or 4 negative considerations, you are showing your bias, regardless of which blogs you claim to have drawn these entirely negative possibilities from.



    I can guess your outcome conclusions from the way you framed your considerations.

  14. Chairbhoy



    Computer says no.



    No option for rectifying the mistakes of the Dallas Clone referees waiting atop a grassy knoll to blow whistles against Celtic.



    If there were- I’d be top of the league for sure. Ally McCann did me for a correct score at St. Johnstone on Saturday too



    Be happy with a very good first week effort

  15. Woohoo, just got my ticket through for Saturday, and it didn’t go into spam this time.



    In the opposite end which is a minor hassle, but in 412 I can keep an eye on these pesky bhoys and girls of the GB.



    Saturday at Parkhead is for winners


    Sunday at Parkhead is for lovers



    HH to all, the journey is only beginning.

  16. Tom McLaughlin on

    Jonathan Afolabi has joined Ayr United on a season-long loan and will face Kilmarnock in tonight’s derby.

  17. An Irish pal tells me the boy Scales is very good. Whether that makes him what we’d hope to be first team ready, in the shit storm we are in, is another matter.


    What we need right now is time. Unfortunately, we’ll only have time by winning matches. European games aren’t helping right now and I think we’ll definitely end up in the conference. I do think the huns will get into the CL, so we’d really need to win the league to prevent another winfall for them next year also. That looks a tall order right now. The msm are stirring the shit big time already. We need to back the manager to the hilt. Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a (long) bumpy night.

  18. ERNIE LYNCH on 2ND AUGUST 2021 1:25 PM



    I assume ‘caution’ must mean a quite word, or some kind of secret Masonic communication, because no yellow card was issued.



    *many years ago in Dumbarton there was among the Celtic minded pubs one that favoured Dumbarton supporters, the Macs Bar.



    One of the former Sons players who also played with the deid team as well as a couple of outlander sides used tae regale the clientele with his “war” stories of game he had played in.



    One of his most requested was in a game against Celtic in which he dumped the Mighty Quinn ontae the running track; this player incidentally was a forward and a prolific goal scorer at that, so he must have tracked back tae get at Jimmy.



    As our centre forward was getting treatment allegedly the mitb said tae the hun of the rock the next time he did something like that tae dae it right and ensure Jimmy didnae return tae the field or else he would be forced tae send him off.



    Probably comments about his granny travelling out tae hun infested Dumbarton East also came intae the conversation.

  19. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Fourstonecoppi- my mate got a restricted view ticket for the West Ham game….🙈

  20. Another day gone, no new signings. It’s criminal we’re about to embark on another European trip with Bain/Barkas in goal.



    The Shamrock rovers link has Desmond written all over it, we’re back to the meddling of an idiot that left Lennon in charge to show us who was boss.

  21. Got my tickets today as well. Sit in ES2, they’ve given us up in the Gods 441 Celtic End. I’ll never get up those stairs! :))) por cierto

  22. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Now we’re channeling money into Shamrock Rovers for a boy coming to the end of his contract? That stinks. The club are doing nothing to reverse the decline. In fact they seem to be actively accelerating it. Are they slashing costs so they can sell up? Or it is just big swinging dick Desmond showing his spite for the unseemly hordes?



    Either way there’s something even more rotten than normal afoot.



    Got my ticket for the Dundee game…..what a pish seat ffs




    Move to a better seat ,no one checked our tickets in stadium,good luck.hh

  24. POR CIERTO on 2ND AUGUST 2021 6:49 PM


    Got my tickets today as well. Sit in ES2, they’ve given us up in the Gods 441 Celtic End. I’ll never get up those stairs! :))) por cierto.





    Hey Por Cierto, that’s my seat.😆



    Take a few pre match gargle blasters and you’ll fly up these stairs like a mountain lion.



    Cheers and HH.

  25. Got the worst seats in the house 445 and we are supposed to arrive between 13:00 and 13:30 – yeah whatever.



    90 minutes in an empty stadium. LMFAO.

  26. PETEC



    You can arrive at 2.55pm if you want, no one bothered last time, loads and loads of folk going in at that time, por cierto