Soft capitulation adds to stress


A good number of us managed to avoid a panicked reaction after the defeat to Midtjylland on Wednesday.  That position can under stress on Saturday evening.  Despite making Hearts look every inch a promoted side who were unable to pass the ball, Celtic again lost to a team with a fraction of their resources.  It was a soft capitulation.

Carl Starfelt endured a nightmare debut.  Skinned by Ginnelly in the build up to the first goal, he tried to make amends but only succeeded in surrendering his position goal-side of Liam Boyce.  Boyce continued to torment the central defender for the rest of the game.

Hearts winner was a textbook copy of Midtjylland’s opener on Wednesday.  An angled free kick into the box should have been met by a Celtic defender before it dropped enough for an attacker to make contact but John Souttar had freedom of the Celtic area to choose his spot.

Anthony Ralston earlier looked to have set Celtic straight with a sublime goal that, like Callum McGregor’s on Wednesday, deserved a better result.

Bobby Madden should have red carded Andy Halliday for an uncontrolled lunge that ended with his studs in Callum McGregor’s ankle, but the referee chose to caution the player instead.  Liel Abada made another perfectly timed run into the box to score but Greg Taylor was adjudged offside.  The decision was generous to the home side.

It hardly needs saying that Starfelt will get better.  Christopher Jullien took weeks to settle into Celtic in less stressful times.  Kyogo Furuhashi was given the closing 11 minutes but was unable to make an impact.

Ange Postecoglou has two days on the training field with the players to practice attacking the ball when defending set pieces before they fly to Jablonec.  If he is to effect a remarkable recovery this season, it has to start soon.

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  1. Por Cierto,



    I know that but whoever decided to word that is bonkers. We will go in 14:30ish cos we huvnae been for a while.



    Was there much movement of dudes going to better seats? or even just going to their own seat?

  2. Petec,



    Arrive when you wish my friend. Make sure its before 15.01 hours or you’ll miss our first goal curtsey of our new goal scoring sensation, Anthony Ralston.



    Cheers and HH.

  3. PETEC



    As Por Cierto says ,we had entry time as yourself ,went in 20 mins to kick off no probs.hh

  4. MADMITCH on 2ND AUGUST 2021 2:25 PM



    mm-There is a book to written regarding the Irish Raj and his attempts to get us into the EPL.



    -it will not happen



    mm-22 years of hurt as the prize has slipped from his grasp on 2 or 3 occasions.



    -Correction DD has been a shareholder since 1994.The idea to recaliberate the listing and go down the plc route was in consultation with Fergus.



    mm-That is the backdrop to our lack of ambition in the boardroom.



    DD could turn round and say f… off and get back under your vermin press stone.


    Do you know of a more successful 22 year spell? in Celtics history


    and bearing our history want to ‘tick oot.speculate to accumulate? just like your 11 hero of the manse did in 2008? how did that end up?…money or no money.



    mm-Football success generates nothing for DD.



    -mitchy.stick to playstation manager.





    Only the golden ticket of the EPL guarantees that.



    yawn!see above



    mm-DD wouldn’t know a growth agenda if it came up and bit him in the erse.



    -if its anything like Gordon the dyscalcic he certainly didnt have a clue





    mm-If it beat him in a matchplay then that would be a different matter.



    mm Imposter of an investor.



    -Really mitchy the diarrhoeaspray gun at full thank you.and you seen the impact 11fingers had on growth in general,just a look around pollok shows that.,thank god the security of that capital backing and support during the Labour owned nationalization of banking debt(how very socialisty) in 2008.


    How did it impact other skank/vermin/groaff agendar clubs?



    keep tryin mitchy.a broke clock is correct once a day.remember bum not thumb for flatulence




  5. My Dundee tickets are at the Celtic end/Jungle corner. I am just happy that I got a ticket. Does anyone know why there is no food kiosks open? Arrive at 1.30 to an empty stadia with no kiosks open.



    I was happy when the young players were given a chance Welsh and Murray would do for me. Starfelt was lost and Bitton slows play up. we had 80% possession because we passed it along the backline with 11 Hearts players behind the ball,



    We did not play with Ange style, no quickly winning back possession as we didn’t risk losing it with few forward passes. We need to up the pace.



    Edouard cannot play. He is useless in this mood. i reckon he knows he will eventually get dropped bur wants a free transfer and will sit in the stands for a whole season. He will turn down every transfer and rot away like his pal N’tcham and leave on a Bosman. We will receive no transfer fee for him never mind £20m. He has moved from a “want away” to a non trier.

  6. Tom McLaughlin on

    PETEC –



    The specifying of stadium entry times on match tickets is one of the pre-conditions of Celtic being allowed access to spectators at reduced capacity.



    The same system applies to all clubs opening their doors to supporters until crowd limits are removed.

  7. GP&VP



    It will be just Great to witness Celtic again Live. :)



    I think we are in for some sensational fitba domestically btw. I don’t expect to win the League… The fact so much guaranteed money is there means the Scum and it is the Administrators of the Scottish game that will facilitate this plucky newco.



    We should have nailed the coffin lid down.

  8. Tom McLaughlin,



    Good to see you back on the blog. I appreciate that but it just shows the absurdity of it all.

  9. Tom McLaughlin on




    Kiosks are closed to avoid people queuing and moving around unnecessarily during current Covid restrictions.



    You are allowed to take your own food into the stadium as long as it is contained in a transparent bag or container.

  10. Tom McLaughlin on




    Thanks and yes, I agree. Barring a massive u-turn, the Dundee match should be our last reduced capacity game.

  11. fourstonecoppi on

    GREENPINATA on 2ND AUGUST 2021 6:54 PM


    that my ST area too



    Dundee game my seat Area 111…….crap

  12. RC at 4.52pm



    Just back from injury with 45 “friendly” minutes & a subs cameo against Midgieland as far as I can recall.


    He actually got 2 good crosses in with his left but we had no one on the end of them.


    Maybe he’s been working on that left peg.




  13. i stand corrected, you can take as much unbottled liquid refreshment into the ground as your bare hands can hold

  14. prestonpans bhoys on

    If you like your football of the raw variety the Ayrshire derby is on BBC iplayer



    And I mean raw, oh and they have watered the pitch, something they never do against us, makes the ball stick

  15. PETEC /Tom McLaughlin



    printed on ticket ‘If you cannot make allotted time,you will still be admitted but may have to queue’


    obviously it was a tad more eloquent than this .hh

  16. Tom McLaughlin on




    The game on Thursday will be on Premier Sports. It will probably be announced tomorrow.



    They’ve got form for such late announcements. They only listed the Malmo game this afternoon – about 27 hours before kick-off.

  17. For F@cks sake, I have just realised our game is not on a Saturday, its on Sunday.


    Throws all plans into the fire.



    Consequences we say.

  18. Busy weekend and a heavy workload seen me not get to “goad” as much as i normally do (just teasing before anyone gets upset).



    I am trying to get a lot done before a weeks holidays, I am kinda desperate to get to the Dundee game, but no email as yet.



    On sunday I went all around the east end just to pass the time. I drove out the London road , never been to St Peters cemetary, took a wander in, Never seen any of the restored celtic graves, need to be prepared next time. I was struck by how many were from the 1880s onwards and wondered, was st marys burial ground full by then ? and are there any remains of it ?


    then the eastern necropilis , was this also full ?


    or in a daft thought, were catholics buried in different cemetaries ? i need to go find these things out.



    Back to celtic park, a wander around to read the bricks, stand at the statues, and look at the ongoing works, I wonder if i am still as connected as the wee bhoy who got inside the front doors as my uncles picked up tickets for the Greenock Shammy club for the next big game, and a hello from the president, and sometimes a great pointed out to me , without me really knowing who they were, Thats Neilly Mochan , theres the doctor. Theres Mr McGrory.



    It was a nice warm day, a wee bit suprised, how many people are about.



    The marketeers have a new banner slogan on the extension “welcome home”.



    God, its going to be like a family wedding on sunday,



    On to st marys.



    What I know about art you could write on the back of an original rangers shares certificate.



    But, the TOWER OF SILENCE, is beautiful, haunting, poignant, accurate ? as to how the skelatal figures in rags for clothes arrived in glasgow ? it is humbling, memory jarring, something deep inside us , told by old relatives who had people who surived or passed. The craftmanship involved is just amazing.



    Suprised again, by the steady stream of visitors. A young fella maybe a wee bit hungover teary eyed and head shaking, A women with rosary beads. An old old man, must have been in his 90s, helped from a car, two sticks, makes it to the fence with help from his two younger people who i guess are grand weans, he says something which i guess was irish, a wee blessing.



    I went in the church, how it is set up for these times, green bunting acting as dividers, it is a stunning church the artwork above the altar, it is just stunnning.



    i look forward to there being a hall in the future, well done all involved.



  19. when you open that image, a zoom option is avaialble to read the plaque.



    speranzas poem “this stricken land”.

  20. David 66….



    thanks – all good I think, running a bit, swimming everyday and bike about to be dusted off…….


    not exactly iron-man , more irn-bru man!







  21. Celtic FC do not ‘buy’ or ‘sign’ players they ‘finally complete’ deals. The hugely dull nature of this event should be emphasised at all times by using at least one of the following terms – ‘protracted’ ‘long-running’ ‘drawn out affair’ and ‘dithering’




  22. It’s bank holiday weekend here. We had lunch in Clonakilty……sat outside wee pub just round from the church. I was sporting an NY CSC tap……….a squad of about eight young team gathered by the pub, all resplendent in various Celtic leisure -wear…….It looked like a supporters bus had just emptied. Turns out the Bhoys and their families were down from the North for a break. A good laff. By the looks of the gear they were sporting the Club is still shifting some amount of merch.

  23. Bankiebhoy 1


    Good to hear of your road to recovery. And the supporters bus.



  24. BankieBhoy1: went paddle boarding at Giles Quay near Dundalk a couple of weeks ago. When we got out of the water a few ladies stopped us to ask us about the equipment etc.



    Turned out they were from Belfast and had met us on a few occasions at the AICSC do in City West.



    Small world CSC