Soft capitulation adds to stress


A good number of us managed to avoid a panicked reaction after the defeat to Midtjylland on Wednesday.  That position can under stress on Saturday evening.  Despite making Hearts look every inch a promoted side who were unable to pass the ball, Celtic again lost to a team with a fraction of their resources.  It was a soft capitulation.

Carl Starfelt endured a nightmare debut.  Skinned by Ginnelly in the build up to the first goal, he tried to make amends but only succeeded in surrendering his position goal-side of Liam Boyce.  Boyce continued to torment the central defender for the rest of the game.

Hearts winner was a textbook copy of Midtjylland’s opener on Wednesday.  An angled free kick into the box should have been met by a Celtic defender before it dropped enough for an attacker to make contact but John Souttar had freedom of the Celtic area to choose his spot.

Anthony Ralston earlier looked to have set Celtic straight with a sublime goal that, like Callum McGregor’s on Wednesday, deserved a better result.

Bobby Madden should have red carded Andy Halliday for an uncontrolled lunge that ended with his studs in Callum McGregor’s ankle, but the referee chose to caution the player instead.  Liel Abada made another perfectly timed run into the box to score but Greg Taylor was adjudged offside.  The decision was generous to the home side.

It hardly needs saying that Starfelt will get better.  Christopher Jullien took weeks to settle into Celtic in less stressful times.  Kyogo Furuhashi was given the closing 11 minutes but was unable to make an impact.

Ange Postecoglou has two days on the training field with the players to practice attacking the ball when defending set pieces before they fly to Jablonec.  If he is to effect a remarkable recovery this season, it has to start soon.

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  2. I will be delighted if Hart signs today , a major upgrade .


    A keeper that will command his area and more importantly .. make saves

  3. squire danaher on

    FIELDOFDRAMS on 2ND AUGUST 2021 11:39 PM






    I agree JH is more than likely to prove an upgrade.



    I have wider issues and concerns but they are glossed over by the evident presenting immediate need.



    🎶I dreamed I saw Joe Hart last night



    Gold star for your jotter.

  5. Tom McLaughlin on

    So apparently the hand of PL is “all over” the Joe Hart signing. Too many on here badly missing our erstwhile CEO.



    How will they cope?



    Might I suggest they form a support group? Perhaps a permanent life-size cardboard cut-out strategically placed in the directors box is in order.



    You’re welcome.

  6. Some of us will actually have seen Joe Hart play at Celtic Park, not for City, not for England, (Big Fraser got the England shirt back in 2014) but in a Charity match a few years back. Big Joe played for James Milner’s Liverpool select, managed by Jurgen Klopp, against Stan Petrov’s Celtic select managed by Martin O’Neill. One of the most entertaining games of these kind, I’ve ever actually witnessed. Not only did Joe play in goal, he played outfield in the second half, and would have scored had we not had our very own Artur Boruc in our goal. Hart is quite a character. Other highlights, Ashley Young in the Hoops, playing left back, (wonder why we never signed him) Henrik Larsson alongside Robbie Keane, and a cameo from the Derry Pele, Paddy McCourt, showing how to drift past the opponent with the ball. More than a few goals too if I remember correctly, and good day had by all, Joe Hart included.

  7. I’m a bit concerned about Hart. He really has fallen down the pecking order and iyt’s hard to get back up again.



    He is only 34 though which is like 28 or so for an outfield player.

  8. As with most TOP football clubs recruiting is not one man’s job, nor is the decision of offering a contract. But, and it’s very important, the Head Coach does have a massive say in the discussion and the final decision, massive!, por cierto.

  9. To me, Joe Hart brings professionalism to the position, even more than Big Fraser has, and every bit that Craig Gordon had. His ability is surely not in question, his appetite? well, we’ll soon see, por cierto.

  10. Toaty Trumper @ 7.36



    No matter who I am you are still a billionaire’s excuse maker in chief.


    Enjoy the rest of your day / career / life.



    Now back to JH and his command of the box.


    Interesting as the actress said to the bishop …

  11. PETETHEBEAT on 3RD AUGUST 2021 9:15 AM


    “I’m a bit concerned about Hart. He really has fallen down the pecking order and it’s hard to get back up again.”



    He has fallen down as Tottenham Hotspur’s 2nd keeper, Tottenham Hotspur’s! And we’ve, by all accounts, just signed him, I think that is a truly massive piece of business, por cierto.


    OK any joiners or VINNIE D on i have a problem with a kitchen door .It will not close at bottom so do i adjust top hinge or bottom hinge. Can you please hurry as we are off to IKEA. Honest IKEA but only to buy napkins and towels..

  13. Rolling_Stone on

    I’m unsure about Hart. People’s perceptions appear to be skewed (which I think is exacerbated by how poor our current crop of keepers are).



    Here’s a link to the Cynic’s review of Hart’s stats:





    For the money, £15k p/w, could we be doing better? Worried about the latest three linked- Hart, Mccarthy and the Irish lad; a £1m signing, a fee signing and a £600k signing.



    No money, no ambition, both?



    I think we have gambled on our draws in Europe and given where we are, will be playing conference football. I can’t see the squad being significantly better come 1 September.

  14. Tom McLaughlin on

    I can accept that certain journalists have the inside track on various clubs and their transfer dealings, but why is this Fabrizio fella releasing details of Joe Hart’s negotiated weekly salary and how does he get that information? Celtic are usually reluctant to disclose transfer fees, let alone player wages, so where is this guy getting his information? Or is he simply making it up?

  15. lynott67 on 3rd August 2021 7:37 am



    I will be delighted if Hart signs today , a major upgrade .





    A keeper that will command his area and more importantly .. make saves



    We can only hope Joe and AP,tell Woods that he needs to come off his line for cross balls,Forster and Gordon were obviously coached to stay on their line,something ive never understood with guys of their size.A vocal GK dominating his area, gives a team confidence, and forwards think twice, in case they get clattered.

  16. TOM,



    I would think ,making it up.He seems a wee bit well informed,but Celtic would NEVER give out salary info.


    So,according to the media,Buta is stalling over wages.True or false,who knows.I know the Turks are sniffing about him,so maybe waiting to see their offer.Turkish media,rate him very highly,for what it’s worth.


    I would still love us to sign Doig.He will go on to better things.Closest I have seen to a young KT.Amazing how some,who would not know Doig,from their Dog,don’t rate him.


    The stuff about keepers playing it out from the back,is great.As long as you have the players to do it.Sadly,we do not.Seemples.Hart will command his box,he is very vociferous.Sadly lacking in our other keepers.Who will learn from him.Great signing.

  17. Fabrizio tells us Hart is on 15,000 a week.


    “Oh,warra mistakea to makea”


    For those who remember Allo Allo.

  18. onenightinlisbon on

    Joe Hart would be a great signing and to those writing him off due to his age look across the city at the number one for them. Hart will improve us with immediate effect. Does this signal the end for Bain or Barkas?

  19. We should be looking in the Greek market for a RB/LB/CB/Striker, and throw Barkas into any deal, he’s finished at CP,and will only be a drain on resources from now on.

  20. ONIL,



    Hope you’re well fella. Popping in. The current conundrum is that with players we have 2 questions currently being answered:



    A. Is Hart (or any of the players coming in) better than we’ve got? – Yep.



    B. Is Hart (or any of the players coming in) aligned with the way Ange claims to want to play? – No (or more fairly, there’s no evidence to suggest it is).



    Well-run clubs get top points for getting yes to both answers but we are in a period of distressed hiring in the absence of any scouting infrastructure and an empty larder of talent.



    Lot of risk or hope in our strategy, depending on how you see the world.



    Keep on keepin’ on fella.




  21. onenightinlisbon on

    BIG WAVY on 3RD AUGUST 2021 10:33 AM



    Cheers pal, hope all is well with you.



    Move in the right direction, our goalkeeping problems have been evident for many months…

  22. Tom McLaughlin on




    Correct. One website said Hart was taking a £13k per week wage cut to come to Celtic, based on £28k to £15k.



    Absolute nonsense. He realistically would expect a drop in salary, but not £13k. I bet he’ll be on a minimum £20k at Celtic.

  23. Wake up to good news at Celtic – thanks goodness.



    All Tims gonna be happy with that.







  24. PeterLatchfordsBelly on



    All rings true when you dispassionately assess the PLC strategy and decision-making. You are buying into a farce. You think your contract with the PLC is that you invest your hard earned and they use that to do all within their power to deliver you the strongest possible team.



    Naw. They see an arrangement where your money is used to maximise returns to the business bottom line.



    What true Celtic fan would support the strategy set out by Phil. You will of course get the BS rationalisations from the Board plants, but essentially the whole enterprise is a con at your expense.

  25. Turkeybhoy


    I have no idea on how Josh Doig will progress


    What I do know


    Adam Montgomery and Leo Hjelde, have every bit as much potential


    Why Not give them a chance


    Why spend millions on a young player, when we have our own, if given a chance ???

  26. onenightinlisbon on

    The board have been shafting the fans since the days of the Kelly’s and the Whytes.