Solid accounts figures from Celtic despite £7m


Celtic released accounts today for the year ending 30 June 2012, a season in which they won the league and exited Europe at the Europa League group stage.  Turnover was down less than £1m at £51.34m but bank debt rose £2m to £2.77m despite a £7.37m loss (the difference between the increase in bank debt and the trading loss is due to the amortisation of player registrations, which hits the accounts evenly over the period of a player’s contract).

Football and stadium income dropped by £2m and merchandising dropped by £1m while multimedia and other commercial income rose almost £2m.  Football and stadium operating costs rose by over £2m.  The drop in stadium revenue and corresponding rise in costs are indicative of the wider economic pressures.  Inflation is affecting Celtic’s costs and Celtic fans’ ability to spend with the club.

With debt sitting at around 5% of turnover and a significant uplift in income this season assured, the club is in remarkably rude health this far into an economic downturn.  Champions League revenue this season should have a transformational effect on how Celtic can forward plan, potentially reversing that £7m loss.

Economic headwinds are likely to supress key ticket and merchandise revenue for the foreseeable future but Champions League revenues seem immune from these challenges.  The primary plan for this season must be to qualify for the group stage of Europe’s top competition next season. Get there and we can continue to operate with the existing cost structures (and more) and still pay our taxes!

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  1. EDB



    can’t imagine that the SPL tribunal will do anything other than apply the rules ,Nimmo -Smith is a very experienced High Court judge …..he’ll not give a fig for the Huns or their bluster

  2. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    BT – the 4-2 league decider game in 1979 cost exactly £1 for a ticket in the Celtic end. It was the night before a Moral Philosophy exam at Glasgow Uni for me and my mate -we had our own philosophical dichotomy – the game or studying? Thankfully we chose correctly and then had a legendary celebration in Heraghty’s. We both passed.

  3. Tomorrow Golf, Gym, Amarone, Vale, Train, Stadium, Train, Vale, Train, Home, Bottle of wine (any type at that stage)



    Carlesberg actually do Wednesdays in Glasgow for the next few months

  4. For those who care about the lower leagues










    Queen of Sth

  5. Mickbhoy



    I agree, improve the product and the crowds will come.



    However, St Johnstone didn’t help their own cause and coffers at the weekend but deciding to sell tickets directly to Celtic supporters.



    I gave out 3 spares before the game to people who would normally have tickets sorted had they been available through Celtic.

  6. PFayr



    Aye indeed. But what rules will apply at any given time of day or day of the week:o)



    But seriously I do think these guys will do what needs done in accordance with the rules, regulations in place.



    Can’t see them allowing their reputations to be rubbished by backing this corrupt mob.

  7. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    0-0 suits them, another earner, or does the game need to be deciced tonight

  8. MB1888



    Can’t disagree with anything you say.



    Take Celtic out of the equation, then we have a different ball game.



    The other clubs have not been as fortunate as us, they don’t have anything like the numbers we do, we have been the only challengers to the huns since the minty years, financially speaking.



    Back to Perth on sat, the briefs were 26 quid, if they reduce them to say 12, they would have more chance of filling the ground, more income, better players, it will take time.



    Or, let the footballers play football, surely the crowds will turn out to watch good football.



    Oh ! they will, you have just said that :>)

  9. Graham Spiers ‏@GrahamSpiers


    Half-time in the Ramsdens: Rangers 0-0 Queen of the South. QoS looking the better team so far. The People are not amused.

  10. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    arsenal game is my choice tonight and glad I picked it, goals and more to come

  11. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    19:11 on 18 September, 2012



    Amortisation ….whit’s that again? …….LOL ……… Switched over to ALBA just at half- time to hear the boos ……. Lovely, lovely sound……so appropriate at iPox ……. They still think they have SPL players, but reality is slowly but surely setting in ….!!!!

  12. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    whose the ref in the hun game, is it a grade 1, if so will he be getting the grand a game deal :o)

  13. What is the Stars on

    For anyone with an interest in Lower league football,Queen of the South have been the better team in the first half away to Sevco Tax Dodgers


    Bookies however are still offering odds of 13/2 on QOS to win and 6/4 on double chance result of draw or QOS


    Couldnt resist

  14. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    neil canamalar lennon hunskelper extrordinaire



    20:40 on 18 September, 2012



    Real v Man City looks as though it is going to be ‘lively’ in the second half …… City slowly but surely ‘growing’ into it ……..

  15. Suffering f*** I just got this offer from the club,



    Overseas supporter season ticket. Cheeky feckers, no way would I do that.





    ‘Overseas Supporter Season Ticket



    Are you a Celtic fan living overseas with a desire to support your team in their 125th Anniversary?



    You can support your Club and the Celtic Charity Fund by becoming a special member of the Celtic Family with an overseas supporter season ticket. By purchasing an overseas season ticket today, you will play your part in a very special charitable initiative to celebrate our 125th year.



    What is an overseas season ticket?



    The Overseas season ticket is available to fans who live outside the British Isles.* By purchasing this season ticket, as well as supporting the team you will be giving the Celtic Charity Fund the opportunity to offer your seat to underprivileged families for the remaining home SPL matches. You will be able to access your seat at any 4 home SPL matches of your choice so you too can regularly indulge your passion for Celtic here at Paradise.



    As an overseas season ticket holder, you will also be entitled to additional benefits including:



    A personalised Certificate detailing your seat and contribution to the Celtic Charity Fund


    A complimentary Celtic TV subscription until the end Of May 2013, so you can follow the Bhoys in action wherever you are


    A personalised seat plaque – your name will be on your seat at Celtic Park for season 2012-2013!



    What is the cost of this season ticket and where would the seat be located?



    The price of the overseas season ticket is £300 which is a significant saving on the normal price of £466! Season tickets will be located in Areas 412/ 413 of the Upper Tier.



    For a Stadium Guide, click here.



    Full payment by credit**/debit card would be required for this season ticket.



    How can I buy an overseas season ticket?



    There are various ways in which you can purchase your season ticket.



    Download the Overseas Application Form HERE and return to overseasseasonticket@celticfc.co.uk



    Call the Ticket Office on +44 871 226 1888 (option 1, option 2***) OR



    Register your interest here and we will be in touch!




    If I wish to use my season ticket, how would I do this?



    You will have the opportunity to use your seat a maximum of 4 times per season.



    To use your own seat, please complete the Overseas Match Ticket Application and return it to the dedicated email address overseasseasonticket@celticfc.co.uk no later than four weeks before the match date.



    Deadline dates for each home SPL match will be detailed on our website, http://www.celticfc.net



    The Ticket Office will email to confirm your request has been processed and advise you of the uplift arrangements for your ticket.



    If I purchase this season ticket, can I apply for away tickets?



    Should you wish to apply for a ticket, please complete the Overseas Match Ticket Application Form and return it to overseasseasonticket@celticfc.co.uk



    Please note, away tickets are for your personal use only.’

  16. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    20:41 on 18 September, 2012


    Green is mental “the stupidity of Scotland”



    I think he is trying to precipitate something, as part of his agenda….

  17. M1888



    time you in the Vale tomorrow, ?



    I could introduce you to okdtim, an experiance every tim should have…

  18. Has Sally signed the 25 year contract yet?



    This guy shurely must be the worst idiot they’ve had in charge bar none. Shurely.

  19. Evening bhoys, the bold brother is in deepest darkest Stockport tomorrow night and he’s looking for somewhere Celtic friendly to watch the game, anybody got any suggestions? Any help greatly appreciated.

  20. Just read Green’s statement. So obvious he makes this pash up in the spur of the moment. Pity the stupid huns dont have the sense to ask him why Sevco have not put a penny into the club and why he failed fat sally abysmally when the transfer window closed.

  21. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this already. I was looking at the Youtube video on the Celtic website of Neil Lennon. I love the video and the music,it just goes so well.



    However,you would think that they would be able to just have that video alone because after it finishes, the video then has links to other Youtube videos and the one that is popping up is ‘The Maggie Thatcher Song’. It doesn’t look great when you can play that song while still being in the Celtic website.

  22. just received a text from Lennybhoy



    The visiting Queens supporters are being treated to chants of “you’re only here to see rangers”…. Their reply..”you’re not rangers anymore” very good!!



    made me smile…

  23. Wee Gollum refereeing a CL match at the San Siro.



    Wonder how he managed to get that gig?



    Sure I saw him award a free kick when he had his back turned to the play.




  24. 67heaven



    He sounded drunk.



    Either he’s on the drink big time, or he is stressing about what he has got involved in.



    Did not sound like someone switched on.



    200 clubs from around the world all know about the rangers situation and can’t believe what’s going on?? He didn’t sound like even he believed what he was saying.



    The Tune “under pressure” springs to mind listening too and watching him.




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