Solid accounts figures from Celtic despite £7m


Celtic released accounts today for the year ending 30 June 2012, a season in which they won the league and exited Europe at the Europa League group stage.  Turnover was down less than £1m at £51.34m but bank debt rose £2m to £2.77m despite a £7.37m loss (the difference between the increase in bank debt and the trading loss is due to the amortisation of player registrations, which hits the accounts evenly over the period of a player’s contract).

Football and stadium income dropped by £2m and merchandising dropped by £1m while multimedia and other commercial income rose almost £2m.  Football and stadium operating costs rose by over £2m.  The drop in stadium revenue and corresponding rise in costs are indicative of the wider economic pressures.  Inflation is affecting Celtic’s costs and Celtic fans’ ability to spend with the club.

With debt sitting at around 5% of turnover and a significant uplift in income this season assured, the club is in remarkably rude health this far into an economic downturn.  Champions League revenue this season should have a transformational effect on how Celtic can forward plan, potentially reversing that £7m loss.

Economic headwinds are likely to supress key ticket and merchandise revenue for the foreseeable future but Champions League revenues seem immune from these challenges.  The primary plan for this season must be to qualify for the group stage of Europe’s top competition next season. Get there and we can continue to operate with the existing cost structures (and more) and still pay our taxes!

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    Good evening, my ghood friend…….!!!!!!!!!!

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    Not sure whose idea it was mate but you’re right that’s why it was introduced.



    Blinkin’ pain though sometimes when applying for tickets.

  3. did andy goram get a yellow card for havin a fag during the game playing for qos (or against) or is that an urban myth ?

  4. 67heaven. And u. Fancy a charity night out a week on Friday? Raising money for my mates wee bhoy who has crohns disease, text me and let me know my old mhate!




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    Understand totally, the product, price and accessibility all have to be right and it doesn’t seem to be happening at the moment.

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    Try the Crown Hotel, Buxton Road. Check details at celticbars.com




    Many thanks IniquitousIV

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    Its in thems genes!! Grieg, Shearer, millar. brand grreeegs dodds, dalzeil,niven, telfer,templton, etc etc…………

  8. Folks, I don’t often post but do check in and read most nights. Just checking to see if any of our more travelled fans know of anywhere close to Hatfield, Hertfordshire that would show the game tomorrow ? I do have the option of my hotel room with the iPad but prefer a tv with some fellow Tims and a beer.

  9. Help needed from any North American Celts. Is the game being shown tomorrow? What channel?


    Guys, first hand experience of American telly . Watching Real Man City Fox soccer channel only games shown are English extension of Sky . I don’t see a mention of Celtic on any of the listings. HELP PLEASE. I know I can see it on delayed transmission but that ain’t no good. Ps in Palm Springs. Thanks in advance Paddybhoy