Solid CL performers, realisation dawns at Ibrox


I remember some disparaging comment from sections of the Scottish sporting media regarding Mikael Lustig’s performances for Sweden at Euro 2012.  Mikael had only recently joined Celtic and was still finding his feet in Scotland.  In short, we didn’t have enough information to make an informed judgement before the Euros.  We do now.

His energy levels, speed, height, crossing and general levels of performance has been remarkably high and consistent.  Sweden handed him the job of subduing one of the world’s top three players at their recent World Cup qualifier in Portugal, Ronaldo was shackled, scoring only when he left Mikael’s area of the field.

There is a notion that this type of player, who can perform solidly at Champions League and international level, but who we can convince to renew his contract, is more important than the more stellar performers, who have an eye on the exit door.

Adam Matthews timely return from injury will compensate for Mikael’s absence as he recuperates post-op, but we’ve never looked as effective on the right since both of them were fully fit.

The reaction to yesterday’s AGM at Ibrox has been surprising, mostly as it surprised anyone.  The outcome has been a forgone conclusion for weeks (if not months), while the realisation of what the future is going to look like for Newco has finally dawned on a few.

A generation brought up to believe in sugar daddies will have to learn: expenditure must equal or be less than income over any given business cycle.

In this respect, I cannot figure why fans are so unhappy with the Newco board, whose central failing has been to spend far too much money on wages for a manager and players.  From what I hear, no one at the AGM demanded football budget is cut to an appropriate level.

As their new chairman said, costs will be cut; doing so is a financial imperative.  The current Rangers might play in the same colours as its liquidated predecessor, but things will never – eeeeeeeever – be the same again.

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  1. Oh shit, I missed an important podium. puke puke puke pukd puke





    Mary’s Meals feed kids who’ll die without your help.



    Rangers Football club is Rangers Football Club.



    Celtic Football club is Celtic Football Club.



    How many Kids did Celtic Football Club feed today….



    How many Kids did Rangers Football Club feed today….



    If you don’t know the answer – then please done answer…..





    Your last few lines just fill me with joy.



    For the benefit of Mr Oag,BIG NAN,I believe I got my pronoun correct.








    Just did it for a laugh this week. Normal service resumed next week.



    Free-for-all while I am down the pub getting blootered….

  4. Regards Mikael Lustig, I remember the consensus on here thinking him shit.



    Sorry if that offends, but that’s what I remember. If you’d like, I could always re-write history, that’s easy.





    Out of order,mate. Plenty of us on here donate to charity,most of us,I expect.



    The podium is merely a bit of fun.



    Yes,charity is more important than that,of course it is. But the two are not to be compared.



    If you like,I’ll dedicate my next four charitable donations to the four podia I stole this week,and I won’t even include the one from the second CQN annual I ordered this morning.



    Strictly speaking,that donation is from PAUL67.



    That ok with you?

  6. Paul Murray’s lips ain’t going to get near the Loving Cup this year and the blazer and brogues are neatly tucked away in the wardrobe, oh how that must hurt him.

  7. leftclick together we will get justice for the dam 5



    11:10 on 20 December, 2013


    When I worked in Christian Salveson in Bellshill in the 90s one of the loading supervisors took one off those we ticker guns that press out a message and typed “big Fenian B*&^*&^” and stuck it on my locker.As him and his lackies were having a wee chuckle I asked if I could borrow said GunI proceeded to type out the word PROUD and stuck it in front of his message:))They never said a word but their faces told me all I needed to know.————————————————


    I worked in a large printing/polythene business some years ago. I ran a small printing press. One night shift 11th July, I went for my piece, was after midnight now, I came back and my press had red white and blue polythene decked all over it, red ink had been used to make red hands. Och I laugjed and just started the press up and carried on, the factory coming down for a swatch and a laugh.About an hour before clocking off time and prior to management coming in, a couple of the guys were walking past laughing, ho ye better get that all off and cleaned……Ah never done it, I’ll just leave it, brightens it up.Suffice to say come eight, it was gone.


    The fairies put it there and the fairies took it away. ..



    “T’was one morning in July”




  8. Will be disappointed if Samaras goes,his detractors were back out in force in the last few weeks,they have short memories.If it wasn’t mainly for this guy ,we would not have been playing CL Group stage/Last 16.He should never have played in Amsterdam as he was nowhere near fit(or Commons for that matter).A modern day footballer taking a wage cut? Doesn’t happen ,does it?.He dropped over £1 mil on his Man City deal to sign for us.The bottle and strength of character he showed after missing that penalty was remarkable IMO.One of the very few players who can play at CL level and we offer him a pay cut,when his peak years are still to come.I hope he stays but wish him every success if he moves on.

  9. BMCUWP, a wee bit of lunchtime fun:-)


    Enjoy the beer.



    Kitalba, our club has, in recent years gone back to its roots and in setting up the Charity Foundation, have made sure we keep that going. I’m proud of them, indeed I’m proud to have contributed through 1254125.

  10. Paul 67.



    “The current Rangers might play in the same colours as its liquidated predecessor, but things will never – eeeeeeeever – be the same again”



    Oh sooooooooo true, and lets never, ever let them forget it.



    We mustn’t let apathy prevail. When we hear the statement at their AGM about the possibility of “Liquidated again” I cringe and rip up the dictionary.



    I know today is “Mad Friday” but statements like that are just crazy.



    HH, Always in Celtic. Insultingourintelligence CSC.

  11. Paul67



    Have you not heard Dave King is going to ride in with his ” mullions and mullions” and save them from their penury.


    50 SHADES OF GREEN. 1211



    Apologies,bud. My New Year resolution is to avoid the podium.



    My shift-pattern just gives me more free time than most at the right moment. Unless I’m up at the bar….

  13. Kitalba,



    I have to admit that at first I did not think Mikael anything special at all. Not merde as you mention (there have been very, very few Celtic players in my time whom I have thought of as that. Not the ubiquitous “Celtic Class” certainly, but merde? Very, very few.) but definitely not that good.



    Bhoy as he proven me wrong and Im delighted about that.



    I was, and still remain, a big fan of Adam Matthews, but Mikael has shown by his performances this season and especially in the CL, just how good he is, and I have to be honest and say that he deserves his place now ahead of Matthews. Or preferably alongside him on the right hand side of the team.






  14. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi, DAM 5 ! on

    I caught a glimpse of a trophy on display at yesterday’s AGM when the board were getting dog’s abuse from the, erm, disgruntled shareholders.



    Must have been the Luvin Cup.

  15. Regarding Rangers, the only thing that concerns me, at all, with them now is how Celtic react if and when we have to play them. If we treat the game as just another game, I’ll be happy, and I mean actively and vocally, advertising a new local rival etc.


    If they mention a return of the OF, I would have to think long and hard what to do, but just now my gut reaction says there are a lot of other things to do on a Saturday afternoon.



    It’s what Celtic do that matters to me, not the SFA or The Blue Parrot Club.




    Out of order because you say so.



    Then I apologise.



    Thank god I ‘m not a doped up’d narco-suupporter.



    Sometimes I think you should understand that others think beyond your restraints.



    Or Does an opinion on here not pass your merit unless the opinion maker is your mate.



    Oh look a mirror.

  17. I predict a riot……….


    ………………….at the very least a rumble in the jungle…………

  18. Weekend fast aproachng…….roll on kick off time.



    Office secret Santa ..Berni Bhoy and the Thai Tims..happy man with this book and CQN annual to come on Christmas day…….. red wine only thing missing in this picture!!!!!!!!!



    Hail Hail

  19. kitalba,



    Chill out ever so slightly.



    As BMCUW stated the podium is only a bit of fun.



    Our charitable ethos is much to the fore these days.



    I would never point score about the subject of charity so its only fair to recognise the contribution the “Rangers” have made this Christmas. Ref Yorkhill Hospital. etc.



    This is one theme where we are all united. It is Christmas after all.



    HH, Always in Celtic.

  20. bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers ………fc not plc



    12:14 on 20 December, 2013





    Your last few lines just fill me with joy.



    For the benefit of Mr Oag,BIG NAN,I believe I got my pronoun correct.




    I will take your word for it!




    Plenty of huns so donate to charity. Sometimes more huns donate but don’t shout about it.





    Huns, Huns, took Martin (kano) on his last holiday. (Aberdeen supporters were quite generous too,and not a Celtic supporter to be seen, but Kano foundation taking bundles of applauds from all. And Kano in his chair, that keeps him alive, for without his chair he is dead. Does anybody ever think about Martin anymore. Or do we all re-write history.



    Mate, reality.

  22. !!Bada Bing!!,



    I love the big man,but I fear his time with us is over.If we persist with the “Diamond”formation used so well in the games at Hearts and Well,I cant see Sammi fitting in at all.This system is the way forward for us.I think Biton will be the key to it all.


    I can see players?,leaving the huns in January.Sure Wallace could get fixed up with a decent team in England.A few others not so decent teams.Now the board has had itself rubber stamped,they can do what they want.High earners off the payroll.Or else go bust.Whichever suits me.

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