Solskjaer back with old flame after over-shooting with looker


It’s been a fascinating day for Molde, who re-appointed former manager old Gunnar Solskjaer on a three year contract. The timing of this one is incredible, coming a few days after an international break, which would provide the perfect opportunity for the club to make changes and prepare for the challenges ahead.

After winning the league in 2014, their third Norwegian title in four years, Molde sit 7th with three games remaining. Recent form hasn’t been too bad. They have won each of their last two league games, scoring seven goals, and sit top of their Europa League group after drawing with Ajax. Interim boss, Erling Moe, had steadied the ship. You could argue he exceeded expectations.

Solskjaer won the first two of those titles, but his reputation faded in 2013, when an unknown young Stromdgodset coach stopped him winning three-in-a-row in 2013. He joined Cardiff City in January 2014 but could do nothing to arrest their slip into relegation and was sacked a month into their aimless Championship campaign.

He’s been carrying out various media and youth coaching roles since, waiting on the right job to come along. Molde have been looking for a permanent manager since parting company with Tor Ole Skullerud at the beginning of August. Solskjaer was reportedly their prime target back then but it looks like he’s held off until now, perhaps hoping for a gig in the well-heeled English game.

Apologies for the metaphor, but he dumped his girlfriend for a looker he knew from his student days, but who was way out of his league, so he soon found himself on the shelf. After spending months looking around he’s gone back to his old flame, who had let herself go but has got her act together in recent weeks.

I’m sure they’ll be very happy together. This is your time, Ronny. Beat them.

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  1. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    Geordie Munro on 21st October 2015 11:15 am Thunder Road and Joe flip,






    Celtic pay all employees the living wage or above.
















    GM et all





    As I understand it, Celtic pay all their directly employed staff the living wage or above and as a result of this increase, any bonus schemes were removed. Arguably it is better to have wages guaranteed each month, rather than a periodic bonus which can be both subjective and judgemental, unless of course you have the initials PL and then you are paid greater than 100% of your maximium entitled bonus award.





    However, to be an accredited living wage employer, you must ensure that the subcontractors you employ also ensure that they pay their staff a living wage.











  2. GreeninbingleyinOslo on




    Here is a link to info for Bhoys and Ghirls coming over from the Norway CSC on Oslo and Molde.



    Norway CSC have arranged with the pub “Tangenten” at Hamnegata 47 in Molde to make this their main meeting place before the game. Beers are 72Nok and it is 15 minutes walk from the stadium.





    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/rugby-refereeing-leaving-football-in-wake/comment-page-9/#comments

  3. TheClumpany



    Disappointed in you mate, when you have a team full of Starlets who jetted in from exotic locations of course they need preferential treatment, Ole Warbiola had thought that would go without saying that his players would get away with murder and not be challenged whilst attacking the oppositions goal in anticipation of their next penalty:))

  4. Paul,



    Have you noticed how quiet the blog is these days? It seems some are fed up with pop up ads.

  5. So it’s as I thought, Celtic are paying the living wage, well there you go then that puts a different light on it, so it’s as I said, are there any employees on the talks, taking it that I haven’t had an answer, it would mean NO, so the question being now is, why are the trust still banging on about it? It’s just a question so don’t go all daft on me, it’s a simple why?

  6. TURKEYBHOY on 21ST OCTOBER 2015 12:11 PM


    I see “Warbs”is a bit upset that his “Wonder kid”Oduwa,you know the guy,the one that likes to try and humiliate opponents,who have just completed an 8 hour shift,in their full time job,while he saunters around the training ground practicing his wee tanner baw tricks,is being a bit roughly treated by said opponents.





    The disgrace of it all.How is he supposed to maintain the “Revolution”when big rough,tough,laborers and plumbers who train twice a week,seem determined to thwart his plans?.





    After match comments from the”Warbmeister”included,”A letter will be off first thing in the morning to that alleged referees father”.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/rugby-refereeing-leaving-football-in-wake/comment-page-9/#comments

  7. TURKEYBHOY on 21ST OCTOBER 2015 12:33 PM


    Kev J,







    No,Lustig was not injured when Celtic signed him.Simunovic played against Ajax,so obviously was not injured.





    Derk was the biggest travesty of modern times,but,as some people try to do,was no fault of PLs.





    We have Scouts,and a full medical team to back them up.When they are satisfied,they then tell PL the price,and he then goes on their say so.Buy or not,after he negotiates the said price and wages.





    The ongoing mystery of the Celtic scouting department remains.Defenders and midfielders we have an excellent record in uncovering,even Goalkeepers.Forwards,abysmal.Why this has not been addressed,is a scandal.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/rugby-refereeing-leaving-football-in-wake/comment-page-9/#comments

  8. thetimreaper



    It might be something to do with the reams and reams of Anti Celtic shite posted naw??



    It certainly affects my enjoyment when I log on to see posters running down the club at every opportunity even on the eve of a big game for us.



    Never had a pop up add myself I got enough going on with the pop up trolls, I’m now in the middle of developing a revolutionary new software Trollblocker for the pesky trolls in yer life:))




  9. Thetimreaper, agree, pop-ups are annoying but there are issues getting onto the blog, especially from mobile devices. Looking at both problems, hoping for some progress today.

  10. The Evening Times,positively salivating at the thought,




    Will Ole Gunnar Solksjaer make a difference to Molde against Celtic tomorrow night?



    Yes, says Graeme Macpherson



    As a player, the former Manchester United striker carved a reputation as someone who could make a sudden, late impact on a game and he could well do the same as a manager tomorrow night. Molde have already been performing well in the Europa League this season without him – winning in Fenerbahce and drawing with Ajax – but the return of their old boss will surely give the whole place a lift ahead of the match against Celtic.





    Well they can but dream and hope.

  11. Had to do a double take on your leader Paul.


    At first glance I thought it read


    Solsjaer back with old flame after over shooting with a HOOKER.



    I thought “Surely not from such an Angelic looking boy”.

  12. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Only the least adulterated tinfoil deflects the ole pop ups.



    THus leaving the field open for the purest of the paranoid to persevere.

  13. What proportion of the people who work at CP on match days are employed directly by Celtic?



    The stewards, the people working the food stalls etc, are they on the books or are they employed by sub contractors?

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Whatever became of that young unknown Stromsgodset coach, Paul?


    Might have a future in the game somewhere…..

  15. Ernie,



    Someone more up to speed will have a better guess at a total but I’d say a good few are contractors.



    And there lies part of the problem.



    To be lw accredited the employees have to receive the lw after the agencies get their skin.




  16. Anyways…..



    Regarding the geme….




    I believe we can go there and win. Scoring first has become ‘easy’. It’s holding onto the lead that has become the problem.



    I’d happily take a draw right now. Well not if we were 2-0 up going into injury time but ye know what I meant :)




  17. South Of Tunis on

    One for the No Politics In The Stadium chaps at Uefa –



    Banner at last night’s – Bayer Leverkusen 4 -Roma 4 .



    ” Some of us remember being filthy gasterbeiter “

  18. Right now I would take a win!



    Nothing else!!



    Mind you if we’re gettin’ pumped at half time in the game, I might take a draw.






    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





    Betcha that was a Freudian slip,ya rich and minted bugger.



    Couldnae go to a better person,of course.



    Well,maybe me. But I’d just squander it…

  20. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    See Muir has done his best to even things up over the season by awarding a dodgy penalty to a team in green and white…

  21. BMCUW



    You reminded me of when I was a high earning, young, single, man.



    I spent most of my salary on wummin, bevvy and smokes………………and I squandered the rest.

  22. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi on

    It’s just as well Warbs didn’t see his side-kick Weir when he was still playing.


    He was just one of a long tradition of RFC players that were allowed to put the boot in with impunity…


    and he made the most of it.

  23. John Collins saying that Joze has trained all week,but probably wont play.Too soon.Not an Ankle twist,but a bruised bone injury.


    The Daily Records intrepid hacks really went to town to try and dig up someone to talk down our chances tomorrow night.They managed to trawl through the Norwegian phone book and found Tore Andre Flo’s COUSIN.



    Still all they had before that was Peter Andre,and unlike Tore’s cousin,he knows nothing about football.

  24. “Still all they had before that was Peter Andre,and unlike Tore’s cousin,he knows nothing about football.”




    Andy Capps wife wouldn’t return his call





  25. We seem to get a lot of bruised bone injuries, Lustig also has/had one seem to take ages to heal, can DBBIA explain what this is?