Some lessons for Ange


Everything is rubbish again.  Five points to Livingston………, why not Juranovic on penalties?  All valid points.  Momentum that has been on our side for weeks, came to a crashing end, which I have no doubt affected the result at Fir Park yesterday.  It could be next year before we get another opportunity to go top of the table.

On paper, resting Kyogo worked.  There may be a time in the future it works, but it backfired on Saturday.  My thoughts went back to Martin O’Neill, who only rested Henrik Larsson against Motherwell in March 2004, between games against Barcelona.  Celtic dropped points for the second time that season but needed Henrik to come off the bench to score.  Martin learned, win the game first, then you can rest the precious few.

If Giorgos Giakoumakis is first choice penalty taker he is a curious one as he is on the field less than half of our playing time.  We would be in the curious position of seeing his presumed deputy, Josip Juranovic, take most of our awards.  Giorgos watched Josip score without flaw on two occasions, then was required to pull rank on Saturday.  It is great the manager has faith in two to take penalties, but for now, the rest of us need a reason to believe.

In any other season, dropping points so carelessly would mean our title challenge was in mortal danger.  It is a relief than Newco have performed only marginally better.  Whoever gets their act together first* will have an enjoyable May 2022.

*that’s going to be Celtic, obviously.

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  1. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    JHB on 1ST NOVEMBER 2021 6:44 PM



    As things stand it seems our best bet is an Ibrox collapse as we are worse off this season than last – let’s hope so!!!






    Seriously? Last season was a nightmare, we were in a hole and we just kept digging and digging. This season we have got rid of the wantaways, new talent e.g Kyogo, Jota, Hart, new manager who has to be given a chance, and we are much closer points wise to therangers, so cant agree, we are much better off.



    1ST NOVEMBER 2021 7:02 PM


    Yes, If we continue to drop points in the same ratio as we have in the first 12 games we will end up maybe 2 pts worse than last year,



    I don’t see that happening.




    I hope to God it doesn’t – problem is that I think the overall standard of Premiership teams has risen from last season – we are ‘flattering to deceive” – at times sublime, and sometimes, e.g. Saturday, ridiculous.





    I hope you are 100% correct – if you are, I will willingly ‘eat my words’.

  4. Very good point GREENPINATA.


    The housing and commercial developments around Celtic Park, over the past 30 years, are to be welcomed. The flip side is the huge reduction in land available for cars and coaches to park.


    There has been talk of extending the Subway system out to the east-end for decades now. Perhaps an elevated rail network would be a better/cheaper solution ?


    Scotrail just operate their usual timetable on matchdays so be prepared to queue for a very long time at Dalmarnock after the game.


    Only the Scottish Gov and GCC can solve this problem but I don’t see Celtic being particularly pro-active in this area. Arrive early to avoid congestion is the default message from the club.

  5. bamboo on 1st November 2021 2:08 pm



    Jock Stein teams were encouraged to shoot on sight. Create panic and get deflections.





    That was the approach in the 67 big cup final up against the masters of defence Inter Milan who had a one goal advantage. Livi coped easily enough with crosses from both flanks.







    I was saying just shoot so many Times in the game, there were so many Times in the game where you could get a shot aff, although not in an easy way to do so.



    We didnae trouble their keeper at all.

  6. We have spent a lot of money on our pitch.You know the one Brendan wanted.The perfect surface for us to be able to play our style of football.Well,just watching the Wolves v Everton game,and our pitch looks like a Council pitch,compared to Wolves.In fact any pitch in the EPL.They all look like Bowling greens.


    WTF has gone on there.

  7. TonyRome



    No idea what is fuelling the (polis) motorbikes and cavalcades going up and down the motorway to The big fancy hotels




    The helicopters which have been flying this past 2 nights (not tonight yet though)

  8. Turkeybhoy,



    Our Pitch is fine. It looks Awesome in fact.



    No Virus now.



    No excuses, we messed up on Saturday.



    If we are 4 points behind in January, I will be getting excited about Celtic winning a Title in a transitional Season.




    Ange knows now how Bizarre the Referee/LRA is in Ecosse. Madhun putin his Best ever performance Saturday.

  9. Tom McLaughlin on




    Just looking at the Wolves pitch. Doesn’t look any better than the Celtic pitch.

  10. I have commented before about the traffic Situation in and around Celtic Park and surrounding areas ,I wrote one way to solve it and it would cost a lot money is to move away from Celtic Park and build a new Stadium say in North or South Lanarkshire we’re there is good traffic systems in place,Motorways,Railways etc,just for a debate how much would Celtic purchase by selling Celtic Park?.

  11. Tom McLaughlin on

    Don’t blame Celtic for Glasgow’s appalling transport infrastructure.



    Glasgow is the only major European city without a rail or tram link from the airport to the city centre. It is an utter embarrassment.



    But Celtic are criticised for daring to ask supporters to arrive early.

  12. TURKEYBHOY on 1ST NOVEMBER 2021 8:16 PM



    I have been to EPL games then watched highlights later. The pitch always looked so much better on TV than it did in reality. It is in the TV companies` interests to make the `product` look a good as possible.

  13. NORRIE M



    I know what you mean i’ve seen more polis today than after we play the huns.



    Sitting at the lights above the motorway at Easterhouse today and a yellow meat wagon draws up beside me with the badge right beside my window it says Merseyside police.




  14. TIMBHOY163 on 1ST NOVEMBER 2021 8:41 PM


    I have commented before about the traffic Situation in and around Celtic Park and surrounding areas ,I wrote one way to solve it and it would cost a lot money is to move away from Celtic Park and build a new Stadium say in North or South Lanarkshire we’re there is good traffic systems in place,Motorways,Railways etc,just for a debate how much would Celtic purchase by selling Celtic Park?.






    zero pounds, nobody would want it

  15. NORRIE M



    I know what you mean i’ve seen more polis today than after we play the huns.



    Sitting at the lights above the motorway at Easterhouse today and a yellow meat wagon draws up beside me with the badge right beside my window it says Merseyside polis.




  16. TIMBHOY163 on 1ST NOVEMBER 2021 8:41 PM



    If Celtic and GCC do not address the transport infrastructure then a move may be the only viable solution.


    Without change, what will the traffic situation be like in 10 years. ? Unworkable I would imagine.



    GCC would lose a massive amount of revenue as would hotels, pubs etc.if we moved outwith the city.



    However we would also sell Lennoxtown and probably build an integrated ground, a community project,franchised hotel and training complex.



    St Mirren got £15 m for the old Love St from a supermarket. Possibly we could double that for the land at Parkhead. ( Luxury Housing is making huge strides in the East End regeneration)



    We would get incentives to relocate, grants, and would sell ground naming rights.



    A share issue would probably raise about £15m. With integrated transport links to Motorways, abundant safe parking, direct transport links to mainline stations and Airports we could expect increased sponsorship.



    I reckon we would need to find an additional £40m.



    No doubt economists or accountants on here could give a more accurate figure.



    For historical reasons I hope this doesn’t happen, but we have contemplated this before with Cambuslang.



    One thing is for sure, the problem will not just disappear. It will get worse and it must be prudent to plan accordingly.



    At least you are putting a possible solution forward I look forward to hearing alternative solutions.


    It is pointless to dismiss your solution out of hand without a feasible alternative.



    To reiterate, this problem will not go away unless we all watch games at home/ pub.




  17. James Forrest’s latest



    I wasn’t at the Celtic Fan forum thing the other day, as I don’t get invited to those.



    The people who choose the guest list are almost certainly right from the point of view of wanting them to take place without overt hostility, because if the reports from this one are accurate I could not – I would not – have willingly stayed in that room to be insulted without painting the walls red.



    And that’s what those in that room got at one stage; insulted.



    First, I want to offer my sincere thanks to whoever it was at that meeting who brought up Brian Wilson’s disgraceful comments on the Rangers situation in 2012.



    Whoever that was made the feelings of a lot of us clear and made sure the message was received.



    But the answer that individual got took the piss out of every person who was in that room, and had I been present I would have pointed that out very vocally and then left.



    Because I have issues when people talk down to me like I’m an idiot.



    I certainly won’t let anyone lie to my face.



    I commend everyone who was able to sit through that; it takes a stronger stomach than mine.



    The more you get familiar with the way the internal structures of our club work the more you have to block up your nose against the stink of it.




    The more you encounter the thinking at the top of our house the more you want to reach for the sick bag and retch up your guts.



    Nobody has to point out that those running the club treat us with contempt; Wilson’s article proved that. The hiring of Bernard Higgins proves that. They pay lip service to the idea of listening but in fact I know that the directors and those in their immediate circle think we are just mugs.



    Those who were “offended” by the article got an apology.



    The article itself has since been amended, doubtless because Wilson realises he’s kicked the hornet’s nest, but the “clarification” which was offered at the meeting is somehow even more obscenely offensive, in and of itself.



    Michael Nicholson, the stand-in CEO who’s spent the last two months hiding from the media and the support as a whole, said Wilson’s comments were “factually correct.”



    Forgive me for putting it like this, but that’s un-factual bullshit.



    There was no “demotion.”



    To suggest otherwise is to lie.



    The assertion that Nicholson made that their “club was in administration when it played its first game” is such a complete distortion of the truth that if that’s his understanding of it he’s not fit to hold the smallest job in the corporate structure of Celtic far less the biggest one, because he’s thick.



    The entity called Rangers was not in administration but in the midst of liquidation proceedings.



    The entity calling itself Rangers, owned by Sevco Scotland Limited, was an entirely separate organisation making its first professional appearance in the game.



    That was the issue on which the clubs voted.



    For God’s sake, Rangers had a vote on whether to allow Sevco into the SPL.



    Both “clubs” were signatories to the Five Way Agreement.



    “At today’s general meeting, SPL clubs voted overwhelmingly to reject the application from Rangers newco to join the SPL,” The Guardian wrote at the time. It is right there, as clear as it can be. To join the SPL.



    How can you call for a vote to join an organisation you’re already part of?



    If they had been “relegated” why would the rest of the clubs have even had to vote on that, if it was what was written down in the rules?



    “SPL chairmen met at Hampden to vote on the new club’s application to replace the old Rangers in the top flight,” wrote the national broadcaster.



    “BBC Scotland has learned that 10 of the 12 clubs were in opposition, with Kilmarnock abstaining and Rangers voting in favour.”



    The liquidation of the OldCo was a formality.



    It was in process.



    It hadn’t reached the formal end of the line, but by the time of Sevco’s first game it was no longer trading and waiting to be struck off.



    It was not operating a football club of any description by then.



    I cannot say this enough times; there was, and there is, nothing whatsoever in the regulations which would have allowed the rest of the clubs to “demote” Rangers.



    There was nothing in the rules which would have let their club be kicked out of the league simply for being in debt.



    Administration carries a fixed points penalty; what would be the point in that if any club that went into administration could be automatically relegated instead?



    To claim, as Nicholson has here, that this is what happened is to say that Scottish football broke its own rules in the most egregious possible manner and shafted one of its member clubs.



    If that had actually happened the legal battle would have brought the game to a standstill.



    We’re talking about forcing a club already in financial peril to accept a draconian punishment the likes of which has never been handed out in the history of the game before. They would have resisted it to the last breath.



    If they were “relegated”, furthermore, when did that happen? By what mechanism? Who voted on it? What was the specific date on which that happened? It would have been one of the most sensational developments in the history of the sport; how come nobody seems to remember it?



    And if it went down that way, why did the people who presumably did it then fight tooth and nail to reverse their own decision?



    Because the SFA and the SPL, as well as the SFL, all took unprecedented steps to see that this action, which some of them must have sanctioned and wanted, was as soft a landing as possible? This has to be the worst alleged case of buyers remorse in history, does it not?



    What happened to Rangers’ Scottish Cup seeding? Being “demoted” wouldn’t have eradicated that, that comes from the previous season’s league position.



    You know I could go on and on and on here, but what would be the point?



    All this is in the public domain, as far as I’m concerned there’s no “debate” on this any more than there is on the Flat Earth Hypothesis.



    I mean, how does a guy from a legal background ignore all that to come out with this garbage?



    There is a reason why this blog has always separated the two different strands of this into the Survival Lie and the Victim Lie … and the word “lie” is very deliberately used as well. Others call it a “myth”, but I’ve always thought that was fundamentally wrong because as a word it suggests that this is a mere misunderstanding of events and that’s not the case at all.



    The “misunderstanding” exists because people are wilfully pushing an untrue version of those events; they are, in essence, lying through their teeth.



    If you subscribe to the Survival Lie you automatically give succour to the Victim Lie, and that is what Michael Nicholson, who our board evidently believes is a fit and proper candidate to be the next CEO, did in front of our fan assembly.



    It’s not simply that he pushed the nonsense that Rangers survived the grave; the darker lie is the second one, that what happened to them was that Scottish football wilfully threw them under the bus.



    That it punished them more harshly than the rulebook allowed, that it acted corruptly against them.



    If he doesn’t understand why that’s a dangerous and damaging lie to have out there then he’s too damned dumb to be in the job that he currently holds.



    And if he is aware of that and he was given the line and trotted it out anyway,. and then sat in front of those same people and he spouted what he knew to be bullshit, to their faces, and then moved on to the next thing on the agenda … well where’s the trust in that relationship?



    To me, it taints every other word that came out of his mouth.



    I’ve already said today that I do not believe that we’ve done work behind the scenes on refereeing reform – the evidence was staring us in the face again at the weekend – and I won’t now be in the least bit surprised if Ibrox fans are allowed in our ground come January.



    If they’re willing to push disinformation and lies at their own supporters on the biggest and most toxic issue in the sport – and it will remain so as long as the lie is being told – then I ‘d ask you how we can trust a single word they say on anything else?

  18. It should also be recognised that any new stadium would have a plethora of electric charging points built into the car parking facilities.

  19. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels



    Really warming up now here on the rebel peninsula.


    30 degs today and still a month till summer, phew ! hope


    that climate summit over in Glesga works 😡


    One of the biggest horse races in the world today, the


    Melbourne Cup.


    One of the shortest favourites ever, I can’t see by it.


    and the whole state stops to watch it, but not my young


    Loons, they’ll be training as usual🏃⚽️


    H H Mick

  20. Is that the same James Forrest, who ‘ chooses’ not to pay to get into Celtic Park and support the team on the pitch, but quite happy to go for tea and scones with AP and Dominic McKay a few weeks ago? ….an absolute charlatan….

  21. Co-Opted?



    Disappointing if what Bada B has said is true.



    I reckon this is my Last Season watching the Hoops in the Flesh.



    The Season Ticket having Vaccine status etc. would be UNBELIEVABLE. Its a cert IMO.



    Celtic is Good. Our Custodians are failing Big Time howevaaah.

  22. Tottenham, with their state of the art stadium, didn’t get much change out of £1billion. Real Madrid are renovating the Berbabeu at a reported cost of £700 milion.


    Celtic would probably need at least £400m to rebuild somewhere else, with infrastructure added.


    Let’s stay where we are and lobby for much better public transport.

  23. So disappointed for you Petec if it is your last season


    watching the greatest club on earth and being among


    the best fans in the world ( sometimes lol )




    H H Mick

  24. !!BADA BING!! on 1ST NOVEMBER 2021 10:02 PM


    Is that the same James Forrest, who ‘ chooses’ not to pay to get into Celtic Park and support the team on the pitch, but quite happy to go for tea and scones with AP and Dominic McKay a few weeks ago? ….an absolute charlatan….




    Are you for real?


    The board are making up lies about a club that they have privately backed in the past at the expense of the club that they work for and pick up a salary from, and you are having a go at the blogger.


    Words fail me.

  25. Lambert 14,



    Thanks for the link.Shocking.That’s two current directors in a week that have now given credence to the “Survival Lie”.It really does beggar belief.Just how many more,I wouldn’t know,as I don’t know. anyone else,holds these views.


    I also agree that the GB missed an open goal with this.



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