Some lessons for Ange


Everything is rubbish again.  Five points to Livingston………, why not Juranovic on penalties?  All valid points.  Momentum that has been on our side for weeks, came to a crashing end, which I have no doubt affected the result at Fir Park yesterday.  It could be next year before we get another opportunity to go top of the table.

On paper, resting Kyogo worked.  There may be a time in the future it works, but it backfired on Saturday.  My thoughts went back to Martin O’Neill, who only rested Henrik Larsson against Motherwell in March 2004, between games against Barcelona.  Celtic dropped points for the second time that season but needed Henrik to come off the bench to score.  Martin learned, win the game first, then you can rest the precious few.

If Giorgos Giakoumakis is first choice penalty taker he is a curious one as he is on the field less than half of our playing time.  We would be in the curious position of seeing his presumed deputy, Josip Juranovic, take most of our awards.  Giorgos watched Josip score without flaw on two occasions, then was required to pull rank on Saturday.  It is great the manager has faith in two to take penalties, but for now, the rest of us need a reason to believe.

In any other season, dropping points so carelessly would mean our title challenge was in mortal danger.  It is a relief than Newco have performed only marginally better.  Whoever gets their act together first* will have an enjoyable May 2022.

*that’s going to be Celtic, obviously.

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  1. @An Tearmann Lovely Donegal vid mate..evokes strong feelings


    My Dads Ashes sent onto the Atlantic where the Empire Heritage lies still.


    He went to meet his Dad…We split his ashes between the north stand


    Jock stein corner flag{thanks to our much malinged CEO(thanks Peter) .


    Sept 8th 44 a Uboat took them out at 5.30am….My Granda swapped ships to get home to his boy..


    He never made it…..




    H.H mate

  2. @Pete…for what it’s worth…..


    I think so to ………We have a history of coming good when not expected…..


    So I’m with you mate…..







  3. DrambowieCelt



    Thanks for that info.respect and God rest his soul.


    My friend now in Dallas has folk from Arranmore and the tradition was of sea.and he has tales to tell of tragic loss at sea


    i have a map,which I will try dig out for you of the Donegal coast line but with names of ships down.




  4. Good man …..Sad times right enough mate ..I traced the u boat…


    It was blown out the water off the coast of Norway 2 months later..


    So no winners in those horrible days…







  5. JHB on 1ST NOVEMBER 2021 4:48 PM


    Burying one’s head in the sand with fingers in both ears whilst wearing a green & white blindfold is akin to Blackadder’s ‘pencils up the nose’ sketch







    Reasoned criticism is the life-blood of a good blog – CQN is the best Celtic blog going. Of course when one decides to post views they must be ready, quite rightly, to face reasonable push-back from those with differing views – trouble is there are some on here who apparently don’t know the meaning of the word “reasonable”.







    Vitriol, name-calling, bile & profanity says more about the poster using it than the object of their abuse, or, the subject-matter of the original post.





    ” vitriol, name calling , bile and profanity..BLAH BLAH…”



    This from the very same CHUMP who claimed on here that claimed that 65% of the Celtic support are STUPID and SECTARIAN, and in the process INSULTED a so called 65% !



    So… in HIS opinion its okay to insult the Celtic support, and lay down ” Made Up Percentages” that only exist in his head, but not use the odd sweary word ?


    Again…in HIS opinion its okay to name call others because of whatever Politics they support ?


    This JHB CHUMP doesnt ” DO” irony..


    Fucking Hun Chump.

  6. Greenpinata makes an excellent point around the travel arrangements around CP.


    As a club, we will face many off field challenges over the coming years.


    We need the strongest operation we can have.


    We need those who will fight hard for the club. Those with experience in the real world.


    The green bridge, however, appear to exclude anyone who has real world experience. Their criteria is unclear. Their tactics self defeating.


    Their set up, at songs, seems to be that 2 or 3 lead and the rest follow. I imagine the banners have a similar shepherd/ flock approach.


    Most of them are too young to remember the Labour spin doctor who, rather infamously, suggested 11th Sept 2001 was ‘a good day to bury bad news ‘.


    There was much angst and the chattering classes had a field day. I understand she was not short of job offers after leaving labour.


    I want a boardroom of pit bulls.


    There is much talk of ‘no more back of the bus’. Our recruitment must be considered accordingly.

  7. Apparently the Huns are intending asking The SPL for ” Help” in getting Celtic to give them tickets for the away end for the game on Juan.2nd , as Celtic no longer have a Covid ” Red Zone” etc.?


    IF celtic have to give way on this, then celtic SHOULD DEMAND at least £1 Million up front in Cash…for any potential damages that the Hun hordes would inflict Celtic Park, and the possible extra cost of the Polis etc etc.


    This £1 million would be on top of the Huns paying for their ticket allocation up front, BEFORE Celtic hand over one single ticket.


    OR…Maybe Celtic could re introduce the Covid Red Zone just for that game ?


    Typical Huns and their Brass Necks…and wanting all their own way over every issue.



  8. UPDATE on DAVID66…



    I Texted DAVID66 this morning and its NOT great news…for now.


    He has been moved into a Private room, and the Docs have done Scans on him and other stuff etc…it seems that they do NOT know whats wrong with him…for now ?


    David is in great pain but he sends best wishes to ALL on here who have Posted about him on here, and who are concerned about his health etc.


    I told him that NOT ONE of the Chumps like ” JHB” ( and others) have Posted any good wishes to DAVID66 on here in the last few days…ONLY the GOOD GUYS !


    David66 isnt interested in The Chumps either.


    These Chumps ONLY do self interest…thats for sure.



  9. Ive told DAVID66 that getting moved to a Private Room is a good thing…even in the middle of the night.


    I was moved about 14/15 times in Two stints in hospital ( The Royal), and they seem to enjoy waking you up in the middle of the night to move you ?



    Ive told DAVID66 that there is a right good Bevvy wiating for him…and me, once he gets out and recovers !



  10. I can’t see Celtic moving out of Glasgow. There does seem to be answers to the traffic chaos though and it is about improving the public transport situation, although most of the “public” services are now private enterprises and will be looking for cash handouts to do so. Hopefully, once the 1-mile parking restrictions come into force, that will fast track the improvements required, por cierto

  11. I Hope DAVID66 finds out what’s ailing him and then he can then get the remedies required for a quick resolution and back home safely with his family, rooting for you bud, por cierto

  12. A good swally in Big Jimmy’s local when D66 is back on his feet, I’ll get the train fae Wolverhampton, I’ll look at the fixtures, probabley intae the new year noo. A wis up fur the Ferencvaros game, stayed in the Premier Inn at the tappae the Gorbals, lovely hotel…🍀

  13. onenightinlisbon on

    !!BADA BING!! on 1ST NOVEMBER 2021 10:02 PM



    So you agree that “Rangers” were demoted and were treated harshly?



    Facts are facts no matter whether the person has had tea with the Pope or not….

  14. @Big J..Sorry to hear David 66 is poorly…Thoughts to him and his family..


    I know he stepped up when you needed help mate ,Hope your having a few beers with him soon.







  15. Thanks again Bhoys, and I will pass on your best wishes to a REAL GOOD Guy…one of lifes gentlemen, who had NO hesitation ( like some others on here in early 2020, when my health was going downhill and I couldnt get shopping or go downstairs to throw my rubbish out etc), who offered to help me in my time of need cos Ive no family etc.



    I wish there was something I could do for DAVID66 right now, but visiting the hospital is a No No cos of Covid…so I guess that I will just need to get him “Pure Steaming Boats”, once he has recovered from his present ailments.





  16. Hope Big Jimmys offer of a few beers waiting for him when


    better will perk David66 up and he feels better very soon

  17. I’ve been at the last two home games using my sons ticket and despite the performance on Saturday I enjoyed being back. However any doubts regarding my decision not to renew my season ticket were quickly dispelled when I read nicholsons defense of WIlson, they are no longer even hiding it, this is not a Celtic board its an old firm board.



    Not another penny.

  18. Guys,



    Apologies in advance if I’m going on a bit, but our transport infrastructure is critical to our future aspirations. We are not immune to decisions taken in Glasgow in the next few weeks.



    Currently there is a mighty row over planning permission given to a large housing project in Carmyle. ( Not far from Celtic Park ). Put simply they are destroying natural habitat and potentially harming the environment.



    It will become much harder to obtain planning permission for future projects and Brownfield sites like Celtic Park will sell at a premium.



    GCC you should be warned, nothing should be off the table. You own us big style to sort this.



    Incidently, I did notice the post ( Again apologies, can’t remember the poster ) quoting the price for Real Madrid and Spurs upgrades. It should be taken in context : They are two of the richest clubs in the world developing in prime urban areas.


    This is a totally different scenario to what we would be looking at. Think Aberdeen @ 2 times the capacity.




  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    After 6 games Sevco were 4 points ahead of us.



    And it was looking VERY gloomy.



    6 games later we’re still 4 points behind.



    The look now though is more of a disappointing one.



    Clear chances to win 2 games against Dundee United and Livingston not taken.



    Thems the bumps.



    The journey towards “quite good” still not finished.



    If it were, we’d be top of the league on goal difference.



    Forrest, Johnston, Julienne and yes … Giakoumakis need to come up to speed.



    Ange strikes me as a tough, stubborn critter.



    His reaction to at last week’s press conference was telling?



    Top of the league in October?



    “Do you get something for that?”



    Did I want Giakoumakis to take that penalty?






    (I actually didn’t want him starting. A big, not yet fit striker against big, lumbering defenders?)



    But, I suspect, Ange thinks …. if I play Kyogo instead of Giakoumakis today they’ll be on a physical par UN February.



    Giakoumakis won’t be fit.



    Kyogo will be knackered.



    Ange clearly wants his entire squad firing on all cylinders to drive competition and improvements in performance in the second half of the season.



    And the rocky road on the journey is the price to be paid.

  20. Susie Dent Blue heart








    Word of the day is ‘bloviation’ (19th century): empty rhetoric and a good deal of blah.

  21. All fans I talk to are sick of this Celtic board of directors .Some support the Green Brigade others think they should protest differently.


    Well here is something different,if you really want to embarrass this board .


    Bhoycott the New Years game against the scum,that would really create a world interest.


    Good luck to DAVID66

  22. Anybody wonder why did that Livi guy give Kyogo a slap on the back of his head.


    Didn’t see Kyogo do anything and it was hardly something he said.

  23. Re moving Celtic out of Glasgow



    As far i can see, there has always been a high percentage of fans who walk, get a bus or the low level trains to get to the game. Those who drive have always struggled to park near the stadium and it is getting harder.



    If you move out to Lanarkshire then the ‘walkers’ are eliminated, driving is encouraged and those who like to socialise before and after the game are inconvenienced as they now have to get a train or tram out of the city.


    Doesn’t sound environmentally progressive, would suit drivers/elderly/families only.



    Most people from towns within 20 odd miles of Glasgow can train or bus to the city and walk to the ground currently. The car use should be less than it is.



    The issue I have always seen is getting out of Celtic park. Hardly any buses (which get stuck in traffic due to lack of bus lanes/too many cars), no taxis, massive queues at Bellgrove, Dalmarnock.



    From a selfish personal view the egress has been a problem the last few years as i have been going with my elderly dad. He gets train from Ayrshire, meet for a pint and taxi to the ground. The walk back is out of bounds for him now. I fly in from Dublin so would now have to go to Ayrshire, drive him up early in his car to park, take him home, have to stay overnight etc.



    In summary; i think we stay and campaign for better trains/trams/taxis and block roads off in town for cars unless you have an elderly/disabled/child on board

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