Some reasons why Celtic will drop a lot of points


I was surprised Ronny Deila thought immediately after the game that Dedryck Boyata’s red card was valid, from the angle behind the goal it looked a well-time tackle, but let’s deal with the manager’s complaint against the player, who put a challenge in when wrong side of the attacker.

We’ve see three Celtic central defenders in this position in recent weeks: Efe against Ross County, Erik against Inverness and Dedryck last night. Erik was outpaced by Jordan Roberts but instead of risking a challenge from behind his opponent, he stayed on his feet and forced Roberts to shoot under pressure. Efe clumsily barged into his opponent and Dedryck went to ground.

All three got their starting positions wrong, which could have cost a goal, but Ambrose and Boyata compounded the problem by attempting a recovery, also from a wrong position. Sviatchenko chose to put pressure on the player and leave matters up to his goalkeeper. Erik made the right decision, Efe and Dedryck made wrong decisions.

And before Erik relaxes in the glow of praise, it was his unnecessary barge into an opponent which conceded the foul which led to the corner kick Accies equalised through. Don’t give away stupid fouls and you don’t allow opponents to fire the ball into your box.

And yes, the goal we lost came from a corner kick (I’m assuming those who were animated earlier in the season about zonal marking somehow overlook the same lack of ball-winning skills from the same players now we’re marking man-for-man). I’ve never known a team to lose so many goals from corners. We have a collection of players who cannot follow the flight of a football when launched into their box from a corner.

I know there’s a belief that you cannot practice penalty kicks, as the pressure of hitting them during a match changes everything. This is nonsense. Our poor penalty conversion rate over the last five or six years has cost us trophies. Ironically, John Collins has the best penalty conversion rate of any player in Celtic history (who’s taken more than 5).  You would think he’d be able to sort this.

Poor technique is a consequence of poor preparation.

When Leigh Griffiths opened the scoring from the penalty spot it came as a great relief, as until then we were unable to create a genuine chance. A big part of the job at Celtic is breaking down packed defences away from home. There are largely two ways to achieve this:

1. Master the act of quick and precise passing

2. Have target men and wide players who are excellent at crossing the ball.

If we don’t have either play in our locker we’re going to drop a lot of points.

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  1. Has Thomson been demoted yet? More Rubbish again last night,is Scott Brown ill ? Never seen him less effective in a Celtic jersey.No more penalties for LG. MOTM Chris Sutton. –

  2. Gerryfaethebrig on




    I was too busy reading that article you posted, great read but tou won’t read much of that in this country, as for Pat the apologist from April to September the Regimental Whatever they are called March by his mothers front window, if it is Pat from H&C he is an embarrassment to a Coatbrig bhoy…… (not just his music)

  3. Master the art of quick and precise passing? I would have thought any decent manager would have that one sorted in his first few weeks in the job.RD does not know how to set the team up.Worse than that, the team does not how its been set up. Tactically naive, and judging fron his Boyata comment,psychologically naive as well.

  4. Jobo, from previous





    I don’t have anyone in mind, but bottom line is there are a lot of very credible managers desperate to get back into football, and there are more candidates than vacancies.





    Realistically what is the next move for Rodgers, Sherwood, Moyes etc. ?





    It is either doing what Lambert did , or what Moyes did, or coming to us





    Whether you see those individuals as credible is a subjective view, but for those guys, will they get another £2/3 m a year job, or do they rebuild their career for say £750 plus bonuses to reach £1m with us?





    ( not saying RD earns that amount, but I think we would stretch to probably £1.2 max)



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/hamilton-accies-v-celtic-live-updates-3/comment-page-29/#comment-2785007

  5. lucky cody bets on

    Another reason we will lose a lot of points is that we have a project as a manager who is out of his depth. A manager who the vast majority of the support have given up on and distances himself from the dressing room with his pathetic utterances like last nite.



    A shambles presided over by Lawwell who is the expensive elephant in the room.



    The mess Celtic are in is nothing to do with defending corners. It is caused by a CEO who actions have created a sense of apathy that Celtic Park is now a morgue.



    The root cause of the ongoing decline under Lawwell without any competition has never been looked at in any CQN leader.



    Defending corners or Lawwells poor execution of the strategy. That’s a hard one !


    RCQN News Update…



    Good luck to a Top Bhoy from a Top Family as he makes his senior debut for Ross County.



    Never mind that the big bugger got me kicked out of a pub in Cheltenham,he has my very best wishes today-and against his former club,too.



    I took a great delight in writing RC after his name on today’s betting slip!



    Bang wan in,Boomer!!!!!!!

  7. Clashcitybhoy



    totally agree, help both parties rebuild their reputations.



    buying cheap still costs more money when it doesn’t work out. At least the men you mention have some degree of a proven record.




  8. Paul 67,


    We do have players who are decent at crossing the ball, unfortunately our manager persists in playing them down wrong wing so they have to check back and cross with better foot.



    Or, on rare occasion when they do play in position he hopes that a guy at 5’8″, who is reasonable in the air, will out jump guys at 6’2″ ….consistently.



    These days we rarely have opposition defenders in the position they dread of facing their own goal.


    Sadly it seems to have to us constantly vis a vis your comments on Efe, Erik and Dedryck, all were facing their own goal.

  9. Gerryfaethebrig on




    I remember when DD had mentioned his godson got released from Dundee Utd, fate, what’s for you you willnae miss you……




  10. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Mulgrew for Commons = ludicrous.



    The both should have been sold immediately after their petulant behaviour in the Celtic jersey – undermining any manager in public like that is intolerable – big mistake Ronny made by allowing those two to return to the fold.



    Scott Brown is overpaid and overrated.



    If our captain could actually play football to a decent standard, then he would have been sold years ago.



    SJ? – Nothing that I can add to what has already been said.



    Ronny is starting to become a liability,these problems need fixed.



    Still think that we’ll get there eventually though and win the league, and win the thing in style.




  11. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    I think Ronny Deila is a much better manager than Lucky Cody Bets is a supporter.








    You reckon wur garbage anaw?



    Is it down to the club buying players who are not good enough? Or is it down to a coach who had to earn respect from the fans AND the players,and has tbh just not managed that.



    RD was eventually successful in Norway,and oh how much I want him to be a success here. Honest.



    But he’s like a 33/1 winner of The Derby. A success,but unlikely to repeat it-or leave a legacy.



    I’m sorry,Ronny. Time’s up. The real pity is that once again we have wrecked a manager’s career through executive decisions which should have heads higher up than yours on the block.



    And they get off Scot-free to do us over the next time.

  13. Paul 67…



    I must admit, my jaw dropped when Ronny agreed it should have been a sending off.



    For me , it showed his naivety to position he holds. Like most I thought it was a booking at most and considering the player was in an offside position from the off, he should have highlighted that instead of saying in a meagre manner that he agreed with the decision… As said last night…we need a stronger manager at the helm for the coming season.

  14. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Canamalar ( if you are still around).


    I don`t think they showed the foul on KT….which suggests it must have been a bad one.




  15. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Gutted am missing out on Clogher/Almores wee soirée, the better half was all for it but mostly work holidays (her part) have kybooshed it, am sure I will read on here how great a time you will all have



    On Ronny Dee last night, he is not the first and won’t be the last manager to be annoyed about a defender making a last ditch challenge, even though Boyata done heehaw wrong, in my worthless opinion Ronny was annoyed that Dedreyeck gave the ibrox creditor the option ……..





    Yer a gambling man,a couple of quid will keep Chris in J2O for a while.



    Seriously,kicked out because he couldn’t prove his age-DU team photo and details not sufficient-despite the fact that he was on J2O and the place was literally crawling wi infants!



    My first pint of the day,and someone nearly got hit wi it…



    G’wan,g’wan,g’wan… Couple of quid and put it in the plate the morra!!!!!

  17. Seems RD has been told he won’t be there next season,it sure looks like it from his demeanour. He said judge him in Europe,he should have been chased after the Europa League shambles. Get a new manager in and he had 8 months and 2 Transfer Windows to get us in shape for the CLQs

  18. The Battered Bunnet on

    Talk of a new manager has me casting back to the summer of 2009, and the hunt to replace WGS.



    I had 4 on my shortlist:



    Moyes, then with Everton


    Bilic, then with Croatia


    Pellegrini, then with Villareal


    Rijkaard, then free following 5 years at Barca



    Of that lot, Rijkaard finished up in 2013, Pellegrini has gone to the top eschelon, Bilic has emerged as a highly credible football manager, and Moyes has reached the top only to fall off.



    Moyes remains available, having left Sociedad in November.



    It’s not always recognised that while at Everton, he had largely the same wage budget and net transfer spend as Celtic during the period. He just used it differently.



    Clearly there’s no current vacancy at Celtic, but in the event that there is come the summer, give the club to Moyes. Set his financial constraints and let him get on with running the football club. Let him create a legacy.

  19. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    “Seems RD has been told he won’t be there next season, ”


    Where does that come from, BB ?




  20. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Ronny D is my Lammtarra….after Alex Scott was murdered I read that he though Lamtarra would be a Derby winner, a wee fiver each way at 33s was a belter….only downside I didn’t bet him in the Arc as WR Swinburne got jocked off for Lanfranco Dettori…. More fool me (apologies for the horsey post for non horsey posters)

  21. FourGreenFields on




    Sorry you won’t make it to Dublin , there might be one or two drinks taken that weekend :-))

  22. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    BCW – I wasn’t aware of Effe histrionics after he was sent off in all honesty chief.



    Ronny seems to be easy going and fair – a don’t understand why they are refusing to make the effort.




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