Some sympathy for Stewart Robertson


I know lockdown is causing much anxiety, but can you imagine being in Newco chief exec Stewart Robertson’s shoes these days?  He must have known the gig was up when he decided not to release his ‘evidence’ before clubs were able to send proxy vote to block his EGM resolution.

I’m sure he hoped the SPFL would announce they have enough votes in the bag, allowing him to flounce off, instead of substantiating his claim, but those he wanted sacked at the League will want to see this play out as much as the rest of us.

He even has Graeme Spiers calling him out as the weakest man he’s met in football.  For a man in his position, “weak” is the most damning word, it will resonate with those whose support he relies on.  And let’s not forget, he has tens of millions to find to continue trading though next season, by comparison, this SPFL mess is like a July Walk on the Queen’s highway.

From what I hear, Stewart is a decent bloke, one made for less complex times.  His strings are almost certainly being pulled by some sinister Geppetto character.  If he fails to produce his ‘evidence’, this afternoon’s Premiership club meeting will be an excruciating, if not humiliating, affair.  It will all be over soon, Stewart; you hang in there.

I’m sure we would all like to congratulate PSG on winning the ninth title in their history and seventh in eight years yesterday, apart from that Neymar character, of course.  The story for Scottish football in how the French league finished is the third place finish of Rennes – who could only manage a fourth place finish in the Europa League group Celtic topped.

While we are not in PSG’s class, we more than held our own against a French and Italian sides in the Europa League this season.  Like Celtic, Rennes will enter the Champions League qualification round next season.

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  1. Happy Friday from a bright and cheery Kentucky. 



    Is it a 3pm or 12 noon kick off tomorrow?



    I see Barry Fearguson is asking for the evidence now. He asked for the evidence as he cannot spell dossier. 




  2. Sevco will be forwarding their dossier just as soon as they remove the section on Keane’s Dundee sponsorship…

  3. To open proceedings they might konsider a Special Guest………..?


    Why not invite Victorian Dad along to start the meetin’ with a rousing chorus or two of a song practically all o’ thum will know…………



    I anticipate The Rekord to run with a promotion supporting a return to


    “Victorian Values”……. soon.




  4. Btw Robertson has been a useful mudguard for his interim chairman.



    3 weeks after calling for the suspension of Doncaster and McKenzie, Park has produced nothing.



    I’m sure Tom English will be calling Douglas Park our very soon on that…

  5. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    end their suffering, flush them down the toilet, gone permanently, best solution for everyone,



    have heard that they’re not increasing season tickets for next season, now thats a concern.

  6. A decent person? GTF.. How could a decent person volunteer to work for them. And lie and cheat everyday. The worse type.. brown brogues and bowling blazer. I prefer the scum who at least wear their bigotry on their tattoos

  7. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Mark Viduka, right club, wrong time…



    “We were playing against Caley Thistle, who were a second division club and we had already conceded two goals.



    “So what happened was I walked in at half time and the assistant coach sort of questioned me. He basically said ‘what’s up big fella, do you not fancy it today?’



    “And something in my head just clicked because that’s the type of guy I am and I just lost it.



    “I said to him ‘If I’m not good enough to play, then put someone else on.’



    “That was basically what I said to him and there was a big fight and a big argument and there were other players who got involved.



    “He questioned my commitment and at the time I felt, I was doing my best.




    In games before that, I would be scoring goals, but we would still be losing games and in this one game he comes in and he questioned my commitment to the team.



    “People think I had a bust-up with John Barnes. But I have nothing but good things to say about John Barnes. I loved his training sessions and he was a good bloke”

  8. celticforever on

    the huns have offered season ticket holders a 25 pound voucher to spend


    in the club shop if the games cant be finished this season



    they should be refunding approximately 130 per season ticket so say


    45000 hun season ticket holders (idiots) equates to nearly 6 million quid



    are the huns fans so thick they cant see whats happening here



    stupid question we know they are plus the most gullible fans in the world

  9. Maradominic



    “A decent person,work for them. Lie and cheat everyday’



    If he didn’t fancy that he could work for Boris

  10. Paul – sympathy? – get a grip. He’s happy to take the money and dance to the flautist tune.

  11. celticforever on

    surely the most important people here when talking about finishing the games


    is the players themselves



    Most players will be scared to play in the current situation and the players union


    should be asking them if they really want to play



    im sure their contracts don’t say having to play in a match so risky to their health

  12. Sympathy for Robertson, not a chance, I hope he gets roasted and his club brought up on a disrepute charge and banned from the league, unless of course administration and liquidation finishes them

  13. Celticforever


    I’m sure a risk assessment would be carried out. I think governments will make the decision.

  14. celticforever on

    i agree bada



    celtic will need to repay 7 million if the games are not finished



    but we are not actively begging for fans to renew or offering a derisory


    25 quid voucher




  15. Robertson, like his toxic employer, should be hounded from our sight.



    He presides over an institution that panders to the lowest common denominator and continues to take a wage.



    I think Spiers was right in his description too. A middle manager with a goal to serve his loyal King, without fuss.



    Lubo recently described that particular half time interval as like being in a circus.



  17. glendalystonsils on

    I went off Viduka when he came out with the quip about how being at Celtic might help him move on to a bigger club like Spurs.

  18. celticforever on

    can anyone verify if Viduka was our top scorer at the time



    I always thought Henke was ahead in the scoring charts although


    he was out at the time of the Inverness game with a leg break

  19. Paul67,



    Ye are right back on form.



    Realise everyone is alright really.



    Never, I say Never have Sympathy for the Devil.



    We wrestle not against flesh or Blood but against……. och you all know it by now.

  20. Greenpinata on

    I think it was Jamesgang who suggested Celtic shares rather than refunds or vouchers.


    Imo this is the way to go.


    It should be “easy” to bypass the requirement for a share trading account




  21. celticforever on

    it would not surprise me bada



    I do know Celtic implemented a refund part into the online ticket accounts


    of fans but removed it as they said too many fans were asking why


    it was there



    I checked my online account 2 or 3 weeks ago and the refund possibility was


    there but its not there anymore

  22. Ron Bacardi on

    When Viduka signed for us he took a sicky and went home to Australia for a while. Warning sign about him from the start.

  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    “From what I hear, Stewart is a decent bloke, one made for less complex times”




  24. Melbourne Mick on

    Have to say ghuys, Mark Vidukas family are all Celtic minded.


    What happened to him?


    Suppose we could ask Le Petite Merde.


    Charlie Nickerless.


    Ach add your own.


    H.H . Mick

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