Some things are more important


I know we are in the middle of a storm with the prospect of the San Siro, not to mention St Johnstone ahead.  I also know the only thing you want to read or write about is how we are going to resolve our problems, but there is more to Celtic than football, specifically the Foundation.

The history poverty is clear, the poor suffer more from an economic crisis than anyone.  2020 has been a terrible year to be poor and many more people are now poor than a year ago.  Your Foundation stepped in early in the crisis and continues to work on our behalf.  There has been practically no fundraising this year: no badge day, no bucket collection or Ghirls for Good.

The Sleep Out, which takes place each winter, goes ahead on Friday night as Stay Up for the Champions.  You can participate from your home, details here.  If that is not possible, you can help in other ways here.

We are so much more than just a football club, the Foundation is evidence of that.

We’re launching Celtic: Fifty Flags Plus One, an anthology of how Celtic won each of their league titles today.  Starting with our first title in 1893, it details how Willie Maley brought consistent glory, then the sparse successes over four decades before Jock Stein arrived in 1965 and the more contemporary wins since.

It will rekindle memories you had forgotten and give insight into how the leagues were won.

SPECIAL OFFER, free copy of Seville, The Celtic Movement, while stocks last!

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  1. Slip sliding away, slip sliding away


    You know the nearer your destination


    The more you’re slip sliding away…

  2. MadMitch



    What have the following two lists in common?:-





    Kenny Dalglish, Lou Macari, Murdo McLeod, John Collins, Paolo Di Canio, Pierre Van Hoojdonk, Jorge Cadete, Marko Viduka, Stan Petrov, Chris Sutton, Ki Sung yeung, Shaun Maloney, Gary Hooper, Artur Boruc, Kelvin Wilson, Eyal Berkovic, Aiden McGeady, Victor Wanyama, Fraser Forster, Virgil Vab Dijk, Stuart Armstrong, Moussa Dembele & Kieran Tierney.






    Terry Butcher, Chris Woods, Gary Stevens, Trevor Steven, Mark Walters, Mark Hately, Butch Wilkins, Paul Gascoine, Alexei Michaelichenko, Oleg Kuznetsov,Mikel Arteta, and one’s called Ronald- one’s called Frank.




    Yes, we can persuade unused reserves like Frimpong and Musonda to leave tehir academy status but no- it is hard to get players from the benches at Southampton (Forster) or West Ham (Snodgrass) because their wages are out of sync with their ability vis-a-vis the rest of our squad

  3. setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox



    I was always taught that charity begins at home.

  4. Fr. McGreer


    Thank goodness Brother Walfrid didn’t have that attitude or he’d have stayed in Sligo

  5. The Battered Bunnet on




    Folk are creatures of habit. Desmond has developed a habit of running profitable businesses, and while doubtless Celtic takes up a disproportionate amount of his time (relative to scale), it’ll be run on the same principles as the others.

  6. While the charity message is always valid, most are currently concerned about the charity shown by the PLC to their blue-nosed neighbours, by helping pave the pathways for Sevco’s financial rehabilitation.



    And precious few will entertain this, but statisticians claim that most managers get sacked after pure bad luck, not after inept management, and that any new mgr bounces peter out (boom boom) very rapidly.





    Shit-can it for yer life, but it’s what the 5-yr, pan-Euro leagues research by a team of Dutch academics found.



    PS: embdy mentioned Sparky Hughes yet??

  7. Some things are more important.



    Some things are more urgent.



    Some things are more topical.



    Some things are more incriminating.



    Some things are more embarrassing.

  8. Paul67



    Riders on the storm,



    When we lost to the Hungarian champions Neil Lennon did the obligatory TV interview, in which he laid bare his soul. It was enough for some Celtic supporters, the unique relationship with European football took this year’s knockout blow.



    Calling for the head of the head coach fell on deaf ears because Celtic laissez fare will live on beyond Euro nights, which nobody gets in to see, or fund these days, not even the supporter friendly horse gets OT without a protest. Dimmed disco nights include an arduous league format, that causes fan nausea on a new more than just annual basis. All asleep and not at the wheel bosses, were never going to change the manager then, because it never entered their minds that Celtic might screw up again and again, as would you Adam and Eve it, as pot one bhoys in the lesser Europa.



    A stagnating legacy squad with shot players and devout Brendanites, was laced with a flagrant waste of Arsenal’s money during a dithering three, with one luckily extended Diego day transfer window. A nothing to see here Celtic, assumed we had an ain’t broke don’t fix situation, let them have their money back, call it a ‘pass to Paradise’ they’ll buy it, all good to go. Sieve sorted Eddy manacled, and it would just all roll along nicely to Ten, in and out of pandemic denialism.



    Futile calls for change were just that, because Celtic had no plan why rock the boat, we never win anymore on a higher level, a sure sign of the very antithesis of the Celtic, and that disengage with our uniqueness the some think is entitlement. Being beaten in Europe has almost guaranteed in the modern era, that Celtic would still slay all Scotland, nobody expects Ross County.



    The in-between stuttering domestic blissdom was punctuated with a tired, unrevivable side, trying every which way formats pick a pairing, any pairing you like at the back, nothing works, even the record keeper signing Barkas had ‘a knock, that kept him well out of the harms way humpings. Narrow selections always excluded at least one of those millions of wingers, certain taxi’s for Duffy, and hooks for Ntcham. Flat corners from Christie, invisibles from Calum, and wearies from Broony. Things just went from worse to worser, and it doesn’t bottom out any lower than the Staggies shirley?



    No plan then, and no plan now, back the team, back the manager, back the pickers?, if they’re going to change the manager, they’ve definitely make a mess of Lexit.




    M.O.M ( Thursday – Diego Laxalt )

  9. Deflection


    Let’s focus on the Good fans who can support the Foundation in Celtics name


    Good news, the board can claim, even though Foundation is a separate organisation from the Football club



    How about we focus on both the good of the foundation


    And at the same time


    The Board focus on getting our Football club back on track,


    They have created the mess, and not just the management strategy


    In my opinion



    Not interested in any other club, just my own and it’s rapid deterioration

  10. Still waiting on you criticising the management team and board for getting us into this mess Paul.



    By the way, the foundation do a great job



    Well thank God oul Father McGreer is able to see an appeal for charitable support as a mere squirrell.




    We are blessed to have such moral leaders amongst us.




    Now, this IS sarcasm (please note Squire D)




    No. It’s deflection from the managerial situation. Pure and simple.

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    I’m not a customer of bookmakers but I occasionally place a bet with myself.



    Did so a few minutes ago and I won. 🙂



    The “bet” was placed while reading Pablo’s leader.



    The “bet” was … someone will perceive this article (about charity) as a squirrel and complain about it within the first ten comments.



    Step forward Fr McGreer at number 9.



    Complete with pejorative identification of our host by surname only (purely for effect)



    Perhaps I should go to the bookies with similar in future?



    After all, these parasites will run a book on anything.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  13. 🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿



    Given the generosity of CQN posters over the years, an exhortation to support the charitable ethos of the club isn’t needed this week.



    An exhortation to the Board and owner about our footballing principles and commercial reality most certainly is.



    This is fast becoming PL’s ‘Ratners Moment’



    HH jg

  14. So the fact that Paul posts about the Foundation will make us forget all about the situation the club is in and start posting about the Foundation. Don’t think so.

  15. Judging by how catastrophically bad we’re being run right now, I genuinely fear P67 will never get to share his thoughts on Sevco’s 2020 year end accounts.



    Peter’s at the wheel…

  16. Paddypower has MON and Jack Ross neck and neck. Nobody else even close…..Alex Neil has moved into the race but like everyone else, miles off.

  17. I got a FB memory today from 8 years ago. Celtic 1 v Arbroath 1 BBC Sport article. We scored with a bizarre OG and they equalised. Our front line couldn’t score and we gave up chances



    We had made 9 changes before the Spartak game (which we won to qualify for last 16 CL) but it sounded very like the recent games and reminiscent of Morton in 2013 as well.



    Maybe Lennon’s tactics work really well with really good players (he was given a great squad back then) but not with the B team or a squad wit less spunk that he had then

  18. Paul 67,



    As a club our commitment to aid the poor is unrivalled. I would wager the vast majority of us contribute as much as is practicable.



    However I’m sure ( Although I don’t have the figures ) that when our club does well the foundation benefits.


    When our club is in turmoil revenues drop.



    So today respectfully I think the best way of helping the foundation would be to focus on restoring the fortunes of our great club. If I may be so bold, I think your article should have been about that.



    Poverty is fuelled by many factors including political decisions.



    This may be a prudent time to reitterate the words from the World Health Organisation :-



    ” We really do appeal to all world leaders, stop using lockdown as your primary method of control.


    Lockdowns have just one consequence that you must never ever belittle, and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer ”



    HH to all.

  19. If the Board don’t sort out the managerial situation quickly, I would venture that their will be half the number of season tickets sold next season than this season which will directly affect the Green Brigade’s food bank appeals and there is also likely to be half the number of readers on Celtic blogs to read about and respond to the work of the Celtic Foundation.





    BLESSED MARTIN AND NOT SO KEAN coming in after MILAN game. The tickets were all booked DEJA and J KENNEDY for the off.


    STRACHAN JNR also for the off so big STRACH can not come in because so just been sacked.


    Apparently said taxi driver has a contact at CELTIC PARK.

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