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I know we are in the middle of a storm with the prospect of the San Siro, not to mention St Johnstone ahead.  I also know the only thing you want to read or write about is how we are going to resolve our problems, but there is more to Celtic than football, specifically the Foundation.

The history poverty is clear, the poor suffer more from an economic crisis than anyone.  2020 has been a terrible year to be poor and many more people are now poor than a year ago.  Your Foundation stepped in early in the crisis and continues to work on our behalf.  There has been practically no fundraising this year: no badge day, no bucket collection or Ghirls for Good.

The Sleep Out, which takes place each winter, goes ahead on Friday night as Stay Up for the Champions.  You can participate from your home, details here.  If that is not possible, you can help in other ways here.

We are so much more than just a football club, the Foundation is evidence of that.

We’re launching Celtic: Fifty Flags Plus One, an anthology of how Celtic won each of their league titles today.  Starting with our first title in 1893, it details how Willie Maley brought consistent glory, then the sparse successes over four decades before Jock Stein arrived in 1965 and the more contemporary wins since.

It will rekindle memories you had forgotten and give insight into how the leagues were won.

SPECIAL OFFER, free copy of Seville, The Celtic Movement, while stocks last!

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  1. Haven’t scrolled back so don’t know if Big Jimmy is still on the banned list.


    If he is and if either Paul or a Moderator reads this post, I would ask them to consider these facts.


    Big Jimmy is not a young man and is not in the best of Health.


    He lives alone and is badly affected by the Pandemic restrictions.


    He is a genuine Celtic Supporter, this Blog gave him an important life line to communicate with the outside World.


    The Leader is about the Foundation & the good that Celtic Supporters do & can do for people less fortunate, well we should also be helping & supporting our own..


    I know Big Jimmy may have gone OTT on a few posts but bloody Hell it’s Christmas Time, we are in the midst of a Pandemic, it’s hitting Jimmy hard,


    I would strongly urge that you lift the Lift the ban & invite him back.,

  2. The fans who protested on Sunday night have attracted a great deal of comment. A minority of them went too far with the language they used in their chants about our manager and CEO and have rightly been condemned for that and for throwing bottles of water at the Police and Police vehicles. They have been blamed for causing Dermott Desmond to dig his heels in and refuse to sack the manager. In my opinion that last bit is total nonsense. Lawell, Desmond and the Board are an omnishambles. They should ha e had a Plan B in place at all times especially after the warning signs that came by way of our performances against Cluj, Copenhagen, Ferencvaros and Sevco x 3. Instead they sat on their hands and pretended not to see. What the car park protesters did achieve though was in getting Peter Lawell off his fat backside to actually communicate with the Celtic support by way of today’s statement. You see if you take action and give these guys a fright they actually do something. What might be achieved if even more pressure is applied. I wonder how Mr. Bankier, who only communicates with the Celtic support whilst holding his nose, felt on Sunday.




    Condolences to you & the rest of the family.



    Wee tribute left on the site.



    Take Care

  4. I’ve no idea how Peter Lawwell can’t see how this ends. Peter – the league will be lost before Christmas and a few months later your revenue will plummet as thousands refuse to renew season tickets.



    Celtic FC will be back to the Deila £50 million revenue years as once again the Lisbon lions stand is closed down.



    Neil can continue to live very comfortably with his money made and reputation among the support in the toilet.



    Utterly depressing. Our boardroom have been exposed as being woefully incompetent.

  5. Last season the Green Brigade unfurled a banner that depicted DD, PL and NL in wee cars gripping steering wheels. The caption went: Don’t Fall Asleep At The Wheel.


    With two victories in 10 games its with great sadness that we have to conclude they HAVE!



    In this season of all seasons, as we enter the final lap to securing The Ten!



    Lenny has stalled the Limo and Gerrard, despite only having a provisional License, driving an old banger with no Road Tax, valid MOT or Insurance Documents has overtaken him.



    I don’t know what to make of the rumours that DD has poured sugar in Lennys petrol tank and PL has deflated the back tyres as they’ve both backed the unfancied team.



    All I know is this, I’ve spent hundreds of £££ on a Season Ticket, Sky Sports and BT and I feel that I’m being taken for a mug! I’ll remember this feeling come renewal time!

  6. AuroraBorealis79 on




    PL = Corporate incompetence on a massive scale …failure to act in the best interest of the company (Club) after mucho warnings. The man is a dinosaur . I read earlier he is a “asleep at the wheel” ….. hes actually steaming drunk at the wheel with blinkers on .Do the right thing !!!






    “NL- I actually have time for and respect as a man”




    “( THE PHONEY WITH TEETH FROM THE MOUTH OF A PONY) .Do the right thing!!!”



    Clearly no respect for the man at all ye imposter.




  7. CORNELIUS on 1ST DECEMBER 2020 9:09 PM









    Condolences to you & the rest of the family.







    Wee tribute left on the site.







    Take Carere





    where one celtic heart beats …others will beat with them ..



    thank you my friend








    F Y I the other stuff as you call it would be called terrorism


    by any democratic government


    i’ve only seen one person questioning his love for Celtic


    thats my point


    what do you mean about low morals ?

  9. What did the car park protest on Sunday achieve? While I condemn the intemperate language in the chants against our manager and the throwing of bottles of water at police and police vehicles by a minority, they managed to force Peter Lawell to get off his fat backside and put together a statement. He finally communicated with the fans. Ignore Club officials briefing of the media that the protesters only strengthened Desmond’s resolve to continue with the status quo. The Board evacuated their bowels and finally did something within 48 hours of the protest. It was a victory for the protestors who I believe will not wait until January to see how things transpire before protesting again and in bigger numbers.

  10. PHILBHOY-I think he will go the same way as the cheeky chappie unfortunately.


    Probably end up a double act




    I wullny talk about that horrible little scumbag on this blessed blog.



    Someone posted earlier on here that Lenny owns 500 plus property’s, so he shoodny be hurtin’ too much when he goes.

  12. When things are going wrong , every detail is given more focus.



    One thing which sticks in my mind was Neil’s pre match interview on Radio Scotland.


    When asked about his formation he said he was going with 2 up front, Edouard and Ajeti….


    I listened for the explanation…



    If Neil had said


    ” because they have linking up well in training and have developed an understanding, I want to give them a few games together to allow this formation to be cemented…etc, etc”



    I could have been swayed.




    What he actually said was concerning,


    … ‘ I’m going with 2 up front, Edouard and Ajeti


    ” because it will be interesting to see how they play together”



    WTF !!!



    The field of play is not where experiments should be carried out.


    Once it doesn’t work ,the thinking behind the rationale comes in to sharp focus.


    It becomes another brick to throw at him, and it gives ammunition to those of us who are concerned about the lack of professionalism at every level within the club.



    The power within the club, is in a holding pattern at the moment



    I’m assuming Neil will take us to Hampden….if he can win the other domestic games in December.



    He got the job after beating Hearts in 2019 final, so it will be fitting if he can guide us to the Quadrofenian before he goes.


    Of course if he wins all domestic games up to Christmas…..and the Cup….he may get another visit in the showers.



    The Onlooker

  13. Corkcelt – Great post my friend.



    Please Paul or Moderators re consider Jimmy’s case as Corkie said if we are about charitible acts then let’s get this hoose in order.



    Free Jimmy



    D :)

  14. PHILBHOY on 1ST DECEMBER 2020 8:51 PM



    Somebody asked for help and I offered a suggestion.





    Whereas your contribution was…..?

  15. CORKCELT on 1ST DECEMBER 2020 9:04 PM




    Well said.





    And while they’re about it the mods could maybe have a look at the people who were winding him up, goading him to react.



    It was calculated and spiteful.

  16. John ….you missed a sitter with Brawzil



    smiley but it is said the conservative leader has a broader brokeback smile thing




  17. CORKCELT on 1ST DECEMBER 2020 9:04 PM



    Sorry that should have been addressed to PHILBHOY on 1ST DECEMBER 2020 9:41 PM.



    Multitasking CSC