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I know we are in the middle of a storm with the prospect of the San Siro, not to mention St Johnstone ahead.  I also know the only thing you want to read or write about is how we are going to resolve our problems, but there is more to Celtic than football, specifically the Foundation.

The history poverty is clear, the poor suffer more from an economic crisis than anyone.  2020 has been a terrible year to be poor and many more people are now poor than a year ago.  Your Foundation stepped in early in the crisis and continues to work on our behalf.  There has been practically no fundraising this year: no badge day, no bucket collection or Ghirls for Good.

The Sleep Out, which takes place each winter, goes ahead on Friday night as Stay Up for the Champions.  You can participate from your home, details here.  If that is not possible, you can help in other ways here.

We are so much more than just a football club, the Foundation is evidence of that.

We’re launching Celtic: Fifty Flags Plus One, an anthology of how Celtic won each of their league titles today.  Starting with our first title in 1893, it details how Willie Maley brought consistent glory, then the sparse successes over four decades before Jock Stein arrived in 1965 and the more contemporary wins since.

It will rekindle memories you had forgotten and give insight into how the leagues were won.

SPECIAL OFFER, free copy of Seville, The Celtic Movement, while stocks last!

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  1. Chairbhoy



    very good point on contracts and bonuses etc



    In my industry , we all have a bonus target as part of our ‘package’. That is why so many people move jobs after Christmas pay packet when they have their bonus.



    To be able to recruit outside this window, new entrants to the market started giving ‘golden hellos’ to compensate for losing bonus



    this works when the talent demand outstrips the people looking to move



    Our company have kept the assessments at year end and the bonus is now April. This forces the hand of the job mover to stay a bit longer or get a golden hello. We save on a few bonus payments



    From Lennon’s point of view, he has no-one out there looking to take him so he will stay until punted. Quite right



    I was in a similar position 4 years ago where there were cutbacks and i would have gone, taken the money and my colleague stay. Company would not allow me to walk with the cash. Just could’t bring myself to throw the interview like Spud in Trainspotting. Ended up staying in a job i hated, my colleague out the door (less of a payout than me) . No-one happy



    Not just Celtic who are crap at this stuff!!!!

  2. General consensus seems to be that the mgt team contracts may well contain any number of onerous provisions.



    As such, I’d be reluctant to offer either party advice on here without knowing the full details.



    Suggesting either party simply break the contract, without knowledge of the penalties, would seem a little foolish.

  3. SAINT STIVS on 1ST DECEMBER 2020 3:48 PM


    CONEYBHOY on 1ST DECEMBER 2020 3:41 PM



    why is that when a normal person wins a few million on the lottery they are set for life and never have to work again but when footballers who earn the same in a short few years, they need to work to feed their kids?




    Because the normal person appreciates it more and in most cases doesnt go daft.



    the excesses of fottballers , their wags, their agents, advisors, pals and hingers on sees them often over stretched and badly advised.





    Fair point, American Footballers seem to be even worse. I just mean that whatever happens , no-one is going hungry and the empathy is there because of who he is. Pretty sure Barnes didn’t earn as well as the later players but we didn’t worry about his mortgage when he went



    I remember 2 quotes about the 80s:



    Norman Whiteside : I’m now a chiropodist because i needed a new career. I was on £400 a week when i scored the FA Cup winner in 1995



    Frank McGarvey: in the early 80s, a guy used to go to the Bank of Scotland at Glasgow Cross on a Friday and take out £2000 to pay the weeks wages , not just the players

  4. You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em


    Know when to walk away and know when to run…

  5. Does anyone on here know what the board are doing or are not doing about NFL?



    Or about anything?




  6. Very common for sacked managers, to be paid for the remainder of their contract, month to month till it expires, Potchetino is still getting paid by Spurs.When Eriksson was sacked by England, he had in his contract that he was to be paid until he got another job,he was getting something like 45k a week for about 3 years after he was bagged.

  7. HILBHOY on 1ST DECEMBER 2020 4:17 PM


    Does anyone on here know what the board are doing or are not doing about NFL?




    Or about anything?







    Obviously not.



    The concern is that it’s much the same at CP.

  8. ST TAMS @ 3:44 PM,



    CONEYBHOY @ 4:00 PM,



    Yes, bonuses, severence, shareholdings… it’s a pretty complex world for many.



    My understanding some managers have actually bought out their contracts, while some must stay on gardening leave to recieve their dues.



    Corporates can and will keep employees to the letter of their contracts, in many cases.



    I’d be surprised if Lenny could walk away without penalties… unless mutually consented…



    Hail Hail

  9. Philbhoy – I very much doubt it. You wouldn’t think so mind you. There seems to be quite a few individuals on here who look very capable of running both football and non-football matters at Celtic Park in their spare time.

  10. The Charity Sector


    I feel I cannot let the comments on here about those in the ‘charity sector’ go without a response. I have worked in the ‘charity sector’ for more than 25 years. I am a professional, in my case a qualified social worker. I work in the Voluntary sector as it is called here in Ireland, might be the same in Scotland etc. The provisions of the 1970 Health Act I am employed under is Section 39. This Section allows the Sate to fund voluntary bodies to provide a service on behalf of the Sate. This was initially done in recognition of all those organisations who provided services to the poor, homeless, those with disabilities etc. which the Sate both the British before and now the Irish never provided. I am paid a professional salary, although less than my statutory colleagues, as while we took a pay cut during the economic crash, that cut was never undone unlike the statutory sector. I have poorer terms and conditions, i.e. sick pay, annual leave and certainly pension provision than my statutory colleagues. Am I complaining? No (well possibly a bit!) as I love the job I do and get great satisfaction working with people with disabilities. There may well be cases, although none were offered, were those who work for ‘charities’ were ‘over paid’ or where the majority of the income goes on salaries, I’m not aware of any in my sector. What do you expect me and my colleagues to do? Work for nothing? I work with Social Workers, Social Care staff, OTs, Physios etc. who are equally as professionally qualified and trained as their statutory colleagues. If you want to have a go then have a go at the Sate who refuse to take over the work of the thousands of voluntary sector workers who provide essential services.


    If the Sate took on its responsibilities then my organisation would not need to exist and the Celtic Foundation wouldn’t need to exist either as all people would have what they need and those who have difficulties or a set of circumstances means they need support then the State would do that, in our world that’s now how it works unfortunately. If you don’t want to contribute to charity that’s entirely your choice but please don’t tar all of us with being greedy people making a living out of the misery of others.


    Rant over!

  11. McPhail Bhoy – Thank you for the work you do. Don’t think for a minute that one person’s view on here is consistent with the vast majority of the population.

  12. So the circus continues.



    The plaything (Celtic FC) of the billionaire is being used as a toy and the undying loyalty of a fantastic support is being horribly taken for granted.



    Disgusting utterly shameful



    D :)

  13. I have done all my shouting and getting emotional 6 weeks ago, i only do that when it can make a difference. Same in the summer when we are unorganized for every CL qualifying campaign.



    This season has already gone, our board are totally culpable, leaving the manager in place is a massive GIRFUY to the fans who have paid to watch a stream you can get for free.


    The ten is gone, its over let it go, a bigger achievement this year would be regime change, channel your energies into that.


    Are the fans ready to suffer a little short term pain for long term gain?



    Hope Neil gets his payoff, why in this day and age do fans still expect professionals to be a charity. Professionals always love themselves and families first, football club second.

  14. MARTIM1980 on 1ST DECEMBER 2020 4:46 PM


    The 10 is not over, only way you could be sure is if you drive a Delorean at 88 mph….😉



    I saw a Delorean recently and by the way it sounded it would blow up long before it reached 88mph!

  15. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 1ST DECEMBER 2020 3:31 PM



    If Neil Lennon really cared that much about Celtic he would have worked for nothing.



    He wouldn’t have taken a wage.



    He could afford it.



    He’s pure loaded so he is.





    Excellent! Ernie – thank you for the reply last night re P67 / Res 12 👍

  16. 67 European Cup Winners on



    Nero !!!! More recently and much more comparable – Nokia – The demise of the Market Leader




  17. McPhail Bhoy



    Good post on the convoluted world of care provision in Ireland . As a Scot living in Ireland , i can safely say that would be an eye opener for many here. Would take you a bit longer to describe the HSE/Private healthcare/hospital land owned by nuns situation vs the NHS. Tax as well



    On the flip side, i think the state funded charity sector in Ireland was tarnished by overpaid CEOs during the Tiger; along with civil service connections, spouses getting work from the charities etc. Hopefully cleaned out during the enquiries during the crash


    Like the earlier poster, I do try to target my money at charities with less overhead and more obvious impact e.g. Simon Community in Dublin/Kildare rather than Focus (all ireland). All do good but that makes me feel more connected somehow; like Mary’s Meals on here vs Oxfam

  18. GENE on 1ST DECEMBER 2020 4:39 PM







    You may be right but I won’t lose sleep over it.







    Actually he’s wrong.



    Probably a case of



    basic comprehension v looking for something at which to take offence



    resulting in an away win.

  19. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Johny Hayes – who we should never have let go until he was adequately replaced – works for nothing at Aberdeen! Well, he’s agreed to defer his wages until the the Pandemic has gone, very Celtic of him.




    Haha! Apparently lots of myths and issues with them. Pretty sure they are still used as time machines though – there’s three documentaries about them….😉

  21. Coneybhoy


    You get more bang for your buck at Mary’s Meals


    Small local charities are great where they are run by volunteers and everything hits the mark.

  22. Martim1980



    Ha,ha, but seriously it is over with these set of circumstances, with the board we have.



    I laugh now when i hear if we can win our 2 games in hand, we can get a top manager in, blah blah blah, we’re getting to the delusional stage.


    What action do you see to even attempt to salvage this, their is none, that’s why its already over. I’ve reluctantly accepted it after feeling like shit for the last 6 weeks, suddenly the world is a better place. Anyone putting their trust and hopes in our custodians are causing themselves additional grief now.

  23. glendalystonsils on

    Feck off the lot of ye!



    It’s MY Celtic .



    I bought it and I’ll do what I feckin want with it!





    Dermot x

  24. Just back in….



    So, Paul starts his article with



    “I know we are in the middle of a storm with the prospect of the San Siro, not to mention St Johnstone ahead. I also know the only thing you want to read or write about is how we are going to resolve our problems, but there is more to Celtic than football, specifically the Foundation.”



    He then gives us advance notice today of an event taking place on Friday, and he gets called out for deflection. Despite the caveat opening and despite publicising an event that is 2 days away.



    This Entitlement-20 Virus is sure spreading fast.



    What gives anyone the right to dictate the subject Paul Should write about or the content of that subject or whether he should write at all?



    If you want something written that he failed to supply, write it yourself?



    Feel free to disagree with Paul or any other poster.



    Feel free to correct them.



    But never , ever, feel free to dictate to them what they should be saying.






    On top of that , we get criticisism that charity should start at home (one of the stupidest proverbs ever)- Do the homeless live too far from us?



    And then, it’s a short hop to Charities are just scams and everyone’s earning too much and they do no good.



    Maybe the mob at CP the other night are not at all unrepresentative of the modern Celtic.



    I’ve honestly never felt more of a social dissociation from what I thought Celtic fans chose to represent.



    So, go on, focusing solely on sacking Neil Lennon- don’t write a word about any other subject, and accuse anyone who does of doing it for ulterior motives. We can’t be having this different people with different views and interests any longer.



    Model T Black Fords all around.

  25. SID on 1ST DECEMBER 2020 4:42 PM


    Sid I’m like you in acceptance that the 10 his gone : – ( was after the Dons game and warning signs have been there for a few months. Would like to see now Lawwell & Bankier resign at AGM, DD take control and put in place a manager with good credentials too get us ready for next season and for once prepared for Europe qualifiers.

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