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I know we are in the middle of a storm with the prospect of the San Siro, not to mention St Johnstone ahead.  I also know the only thing you want to read or write about is how we are going to resolve our problems, but there is more to Celtic than football, specifically the Foundation.

The history poverty is clear, the poor suffer more from an economic crisis than anyone.  2020 has been a terrible year to be poor and many more people are now poor than a year ago.  Your Foundation stepped in early in the crisis and continues to work on our behalf.  There has been practically no fundraising this year: no badge day, no bucket collection or Ghirls for Good.

The Sleep Out, which takes place each winter, goes ahead on Friday night as Stay Up for the Champions.  You can participate from your home, details here.  If that is not possible, you can help in other ways here.

We are so much more than just a football club, the Foundation is evidence of that.

We’re launching Celtic: Fifty Flags Plus One, an anthology of how Celtic won each of their league titles today.  Starting with our first title in 1893, it details how Willie Maley brought consistent glory, then the sparse successes over four decades before Jock Stein arrived in 1965 and the more contemporary wins since.

It will rekindle memories you had forgotten and give insight into how the leagues were won.

SPECIAL OFFER, free copy of Seville, The Celtic Movement, while stocks last!

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  1. 10 is not over; depends on 2 things.



    1. Hiring the right interim manager and interim no 2 to galvanise the squad and having them in place for the weekend. Current back room staff need to walk with manager.



    2. Sign Fraser Forster, RB and a midfielder that can run and break up the play on Jan 1 on loan. No messing about put them in at Ibrox.



    Put them under pressure and see if they can handle it.

  2. TURKEYBHOY on 1ST DECEMBER 2020 1:21 PM





    Everyone being too nice to you.



    Just piss off.And the guys name is Paul,ya moron.





    Irony bypass from CQN Istanbul Correspondent.

  3. 67 European Cup Winners on

    TOMMOCELT on 1ST DECEMBER 2020 5:00 PM



    I have not given up – but i do feel that if I do i would post less and be a bit more relaxed


    I cannot sleep properly – because i cannot accept our Board (DD PL) have stopped believing we can still win 10



    But for clarity as i write this deep down I’m with you



    What a real shame and a waste




  4. TOMMOCELT on 1ST DECEMBER 2020 5:00 PM


    SID on 1ST DECEMBER 2020 4:42 PM




    Would like to see now Lawwell & Bankier resign at AGM,



    *I have fully expected PL tae resign at the AGM this year and move tae Zurich, a job he’s been groomed for by DD.

  5. For every pound ,75p to Administration ie wages ,25p or less to Charity,aye you are correct governments should be doing more ,but I’m sure the open the way up for Charities to be run as a business,and that’s why some are on good salaries,and I’m sticking by that ,and before anyone comes on here and call me a Miserable stand so ,I have done my bit over the yrs ,not like some who profess to be goodies goodies,but milks it dry .

  6. glendalystonsils on

    Of course we could win the ten . Mathematically it’s possible for a number of clubs including Hibs and Aberdeen to win the title this season .


    No one reasonably expects them too however . Why? because no one really expects them to go the distance required .


    The signs this early are that we are in the same boat .

  7. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    I cant see Dermot Desmond making – or not making – a major football decision re Celtics future on the back of a few hundred angry supporters demonstrating at Celtic Park after yet another defeat. Surely not, if that is the case we are in deeper trouble than we thought we were. I don’t think he wouldn’t be the billionaire he is if that was how he does his business.



    Also, believe the source of this story was the SMSM, who lets face it have zero credibility.



    One thing i lose sleep over is Lawwell and The 5 way agreement That will eat at me until i know the truth, Sevco are now in front, we are in crisis and it’s down to our blue pound board

  9. Tommocelt



    Totally agree, it’s got so bad I think fans need to see action that we can have a bright future. That will only come with a clean sweep of the broom, a change of direction, a change of policy, a pledge that the football team comes first.



    Look what happened when we sourced a top manager, everyone was happy, the fans, the players, the balance sheet. Football success equals business success, no one’s advocating recklessness but our structure has to change downsizing is going to cost way more than investing.



    The only way I see a possibility of change is if a concerted resolve and pressure is mounted against Dermot Desmond. Then he can either embrace and enforce a new direction or sell to someone who will otherwise we are on a downward trajectory with a lot of pain and a long way to fall before we reach rock bottom. We are at a crossroads imo.

  10. glendalystonsils on




    A popular school of thought is that the story was leaked to the SMSM by DD or an associate.

  11. While we all debate who’s fault it is, we seem to have a by pass at the major culprits.



    Non trying players.


    No matter what happens going forward there will be no way back for some of them in my book.



    NFL’s replacement will eventually walk in and scan the charlatans ( sorry I mean players ) And think. :- So you’re the guys who cost my predecessor his job.



    Seemingly Debenhams are having a ” fire sale ” let’s observe with interest how it’s done.

  12. Rock Tree Bhoy on







    A popular school of thought is that the story was leaked to the SMSM by DD or an associate.






    That is possible – but my thinking is it would be one of our many enemies within the SMSM who came up with the idea.

  13. Bournesouprecipe on Page 1



    Unusual style but a great post.


    I agree about the quip about Arsenal’s money BTW




    As for Paul’s leader today…well he’s on the Foundation’s Supporters Committee so we can’t be at all surprised that he wants to promote something from the Foundation’s regular calendar of events. No matter what he led with today – short of organising a pitchfork rally at Parkhead Cross – was always going to be dismissed as board sop & fluff by some of us.



    The bigger point for me is that the increased success of the Foundation’s charitable work is entirely dependent upon the success of the team on the park. It’s no secret that we’ve been able to raise thousands in funds for various projects over the last 10 years or so, but, if Sevco hadn’t been liquidated and then ownership of the newco fought over between cowboys & barra boys for most of that time – our “success” would have been very much reduced. I believe the Foundation would have seen much less success because it’s easier to be generous when you feel good about the whole concept upon which it is built.



    Personally, I’ve supported the Foundation in contributions & in organising fundraising projects. I’ll continue to do that as appropriate but my inclination to do that is always stronger when my confidence in the club AND the Foundation is high. In some ways I agree with an earlier comment (sorry forgotten from whom) that charity begins at home. If you have a good place to go home to, you tend to feel more for those who don’t & that empathy leads to charity.



    So good luck with the fundraising Paul & I’m sure we’ll see plenty of leaders about the non charitable side of Celtic soon enough.




  14. Lucky Cody



    Sorry disagree it is over because what you’re asking for is never happening, yes we can all think of solutions to give us a chance but the reality is our board have no intentions of mounting a salvage attempt.

  15. SFTB @ 5.00pm:



    `I’ve honestly never felt more of a social dissociation from what I thought Celtic fans chose to represent.`





    Mind you, there was much in the way of evidence from some who sat behind me at Celtic Park to aforewarn me that that feeling of dissociation was not far away..

  16. SID on 1ST DECEMBER 2020 5:17 PM



    Sid I’ve been a Celtic supporter for 43 years, I travel from south Wales 12 games a season and have done for 43 years. I bought my shares when the call came and travelled europe, But this 5 way agreement and assistance given to sevco has left me so angry !!! and lawwell if guilty of compliance which i think he his can !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Away for my tea now but as the hangover from the weekend begins to subside I’m now thinking that we will find a manager who will come in galvanise the squad get the tactics right and lead us to the magical 10, not sure who that man is going to be but who can say its not going to happen – still a long way to go this season and we are and always will be a very special club that very special things happen to – c’mon the bhoys!



    Obviously, before that happens we are going to have to accept another gubbing on Thursday night, but after that the only way is up!

  18. UNCLE JIMMY on 1ST DECEMBER 2020 2:06 PM



    Just getting to scroll back & saw this…



    You made my point about the charitable arm depending on the footballing arm much earlier than I did & with fewer words.




  19. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    In tomorrow’s episode of Don’t Mention The (Uncivil) War, how do the groundsmen keep the grass so green?



    In fairness to P67 his silence speaks volumes and I believe is intended to do so.

  20. Our stats after 13 games in this most disastrous of seasons when, I think, the Ten is our main ambition:





    13 9 3 1

  21. Hot smoked


    I’m sure having beaten the champions away they’ll have no problems taking points of the pretenders at home on Sunday.









    19 minutes ago


    Club News



    Chief Executive: We now need strength in adversity


    By Celtic Football Club






    While the Club has faced a difficult period on the pitch, Celtic Chief Executive Peter Lawwell has reiterated the Club’s determination to succeed this season and move forward together.



    Peter Lawwell said: “Like all those with Celtic’s best interests at heart, everyone at the Club is feeling the same hurt, disappointment and frustration following the team’s recent results. We are accustomed to winning and, of course, our objective will always be for that to continue. There is no complacency whatsoever.



    “Neil, the players and backroom staff, who have already done so much for the Club, share in all of that. They have never been more determined to succeed. Having enjoyed such sustained, unprecedented success, we now need strength in adversity.



    “We know that many Celtic supporters share very honest and real concerns and they are being heard by the Club. Every decision taken, both on and off the park, is with the Club’s best interests at heart. This is not about any individual, but about Celtic Football Club as a collective.



    “Together we have faced unique difficulties in the early part of the season. While some of these were beyond our control, of course we recognise we must improve. There is a long way to go and everyone at the Club is ready for the challenge.



    “Later this month, Celtic will attempt what no other club in the world has achieved – a quadruple treble in domestic competitions. We can best prepare for that and for our other remaining competitions this season by moving forward together, with the sole aim of achieving continued success for the Club.”

  23. Gene


    No wonder Philbhoy thought ernie had called you a moron :-)))))



    PS I hope that comes over the way it would do if we were chatting in a pub.






    It is interesting to a degree, but there are many parallels with any business that dominated a segment at one time, took eyes of the prize and someone overtook them. Much of it can be the culture.


    Kodak being my own favourite to use at business school. IBM being one to watch for the future.



    However, it should also be noted, Nokia still exist, they are still in the Global 500, they moved onto Mobile networks and developments in that direction.



    Celtic wont die because we dont win the 10 and the roof will come down. I think it is more likely we will get a shuffle of the major owners, someone new will buy in, take over,



    Peter will go sometime, he has to,



    ps, the huns are in no safe place at all, they might win a league, they might get into CL, but they might also be able to qualify from 2nd place.

  25. Peter is Bruce Wayne, that was from the Bat Cave underneath a heated driveway.



    we are all in this together, so there.

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