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I know we are in the middle of a storm with the prospect of the San Siro, not to mention St Johnstone ahead.  I also know the only thing you want to read or write about is how we are going to resolve our problems, but there is more to Celtic than football, specifically the Foundation.

The history poverty is clear, the poor suffer more from an economic crisis than anyone.  2020 has been a terrible year to be poor and many more people are now poor than a year ago.  Your Foundation stepped in early in the crisis and continues to work on our behalf.  There has been practically no fundraising this year: no badge day, no bucket collection or Ghirls for Good.

The Sleep Out, which takes place each winter, goes ahead on Friday night as Stay Up for the Champions.  You can participate from your home, details here.  If that is not possible, you can help in other ways here.

We are so much more than just a football club, the Foundation is evidence of that.

We’re launching Celtic: Fifty Flags Plus One, an anthology of how Celtic won each of their league titles today.  Starting with our first title in 1893, it details how Willie Maley brought consistent glory, then the sparse successes over four decades before Jock Stein arrived in 1965 and the more contemporary wins since.

It will rekindle memories you had forgotten and give insight into how the leagues were won.

SPECIAL OFFER, free copy of Seville, The Celtic Movement, while stocks last!

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  1. I really think Davie T cannot be that good at training that 43 year old scott broon is a first pick before him.

  2. glendalystonsils on

    If Ross County can cash in on our blundering defence , I don’t see AC Milan having too much of a problem.



    If however , St Johnstone cash in on our blundering defence , PL can ‘stick together’ with his boardroom cronies and stick their collective heads up their collective erchies.

  3. PHILBOY – I recall a couple games earlier I the season where Luca Connell and Turnbull got 20mins or so – they looked like they could offer something new/different to freshen the team up. They have not had sniff since then. If Soro was brought in as a Brown replacement , then why isn’t he the guy brought own when Brown is subbed.



    Lennons lack of trust or refusal to take a gamble – or he doesn’t rate the players brought in by Hammond.



    The latter is clearly an issue – Duffy is NEVER Celtic class. When we signed him I watched him play a couple of games for Ireland and he was defensively woeful , no pace , no positional sense – I wondered how he could defend in a team who plays even further up the pitch. Why didn’t Hammond see that.



    The list goes on – A goalkeeper coach as a director of recruitment?

  4. Lubo we need you on

    PL = Corporate incompetence on a massive scale …failure to act in the best interest of the company (Club) after mucho warnings. The man is a dinosaur . I read earlier he is a “asleep at the wheel” ….. hes actually steaming drunk at the wheel with blinkers on .Do the right thing !!!


    NL- I actually have time for and respect as a man ….. just not. as a football manager.


    He is lost now and has been for ages ,completely out his depth , still trying to cash cheques written by BR his predecessor( THE PHONEY WITH TEETH FROM THE MOUTH OF A PONY) .Do the right thing!!!

  5. I have just read PzL statement what a cheek.



    Who does he think he speaks for?



    Certainly not any Celtic supporter I know.



    The feckin cheek of the man.



    D :)

  6. STEBHOY on 1ST DECEMBER 2020 8:23 PM



    Neil Lennon and Scott Brown himself have both suggested he’d have to be used sparingly this season. Why the hell he’s playing 90 minutes in a league cup game is beyond me.




    I lay the blame with the manager full stop.



    We sign players and don’t play them because the manager disney trust them or they’re too young.



    The same guys evey week aint doing it!



    What do you do?



    Play someone else?






    Play the same failures week in week out.



    Mercy me.

  8. Here’s one for the dog owners.



    We used to have a mini Schnauzer who was great fun but we had to have him put down 3 months ago due to kidney failure. He was nearly 12.



    He was a lovable scamp and one of the things he used to do was go completely apeshit whenever he saw this old tired labrador.



    It was pretty embarrassing for us and we just had to cross the road if we saw the labrador up ahead.



    Now we have another mini Schnauzer and though he is better behaved, he also went mad when he saw the poor old thing.



    Other than the labrador having a smell that the dogs didn’t like, we’re stumped as to why this should be.

  9. PHILBOY- very few examples, the signing policy has been shambolic for years,numerous guys signed,usually loaned out then sold,colossal waste of money, Turnbull,Soro,Klimala are the current ones.

  10. !!BADA BING!!



    In what other industry would that amount of waste be tolerated?



    No where.



    Heads would roll.

  11. Peterthebeat.



    My dog hates labs, I think they are the most hated race of dogs in the dog kingdom. Dogs know .



    I think they must be doing something to have a closed shop in the guide dog industry.

  12. the only way to stop losing goals with our current goalie/defence is to erect some of that heras fencing between our goalposts.

  13. Go tell the Spartim on

    We could play PL in goal tell him the ball contains £5 pound notes he’d never let one get by him, not one. Problem solved



    As for his statement what a patronising load of shite

  14. PETETHEBEAT on 1ST DECEMBER 2020 8:31 PM



    Could your positive/friendly attitude to the labrador be making your dog jealous of it and therefore see the lab as a threat to its own status?

  15. Ernie – the woman who owns the labrador can’t stand the sight of us – never mind the dog.



    So i Haven’t been near it. We’ve only had the new one 2 days as well.



    I Googled it and the best answer was ‘Dogs are racists’ i.e. they don’t like certain other breeds :-)

  16. Up to no good them labs, spoke to a few dog owners about the same thing and a load of them have said the same.



    They probably think they are better that everybody and have been reading there own press. Number one dog in Britain for years.



    Somethings no right in the dog kingdom.

  17. Petethebeat


    My cocker spaniels are exactly the same with black labs 🤔



    A lot of good and in my view highly accurate comments on the back of PL’s statement


    I think he missed 2 words in his statement


    “Self inflicted”


    I read a tweet ( sent to me as I don’t do Twitter) from a Celtic fan earlier, outlining all the areas, where the board has Not taken action for the benefit of Celtic and its fans, yet highlights the blatant criticism of its own


    Then you get that nonsense today


    How about you challenge the 5 way agreement, and why we cannot take FtSFA to task over their actions back in 2011, or LNS decision/ set up


    Could go on, but you get the gist

  18. We used to be Rebels on

    PLC board calling the shot’s


    Nothing changes till PLC are no more


    If it takes PLC managing the loss of 10 in a row to wake Celtic season ticket holders up, maybe we need new Celtic season ticket holders? Why not? The present Celtic season ticket holders, are prepared to accommodate PLC acceptance of old hun, new hun, Ibrox hun corruption, when Celtic season ticket holders paid old hun ticket prices, to see us play the new hun, making old hun, new hun, the same hun, but now Celtic season ticket holders sense PLC betrayal that could lead to, old hun, new hun, same hun, denying Celtic’s season ticket holding green huns, the parochial 10 in a row which record books would record as an achievement that better’s the achievements of Jock Stein’s 9 in a row teams achievement’s which would make as much sense as, Celtic’s season ticket holding green huns, telling the new huns that their not the old huns, after Celtic season ticket holding green huns, bought tickets to see the new huns, which were the same price as the tickets to see the old huns, then Celtic season ticket holding green huns, would go into the stadium and singing,


    “You’re Not Rangers Anymore”


    after paying old hun ticket prices, to see the new huns!


    I think we need to do away with season ticket holding, Celtic green huns. What a mess they’ve fallen for.

  19. Thanks ERNIE



    When I read PETETHEBEATS doggy post I bet a mate of mine who lurks on here a tenner you’d be on within half an hour with an explanation.



    Is there nothing you are not an expert on?



    Mary’s Meals will benefit from that.

  20. “To bring up the other stuff and use it as a stick to beat celtic fans who want a better football team is the stuff of a low morals”


    Personally, I think the low morals are with those who tell Neil to GTF…

  21. Remember though that Lenny took a wage cut to come to Celtic.


    What was his wage cut coming from hibs 😉


    I said this weeks ago he might have dropped in wages coming to Celtic but speculates to accumulate springs to mind.If he needs the money then it’s his problem

  22. HEADTHEBALL on 1ST DECEMBER 2020 8:58 PM


    Black Labs Matter.





    Nice one :O)

  23. Headtheball that’s the best post I’ve seen on here for weeks and made me laugh out loud.