Soon you’ll read Crystal Palace earn more than Inter


The biggest story in the Deloitte money league table, out this morning, is that of Milan and Inter, 14th and 19th place respectively. Inter are stuck between Everton (pining for a new stadium to remove the biggest inhibitor on revenue) and West Ham (soon moving to a new stadium).

Juventus are 10th and Roma 16th but that’s it for Italian clubs, who were able to attract the top talent from Law to Ronaldo and all generations in between. The fabled ‘lure of the lira’ wasn’t replaced by the lure of Italian stocked euros. Football in Italy is still a huge business, but the TV market is not as generous as the deal in the confederated league in England and Wales.

It’s not so long since Celtic regularly featured in Deloitte’s report but our TV revenues have stagnated while those elsewhere have grown considerably. We’ve recognised our place in the food chain, but next to slip off the list when the new English TV deal kicks in will be the big Milanese clubs. Good.

Celtic were first to suffer the consequences of the TV and football markets cartels. There’s little we can do about it alone, we need big clubs in big countries to also be unhappy at being pushed out of the tent.

We’ll soon read that Crystal Palace earn more money than Inter Milan. Experience suggests that football clubs, once disenfranchised in this manner, become advocates for change. Even those near the top, like Karl-Heinz Rummenigge’s Bayern Munich, are talking about a European league, as their domestic TV deal is holding them back.

Magners Ticket Competition

Fancy two Premium Seats in the Jock Stein Stand for Saturday’s game against St Johnstone, courtesy of Magners? You can win by answering this question, which will hopefully bring back some memories:

We said “Cheerio to 10-in-a-row” on 9 Mary 1998, but just before halftime that day, a St Johnstone player went within inches of equalising with a header. Who was that player?

Send his surname in the subject line of an email to celticquicknews@gmail.com to enter.

And while you are at it, why don’t you put a £1 into our Mary’s Meals school kitchen appeal here…

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  1. Afternoon Celts



    Wee JF will be up and down the park like Flash


    Now that his ‘Lad’ has been cleared:)




  2. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Árd Macha,



    Sorry to read of your affliction. Hope you get relief and, perhaps info from a, hopefully cured, fellow sufferer.

  3. And honestly….that judge was not a mason.


    Said so himself.


    Too much paranoia.


    As if judges would have anything to do with masonry.



    Well, that judge has certainly convinced me.


    Feel so much better, knowing that the court system is totally on the level.


    Democracy…Dont you just love it.




  4. TBB



    Just registered my interest in a couple of tickets for the EK match.


    Thanks for posting the link.

  5. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Nap the day – 2.25 Ascot – Rock The Kazbah



    Best of luck to all



    Cheers GFTB

  6. Can I have Reve De Sivola if it runs in 3.35 Ascot. If they decide to go to Haydock, I’d like Bernardelli as my pick in the same race. Would this be acceptable?



    Good luck everyone.

  7. Reve De Sivola Haydock 3.15. Connections first preference.



    If non-runner Mountain King Ascot 1.15




  8. Morning all , pissed off , my monthly Saturday on at work. No paradise today.


    Le Prezien. Haydock 2.05.


    Be lucky chaps.HH.

  9. CQN Saturday Naps Competition : WEEK 25 results (Jan 16th)






    Rockon (One for Harry) @15/2


    Cosy Corner Bhoy (Attain) @7/1


    Graffitionthewall (Thomas Hobson)@5/1


    16 roads (Gardefort) @7/2






    21-5-79 (Daring Indian)


    Angel Gabrial (Born Survivor)


    BMCUWP (De Kerry Man)


    bonbhoy (Midnight Prayer)


    Bull67 (Houblon des Obeaux)


    Burgas Hoops (Fingers Crossed)


    Cathal (Midnight Prayer)


    Dim Sam (Born Survivor)


    El Madrigal (Foxbridge)


    Eurochamps67 (Houblon des Obeaux)


    Fastbhoy (no selection)


    fleagle1888 (Judicial)


    gerryfaethebrig (Divine Port)


    green T (Definitly Red)


    Gweedore Celt (Red Devil Lads)


    hashadenough (Final Nudge)


    leftclicktic (Dove Mountain)


    Nye Beavans RS (Born Survivor)


    Onemalloy (Rigadin de Beauchene)


    PFayr (Sego Success)


    Som mes que un club (Arctic Gold)


    The Bhoy from the Village (Conright Boy)


    TheBarcaMole (Ballyheigue Bay)


    Thunder Road (no selection)


    tommytwiststommyturns (Vivaldi Collonges)


    twists n turns (Foxbridge)


    voguepunter (Volcanic)


    What is the Stars (Cest Notre Gris)


    Zihuatanejo (Volcanic)



    Cheers, fleagle1888


    (—Beirut CSC—)

  10. CQN Saturday Naps Competition : WEEK 25 Standings



    It’s been a long time out in the lead for Zihuatanejo… but we now have a new leader in the naps table, step forward… 16 roads



    +18.75 > 16 roads (7)


    +14.50 > Zihuatanejo (4)


    +13.00 > Nye Beavans RS (6)


    +11.33 > bonbhoy (5)


    +7.83 > hashadenough (7)


    +5.75 > Rockon (5)


    +3.45 > leftclicktic (5)


    +2.50 > Graffitionthewall (6)


    +1.50 > BMCUWP (4)



    -2.00 > Angel Gabrial (4)


    -2.42 > El Madrigal (4)


    -5.50 > Cosy Corner Bhoy (3)


    -6.00 > tommytwiststommyturns (2)


    -6.88 > Bull67 (4)


    -7.13 > gerryfaethebrig (4)


    -9.00 > Burgas Hoops (3)


    -9.50 > twists n turns (2)


    -10.00 > Gweedore Celt (1)


    -10.10 > Eurochamps67 (4)


    -10.50 > TheBarcaMole (2)


    -11.13 > Fastbhoy (4)


    -11.75 > PFayr (3)


    -11.83 > green T (5)


    -12.00 > voguepunter (2)


    -13.50 > The Bhoy from the Village (2)


    -13.55 > Onemalloy (3)


    -13.95 > Thunder Road (3)


    -14.00 > Cathal (1)


    -15.13 > What is the Stars (3)


    -15.90 > fleagle1888 (2)


    -17.75 > Som mes que un club (2)


    -19.63 > Dim Sam (2)


    -25.00 > 21-5-79 (0)



    Cheers, fleagle1888


    (—Beirut CSC—)

  11. Otago Trail 1:30Haydock


    Won in a canter for me two weeks ago in the heavy ,short price but hey-ho :))))


    Good look everyone



    Whose that fine Fhella sitting at the top of the table? :))))))

  12. Nicholls is due a good Saturday, so I reckon a 3X on Virak, Salubrious and





    Best of luck



    Looking forward to today’s match v St.J




  13. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Simply a Legend in the 2:25 at Ascot.



    Peace & harmony to the blog! ;-)