Soon you’ll read Crystal Palace earn more than Inter


The biggest story in the Deloitte money league table, out this morning, is that of Milan and Inter, 14th and 19th place respectively. Inter are stuck between Everton (pining for a new stadium to remove the biggest inhibitor on revenue) and West Ham (soon moving to a new stadium).

Juventus are 10th and Roma 16th but that’s it for Italian clubs, who were able to attract the top talent from Law to Ronaldo and all generations in between. The fabled ‘lure of the lira’ wasn’t replaced by the lure of Italian stocked euros. Football in Italy is still a huge business, but the TV market is not as generous as the deal in the confederated league in England and Wales.

It’s not so long since Celtic regularly featured in Deloitte’s report but our TV revenues have stagnated while those elsewhere have grown considerably. We’ve recognised our place in the food chain, but next to slip off the list when the new English TV deal kicks in will be the big Milanese clubs. Good.

Celtic were first to suffer the consequences of the TV and football markets cartels. There’s little we can do about it alone, we need big clubs in big countries to also be unhappy at being pushed out of the tent.

We’ll soon read that Crystal Palace earn more money than Inter Milan. Experience suggests that football clubs, once disenfranchised in this manner, become advocates for change. Even those near the top, like Karl-Heinz Rummenigge’s Bayern Munich, are talking about a European league, as their domestic TV deal is holding them back.

Magners Ticket Competition

Fancy two Premium Seats in the Jock Stein Stand for Saturday’s game against St Johnstone, courtesy of Magners? You can win by answering this question, which will hopefully bring back some memories:

We said “Cheerio to 10-in-a-row” on 9 Mary 1998, but just before halftime that day, a St Johnstone player went within inches of equalising with a header. Who was that player?

Send his surname in the subject line of an email to celticquicknews@gmail.com to enter.

And while you are at it, why don’t you put a £1 into our Mary’s Meals school kitchen appeal here…

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  1. Would English chairmen and owners of mid-tier clubs ever have consented to have another financial juggernaut in their league, who could rival Man U in size and fan base?



    IMO, it was a dead rubber from the off.



    Time to get over obsessing about the Sassenachs and get on with business where we can potentially improve.



    Over to you Ronny.

  2. td67 in the nfl have to look at guaranteed salary a good many players (other than the qb) are not on a guaranteed wage and therefore are cut.

  3. traditionalist88 on




    I note the reference to the ‘confederated league in England and Wales’ and assume the wording was carefully chosen…



    Could there be a legal challenge one day?







    I agree, but it’s when they all start trading, I’v got a QB , you need a QB, you’ve got a RB and you don’t need one let as swop, I remember I think it was John Ellway ..I think who refused to go in the draft,,, and it cost The Denver millions to get him, I think it was Buffalo who drafted him not sure, and he said he didn’t want to play there, and there was a hockey player who done the same, was it Mario Lemeux? Not sure.

  5. i should have said to meet the cap or have their salary restructured.


    mlb if they are over the cap the team is fined, chump change to the wealthy owners.

  6. Alcora. 1.25.


    Drink beetroot juice it really helps with high b.p.


    Can’t remember the dosage to drink daily, you will have to look that up yourself.


    You can buy it by the bottle in sainsburys.


    It tastes very earthy at first, but you get used to it.




    Oh I know, it’s a tough gig, the QB, TE, RB, WR, and FG kickers are the main men, (that’s quarterbacks Tight Ends, running backs, wide receivers and field goal kickers)

  8. The Clumpany@12.44 hrs,



    I agree 100 percent that banning journalists is counter productive and bad for society. It can endanger free speech and we are better than that. We are more confident than that.



    Leave banning journalists to the sevconians, who are obviously insecure and paranoid.



    On another note and we have discussed this many times on here. Eventually we must move to a league more befitting of our status.


    Have we really tried. ? I have never heard anything from our custodians on what if anything we have done to make this happen.


    Of all the questions I would like answered from them this remains number 1.



    However I can understand if others have more pressing questions.




  9. Dessybhoy and DD



    He’s got a bit to go yet, but the early signs are good.



    His Mum says he’s having good fun pulling out the tubes in his body!!!



    She thinks they might need to tie him up!



    He’s still in Intensive Care so I’m sure they’ll know what to do!

  10. whitedoghunch on 21st January 2016 3:28 pm




    In what year was the Vince lombardi trophy first competed for




    Season 1965/66…1st SuperBowl was in 1966 The Pack V KC



    The Pack won……….

  11. Bada,



    Until Tuesday, I’d say johansen WAS missed when he didn’t feature.



    I’m glad Tuesday has kinda ‘corrected’ that anomaly.




  12. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    FIFA – utterly corrupt, unaccountable and secretive



    UEFA – utterly corrupt, unaccountable and secretive



    SFA – utterly corrupt, unaccountable and secretive



    SPFL – utterly corrupt, unaccountable and secretive



    Scottish Referee Association – utterly corrupt, unaccountable and secretive



    SPA – utterly corrupt, unaccountable and secretive


    ECA – utterly corrupt, unaccountable and secretive


    Police Scotland – utterly corrupt, unaccountable and secretive


    Scottish Justice system – utterly corrupt, unaccountable and secretive


    Scottish written media – utterly corrupt, unaccountable and secretive


    Scottish broadcast media – utterly corrupt, unaccountable and secretive


    SNP – utterly corrupt, unaccountable and secretive



    The above means a total lack of leadership from anywhere or from anyone


    within Scottish football. Parochial minded bean counters counting packets


    of crisps sold concerned about what career criminals may think of them or


    do to their businesses while they treat their customers with absolute contempt.















    Entertainment value



    Why would anyone SENSIBLE encourage their children to follow Scottish football ?



    Where are the role models ?

  13. Good read from John James, Summed up nicely but a decent sounding guy. The problem is the hate is stronger than the love for the club, The Club is merely a banner to collect the hate under and that you can’t reason with. Its been 4 years and tbh The other article about us carry on the traditional tip for tat has kept them relevant to us, My Celtic Supporting friends do it, At the game my mate was talking about “them coming back” I said “who?” I wish more of our own kept this up rather than the “back” stuff. Its no different us talking about them being the same as them.



    Because if we do before we know it, it will all just have been a dream and they will be the same club.







  14. tonydonnelly67



    Maybe for offence



    Your main MLB and your SS are equally as important

  15. weeman67


    always thought it to be 1967 kinda ruins my motivation for question


    will now spend 30 mins researching

  16. What is the Stars on

    Phil bhoy


    Thanks for update on Archie


    Let’s hope the little rascal continues to improve.


    I don’t pray so I won’t offer but I will promise to refrain from my anti ronny rants until he gets the all clear.


    So I love ya ronny. ..Did I just say that

  17. Go on celtic sign young Ohalloran.him and Griffiths will score a barrowload of goals for us.dont think he wants to sign for you know who.

  18. What is the Stars



    We have had our differences and I admit I was over the top in my comments to you re “Ronny Out”



    I may have at one time, doubted that you were a Tim (not now) and I apologise for that.



    However, I know you are a top, top ghuy.



    I should know better.



    Thanks again.

  19. TONYDONNELLY67 on 21ST JANUARY 2016 3:47 PM



    Middle Line Backer is a big part of the D yes. He leads the D.



    For example, a QB might pick a play in the huddle but when he watched the opposition he notices a weakness. He might then change the play before the ball is played. He does so by shouting an “audible” which is a coded message for his team to switch the play “Green 15” or something like that.



    The MLB does something similar for the defense. Some teams play with two MLB’s and some play with one. Depends on the formation.

  20. I like John James and think he is a decent Ran*ers fan…..BUT…….so far he has got just about all his predictions about the lying king and sevco completely wrong.



    Still no a bad read though.

  21. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    anager: We always aim to come out of transfer window stronger


    By: Paul Cuddihy on 21 Jan, 2016 14:10


    IT was no surprise that transfer talk dominated much of Ronny Deila’s pre-match press conference at Lennoxtown. Celtic have already brought in Danish internationalist Erik Sviatchenko during the current transfer window, and other names appear in headlines on a daily basis, either linked with a move to or from Celtic Park.


    The aim is always to come out of every transfer window in a stronger position, and the acquisition of the highly-rated Sviatchenko is certainly a boost to the Celtic squad.


    The Celtic manager did confirm that Croatian midfielder, Ljuban Crepulja, is training with the club this week.


    “He’s a player we’ve watched a little bit and we want to see more, so now he’s training with us and we’ll see if we want to do anything further,” he said.


    “Erik Sviatchenko’s coming back tomorrow, and he’ll be at Saturday’s game but he won’t be available for the game. It’s too early for him and he needs some training sessions with the team before he’s ready for his debut.”


    While the manager is also keen to keep his squad intact, stating that he wants to keep Stefan Johansen at the club despite some speculation linking the Norwegian midfielder with a move to Aston Villa, one player who has gone out on loan is Anthony Stokes.


    The Irishman has joined former club, Hibernian, until the end of the season, and the Celtic boss believes it’s a good opportunity for the striker.


    “I hope he scores a lot of goals and does well and comes back to us full of confidence and in good shape,” Ronny Deila said. “If does well then he’ll make Hibs better and that’s what they’re hoping for as well.


    “He wanted to go there and that’s very important. If he has motivation to go there and play, and that he feels he has good communication with the Hibs manager and that he’s going to play in the team, that’s a good start for him.”


    Wednesday night revealed the identity of Celtic’s Scottish Cup fifth round opponents, with East Kilbride beating Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale 2-0 to set up a dream tie with the Hoops.


    The match, on Sunday, February 7, will be played at New Douglas Park, Hamilton, and it’s a game the Celtic boss is looking forward to as his team continue their quest for the domestic treble.


    “It’s a good stadium, so it’s no problem for us. We have to face what’s in front of us. It’s going to be a good game, and it’s always difficult to play teams below you, but we did that last time and we’ll make sure we’re prepared and will do everything to make sure we beat them and go through.”






    Where does Ronny state the headline ?



    We always aim, hope, believe,desire,wish,aspire etc etc.



    Celtic employees are all well schooled these days.



    schooled in expectation management




  22. Afternoon all.



    Was visiting my Dad today. He was waxing lyrical about the 8-1 game. He was asking me who was the main man in the team. I suggested Nir Bitton, as he is the nearest to George Connolly. he then began to wax lyrical about the great George Connolly, ending by saying: What a waste; what a talent. He had it all. Then he went on naturally to the Lions. Then, I reminded him of those who were George’s contemporaries:Danny McGrain, Kenny Dalglish and Davie Hay. Says he, well we had the privilege of watching them. Says it all really. We had the privilege of watching them. What a privilege it was.

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