Soon you’ll read Crystal Palace earn more than Inter


The biggest story in the Deloitte money league table, out this morning, is that of Milan and Inter, 14th and 19th place respectively. Inter are stuck between Everton (pining for a new stadium to remove the biggest inhibitor on revenue) and West Ham (soon moving to a new stadium).

Juventus are 10th and Roma 16th but that’s it for Italian clubs, who were able to attract the top talent from Law to Ronaldo and all generations in between. The fabled ‘lure of the lira’ wasn’t replaced by the lure of Italian stocked euros. Football in Italy is still a huge business, but the TV market is not as generous as the deal in the confederated league in England and Wales.

It’s not so long since Celtic regularly featured in Deloitte’s report but our TV revenues have stagnated while those elsewhere have grown considerably. We’ve recognised our place in the food chain, but next to slip off the list when the new English TV deal kicks in will be the big Milanese clubs. Good.

Celtic were first to suffer the consequences of the TV and football markets cartels. There’s little we can do about it alone, we need big clubs in big countries to also be unhappy at being pushed out of the tent.

We’ll soon read that Crystal Palace earn more money than Inter Milan. Experience suggests that football clubs, once disenfranchised in this manner, become advocates for change. Even those near the top, like Karl-Heinz Rummenigge’s Bayern Munich, are talking about a European league, as their domestic TV deal is holding them back.

Magners Ticket Competition

Fancy two Premium Seats in the Jock Stein Stand for Saturday’s game against St Johnstone, courtesy of Magners? You can win by answering this question, which will hopefully bring back some memories:

We said “Cheerio to 10-in-a-row” on 9 Mary 1998, but just before halftime that day, a St Johnstone player went within inches of equalising with a header. Who was that player?

Send his surname in the subject line of an email to celticquicknews@gmail.com to enter.

And while you are at it, why don’t you put a £1 into our Mary’s Meals school kitchen appeal here…

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  1. DELANEYS DUNKY on 21ST JANUARY 2016 5:23 PM



    Awe aye, I said earlier, I think he’s gone, you think Villa are sniffing around a guy wi a bad back, no chance, I’v a feeling this deal was done several weeks ago, IMO.

  2. Good evening friends.



    I missed my other team’s game on Tuesday evening but heard a possible scurrulous rumour that our stadium announcer mistakenly read out the Partick team from Jan 2nd rather than the Hamilton line up. Can anyone confirm please?



    My interest might be to do with the fact that Mr Announcer lives round the corner from me ;-)

  3. St Stivs. Just back in from being out to visit a friend who is ill. Thanks for those memories again. What a Greenock man thanking a Port Man? Wonders never cease.

  4. The Comfortable Collective on

    Jobo Baldie



    He did indeed. I didn’t notice it at the time – only when he “re read” the Hamilton team after the Celtic team.



    Found that strange and the only name I remember being read out was the substitute goalkeeper. Somebody called Ryan Scully.



    So I Google him and indeed he is a Harry Wrag player.

  5. BSR



    “Gers -,Come and get me plea”



     Michael O’Halloran Daily Ranger






    “Look, the glass moved! “.

  6. If there is something all genuine Tims can get behind it’s getting Celtic onto the biggest footballing stage.



    WE should be pushing to leave the huns of scoddland behind. The club would do well to galvanise the support behind this project but not as a pair with the Edmiston Tax Dodgers, Time for the club to find its voice in concert with the support. Getting out of Dodge would be an excellent start.




    Just reading back…………. sad to read SOT is turning in……………..alongside Jobo, he brought the sunshine with his sun-drenched stories, so vital for this Dear Green Place.



    The blog ( not Celtic necessarily) is under snydey attack…………



    The Sleekit and the daily dirge and diatribe is just there to divide and ultimately conquer – there is no love, passion or joy…………. and never any debate – disruption of the genuine cameraderie and kinship of the blog and its characters is the only objective.



    When we win, it loses.




  7. Turkeybhoy



    Nothing to do with snobbery, I want Celtic to compete in Europe, I don’t think OHallaran who has attracted no interest other than sevco is anywhere near European level, as for Rooney that’s just laughable.

  8. The Comfortable Collective –



    Thanks for the confirmation. I’ll not miss him when I see him next!

  9. Delaneys Dunky on




    Very well said. Hope to share an ale with you in Chandlers, one fine day.

  10. JJ,






    Hmmmmm. Nothing yet. Tinternet has been playing up this afternoon mindya




  11. Delaneys Dunky on

    I have been mildly impressed by Michael O’Halloran any time we played Saints.


    I have been hugely impressed by Ryan Christie any time we played Inverness.


    Don’t believe the hype!

  12. ……….while I’m on….


    ….another blog bellwether imo is the increasing absence of contributors like DBBIA and a a few more besides.



    These ghuys with their wit and irreverent observations leavened things considerably and on a guid day


    subdued the monotonous sleekit(s).




  13. Blantyretim.



    I’m coming into the Blane Valley for a wee swally tomorrow,but a bit later than usual, around 4pm 4.30pm,Have to wait in for a parcel from RMail.

  14. Connaire 12,



    Thanks for your tears. Love of the Celtic is a magical feeling.






    I am never sure whether it is an”o” or an “e”. Thanks for putting me right.

  15. Delaneys Dunky on




    Will you be in BV pre match Saturday?


    Almore is flying over from Dublin for the match. I am meeting him in Glasgow City Centre about noon. Hope yer aboot sir. :)

  16. Is it just me or does anyone else think Johansen has played a lot better recently? If he could recapture last season’s form, I wouldn’t want to lose him. Maybe he just needs to grow up, like Griffiths has learned to do.

  17. DD, thanks chum. I appreciate that.



    …….and I’ll be glad to let you buy me that beer!







  18. thomthethim for Oscar OK on










    Not knowingly – have you had an email from me?







    I think iCloud is under attack as my inbox is full, and there are weird things











    Yes. I sent you a reply. Check if you got it.

  19. Bankiebhoy 1,



    Doesn’t DBBIA regularly absent himself occasionally? But, you’re right. We need the wit and good humour of too many to mention who have gone to pastures new to return to brighten up the blog.

  20. Delaneys Dunky on




    That would be a pleasure. I met Antipodean Red in Chandlers last year, when he was home from Australia. We had a great day. Look forward tae that ale with you.

  21. Delaneys Dunky.



    I don’t think I’ll be there on Saturday, as I’m going out on Friday I doubt I’ll be fit for Saturday,wer’e heading over to Sharkey’s after a couple in the BV,Want to meet up with Matt (estadio) for our yearly blether (if he’s there) and a few bevvies.

  22. After Derby knocked Hartlepool out of the FA cup they allowed Hartlepool to keep the whole of the receipts from the ticket money. This generated a lot of good publicity and goodwill for Derby. I feel we are in a position, in the assumption that we win our tie against East Kilbride, to do the same for East Kilbride. I think it would be a great PR exercise and generate great publicity for the club, for what would be a relatively small amount of money for Celtic but a huge amount for East Kilbride. The only argument against would be that we didn’t do it the last time we played a new club, last season in the league cup semi final. Any opinions folks.


    I respect MIT SOT and BT positions but hopefully they will come back to the blog. I enjoyed all 3s posts and because they were wide ranged and informative it was often an education reading their posts. Hail Hail to all three.

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