Soon you’ll read Crystal Palace earn more than Inter


The biggest story in the Deloitte money league table, out this morning, is that of Milan and Inter, 14th and 19th place respectively. Inter are stuck between Everton (pining for a new stadium to remove the biggest inhibitor on revenue) and West Ham (soon moving to a new stadium).

Juventus are 10th and Roma 16th but that’s it for Italian clubs, who were able to attract the top talent from Law to Ronaldo and all generations in between. The fabled ‘lure of the lira’ wasn’t replaced by the lure of Italian stocked euros. Football in Italy is still a huge business, but the TV market is not as generous as the deal in the confederated league in England and Wales.

It’s not so long since Celtic regularly featured in Deloitte’s report but our TV revenues have stagnated while those elsewhere have grown considerably. We’ve recognised our place in the food chain, but next to slip off the list when the new English TV deal kicks in will be the big Milanese clubs. Good.

Celtic were first to suffer the consequences of the TV and football markets cartels. There’s little we can do about it alone, we need big clubs in big countries to also be unhappy at being pushed out of the tent.

We’ll soon read that Crystal Palace earn more money than Inter Milan. Experience suggests that football clubs, once disenfranchised in this manner, become advocates for change. Even those near the top, like Karl-Heinz Rummenigge’s Bayern Munich, are talking about a European league, as their domestic TV deal is holding them back.

Magners Ticket Competition

Fancy two Premium Seats in the Jock Stein Stand for Saturday’s game against St Johnstone, courtesy of Magners? You can win by answering this question, which will hopefully bring back some memories:

We said “Cheerio to 10-in-a-row” on 9 Mary 1998, but just before halftime that day, a St Johnstone player went within inches of equalising with a header. Who was that player?

Send his surname in the subject line of an email to celticquicknews@gmail.com to enter.

And while you are at it, why don’t you put a £1 into our Mary’s Meals school kitchen appeal here…

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  1. In July 2009 Hoopy the Huddlehound appeared to have had a makeover after the old Hoopy suit went missing at the end of the 2008-09 season. The “new” Hoopy was the subject of discussion and was deemed at first to be an imposter (all in humour). All in time grew to love the new mascot design and has become part of the Celtic family and matchday experience.




  2. Parkhead…………………


    He does – usually a lenten absence …………..


    The point is more general and the list of contributors wider than the Big Fella – him and others typify something particular with regards to the nature of the blog.






    ….I could hardly blame him, but I doubt that’s the way the software works.

  3. Bhoys


    Booking the table for Hamilton races for Friday 13th May ( evening meeting) tomorrow. Anyone interested just let me know pls. ( £99 plus VAT).




  4. thomthethim for Oscar OK on










    I’ll look into it – see u Saturday?














    Will do.







    I think i might have a trojan thingy





    Looks like I’ll have no chance to redeem my bank details, then.

  5. Dubaibhoy-Ur they still deid? on

    The nuances of the English language…



    Was out shopping in Abu Zaabi buying some gadgety things for the gopro and I looked at gadget number 1, which I was about to buy. I then asked about gadget number 2 which the Indian sales assistant said they didn’t have. He then thought for a while and said that he had a jobbie, to which I replied “a whit?”. A jobbie says the assistant. So a says aye right on ye go, show me your jobbie, to which he produced a copycat set of gadgets for half the price. Having checked out the jobbies they seem the real deal, but the marketing department of Joby Inc from CA, USA obviously didnt read chapter 7 of Marketing for Dummies.



    The moral of the story is that not everything that sounds like a jobbie smells like a jobbie…

  6. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    At face value , that sounds like a good idea.



    How to work it, might be more difficult.


    Do we announce it before the game and get accused of attempting to bribe them to lie down ? !!!!





    Do we handle the tickets in the normal way, then after the game, waive our rights to half the gate money?

  7. JIMMYNOTPAUL-you beat me to it,great PR if Celtic let EK keep the gate money,the square faces up here would be raging:)


    EK unhappy at being forced to play at Hamilton by the SFA,why can’t they help clubs maximise the opportunity to make some money?

  8. Delaneys Dunky on




    Great idea. Love it. Would be a great gesture to a community club. Would help the youth of EK enormously.

  9. Thomthetim/Bada and D.D.


    Thanks for the responses and the positivity.


    Thomthetim, yes Derby waited until they had won the tie before they announced it. Celtic, if they were willing to do it, I would expect to do the same for the reasons you have given.


    Maybe Paul 67, if he thinks it’s a good idea, could have a word In P.L.s ear.

  10. Evening Timland from a cold hun free mountain valley.


    Mike in T






    Get yersels back on here, if you stop posting they win.


    Reclaim the blog.








    Delighted to hear that Archie is on the mend,



  11. WITS We will be at Leopardstown about midday on Sunday, heading over to the Fair City tomorrow 3-35 flight from Glasgow , looking forward to meeting you on Sunday HH !!

  12. Celtic know how to look after small teams, I’m sure they will sort out EK in anyway they can, it’s more or less a given, and I doubt very much if they need a push in that department, that’s why we get so many friendly S great club, great fans.

  13. What is the Stars on

    Park Road, I will be in touch, I will meet you at the stall that rents binoculars just at the back of the parade ring. ..near the information booth about 1230

  14. “Is it just me or does anyone else think Johansen has played a lot better recently?”






    Ah but so has Efe and if we canny criticise our Nigerian Prince somebody else has to get it.




  15. I deliberately didn’t read back over last night’s blog (partly because I am too slow at the reading) but to learn that MIT, SOT and BT have left over something or other is sad to hear. Each has their own unique voice and take on all things Celtic. I for one hope they return asap. We need the good guys more than ever.

  16. Huns petitioning BBC to remove Chris Mc laughlin








    Candle lit for wee Archie there in the cathedral tonight,hope the wee fella pulls thro.



    Mike in Toronto


    i hope you have a rethink as i enjoyed the haver when Vungaard burrz attempted to align the cheat and Chomskys propoganda model,i enjoy your posts,enjoy your lurk but put the toe in the odd time



    South of Tunis


    you too will be sorely missed,your range of topic is great to me,from Kraftwerk in Croydons fairfield halls to the insights into italian food and football ‘way down south’.I hope you reconsider





    your no chuckin it! al batter ye :-) ,take a time out mate your insights into Celtic and the benefits system are valued by me anyway



    The blog is bout Celtic and is poorer if Celtic men like you 3 dont be active in it.



    hail hail to all

  17. Good idea about letting EK keep the gate from our cup tie. It certainly fits our club’s profile and ethos.


    It is different though, from when we played the other new club recently.


    In that game, it was a semi final, where I believe the gates of both semi finals are pooled, then shared equally between each of the four semi finalists.


    Therefore, gate receipts were not in our gift.


    Pity as the Sevco 2012 club could have done with our financial help, if it were ours to give, so I believe.




  18. Tony Donnelly/Beatbhoy



    Re US sports



    i always recall Fergus complaining about 125 people being employed at the SFA to administer football when the NBA,then the biggest franchise on the planet was administered by 6 people,


    i was wondering if you could offer any insights into the governance/licence/self certing etc of sport in US?








    have a good night Celts



    short and sweet tonight







  19. ulysses mcghee - a demographic of one on

    Good Evening



    To everyone on the blog, here or abroad or even in ML9.



    How’s tricks?




  20. My absolute despair at the lack of nous on the blog grows by the day. Now we are being told letting EK keep the gate money fits the club profile and ethos. The clubs profile and ethos is one of ” we don’t mind corruption we just want money”. I find it incredible that Celtic supporters are willing to ignore the evidence all around us.




  21. Neganon 2.


    It was me who put the proposition out there.


    Leaving aside profile and ethos, as I did in my post, do you think it is a good idea and would generate good PR for the club.

  22. What is the Stars on

    Park Road


    That’s great, I will be wearing my old Eton blazer, silk cravat and smoking a Gauloise through a silver cigarette holder, I will probably be accompanied by a leggy blonde who is rumoured to be an ex wife of a Russian oligarch.


    But keep that bit under hat. Them Russian fellas got awfully touchy about people running off with their women

  23. Jimmynotpaul. Yes its a great idea. But only if you have a norale compass. Our board have none.



    To qoute a film.



    Have IQs suddenly dropped?

  24. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Mike, South of Tunis and Blantryetim, I hope your respective break from the blog is a short one.



    Another loss to the blog is Jamesgang, Dunblane’s finest Andy who lol) His humourous , uplifting and insightful words always made me smile.



    I wonder if there is enough public pressure on the SFA , they will respect EKFC’s request to play at a bigger stadium.

  25. Just been catching up and see that SOT, MIT and BT have resigned from the blog.



    Sad news indeed and hope they have a rethink as they will be sadly missed…especially BT as that will make me the worst spellar on here :)

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