Soro, the difference from Kouassi


Ismaila Soro joined Celtic yesterday after two years in Israel with Bnei Yehuda.  He is a year younger than fellow Ivorian, and fellow central midfielder, Eboue Kouassi, who this month left Celtic on loan to Genk, having failed to make any noticeable impression.  The biggest difference I can discern between the two is who recruited them.

Kouassi was brought in by Brendan Rodgers, just before the arrival of chief scout Lee Congerton, but while Lee was in dialogue with Brendan and the club.  Soro is here courtesy of Neil Lennon and his chief scout, Nick Hammond.  There’s your difference – and why we should expect a better outcome this time.

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  1. Every manager mistakes it’s whether you learn from them that differentiates the successful ones from the rest.

  2. onenightinlisbon on

    I agree that Rodgers brought us success, that’s what he was paid to do. This doesn’t stop him from being a lowlife rat who walked out on us when Madame Premiership fluttered her eyelashes at him. Ask danny McGrain what he thinks of him…..




    I doubt Brendan was anywhere near the cheque book.



    He certainly wasn’t when we signed your man Shved, Which seemed to give him a particularly bad case of sand in the vag

  4. Turkeybhoy-going back to last night if you don’t mind,do you suggest that this squad is so good it doesn’t need improvement?If so,what’s the point of signing anyone just to sit on a bench .


    PS-KT was a defender first and last.How many times have you seen Taylor playing for Celtic

  5. CELTIC40ME on 28TH JANUARY 2020 5:43 PM



    I seriously doubt BR prioritised guys like Hendry. He was working within the constraints placed upon him by PL, buy cheap and try and make something of them and then sell on. It’s really hit and miss, holding out Kouassi and Hendry against Rodgers doesn’t stand up to even the most basic level of scrutiny. It would be more appropriate to hold Rodgers up against Deila, Mowbray et al.



    There is lots of comment down south just now about spending money, transfers, Managers, Man Utd/Liverpool etc. Any Manager can buy players, but good Managers improve players, improve teams and deliver success. Thats what Rodgers did and thats how he should be remembered.

  6. Ask any Celtic fan who they would have had instead on Lennon and they can’t give you an answer



    Some come out with something ridiculous like ‘Rafa’ or ‘Villas-Boas’ who, in reality, would never come here, and even if they did, would you REALLY have trusted them to deliver the league title?



    I wouldn’t

  7. Read Jozo a doubt for tomorrow.



    I know I’m a bit grumpy today but I’d get shot of him and target a bloody CH whose knees aren’t made of spaghetti.



    I guess we have a converted RB and a converted Middy to cover the 2 only choices then. Oh no, both injured.

  8. DAVID17 on 28TH JANUARY 2020 7:50 PM



    The suggestion was/is that after Congerton, his man, was brought in he had much more control over transfers than previous managers had. Certainly more than Ronnie, although I think we had a different model back when Mowbray was in charge.



    If he wasn’t used to deciding who we bought, why the bad tempered reaction to Shved?



    I might be wrong, of course. None of us really know the whos and whens

  9. SUTTON1888 on 28TH JANUARY 2020 4:04 PM


    A winger to give Forrest a bit of competition would’ve done me just fine.





    We already have one as has been muted on here and other blogs.. FRIMPONG.



    Rather see a centre half, if our budget is limited!!!

  10. BIG WAVY



    We recalled a cb on loan at Morton so we are well covered.



    Nat worries here!

  11. Philbhoy



    Oh yeah, my apologies – the 20 year old kid with zero appearances.



    Panic over.

  12. Big Wavy, Think his contract is up at end of season but Ce;tic have an option of a 12 month extension. Hope they don’t try same trick as they tried with Sincy.


    I like Jozo but unfortunately he is injury prone.


    Overall the window hasn’t gone too badly we got a couple of liabilities off our hands & loaned out players who needed games.


    We have brought in 2 and have Euan Henderson back, I’m not too bothered about what Lenny said, I’m still confident that we will get a couple of Loanees in.

  13. The ” Celtic by Numbers ” stats on James Forrest is a bit concerning,as it effectively suggests that amidst periods of brilliance,he cannot be trusted to turn up for some key games most notably vs Sevco.


    Even recently he has developed this tendency to move inside towards the defender as opposed to going wide to stretch them.


    In this run in with everything weighing against us,NL needs to get the message across that he is one of the Senior players and should be performing as such,or be rested.



    Regarding the “play Taylor ” lobby.Never came out of any Killie game remarking how good the LB was,since arriving seen all his games,not all that impressed,and whether Hayes is a LB or not,he gets up and down the park and looks much fitter and mobile,and whilst Jozo in team provides better cover as he gets up to speed.

  14. Thanks guys for contact advice re. my old man.


    Hopefully he gets to continue on with his favourite pastime, watching & supporting the bhoys in green.

  15. Taylor definitely no matter how hard you try,think Hendry


    And I’ve watched both in the flesh,and not on a highlights program

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