Soro, the difference from Kouassi


Ismaila Soro joined Celtic yesterday after two years in Israel with Bnei Yehuda.  He is a year younger than fellow Ivorian, and fellow central midfielder, Eboue Kouassi, who this month left Celtic on loan to Genk, having failed to make any noticeable impression.  The biggest difference I can discern between the two is who recruited them.

Kouassi was brought in by Brendan Rodgers, just before the arrival of chief scout Lee Congerton, but while Lee was in dialogue with Brendan and the club.  Soro is here courtesy of Neil Lennon and his chief scout, Nick Hammond.  There’s your difference – and why we should expect a better outcome this time.

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  1. CorkCelt



    Like you I think we might see something emerge. A CH who can allow Ajer in particular up his game. I liked Benkovic.



    Fairhill bhoy – I haven’t been the same since a youngster today in Oxford Circus thought it funny to pull my earphones out of my ears, as a laugh. Wee fecker.

  2. FAIRHILL BHOY on 28TH JANUARY 2020 8:29 PM




    I hope your ” Highlights program” comment was not addressed to me.

  3. Excathedra44-had to read back to see where you posted last,8:21pm and I can’t see anywhere in your post that would make you you think my later post was in anyway directed at you 😉


    Having read your post again,I couldn’t agree more with everything you said 🍀

  4. Asupporterwhogotlucky on

    Brutal game to watch though so far, I’ve shad more excitement from watching an empty crisp poke blowing down the road

  5. The main difference between Kouassi and Soro is that Kouassi has been here a while and has failed, for whatever reasons, to make a breakthrough with Celtic. Soro has just arrived and has not had a chance to succeed, fail or just be a “meh” player.



    Sometimes modern football fans sound to me like their Jive Bunny fans – they like Tunes(players) but they want a new one coming along every 5 seconds.



    Transfer windows must produce first team ready players straight away or they are failures.



    Taylor cannot be given 4 months to bridge the gap between being a Killie player and being a Celtic player. Kouassi and Arzani cannot be given second chances even when they are injury free.



    We can only play 14 players (max) in every game. We cannot make wholesale changes in most games because we need continuity to build up team patterns of play. Most players only get a chance to prove themselves because of injuries or suspensions to the usual suspects. Even Tom Rogic has not broken back into the team despite being rated as a potential £20m transfer option a year ago.



    Journeymen Hartley and Robson got a turn by default and they drove us on to a league win.



    Ryan Christie was on his way out but he had a good start to his loan spell at Aberdeen (even though like Callum at Notts County, he finished his loan spell badly and could easily have been sold to land John McGinn). Next thing he’s in the running for POTY.



    We don’t know who will hit form in the run-in and make themselves indespensable. Will Mikey Johnston come of age? Will Karamoko get a chance to do a Paddy McCourt cameo?



    And will Soro prove more first team ready than Taylor was?



    Who knows? We only get to see them once or twice a week.



    Neil will want to rely on the tried and trusted but he knows that injury, suspension and a crowded fixture list will take its toll. No-one should have a guaranteed spot. The stars of the first 6 months of the league may not be the stars of the final 4 months.



    As I always say, just strap in and enjoy the ride! You have nothing to fear but the loss of your cherophobia and Sevcophobia.

  6. FAIRHILL BHOY on 28TH JANUARY 2020 8:59 PM




    Thank you for your reply.


    I guess because your comment was hard on the heels of mine I probably over re-acted thinking someone thought I was a TV only type,considering I spend more time than sensible arguing about away tickets.


    See you in Perth.




  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Johnny Hayes took a wee while to settle .


    But then gave us a momentous moment against the hun.


    Worth waiting for , I`d say .

  8. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    Cheers, I had to look up Cherophobia. Glad That i did, I am aquatinted with many, and now I have a name for them. 😃



  9. Shakes head at that header Paul 🤔🤐


    Maybe of interest to fans/shareholders, remember this name



    Statement from New Chairman


    25th January 2020 Celtic Trust


    Dear fellow Celtic shareholders and supporters,



    First of all I’d like to thank the members for electing me chair of The Celtic Trust at their AGM. It’s a huge honour to represent an organisation with such grounded and supporter oriented ambitions for our club.



    We all know owners, managers and players come and go but supporters are there from cradle to grave. I’ll be doing all I can to ensure supporters’ interests are not taken for granted and that their best interests are not neglected.



    There will be a number of headline initiatives announced over the coming months which your Trustees hope will manifest in increased membership numbers and concomitant cashflow. Funds raised from membership subscriptions and donations will primarily be used to acquire shares in the club.



    These initiatives start with the launch of this website which, inter alia, will contain information on The Trust’s constitution and new subscription rates. The website is still under construction and more information and news will be added over the coming weeks.



    Serva Fidem et Pax Vobiscum


    Yours faithfully



    David Low




    The Celtic Trust

  10. Just checked the league table.


    We have an advantage in points and goals scored.


    So the answer is easy. Win all our games from here on home.


    Feasible? Some may wonder.


    But we have done it before, and we’ll do it again.


    Almost broke into an old Celtic song.

  11. Are there any Ur rent first team players in Scotland we would like to be bought?


    Players we would rather see in the hoops replacing our current squad?


    I do tend to wear green tinted glasses and only watch other games when I know the Huns have been beaten.


    So I’m not the best judge.


    The right winger from Ross County caught my eye on Saturday, but I didn’t think he was good enough to replace James.


    Boyce of Hearts looked very good but I admit my perspective is effected by his winning goal.


    So in my green leaning view, we have the cream of the crop in Scotland and should complete nine in a row this season and be poised for ten.

  12. GG – actually, we don’t HAVE to win all our games. leaving aside the Glasgow Derbies we just have to match our closest rivals over all the other games. As for the derbies, if we avoid defeat in both we’d still be fine. Alternatively, win just 1 of them and, again, we are fine.


    Both of the Top 2 can justifiably and truthfully say that “it’s in our own hands”. But for one of them (and it’s mo us!) that statement only rings true if they take at least 4 points from the Glasgow Derbies.


    One more sleep ;-)

  13. Just read that joso is a doubt again . As much as I like the big man ,is he really any good to us .


    Which again leaves us struggling if ajar or Jullien get injured . We have hit the front again in the race for 9 ,surely with just a few days to go we have time to bring in cover for centre half , even if it is a loan , there is to much at stake to gamble . Can anyone remember the last time we bought a player that went straight into the team , seems not to be the done thing now . Can anyone tell me how we have so many away games on the trot and them home games ,

  14. For BIG JIMMY


    Two Irishmen stranded at sea in a small rowing boat, they ran out of food two days ago and today ran out of water. In total despair they are about to give up when Mick notices something shining in the sea, the paddle over and it’s an Aladdin’s lamp. Paddy rubs it and whoosh out pops a genie,Paddy says will you give us tree wishes.The genie replies unfortunately this old genie can only offer one wish. Quick as a flash paddy shouts can you make the sea turn to Guinness after a puff of smoke the genie disappears and the sea turns to the black stuff. Mick is furious and says to paddy ya eejit now we are going to have to piss in the boat.HH

  15. An Tearman @ 6:33 (I think)


    Re Girn Or gurn


    How about PEENGE?


    Last I saw it was in a Scott novel. Don’t ask me which.

  16. It’s already Wednesday and thoughts will be turning to Perth.


    Last time we met was way back in August so it’s easy to forget that Christie scored a hat trick, and Eddie and Leigh both scored in a 7-0 win.


    I’d be inclined to have Ryan return as he would be anxious to get back into the groove and stake a claim for a regular place.


    Three at the back as they are not exactly prolific in front of goal, having scored only 18 goals.


    Two up front with Eddie and Leigh, with 5 in midfield.


    I can’t see us lose, but then I never can, and I hope we are comfortable enough to allow a couple of early subs.

  17. Good morning CQN from a still cold but not freezing Garngad



    GG – good post and I agree with 2 up front for tonight.






    D. :)

  18. an tearmann . Yes some tackle that was . And a player who would be in my team , but I meant not any good as he s always injured . Hopefully this time it won’t keep him out the side long . HH

  19. PAPAJOE55 on 29TH JANUARY 2020 1:16 AM









    Very good PAPAOE55…I will use that next time I am in my Local.



  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    GG @ 10:46 last night – very good question.



    IMHO – no. Not one. Not even Martin Boyle.



    I get an uneasy feeling when a manager of ours, who has previously been successful in the English or international transfer markets, starts buying domestically.



    I have no evidence of course but it feels like settling for less once the guy in charge is familiar with the Scottish game.



    O’Neill with Laursen and Fernandez.



    Rodgers with Hayes and Henry.



    All somewhere between poor and OK in Celtic jerseys.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  21. Soro, the difference from Kouassi



    Indeed true. We fully expect Soro to fight for his place on the bench. While Kouassi struggled to get a place in the stand



    We as a club have failed at cl qualifying 3 times out of 5 as we have had poorly planned at transfer windows



    Comments about us strengthening in this window are to be honest an insult To intelligence



    50m available at this window for 9 in a row and champions league qualifying and we spend 5m on two bench Warmers Shocking planning. We talk about our strict Salary cap. The cap that was broken to pay for SS when he bypassed the bean counter and asked DD during a break in the golf when he could be interested for 2 mins and DD Said yes to it which lawwell was furious that he had lost control



    That control is now back and we are suffering as unable to grow with our available funds

  22. Think it’s very harsh for some people to sit on their armchair and complain about players who have had a catastrophic ACL injury (Kouassi & Arzani)



    These injuries used to be career-ending. Luckily that’s no longer the case. But it’s still catastrophic for a player’s career. Arzani and Kouassi may never be the same player again.



    The ACL injury is so serious that you cannot predict a return. Arzani returned 444 days after the injury.



    Kouassi had bloody malaria as well!




    Where did we sign Scott Brown from?



    The domestic market is fine for the right player. Neil Lennon has made it clear we aren’t in for Boyle.



    The Donnelly story has also been dismissed by Motherwell as speculation. No approach from Celtic has been made.



    I’d personally be delighted to sign Donnelly, a fit Turnbull and a couple of other young players like Smith from Hamilton Academical, Aaron Hickey of Hearts or Ryan Porteus from Hibs.

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