Souness: loan was for work, makes interesting dates claim


Graeme Souness today told a Daily Record reporter that he received his EBT LOAN from Rangers because:

“I was doing work for Rangers.

“I was in between jobs. I was going to scout for Glasgow Rangers at that time”.

Payment in return for “doing work” is what this whole business is all about. Payment for “doing work” is taxable. It cannot be remunerated via a non-repayable loan.

Mr Souness was manager of Blackburn Rovers from 14 March 2000 until 6 September 2004.

As Blackburn manager, he signed Tugay from Rangers on 17 May 2001. He requested £30,000 from the Rangers EBT scheme five weeks later.

“In between jobs” Really? These dates make that an interesting claim.

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    When Murray took over RFC in 1988,Souness was given 10% of the shares as a thank you for his intermediary work.



    When Souness left in 1991,Murray announced that he wouldn’t be taking that 10% with him.



    Now,whether or not the 10% went with Souness,I don’t know. But either way,his shares in Rangers become worthless in 1991 or 2012.



    Maybe Souness doesn’t like being shafted.

  2. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    Whilst on the topic, around that era, I once heard a song, ” The Walls Fell Down” by The Marbles which I liked. I eventually bought it…….last year!


    Are you familiar with it?

  3. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on




    “JJ yes it’s the ICT game V Killie tv ratings will go through the roof with that one.”



    That made me laugh 0:-))

  4. Thomthethim



    Thanks for your ealier post re the sod of turf?



    Do you know why Annagry?







    SFTB fine form this morning :-):-)




  5. Tony,



    Yer a hard man so you are.



    If I didn’t know better I’d say you haven’t much time for this other mob;P




  6. Bmcuw



    Souness like all goings on at the broken identity is a player.(not on pitch)



    Interests me how the english fa view these payments for ‘work’


    Whilst at blackburn



    Are you allowed payments from a club in scotland while manager in england


    Is that allowed?



  7. I think murray will know more about souness than he will about murray . How much telling do we need , that club , and it’s directors ex employees have never done a thing honestly and by the book . That souness interview was a scam , a set up . The big decision were all waiting for from the highest court in the land is no certainty either. They will wriggle off the hook with the help Of there pinky pulling friends . With the regards to Sunday , I hope Ronny I s drilling them in how to defend free kicks From the edge of the box . They have a guy who can rifle in a free kick, and as we ALL know , big Thompson will make sure they get plenty . My concern is what celtic turn up . Give me the battlers as against Motherwell , with taking our chances this time and we,ll be fine ,



  8. SoT,


    That is really interesting, I didn’t know that at all. My first introduction to what I would call that style of music was a compilation of The Creation, taped for me by my now ex-brother in law. If I remember, it had cricket stumps on the cover, completely unrelated, in my mind, to the music!


    Loved The Action as well.





    I live very close to the bridge, on the Fife side. Newport is too rich for us, however I can console myself with Tenstmuir Forest, which is where I prefer to walk. As per my earlier post, I am a West Coast transplant, from Janefield Street.

  9. South Of Tunis on

    JUNGLE JIM @ 11 43 .



    Know that choon in consequence of Mrs S of T having the Italian issue 7″ . Not my cup of tea – a bit power ballad for me . Been a long time since I last heard it. My memory ( not to be relied upon ) has them being produced by the Bee Gees.. I also think the singer ( Name ???? ) went on to be the singer in one of those god awful (IMO ) cock rock/heavy metal bands that did well in the loud power ballad market . Each to their own.!

  10. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    Yes. A cracker. So you had heard of them? I thought I was the only one! They were only in business for about a year, I think.





    Doubt the FA will get involved as Souness’ management days are gone. But George Graham got done for a lesser offence,albeit for more money,of taking money from an agent.

  12. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    Thanks for the info. I cycle over that way sometimes in the summer. To an old Abbey. Forgotten the name. Might end with an `o` !





    Definitely something to do with the Bee Gees. More a nostalgia thing for me than a true reflection of my musical taste but I do enjoy the occasional listen.


    My real favourites are from the country where you now live. Caruso,Calais ,Di Stefano etc.




  13. saltires en sevilla on

    Souness was perfectly relaxed with the left field question from the3rd year pupil on work experience.



    His prepared response ( admitted payment for work that has now been setled with HMRC) clearly designed to turn spotlight on Minty.



    Imagine someone in shadows saying to the 3rd year lad. “This is your big break son, Souey is ready to cough on the EBT thing, just needs someone to ask him.. Go on make a name!)



    The return question from Souey wasn’t expected by the young lad. Hence the fumbling and mumbling…



    Done like a kipper!

  14. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on





    I can imagine it would come as a bit of a surprise to a young fella like yourself! How is D? Still cycling?



  15. JJ,



    That’ll be Balmerino Abbey, I think. If you’re on a racer, then Tentmsuir is probably not a good idea, although it means missing out on the food from the Crepe Shack at the car park.



    The countryside around here really is beautiful. Feel lucky to be living where I am.



    Here’s The Action, with In My Lonely Room and don’t tell me The Coral never heard this song before!



  16. South Of Tunis on




    I really liked The Creation . . They were mods . They too , were reissued and marketed as Freakbeat .



    One great 45 — Making Time ( Planet Records ) . 1966 . Got lots of play on pirate radio but it was a bit too wired for the old farts at the Beeb .



    Gotta go -work to do —

  17. JJ here’s yer dinner :)



    The Marbles were an English rock duo, consisted of Graham Bonnet and Trevor Gordon, operating between 1968 and 1969. The only well-known singles were “Only One Woman” and “The Walls Fell Down”. They also became associated with the Bee Gees members Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb that time.



    The Marbles were typical one-hit wonders because “Only One Woman” became their one and only major hit. It reached Number 5 in the UK Singles Chart in November 1968.[1] The duo disbanded in 1969, shortly after their split, they released their only self-titled album in 1970.

  18. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    The Marbles were two cousins; Graham Bonnet and Trevor Gordon.



    Bonnet went on to sing with Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow, and the Michael Schenker Group.



    Gordon had spent some time in Australia, where he had hooke up with Manchester’s finest musical siblings.



    Bonnet used to go out with wee Adrienne Posta.



    -Lifted from Wiki/EWLM/EWTB/SIMBT.




  19. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    PS Good to see that Scott has had his hair cut in anticipation for sortin’ them out at Sunday’s Game of Shame.

  20. DBBIA,



    I wonder if the MSM will remember he has had his hair cut, unlike the last when they released the photos of him and a kebab, sitting in a street, a story they had obviously sat on, until they could use it with greatest effect.



    Obviously, the kebab wasn’t doing any of the sitting.

  21. Still not seen the Souness interview but I must have read fifty different interpretations of it, can the poster who is right let me know , thanks in advance :)





    Blinkin’ flip,it’s pretty obvious who is right!

  23. —–



    ernie lynchon 12th April 2016 9:35 am




    Anyone ever wonder why so many ordinary Spanish people hated the Catholic Church so much during the Spanish ‘Civil’ War?




    Though I’m not sure that a military uprising, which relied on support from Hitler and Mussolini, against an elected Government should really be called a civil war.






    Dearest Ernesto…



    Blog Ornithologist Extraordinaire…



    You Seem To Be Regurgitating Marxist,Anti-Catholic Propaganda..



    Oan Dear BROTHER WALFRID’S Sainted Blog..!



    Are You One O’ They ‘PussyCat Dolls’…



    That Groped Their Groins And Defaecated On The Altar Of The Moscow Cathedral…



    The ‘St Paul’s’ Of The The Holy Orthodox Church..





    Or Yon Guy Wi’ The Whip & The Tache…



    In ‘Frankie-Goes-Tae-Hollyrood’…?






    Cease Wi’ Your NON-BLACK PUDDIN’ Related Posts…



    Or You’ll Hiv Oor Wee Friend In The Ooter Hebriddes….



    Spittin’ Oot Puffin Feathers.






    So Lapwings Are Making A Resurgence In D&G….



    Not For Long….



    What Is Afghanistan’s National Dish?



    First The Poles Came For Her Majesty’s Swans….



    And Philvis Said…NOTHING.




  24. BMCUWP,



    And yet he was never considered a dirty player.



    I did type sitting in my last post didn’t I?



    How come you would get 2 sausages when you went to the chippy and asked for a single sausage?

  25. Soaking up some rays in the Atlantic, west of Africa. Peaceful, respectful, chilled.


    Nice food, lovely wine, day long sunshine. Heavenly in fact.


    Peace, perfect peace in Casa Eurochamps.



    I wasn’t going to say anything that might dampen the ole Eurochamps vacational spirits but now I must.



    A big, fat, turd like, useless bassa hun arrived to reside in the villa opposite Casa Eurochamps, complete with full pish stained acrylic regalia of Sevco with the five fag burns for a badge of dishonour. Being a pleasant chap myself I merely smiled at the unfortunate wretch, more to be pitied than scolded. Daily he barely covers his hideous, repulsive excuse for a torso, with xxxxl Sevco tap, his humungous cellulite arse poured into cheap plastic shorts straining at all points stitched, as he waddles about our tranquil calle de magnifico.



    But today he has gone much too far. He has crossed the Rubicon. He has ventured into the unforgiveable. The hideous, fat, turd like , scumbag, hun bassa has draped his obscene, ugly frame in the orange strip. The despicable, rancid, sectarian no doubt scumbag has transgressed too far.


    I must up the wattage on my beguiling smile. My attire, whilst not containing any Celtic strips, does consist of much of an emerald hue.



    God, I am so glad I am not going to the semi final on Sunday. Even at a thousand miles distance I feel besmirched by their stench. No not for me.







  26. Flight booked for the Aberdeen game,next Motherwell and Ross County. Will book Cup Final flights at 2:30 next Sunday -hopefully. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  27. Jimtim



    “Pinky pulling friends”



    I like that one but I would rather you just said it straight & called em Wnkrs.

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