Souness: loan was for work, makes interesting dates claim


Graeme Souness today told a Daily Record reporter that he received his EBT LOAN from Rangers because:

“I was doing work for Rangers.

“I was in between jobs. I was going to scout for Glasgow Rangers at that time”.

Payment in return for “doing work” is what this whole business is all about. Payment for “doing work” is taxable. It cannot be remunerated via a non-repayable loan.

Mr Souness was manager of Blackburn Rovers from 14 March 2000 until 6 September 2004.

As Blackburn manager, he signed Tugay from Rangers on 17 May 2001. He requested £30,000 from the Rangers EBT scheme five weeks later.

“In between jobs” Really? These dates make that an interesting claim.

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  1. Eireann



    Thoughts with you and your family, really hope you beat it and keep posting on here, stay positive buddy.



    Keep the faith

  2. The Resolute Mr Pastry on

    CANAMALAR@8:24 – 99% of the support don’t have a clue about Resolution 12 – the 1% who do, including you, haven’t a clue about where it will end up and, after all this time you are unable to articulate what, if any, benefit we may derive from a successful conclusion.



    The ‘false’ deadline (31 March) advertised in an attempt to put pressure on the Celtic board, badly backfired and, in my opinion led to a massive loss of credibility.



    I do however believe that the resolution has merit and deserved to be put forward, however after a positive Supreme Court verdict, it could well become an irrelevance – a sideshow in a much bigger event.

  3. Celtic team to face Cliftonville: Hazard; Wardrop, Kelleher, McCart, McIlduff; Hendry, McManus, Thomson, Miller; McMullan, Duffy

  4. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Eireann, let’s hope you can get the medical assistance to help you with your illness.

  5. Delaneys Dunky on




    I would love a match fit Kris Commons to start and star on Sunday. Don’t think he would be match fit. I would prefer big Colin to stiffen a few of them and protect young KT.

  6. The sawdoctors played fontwell park after the racing ..


    It persisted down for the whole set.. they started with..


    Will it ever stop raining…


    It was southern water’s. water aid day

  7. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    D D




    Put him on when its 6 nil. Hes another duff signing imo

  8. Don’t know if already posted, Sourness today…’Rangers got their sums wrong towards the end’



    I suppose thats one way of putting it!

  9. Bognorbhoy


    RIP Marj


    The post from yourself and Eireann put all of our spats and disagreements into some sort of perspective



  10. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Tontine Tim, Murray signing le petit merde , as you say, first and foremost , was a real get it right up ye to us with the added bonus of the we are not a sectarian club by signing him.



    I believe Uefa were about to look into their signing policy and this got uefa off their back.



    When Martin O’Neill arrived he gave us our pride back and helped us recover from the psychological blow le petit merde signing there had on us.

  11. Mr Pastry



    All Res12 asked was for UEFA to investigate how a UEFA licence was processed in such a way that with apparent overdue tax existing, CFCB asked no questions.



    If it was processed properly then in getting that answer we will have made SFA realise they have to be more transparent in dealing with supporters. We will have made that point with Celtic too.



    If it was not processed properly the SFA will have to look at failings in their rules that allowed that to happen and thank us for drawing it to their attention.



    Either way they will be a tad more careful in applying the rules properly knowing that we know them and have the means, however protracted of making them accountable.



    However this is 99.9% certain. There WAS an overdue payable at 30 June.



    RFC misrepresented the position through concealment and false statement and the SFA and or CFCB missed it. I don’t say 100% because the actual submission to UEFA has not been seen but what the RFC Financial Director Ken Olverman told CW was shown on the submission is.



    What UEFA decide to do about being told porkies is outside the control of Res12. Getting the case to UEFA is job done by Res12 guys.



    Why it took 3 years is another debate.

  12. Delaneys Dunky on




    I like CKR, he takes no crap, unlike a few of the nice saft players in our current team. He is not a great striker, but is the necessary steel and fight in the team. I think he complements our fitba flair players.

  13. Mr Pastry



    And it is another debate where it will not be the daft idea of collusion with Celtic, but if they did everything they could have and from when.

  14. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Watchin the Saville abuse prog. How did that bastard get away with it for so long?? Has he still got his ” award” from the Vatican??

  15. Off topic



    Traumatic programme on abuse victims.I hope the victims find peace thro the chaos and evil inflicted on them.

  16. TBJ has no trust in the PLC on

    Just watched the records video clip of souness ebt revelation.



    Imho he was caught out by their question… Didn’t expect it and hadn’t really thought through an answer. Typical of him – he didn’t shirk it but asked how much it was for and then asked how much was biggest and who received that. He was really saying ” I got pennies – go ask those questions of the big beneficiaries ”



    Saying he got paid for working for rangers ( at a time when he was employed by blackburn ) must raise serious questions from hector especially with the Panama papers such a big current topic

  17. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    as I said you know nothing about what is going on and including you in that so called 99$ is the only thing you confirm when you make statements as if you had any idea, it is funny to watch you try and squirm your way into some sort of argument, pointless exercise by you and glad to say the more you insist you have an idea the funnier it will become.

  18. weebobbycollins on

    Re the Souness i/v…I don’t know the details but I presume it was a press conference given in advance of the game…what I would like to know is–what was the preceding question and was there a follow up?


    Souness actually seemed in control of what he was saying…and I couldn’t help but feel he was pointing a finger at Murray…did they fall out over something?


    My other point is–the record print and record online will operate at different desks within the newsroom…I’m sure there will be an online editor as well as a print editor…are they not talking? It will be interesting to see if the paper picks up on it tomorrow…

  19. Delaneys Dunky on

    Just watched the video of Hunnes today. He was trying to get the interviewer to call out SDM. Has he and his auld pal minty had a fall oot?

  20. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Should only commit to these games ,if you can put a team out with some first team players on show.

  21. BOGNORBHOY on 11TH APRIL 2016 8:42 PM


    Sorry to hear of Marj’s passing, may God Bless her Soul…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  22. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on





    My dear fellow Tim



    De Profundis



    “Let thine ears be attentive to the voice of my supplication”

  23. An Teach Solais on



    Again, thanks for all your hard work (and that of the other “Resolutioners” )(new word added to this tablet -which won’t do the fada accent either) and for your patience in dealing with questions from all and sundry.


    I would appeal to all to leave the inquests, demands, etc until the case has been submitted and adjudicated. Then it is open to the shouldn’t it have…. why didn’t…., it not the way I would have… opinions/criticisms/posturing.


    We have no control over any legal matters which may, or may not be presented in a Scottish Court. Res12 is different. It is our representatives, Auldheid and the others, who are driving that bus. HH

  24. 73 GOAL FOR CELTIC!!! Miller scores for the Bhoys. Low powerful drive from outside the box to double Celtic’s lead.